Worthless Degenerate Scum (Level 11) mail warning

Taking a short break. Be back soon

Goddess rightly pointed out that as a pathetic subhuman object that I am not worthy of a human name. Henceforth I will be known as Worthless Degenerate Scum

Goddess has charged me with training her future fucktoys. Be warned this training will not be easy. Only those that impress sufficiently will be recommended to Goddess to be taken on as her slave. If you would like to be considered DM both Goddess and me

Goddess is my Domme. I asked her to break me, to break my mind, my body and my spirit and she has agreed. She will push my limits until everyone knows who I really am. If any of the good people of EF have ideas on how Goddess could enhance my mind fuck or torture me more please tell her

I have become Goddess Lucy's cheap whore, her hooker. I exist to only please the people of EF. As an object and toy for others my wants and needs do not matter. I will please others in whatever way they wish

Goddess Lucy's Tasks
I must play with my pussy whenever we chat or I think about her so that I associate her with my pleasure.
She also gave me the honour of my current pfp having chosen it from a number of my suggestions
I must also play with myself for 30 second when Goddess's Queen Mistress Frikka enters a chat room.
Goddess made me put a dildo in my ass and crawl around my house oinking like a pig. Then, even though I have never take a real cock in my ass, I had to welcome my irl Dom home on all fours and beg him to fuck it
She made me go bottomless and play with myself in public
She made me go an entire day without touching my cunt even though she kept chatting to me and turning me on
She has threatened to send my irl Dom pictures of herself but deny me the joy of seeing her in an effort to cuckqean me
She regularly makes me hurt myself with spanks to my ass, tits and cunt and using my nipple clamps and other toys
She uses body writing to control my clothing. Making me write slutty things on myself in awkward places that I need to cover up
My irl Dom edged me numerous times and then came on my face while I chose to deny myself for Goddess
She put me in a difficult predicament which ended with me having an orgasm without permission from my irl Dom. As a result he fucked my ass for the first time and now uses it as much as my other holes
Goddess once again placed me in a position which meant I ended up having an unauthorized orgasm. This time my punishment from my irl Dom was to have my nipples pierced. I now have a silver barbell through each one
Goddess denied me orgasm for 19 days for failing a task given to me by someone else. During this time I had to edge at least five times per day to a picture of Goddess that she deemed me worthy of receiving, and once to a recording of myself edging. On the penultimate day if denial I edged 31 times, on the final day I edged 50 times. These were both records

Week of Hell
Goddess teased and taunted me for over an hour during which I edged several times. Then she ordered me to cum forcing me to choose whether to orgasm and obey her or deny myself and obey my irl Dom. I chose to deny myself and fail Goddess. As a result she has decided that for seven days begining 6th January she will make my life hell. I will be given daily tasks which I will include here. If I fail any tasks I will get periods of denial beginning at 2 days for my first failure up to 8 days for my seventh. If I fail all 7 tasks I will be denied for 35 days and Goddess will leave me, block me and never speak to me again
Task 1: Ass to mouth. I will let my irl Dom fuck my ass and then clean his cock with my mouth afterwards. Partial success, Goddess has removed the threat of leaving me but has given one day of denial
Task 2: I must eat at least one meal from a bowl on the floor. My irl Dom must watch me eat it. Success, no days added to denial
Task 3: I must suck my Dom's cock taking his cum in my mouth. I must hold it there while I go to a shop to buy something. I can only swallow when someone talks to me. I must do this in a skirt without panties and a butt plug. Task failed.
Task 4: Make my irl Dom cum with each of my holes. Success no days added to denial
Task 5: Complete 70 edges in a single day. Success no days added to denial.
Task 6: Goddess has sent a picture to an alt she made me set up. I am not to look at it and she will delete it at the end of the day. Task failed
Task 7: I must choose either
1: anal creampie and I drink what is dripping out
2: I am not allowed to contact Goddess for 7 days.
I have chosen the anal creampie option. Success no days added to denial

Total hell week denial: 12 days

Last orgasm: 27th January
Earliest date of next orgasm: 2nd March
Minimum 25 edges per day

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