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Making my own Harem

Prefer to be a dom but I'll sub. Message me if you wanna play!

My Harem:

My best friend, Ella, she was the first person I met here and we talk about everything. She's not on here anymore but we still talk, she'll always be my #1 in my harem.

My Rival, Fuyi, we go back and forth with everything... I do mean everything.

The Insatiable Tiffany. Always ready, willing, and searching for more cum! She's the Bugatti of sluts, sleek and dangerous! I get hard just thinking about her! She's the only girl I want to cum to over and over and over!

My Princess, Zoe, have had a lot of fun together, and I know we'll keep finding ways to have more fun. Her edging skills are rivaled by mine.

My Cockwhore, Day, I like to call her Miss Day, we've been having a back and forth in who doms and who subs, I dommed her at first, now... complete opposite... I'm her boy toy in public games, but when we have alone time it tends to be the opposite.

Cockwhore's best friend, Jessica, I call her Jess, just like her best friend, she owns me, scared and excited for what she has planned for me. Although recently I have been the one in control.

The athletic girl, Anna, wanted to show her I was stronger than her... still haven't shown her, she has beaten me every time but has treated me very well after.

The new girl, Jordan, after weeks of teasing each other, finally got to meat her but in the end I came out on top.

My favorite teacher, Shirley, she put me in my place. She showed me that although I was champ for a bit, I am still a student and have much to learn.

The nurse, Sunny, I haven't had any injuries or anything, but she has given me some thorough examinations. She's teaching me how to behave until I have learned my lesson.

My mentor, Elli, she give's me a lot of life advice, mostly while we are having fun together.

The business woman, Scarlet, I challenged her and she said that I was too inexperienced for her... we made a big wager and I came out on top. I also have her secretary Valentine and the Brothel's manager Elizabeth on speed dial.

My Sub, Nicole, she approached me about about my harem, I was surprised to see someone ask about it, we talked for a while, I wanted to see if she had what it takes to join my harem, she did, and I awarded her by officially making her apart of the harem.

The Fun Surprise, Mia, This girl is special... she's very sexy and a whole lot of fun. We played two games, I won the first and she won the second, she collared me but she packs a fun surprise.

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