Derackz (Level 20) mail warning

Quick games, bets are fun. No rookies (Level 3+ please, no empty profiles)

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! I was Derackz all along! ^^
It seems this pink adventure is over now. Deira was fun, if a biiiiiiit slutty. Oh my, so needy that one, hihi ;)

Recharging for Derackz's December Delight! Stay tuned, ya sluts!

The quick stuff:

Entropic buffoon with trickster tendencies, and a slight passion for nudging on urges in public chat. Y'all need some nudging once in a while!

I tend to go with the flow of the game more than being competitive, choosing the actions that fit best rather than actions that are the best.
Love being caught between wanting to give you pleasure, making you cum, and having you try to push me into a subby mood, wanting to give in.
I've been told that I'm more of a switch leaning sub, but I'll stick to playing as a sub :P
No throwing!

With boys, I only play hentai ^^

Open to bets and like bondage/hypno dice rules :P

Very much into feminization at the moment :P

A bit of advice, when playing of EF: Try playing as the opposite gender for a while. For me it has been eye opening, and has made me a better player.


Emily: 1-2 (Will get her back! Probably... Maybe... I don't know... I did it!)
Frikka: 1-0 (Hihi, bark!)
Miss Ravy: 0-1 (I can't take it... More, please!)
Solomon/Cherri: 5-1 (Hottie!)
Shy-girl: 1-2 (Let's not wait 9 months again :P)
Krysten: 4-0 (Get cucked! Hihi, sorry... ^^)
Shelly: 2-2 (Not sure they are a sissy 😖)
Anna: 1-0 (Cutie Kitten! :D)
Evan: 1-3 (Mommy! 😍)
June: 0-1 (Please, no more hypno 😩)
Amethyst: 3-1 (All-out action!)
Secret!: 1-1 (So secret...)
Cum Slut: 1-0 (Predicted outcum ;) )
Moira: 1-0 (Good cock sucking, pet)
Rey: 0-1 (So close...)
Jenny Bernardo: 0-1 (Filipina girls... Love 'em! 😍)
Bente: 1-0 (Got so lucky ^^)
Jessie: 3-2 (Mmmm, fun stick 😋)
BaTSu: 2-1 (Mouth-to-Cock)
Slash: 0-1 (Soo biiiiiiig)
Tyger: 0-1 (The superior cock... So good 😖)
Linlin Mira: 2-1 (😘❤️)
Just another girl: 1-0 (Unleash the beast!)
Alexia: 1-0 (Cutie-fight!)
Astolfo: 0-1 (Give and take)
Lucy: 1-0 (Mmmm, delicious sissy :P)
Bonnie: 3-0 (Sissy maid in the making 🤭)
Alice: 0-1 (Gotta practice...)
Damian: 0-1 (Mmm, just what I needed :P)
Blu: 1-0 (Bites lip)
Sissy Michelle: 1-0 (Hehe, cute little sissy)


Always tíme for Practice: If the option to suck cock presents itself, I must pick it (5/5)

Cockslut Proclamtion: Anytime I face a futa/femboy I must start the fight with the statement "mmm I can't wait to service your superior cock" (4/5)

Please more, Mommy!: The first time my little butt is fucked, I have to call you mommy and beg you not to stop (5/5).

On Edge (Revival): I have to edge every time I'm the victim of a cum test (3/3 wins)

Prostate Pause Button: Anytime my butt is penetrated, I must roll a 5 or 6 or skip my next turn. (5/5)

Anal Addiction: Anytime my opponent uses their butt to make me cum, I have to roll a dice. On a 5 or 6, I cum automatically. (5/5 wins)

Sucker for Sucking: Anytime I get sucked off I have to stroke 30 times. If I edge, I have to announce it and then skip my next turn. (10/10)

Well Ridden: The first time I face a cum test were I get ridden, I will cum instantly, as I am reminded of how Evan rode me. (3/3)

Plug Protection: Before the match begins, I have to put in a plug. (10/10)

Oral Fixation: I must choose any oral action (5/5)

Down to Dom: To practice my dom-side, I will play as a dom for the next 5 games (5/5).

On Edge: I have to edge every time I'm the victim of a cum test (3/3 wins)

Wall of Fun

I had my second match with Emi and it was even better than the last time (even though I was distracted, sorry! :S).
We went in with the same terms, although I said I'd prefer not to get the same collar as her. In retrospect I shouldn't have said that.
It went well, we took turns pleasing each other, and at several occasions I forgot we were even fighting, and not just 2 people enjoying each others company. I love matches like that, they are so much fun, where both get enwrapped in the action and not the contest.

