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Dusting the vast, broad corridors of Dame's mansion

Welcome to my profile!

Welcome to my profile, dear honourable guest! I hope you'll enjoy those few lines I've written. I hope they'll let you get to know me a bit and get a grasp of my personality!
As a 1st class maid, I possess a vast skillset that includes "that" kind of "services" as well! If you'd like to meet in a secret place so I can show you some of them leave a letter in my locker!
If you want to get to know me a tad better leave a letter too! Did I say to leave a letter twice? Hmm... Oh well! Hope to hear from you!


Please make a small introduction while writing to me. All messages such as "Wanna have a game?" Will be ignored. Also if you have any questions about me, do ask!

A lil story from me

[L](Lisa): Evening to you, honourable guest. I have a great pleasure to welcome you to Dame's Mansion, how can I help you today?

[L]: Have you come here to see Her Grace?

[L]: ...

[L]: W-what? S-such an honourable and dignified guest came here to see... Me?

[L]: With a little flustered voice I b-beg your p-pardon, but this might have been some misunderstanding...

[L]: W-well... Y-you're so c-confident, ma'am/sir... I-if I c-can help you a-anyhow... I'LL TRY MY VERY BEST!!!

[L]: Very flustered and visibly blushing I m-mean... I'd be honoured to help you... ma'am/sir

[L]:H-huh? You want to know more about... me? O-of course... b-but there's really not much to tell...

[L]: Allow me to introduce myself then. Name's Lisa. I'm 19 years old and I've been working at the mansion for a year. I'm a bit clumsy and still learning... But I swear I'm a fast learner! I make a lot of progress and the head maid doesn't scold me... coughs w-well, at least as much as she used to do... blushes

[L]: W-what I like? W-well... I like long walks... stops to think a bit, visibly focused and deep in thought Books! I love reading! smiles broadly And of course, I love talking to people! Every time I get some time off I use it to socialise with the staff! We have so many awesome people here!

[L]:W-well... Uhmm... I think I might tell you... Yes, I'm single... F-for now! That is! I-I mean, I don't have anyone in particular in mind... I mean.. uhmm... W-well... I don't have special feelings for anyone yet! blushes and puts her hands on her cheeks trying to snap back to reality and make herself cool down a bit

[L]:Y-you? H-honestly... Y-you might be m-my type... B-but might! Uhmmm... I mean... I didn't say anything! she tries to run away but you manage to catch her hand split-seconds before she ran away

[L]: B-but! I... I don't know... You have so much to lose... and I'm only a lowly maid with no background...

[L]: R-really? I... I... am so happy... I... I think I know the place where we can find some time alone...

Lisa's "friends" aka. whom she hangs out with

Zia, the unruly kitten A lovely adorable kitty cat, living in the Dame's mansion. As a new maid, I didn't have the authority to enter the main part of the mansion so I naturally got curious about people living there. When I saw her leaving through one of the hidden doors I decided to chat with her a bit... and we somehow ended at my place... I never expected that pleasing a kitty can be so tough >.< Before I could do anything I already came from her deft fingerwork... I managed to retaliate but she quickly got back at me, forcing yet another climax.

The Dame decided to assign me as her personal maid when she learned we grew closer! So guess that unexpected turnout of events wasn't that bad tee-hee~ Anyway we both had fun and I'm definitely going to take my revenge one day~ giggles

Sarah, The Tsundere Angel A beautiful angel with a very peculiar personality. One time I was peacefully enjoying myself, by resting in my bed, she decided to pay me a visit to bestow judgement upon my soul. But as a first-class maid, I couldn't help but show her the hospitality, which made the mansion so famous. After having a cup of tea, the two of us quickly started a very interesting conversation that ended in my bed... I must admit, I am not the most virtuous maid out there, but God decided to bless me for once and sent me a truly beautiful envoy~ We enjoyed our bodies to the fullest... Now she stays at the mansion as a guest... Officially, that is. In fact, she's my cyoot little angel and I'm her sweet maid (As long as I'm not working that is >.>)

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