Sasha Banks (Level 16) mail warning

Looking LWR RP matches! I broke my losing streak finally! I'm ready for all cummers

2x LWR Champion

Love having a good time, you and me having a fun and competitive fight. I won't hesitate to trash talk, and I like to give nicknames to my opponents. It helps me build a bond with all you lovely people. I also do long rp matches, so if you're not into a match that can last between an hour or 3 you might not want to step into the ring with me, but I'll do my best to make it worth your while. I hope to see you all in the ring. ;)

My first LWR Title Defense went well for me. I broke Squirter Serena into an absolute mess before tossing her nude cum dripping body into the audience to use her.

My second defense was a close call in the Battle of the Sashas between myself and Countess Sasha. I almost lost but I came back from squirting and made her squirt for me.

My third defense was against BDSM Stacy and we had a good fight, I mean with legs like could I not have a good time with her body?

My fourth defense was against Lolli, she's a football player and she has some serious stamina. But I showed I have the stronger pussy. I tied her up and took her backstage so I could enjoy that toned body all for myself. What? The champ has needs too.

It's been awhile since I updated things here. But I just got the LWR title back, and I'm looking for new opponents/rp partners for some fun. Feel free to shoot me a message here or on Discord. Don't worry I don't bite, unless you want me to.

-I went on quite the losing streak 6 losses back to back before I had an amazingly catty LWR match with Disha. It was close, we made each other cum multiple times, but in the end it was Boss Time, and I fucked her unconscious and covered her sweaty cum stained body with lipstick stains, marking her as my Bitch on her abs and leaving a strapon buried in her asshole to remember me by. I even took a selfie with her out cold body sucking her cum off of my strapon, and stood tall with my toes inside her mouth for the crowd. 10/10 would definitely fuck that bitch again.

Saturday May 14th- I taught Toni Storm that it's not Toni Time, it's Boss Time. I made her sexy fuckable ass mine, and now she has my lipstick stains on her ass where I marked it as my own. Her ass is mine. Sasha's Ass, because it's Boss Time. I look forward to getting my hands on her again, she's so damn hot.

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