I broke it though, making Emi cum. I just couldn't resist, making her feel good, it's such a pleasure! She didn't see it the same way. She locked me in chastity and teased me, until I ruined myself... She wanted to win, using any means necessary! And then the kept going... I didn't have time to breath before she began to ride me. Having just been ruined I couldn't resist... She won. Then she offered my something... The collar... Being hers for the next 10 days... Before I could submit, she remembered something I had said, that I was trying to be less subby. So she wouldn't accept my answer now, but I'd had to wait 2 days.

For now, she suggested me making this wall, showing some of the fun I've had on this site.
Let start with this, me being drained by Emi's lovely butt:
Emi drains me

I have a hard time resisting jumping in when I see Emi in queue. I'm doing it right now. I didn't earlier though. We had another lovely match. It went really well, with me keeping Emi under my control with a firm hand (sometimes crop) to her buttocks! She loved it, and I loved making her happy ^^ I do like pleasing... Then she brought it out... That cage! I--- All confidence vanished in an instant! I did try to mount a comeback, and for a split second I thought I could win! But I couldn't.. She got me... Again... I feel something closing in on my neck...
New rule! Rivalry scoreboard! Yay, this is fun! ^^

I queued up for Hentai-mode, since I saw a cutie. You know, instead of just writing her. And it worked! Miss Ravy picked me and we agreed on a bet. She seemed pretty set on that I should be her new pet and that I should worship her... Wand... I didn't agree. Or at least I pretended not to agree. As the game moved on I could see which way it was going and how I wanted it more and more. In the end, she took me and I gave in. She gave me my new rule, "Prostate Pause Button".
Miss Ravy has her way

I was in queue, Emily was in queue. I asked, she said yes. You know, gentleman style! We already had the terms, and I knew if I lost again, then I'd have no way of not submitting to her. I took it real slow, not taking of my pants for a long time. It felt like I was doing good and then I spanked her... She didn't thank me... Then I realised, she had freed herself! No rules! No safety for me! I hadn't won the others when she was bound, but now this! I had to work hard.
I got to what I do best, teasing and pleasing. Keeping my tool just out of reach, while my fingers and tongue do their magic. As I saw the lust in Emily's eyes I could see it was working. And that's when I hit her! Like not "hit" hit her, it's an expression! I took her, and she gave in. While it wasn't the last part of the fight, it was the end, as she came:
Fucking Emily's brains out
I did offer her something. If she frees herself from Jeanne' hold within March, then she gets to collar me for 10 days!
She couldn't, Jeanne is just too good for her ^^

When I saw Solomon in queue, I couldn't resist! I do have a soft spot for tight black shiny clothes :P She didn't hold back, either trying to undress me or using my mouth any time she got the chance. But as we progressed, I saw what she truly desired... Being taken... So I took her! I am a people pleaser ^^ Winning meant I could make one change to her profile, and we quickly agreed that she should go full girl! Use it or lose it, right? Also having a pussy instead means getting more cock! Yay :D

Shy-girl matched with me. We hadn't played in 9 months! Or even talked. I looked forward to this, Shy and I have been friends for a while now, both of us veterans of this site, so this was going to be good. To call it humbling would be an understatement. I must have gotten lazy. Most of the time I was either bound or under her spell. She was close to 2-0'ing me, but I did manage to make her cum once. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed our time together, I'm just disappointed in my own performance. I can do better, and Shy deserves my best!
She gave me my new "Sucker for Sucking" rule.
Shy having fun

I saw Solomon, now Cherri, in queue and I couldn't resist. She put me under her spell quickly, and I thought that might be it, but then I escaped and made her cum quickly! I felt very confident after this, as she kept begging for it. But then her tight pussy began to drain me over and over again, making me flood her. I just couldn't resist, cumming inside her felt too good!
She gave me my new Anal Addiction rule, after she won.

I have faced off against Krysten before in many forms. Lovely as ever, she started out strong, tying me up for what seemed like an eternity, and playing with my head... She was sooooo confident, asking what kind of girls I liked, since she was going to turn me into one. But things don't always go as planned. I got out and she got 2-0'ed. Then I made her beg, she wanted it soooo bad. Did she get it?
I can be cruel

I saw this cute sissy in queue, and thought it was the perfect opportunity to try my switch side! It went well, and I was feeling veeery confident. I shouldn't have... Suddenly she switched me up and caught me unprepared. I lost, and Mistress Shelly gave me my "Plug Protection" rule.
There's a twist though. With her, I instead have to wear a collar :O Not any more :P
Too much!

