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☪ Gaze into the abyss, and it will gaze back into you ☪

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Welcome to the Coven.

"We witches don't fight. We burn."

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Hi, I'm somewhat of an old EF user. You might find me mostly at night times, me being a night owl. I'm here to explore new kinks and have fun with the old ones. I am not an experienced roleplayer, but I must say that such thing has caught my attention lately and I'm willing to try as well. Please be aware that I won't be answering to DMs from weird profiles, and that I don't do IRL play. I'm most into domination and fighting to get it, always up for a switch of positions if you're capable of keeping me in control. Beside that I'm into hardcore BDSM, I'm not afraid of being tied up, but to tie you up and put you in your place either. As previously stated, it's all a matter of who gains control over the other. Spanking and hair pulling are my favorite kinks as a sub, while as a dom I must say that I haven't properly explored my kink ranges well for now, but I could be either a gentle dom or a mistress. Up to the mood I suppose.

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☪ BIO ☪

Kara was born in the desolated city of Los Ranchos. She has always been a timid girl, never sticking out of the crowd, always hidden and head buried in a book. People hardly remembered of her, her classemates included. It was like she was invisible sometimes.
That until what was just a sad feeling, became the hard truth.
She used to work at her parent's bakery shop, taking care of the delivery service. One day, under the burning sun of an endless summer, she saw the light for the last time. A truck hit her while she was about to deliver her products to a friend of hers, maybe the only one that didn't look at her like she was a ghost.
As the incident happened and she saw the light, her friend only withness of that terrible happening, she stood back up, picked up the destroyed package and walked back home, like it was nothing.
She didn't realize what had happened until the next day, she noticed that her skin turned cold as ice. Then the shock for the happening stopped fogging her mind and she suddenly understood that she was dead. But... why was she still there? Why did people keep seeing her, talking to her?
That is a mystery to her to this very day.

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