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Looking for my next adventure.

Welcome. I’m Lady Lara Croft – adventurer, daredevil, thrill-seeker.

You might know me as Tomb Raider from my travels all over the world on my quest to find the world’s rarest and most powerful treasures.

In search of a new challenge I’ve now come to EroFights where I aim to destroy the competition and rise to the top. Sex fighting gives me such a rush that it’s perfect for an adrenaline-junkie like me.

I’m athletic – which means I’ll likely be the one throwing you around.

I’m fearless – which means I never turn down a challenge (or bet if you want to make things really interesting).

And I’m competitive – which means I will always try to win. Losing is not in my vocabulary!

All I’ve got left to say is…bring it on!

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