This cutie, Anna, picked me in queue! I felt so lucky, getting to play with a kitten like her. And luckily for her, I know just how to make a kitten like her purr. We have a lovely time. No fighting, just teasing and pleasing. And in the end, I got a cute kitten :P

I got a rematch with Shelly and I got revenge as well! Now she has to wear a collar, instead of me! :D

I jumped at the chance to play against Krysten again. It's always a lot of fun. She had changed a bit, and really tried being dominant. But in the end I widdled her down. She just couldn't resist it, and I'm not sure if she'll ever be able to. So much fun having her trying to be a mommy dommy, only to submit ^^
If she ever manages to get out of her subby mindset, I'm gonna be in for it! Which I'm sure is gonna be reeeeaaally fun :P

I beat Shelly again, but this time I didn't get to add a rule. Next time, though, I get to have a lot of fun ;)

I was sure that Krysten could give me what I desperately craved... She was sure too! But in the end, she caved to her needs before I did. That's 3 times in a row, Krysten! I do like teasing her, each time she wants to win more and more ^^

I felt confident I could beat Shelly, but she proved me wrong. She got ahead, and I foolishly unlocked her after I made her cum once. She took full advantage, making me doubt which one of us is the sissy as I came. Now I serve as her locked, plugged clean-up cuck. I need 2 wins in a row to remove it from my description. 1 win down :P
Fuck me like a sissy whore!

Lovely Evan picked me in queue. We've fought before, and I knew I was in for a treat. It's one of those fights where I don't care if I win or lose. It's just all about giving, taking and having fun! Who's in charge constantly shifts, since we both like it both ways. In the end, I lucked out, but really it was a win for us both ;)
Happy times

Oooooooooh, Krysten whatever will I do with you... She tries, she really does. This time I was all hot and bothered, after spending my time with the lovely Evan, which gets me in a really subby mood. I mean, what more could you want Krysten? She came out strong! Stronger than last time, and I was already halfway there. But the stronger she comes out, the more I get reminded of what she craves... She loves the fight! And I love to please... So I'll have to fight her! She craves other things too, but that's not something to write about here. Perv...
Anyway, she just couldn't resist me. She said something about "If I didn't have my rules I'd win", but I was too busy pounding her silly.
Happy Krysten
She left again... Sad times :(

I was lucky to get fight Evan again! :D I felt confident knowing what mommy craved ;) But as soon as the roles reversed, I gave in... After cumming so early I didn't feel confident any longer. I didn't manage a little, but it was a lost cause. In the end, mommy's tight butt got me, holding me down and riding me, and I accepted my place as her toy... New rule: Well ridden!

I noticed June in queue, and I jumped in, not asking or anything. I am not sure what happened... She took some pictures of if., which are embarrassing to say the least 😖 As I came too, she used my new weakness against me, making me cum again. I didn't even make her cum once...
I now have an Oral Fixation. Is this a slippery slope?

Amethyst picked me, just like I had hoped. She had such an enticing profile :P We went for it, quick and dirty, but in the end I won :D I gave her a nice rule to help her along her way :P I look forward to playing against her again.

Had a secret fight with a secret person with a secret outcome.

I had quick fight with Shelly, which I came out of top on! Now I just need one more win to remove my cuck clean-up thingy from my description :D

Shelly and I got to fight again! We did some new things, and actually fought twice in a row. I won the first, but she won the second. Which means I get to give her a permanent rule, but she got to turn me into a dom for the next 5 games.

I had my first fight as a dom, and it was a lot of fun :D It was against Cum Slut. I offered her that I would paint her face if she submitted, but she needed a bit more convincing. So I convinced her. I held out for so long, even through her more desperate attempts. Finally, she submitted and I painted her face, just as promised.

For my next dom fight I met Moira, who was just soooo lovely. She had probably the neediest throat I've ever had. I didn't mind indulging her, though I wasn't about to let her best me. She couldn't resist me, and quite quickly submitted. It was fun, having such a willing pet to use.

Speaking of willing pets... Shy-girl picked me, and she was a horny mess, wanting to experience my dom side so badly. It wasn't much of a fight, but it was a lot of fun. She was my plaything, and we both loved it. She's always a lot of fun, and there's always something new with her. I won, obviously. Man, being a dom is easy ;)
Also, she was my victory number 100! Yay!

Feeling pretty confident, I got matched with Sanzo, who was looking for a dom. Pretty good match, I thought! Oh boy, this turned all wrong... 2 ruined orgasms, while locked in a cage, and the only orgasm I got out of Sanzo resulted in me getting a facial. Maybe I'm not cut out to be a dom?

Had my last fight as a dom, against Cherri, who is always a treat :D She wanted it bad, and I wasn't one to deny her. She did push my buttons a bit, and I could feel my subby side slipping through from time to time, but in the end, we got what we both wanted ;)
Breed 'em good!

