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TEMPORARILY AND/OR PERMANENTLY INACTIVE ACCOUNT (I have better things to do with my life than play a damn porn "game")

Important Note: This is a character made for roleplaying, and does not represent a real human being.
Other Important Note: Currently, unless I ask you first, or we arrange something through an in-game chat, I am not accepting game invites or requests. Thanks for understanding!

Hello, everyone~ My name's Leila, I'm exactly 6' 9" tall (nice~), I wear glasses, and for you lewd guys and gals out there, I have a pussy too, and my cock's (default) size is 6 inches~ Oh, and also; my outfit in my profile pic isn't for show~ I'm a real witch! Meaning that having a match with me can get very interesting pretty quick, if you don't mind me using my magic to spice things up~

Something important to note is that I prefer roleplay games, and don't really have a way of taking irl bets. However, I'm fine with a competitive match every now and again! I enjoy both subbing and domming, and can be your cute little futa play-pet, or your magically enhanced best worst nightmare~ I'm even fine with determining who's the more dominant of the two of us during the course of the match, if that's your thing!

I'm down for having some fun with anyone, boy or girl, trans or not~ I don't mind, so long as you're not being rude or doing something that makes me uncomfortable.

A few little character/personality notes:

I love sweets! Baked goods, candies, chocolates, anything sweet makes my heart beat! Hehe. But if you call me fat... Well, let's just say that you'll be the only fat one, and it won't be sweets filling your belly...
I also love boys who are shorter than me, not just for teasing, but because their soooo cute too~ Honestly, if I could find a guy a whole foot shorter than me, I'd probably faint on the spot!

I have a pretty broad list of kinks, just a few of them being;

Anal (taking or receiving, I'm always game~!)
Specific, top-and-bottom positions like 69 or the Amazon position are fun~
I love public play~ don't just mean a public match; I'm a huge exhibitionist, and I often take walks with no underwear on, or a vibrator or dildo stuffed in my pussy~
I also like minor pain stuff, like spanking or gentle whipping with a riding crop or flogger.
I'm not the biggest fan of roleplaying different people or roles*, but if you really want me to I could do stuff like Teacher and Student roleplay or something. Always willing to try new things!
I absolutely love asses; little firm ones, big bouncy bubble butts, wide thicc hips, or thin sleek figures, and don't get me started on the types of things I'd do to and with all those delicious, glorious twin hills~ ahem heheh, I might have gotten a bit carried away there...
(*Roleplaying a different character or behavior to the main character of 'Leila')

Things I really really DON'T like;

Watersports (pee play)
Scat (poop play)
Violent rape or abusive sex (to the point where one person isn't having any fun whatsoever)
Underage boys or girls (No thanks, I choose not going to prison)

Well, that about sums me up! I hope you'll have a match with me~ mwah~


Other Characters;

Alexander is Leila's favorite kitten. She'll take any opportunity to tease him, normally or sexually. Despite some rough history between them, Alexander forgave her a long time ago, and is also dating Leila's best friend, so they kinda have to get along. Plus, he also enjoys the teasing, not that he'd ever let it show~
Allissa, While they don't properly know eachother, Allissa is Alexander's sister, who loves to tease and mess with the poor cat-boy. That should tell you all you need to know about how they'd hit it off~

Out of character note; I write stories! (Sort of, I've never shared one before this but whatever) I'm currently using Wattpad, but may switch if I find a better NSFW writing and reading site. Here's a link to my first novel that I've just started working on! https://www.wattpad.com/story/266378890-a-forgotten-glow-nsfw

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