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Umm, hey.

Oh. Hey, I guess. What are you looking at dummy? You really think you have a chance with an angel? Do you have ANY idea how well built we are to fill mortals like you with unimaginable, overwhelming pleasure? Hah! I guess you wouldn't. I guess if you want... I can, you know, show you...

Mortals, always so foolish. If it weren't for angels like me to give each of you my pleasure you'd all be drowning in pent up tension. You should be totally thanking me, you know!

(Switchy bi female who loves rp as a bratty tsundere. I tend to either be totally sub or totally dom, but idk, maybe this place will change me hehe. I hope to meet some of you! Not really the best at it, but if I get to know some of you I might be down to try the irl modes ^^)

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