Dom time is over! Back to being a sub :D

I was lucky to get picked by Rey :D They had an interesting profile, and I was sure we would have fun. I tried to impress her, but she the felt they need to show how to fuck... And she sure did know how to do it 😩 I did get her back, and we ended up just going at it, back and forth! But she came out on top, and I came... I got my "On Edge" rule.

I spotted Amethyst in queue, and couldn't miss the opportunity! She seemed very confident, but at the same time, also very horny. We went back and forth, and she did manage to keep me under her spell for a long time AND she made me cum early. But some people just can't resist it. And I don't blame her, it can be very tempting to give in, we all know that. And really, Amy is doing good work! I mean look at her go:
Amy takes it, my favorite way

So I fought Amethyst again and this time she beat me. And then she did what was expected. 5 games as a sissy, which I asked to be 10, since I had the craving :P
Which is where we are now, 10 games later as the flirtatious Sunni! That was fun, as always, but it's time to return to normal.

Jenny Bernardo decided I needed an introduction to Filipina culture, and I wasn't about to turn her down. I do like broadening my horizons ;) Gotta say, I didn't expect Filipinas to be so... Breath-taking :O She teased me, I teased back, but then she turned it up! I couldn't keep up, and ended up bound (in more ways than one) by her. I tried to escape, but Jenny made sure I didn't want to, knowing very well how to drive me crazy. If she hadn't untied me, I think I might have broke there and then.
But then, after she had shown me that she knew how to please me anyway possible (yes, anyway, nothing left untouched 😖), I found out what she really wanted. And she got it! My cock erupting inside her, while she made sure very last drop went in. Then she brought in her friends, more lovely Filipinas, that seemed just as eager as her. They watched as came inside her again, filing her tight pussy... And then she let them have me. To weak to resist, I gave in, though I don't think I'd even want to resist.
They used me anyway they wanted to, until there was nothing left to use... Filipina Culture... What a great way to return to being Derackz. I know where my next trip is going to be!
Jenny's friends having fun

Bente decided to pick me in queue, because I was high level. Never thought that pay off :P She called me out for suggesting a limit on how many turns bondage/hypno should last, and I took the bait. I mean, of course I took the bait. And oooooh boy, she came out strong. She didn't waste anytime, threatening me would a good time right out the gates. And when she didn't try to hypnotise me, then she'd tie me up. Not that I'm complaining, it was lovely!
She made me cum first, the way she had said she would, more or less... Felt good, not gonna lie... Almost made me want to submit, just so she could keep going... But! I do not throw! Then she brought out the cage... I had been bad so instead of me getting the pleasure I so desperately craved, I was getting punished! I begged and pleaded! I promised to be a good boy! But Bente wouldn't have it... Too little, too late...
But I held out! Through dumb luck, I resisted, and then I took her! She didn't resist and she has the Bimbo picture to prove it :P
I'm sure this won't come back to bite me in the butt. (I'm counting on it, would be fun ^^).

So I had been being a bit more dominant recently, since I have friend that loves when I dom them. And I like taking care of my friends.
I had even planned out a bit of a surprise for them, but due to circumstances (me being tired from working out. Gonna get swol! Not really) I had to postpone my plan.
This meant another day were I tried to hold my dominant mindset... It didn't last... I crashed hard, becoming veeeeery subby. It was quite obvious.
Amethyst noticed it, and teased me, yesterday and today. She taunted me into a fight. I accepted. I mean, she's a lot of fun to fight, if a bit scary with the possible consequences... We started out pretty much as expected. She tried to push my subby buttons, and I tried to resist. Then, she realised the danger she was in, the trap I had set. My subby mindset is contagious! As we fought, little Amy's desire to dominate me, was being replace by the need to be cute and submissive, just like me.
Hihi, they always get lured in by that 🤭 After her first orgasm, she purred like a little kitty, and I knew I had her.
I did. She came again and curled up to me, awaiting what would come next. I thought of just cuddling, since she had been a veeeery good girl. She would like that, but I knew she like to be toyed with even more. And I like care of my friends ;) What to do... I thought of breaking her little mind with good hypnotic sesssion, or breaking her body in bondage and toys for unending pleasure... In the end, I stuck with the classic, and the lust in her eyes told me I chose wisely:
Happy Kitty

I saw cute Jessie in queue and couldn't pass the opportunity. I was allowed to make any change to her profile if I beat her! At first, I figured it would be a simple. She had a need, and I felt like providing. But then she kept hypnotizing me and her focus changed... She didn't want my cock any longer, only my tongue. And then it went down hill... She got me, in a humiliating fashion, then I got her, but end the end, she took me...
Jessie claiming me
She decided to revive my "On Edge" rule.

