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might be kinda inactive because of exams💔

hi~ im Fyo!! im a kinda shy and awkward person who got addicted to this site! im 19 years old, im nonbinary - if you don't know what that is! fucking google it; my pronouns are they/them and if i see that you constantly misgender me i'll block you!, im mostly a sub but i really do enjoy domming, im more of a soft dom tho<3,i'm an university student from Europe and you might recognize me from being that bitch who almost always plays in their classes lol, i don't live alone so i might dissapear while playing! but at the same time in 99% of games i am in fact masturbating so feel free to give me instructions if you see me playing or if you play with me;). i usually only play with bots:( but at the same time i hate them,, #FUCKTHEBOTS. that’s kinda random but here is my favorite song atm

yes that’s actually me in the profile pic<3

dont be shy and message me if you want to talk, be friends, play, just make me your pet or a fucktoy, if you want me to use u, be my pet or my toy~ i don’t guarantee i’ll text back though 😉

what i like

degradation, dumbification, praise, pain, bondage, getting marks, cum, spit, bodywriting, being collared, hearing from people if they're wet/hard or if they're masturbating or edging, hands, i don’t mind being called feminine names (good girl[!!!] or miss for example) during the game but i have to say that i like masc names too.... especially “sir” or “daddy” when i get to dom someone it’s just making me feel so good<3

what would i like to try?
bets, knife play, breeding, cnc, a threesome;p

sending photos and videos of myself (i do like to recieve them tho;p), watersports, scat, incest, extreme pain

Results from bdsmtest.org

100% Masochist
100% Rope bunny
100% Degradee
98% Experimentalist
98% Voyeur
96% Submissive
89% Degrader
87% Switch
86% Sadist
83% Dominant
79% Owner
75% Pet
67% Exhibitionist
59% Master/Mistress
58% Brat
56% Slave
54% Brat tamer
54% Rigger
41% Non-monogamist

bets <3


animebf lost in a game against me so he ended up becoming my pet for a week


James won in a game so i cannot cum until 5 people say i can, for each person i ask i must spank my pussy and write their name on myself. (completed!! but at what cost...)
he also told me to tell everyone that my holes are always available for a good fucking!

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