I queued up, and got matched with the newbie, BaTSu. It was her second match, but she already knew what she was doing. We didn't waste time, getting naked quickly and then I got to try her mouth... This was my doom... It was so addicting, I just couldn't help myself. Any chance I got, I would push it inside that greedy mouth. And she knew it! It drained me completely. She didn't punish me as part of the bet. Me being addicted was enough.
BaTSu getting what she wants

Had another secret fight with the same secret person with a different secret outcome.

BaTSu went into won of my public bot games and teased me, especially after I lost to it. I took the bait, and we went at it again. This time, however, she got a taste of her own medicine (and I got a taste of hers too ^^). After I won, I sent her to practice.
BaTSu getting to work

I had a quick fight with Sandra. No stakes, no rules, just fun. I knew what she wanted, and delivered, though she did leave me wanting the same thing... Subby mood coming on, this does not bode well :S

Slash must have picked up on my mood shift, because they took charge from the start! And me going into subby mode against a well-endowed girl, well, that's just a recipe for me turning into a happy mushy puddle of slut. Slash warned "Next time with bets"
Happy ending :D

Oh Evie... You always time it perfectly. I never stood a chance. I did try, try to keep my neediness at bay, but mommy knows best. It didn't take long for me to be a subby puddle begging for more. I can't resist, it's just so good! She beat me, and I submitted, serving her, pleasing her, while she came up with what to do with me. I think I wouldn't have able to say no at that point. She settled for a rule, as agreed upon in the start, called "Please more, Mommy!"
Happy Place with Mommy

I've been teasing Chris(tina) for a bit now, so I wasn't surprised when one of their minions jumped me in queue. I was, however, surprised when Kinkster didn't seem to know of me... Guess I haven't painted that big of a target on my back as I thought. Kinky tried, but I could see through all her bravado, see how she would crumble under pressure. In the end, she did.
Chris's pet broken
I did let her have some fun with after I beat her though. She was so nice, she should get rewarded ^^

I sure am lucky :P I got to fight Cherri again! :D If I won, I got her collar, but if she won... Well, she ask for something after the game... Something unknown. Curiosity is always a good teaser for me, so I was tempted. And she was going hard! No time was wasted, putting me under hypnosis and keeping me there. And the rule I got from Evan didn't help either, having me beg for more... It wasn't looking good for me, Cherri sharing me with a friend, using me like a pleasure toy. Honestly, I can really complain, it was heavenly! But Cherri has needs too, and I do aim to please. She kept telling me to fuck her, imprinting it in my ever so suggestible mind... And it stuck!
The last moments of the fight was a haze, of me pounding Cherri until we were both spent. I lucked out, getting 2 back-to-back orgasms out of her, and claiming her collar! At the same time though, my curiosity went unsated...
Cherri where she wants to be

It's always the way it goes. I win a few matches, I dom someone over DMs and my needy subby side grows and grows, demanding satisfaction. I can only keep it at bay for so long...
When Tyger picked me, I knew that was going to be an impossible task. We had fought before were she beat me pretty handily. It's so typical! I wanted to get her back from last time, to show her that I'm a good fighter. But I was a mess...
I started out by tying her up, which was unlike my normal style of slow teasing. I knew I needed every trick in the book, but also that it probably wouldn't be enough... As soon she took me into her mouth, I came... And my neediness became obvious... My need to submit...
I tried to mount a comeback, but it was half-hearted at best. She saw through me, and then she told me to bend over... To submit to her superior cock... And I did...
The rest is a bit of a blur... Her taking me, making me cum over and over again... Me, on my knees, serving, sucking worshipping her cock, thanking her for the privilege...
To ensure that I remember my place she gave me the "Cockslut Proclamtion" rule 😖.
Cockslut in place

Oh Cherri, you really want to be put in your place, don't you? I taunted her a bit, and she took the bait! Such a silly girl. She said she wanted her collar back, but in truth she just wanted to be taken again. So needy! And needy sluts get punished! Below you'll see her happy face moments before I ruin her orgasm ;)
Needy slut!

There are those here that I want to fight, but still avoid to a certain degree. Fighters that compel me to bring my A-game. Not competitively though, no in a different way... And I'll admit I've been a bit lazy lately, having quick and fun matches, which suited me fine. Then I hear the ping... I gasp, it's the LEGEND herself, Linlin Mira! We talked a bit, and I told her how I tend to lose focus after 1 hour, and we got underway. Immediately my new rule kicked in, forcing me to yell out... Well, something rather unseemly. Soooo embarrassing 😖 But Linlin didn't seem to mind, quite the opposite... Now that I think of, her picking me out in queue, makes me think she have had a talk with Tyger! Sneaky! :O
Right, the match... We undressed each other, exploring each others bodies, but Linlin noticed how I waivered with her bottom part, scared and maybe a bit excited too... She ever so slowly pulled them down, teasing me, making my head spin... Before I knew it, I was tied up! And she kept teasing me... Taunting me, really, pleasing my cock, while showing her own, bigger, cock off. I tried to fight her off, but all my attempts seemed in vain. I tried taking charge, but she stayed adamant while I began to crumble... I had mounted her, but then her fingers invaded me! Such skilled fingers... Within seconds, my cock started to throb, which only made Linlin go faster, asking me if I'd still prefer doing the fucking or I'd like something else... I couldn't give an answer, the pleasure becoming too much, my brain so addled, as I began to cum. Before I had time to recover, Linlin was swinging her superior cock in my face, demanding I turn around and lie face down ass up. I complied, even wiggling my tight little butt in anticipation. But before I could have it, Linlin had me repeat my phrase from the start of the match! I repeated it, and she took me, triggering another rule making me beg her to keep fucking me!
My conditioning was taking over, and as Linlin slowed down, I ask if I could taste her, asking her "A good slut uses all holes, right?". She allowed it, and I tried my best! But my best wasn't enough, not by long shot... She taunted me again, taking me in her mouth to show me how it was done. Embarrassed and furious, I took charge again, grabbing her, pounding her, while kissing her so she couldn't tease me any longer. I gave it my all! But it wasn't enough... She then wanted to show how to do this as well... As she pressed inside me, the last of my willpower was pushed out... I didn't want to fight... I wish I could say that I just wanted to please her superior cock, but the truth is, I just wanted to be fucked.
Linlin knew how to push me over the edge. Stimulation of both my cock and butt would do the trick. She took me in her mouth and pressed her skilled fingers inside me, making me fill her mouth. She then proceeded to spit it all out, spraying it all over my face while laughing like a loon. I laughed as well, confused, happy, broken, until I realized that I hadn't made her cum once! We've been at this for 1½ hours, and she hadn't cum! What a terrible job I had done... I begged and pleaded, and she was generous enough to allow it. With certain conditions that I won't go into the specifics of.
She had me, and for the next 2½ hours I came to realise I wasn't being broken... I was being freed! Freed to accept the fact that I'm a desperate needy cockslut. I love cock, anytime I face a girlcock, I just hope I'll get to serve it anyway possible. Here is me at the end, doing my favorite thing:
Dera the Cockslut

I've been building a bit of a rivalry up with BaTSu, and a while ago I challenged her. If I won, I got to order her around IRL for the next 5 days. But if she won, she'd turn me into a sissy. BaTSu didn't hesitate at all, she ran with it! Teasing me in DMs, telling me I'd be the biggest bimbo slut, earning her money by sucking cock! I didn't expect her to take it that far... Unfortunately we couldn't play at the time, so instead I'd have that image racing in my head... Scary!
Today, we finally got to it! BaTSu used dirty tricks, hypnosis and bondage, but I know that in the end, it's all about the fucking! It was hard fought, but in the end, BaTSu wanted it more... She wanted to desperately to be my little pet. And we all know that I love to please. She's mine, for the next 5 days ;)

These last couple of matches have been a lot of fun, losing to girlcock, winning against pussy, and domming in DMs ;) Good times! Both my sub side and my dom side have been engaged. This has gotten me thinking... Maybe I should explore my switch side a bit more? Several people have told me that I'm very switchy, though I just think they don't know how to push my buttons :P Plus, being a switch grants me access to a lot of dirty new actions... And who doesn't like that?
Anyway, I queued up, expecting to fight just another girl. After a while Just another girl picked me! Lucky me :D
As soon as we started though, something switched... I couldn't help myself... I ripped her clothes of, and got to work. Gone was my normal style of teasing and pleasing. I just went for it! JAG tried to stave me off, but it was no use. I ripped through any bondage, and playing mind games only seemed to further my animalistic lust! We didn't hold back, both of us cumming quickly, throwing away inhibitions, giving into, and providing, carnal pleasure, forgetting any pretence of fighting. Just fucking.
In the end, I might have won, but it didn't matter... We had fucked until we both lost consciousness. Something has indeed switched... Me ;)

I had spied this cutie this cute as soon as they entered EF. I mean, have you seen Alexia!? That's the definition of a cutie! I don't normally prowl... Well, I do prowl a bit, but in a friendly manner! Anyway, we talked a bit, about the stuff people normally talk about around theses parts.
A couple of days later, I came up with a bet. When that push one of us further into what we desperately desired, but weren't brave enough to do.
We got too it, and had a lovely time. Alexia came out on top though... On top, riding my cock, losing our bet, hihi. I almost feel like I was bullying her, taking on a rookie like that, but I knew she wanted it. Looking forward to round 2 ;)

So, Astolfo picked me in queue. We settled on a bet, with me getting to change their profile picture, and them wanting to be on my Wall of Fun. This seemed like a win/win to me, I mean, they'd on up on my wall any way ;) We started, and immediately my proclamation rule kicked in. Embarrassed, I started out a bit aggressive, only for Astolfo have slow things down, which I liked, getting time to explore and tease. They seemed to enjoy my tool just as much as they wanted me to enjoy theirs, them being on their knees only to find myself on my knees the next second... I tried to assert my dominance. Astolfo liked it, but stated that I could do better. The tone wasn't mocking, but more encouraging, them suggesting I used other ways to please them... Nothing like a gentle futa to get my knees all soft 😖 Astolfo picked up on this, seeing an opportunity to take charge. And they did, and I loved it. I called in for backup, not feeling confident I could return the favor without help. It didn't work. Then I shook my head, and got back in charge, and this time it worked. I kept going, not backing down, making them cum again... But it wasn't enough! They still had fight in them. I, on the other hand, was getting tired, putting myself in a compromising position... They seem to like it, which made me go further down this path... A very dangerous path... With a very dangerous outcome...
Their last words to me as the chose my fate were: "See, maybe you enjoy being used as toy more than playing it cool".
Good gurl

I must have done something right, because Linlin Mira approached me again. Or maybe she just liked my rule :S
She teased me, and I tried being a bit more assertive, taking control of the situation. But Linlin knew that I wanted her. I mean, we all do, right? We took it slow, each trying to lure the other, until Linlin decided that that enough was enough. She jumped on top of me, impaling herself. She took me by surprize, but before I had time to react, she took over, forcing me down, pushing inside me! This time, however, I wasn't about to go down easily, pushing back against her in order to push her off! I took over, and we kept switching positions, each trying out fuck the other! But I could feel myself slipping. This wasn't helped when she brought in help, spit-roasting me 😖
But, I was determined... No throwing! No giving in, even if it feels as good as this! I knew something she loved, and went for it... And it seemed to be working! But not well enough :S She got me, sneaking a hand around, getting me to cum. Time to play dirty. She had me on the ground, but with a quick distraction, I was able to tie her up!
This gave me ample opportunity get in position, taking her, and making her submit. With new confidence I pressed on, taunting her, almost mockingly, that my cock was the superior one. Her reaction was devious... She started using her charm! She's always been charming, but now she was complimenting me, calling me such sweet things... It completely throw me off, and for a moment, I forgot we were fighting... But just for a moment... I shook my head, and went for it! She gave in, and I kept going, until I collapsed on top of her...
All I remember afterwards were soft pillows and sweet, if a bit naughty, dreams... Such a lovely time ^^
Happy sleepy Dera ^^

So Jeff and I had played before, back when Jeff was Jessie. I liked Jessie, (I mean, I like Jeff as well, don't get me wrong) so I wanted to bring Jessie back. So I made a challenge, winner gets to fem loser! Jeff agreed, and we got it going! I was a excited and scared, this was my first male on male fight, but Jeff was veeeeery nice to me, so I quickly felt comfortable. I ended up winning, but let's put it this way: During all the orgasms in the fight, Jeff was the active one and I was the passive one. And I didn't mind at all ;) Here I am in (on) my happy place :P
Dera's Happy Place

I sure do have a soft spot for sissies and femboys at the moment. Lucy was in queue and and hit her up :) Since Lucy didn't have a picture, I asked if she was willing to do a bet, with winner getting to choose a picture for the loser for the next 5 games. She hadn't done anything like that before, but she was up for it. It was a different style of fight... Instead of either of us wanting to assert dominance, we were just looking to please the other. I love fights like that, where it's just about giving into pleasure. It's still competitive, but it's not about the competition. Looking at our pictures, I'm sure that you, dear reader, can figure out who won ;)

Every time... Every time! When I hit that really subby, horny, cock hungry mood, Evie is there. Femboy of my dreams, swooping in. I try so hard, I want to deliver, really, I do. But knowing mommy, it's a struggle to just keep my subbyness at bay, let alone fight back. I want it, not gonna lie. I'd do naughty stuff to get it too. With Evie, I don't mind being reeeeeeeeeeaaal slutty. I guess, the truth of it is: I feel safe! Didn't expect my ranty little postgame thingy to make me realise that... Huh :D

Shy picked me in the Hentai queue. Not her usual style, but turns out she had the Classic belt! And she was afraid of losing it, which, given our history, really doesn't make any sense. No bets, we just went straight for the action, while talking of old bets and stuff we've done together. I did a lot better this time, though still not good enough... I need to step up my game to face her next time. In the end, I was bound and at her mercy, with Shy draining my cock over and over, reminiscing of the old title she gave me... Good times! :D

I couldn't resist taunting Jessie into another fight. If I won, she'd get 5 mores games as female, but if she won, Jessie was gonna turn me female for 5 games. Jessie took the bait, and bragged about how she was gonna turn me into a femboy. So I posed for her, showing how cute I'd look. Another trap.. Jessie let her guard down, and I used it to pound her full of cum. Hihi, seems it only takes a bit teasing and show of submissiveness to make people overconfident 🤭 Keeping your eyes on the prize isn't always the answer ;)

Bonnie picked me, and started out very aggressively, trying so hard to be a big man. But I can spot sissies with ease, and this one is in denial. I beat here, and made her wear proper attire. If you get to fight Bonnie, please push them further down the sissy path, it's what they crave ;)

Lucky me, I got to fight Alice! :D To keep it competitive, we skipped on our rules, clearly to Alice's advantage. The bet was simple, loser got a new profile picture and a rule. Alice had a bit of an attitude, but I don't mind that. They weren't rude, just confident. With a bit of luck, I could widdle it down, making them feel safe with me so we could just enjoy our time. Alice had other plans, teasing me playing with my weakspot (yeah, yeah, we all know about that by now :P), and not growing any less confident. I tried my best, but my best wasn't enough. I thought my oral skills were up to par, but it seems I need practice. Alice gave me fitting rule and picture
Cocksuking practice

We've all heard the saying, "Time flies when you're having fun", and with Linlin it seems like I have a lot of fun. I tend to keep my games around the 1 hour mark. We ended up spending 4 hours! If my math is correct... The first thing Linlin did, was questioning my math, since I was certain I still had my proclamation rule (Okay, she was questioning my counting, but same difference!). The next thing she did was to make good of my new rule, giving me all the practice I could take! This didn't bode well for my fighting spirit, being forced to act so submissively whenever the opportunity presented itself. And Lin used this very well, keeping a good lead, teasing me just right, having me on the brink of giving in to urges early on. And the, something new. Magic! Like actual magic! Portals, bringing unfathomable creatures, with ever curious and pleasing tentacles. They held me in place, exploring me as Linlin stood above keeping what I desired out of reach... I began to break, fruitlessly struggling against the otherworldly presence, Linlin almost mocking me. (Almost, she's a sweetheart, even if a bit devious at times ;) ). With my last bit of strength I manage to break free! I rushed her, grabbing a hold of her and pressing my member inside her! I wanted her to cum! I wanted her cum! And I got it! I laughed gleefully as I finally managed to get it, Linlin spraying my face, getting me more cum drunk.
Then she got back in charge, pinning me down, giving back what I had given her. With no more fight left in me I cheered "More!". More... A dangerous choice of words... Linlin lifted me up, locking me in a full Nelson position (😍), my feet dangling, wiggling my butt and biting my lips in anticipation for the pounding I desperately craved. I got even more.
"Every magical girl needs a familiar" she said, as she summoned hers. I couldn't believe me eyes, in front me stood Ja~ Oooooh, you almost had me there, dear reader! I'm not telling who it was ;) Anyway, the wasted no time, having such a willing cocksleeve available.
They both held me, fucking me deep, one pushing in as the other went out. Needless to say, I didn't stand a chance (I mean I was held aloft). I came, over and over again, being fed my own cum, and slowly being filled with theirs too. They kept going, rewarding me with kisses as I took them. I don't remember them letting me down again, I might have passed out in their arms, happy, spent, used for my intended purpose... It's going to hard to mount a comeback against Linlin after this, knowing what pleasures await should I fail.
Cocksleeve Dera getting used proper

Silly little Bonnie. She picked me again, trying so desperately to pretend she didn't love the outfit I got her. I'll admit, she did better this time, but it might just be a case of us both being sluts. Bonnie, it seems, was the bigger slut, and she ended up as a she, instead of a blue pretender :P

We all now I have a soft spot for cuties in queue ^^ And Damian sure fits the bill! :D He was so sweet, asking me what I was looking for. And he delivered too. Oh my :S Would highly recommend. Not telling what we did though, that's for you to find out, dear reader ;)

She tried again. I guess Bonnie wanted to experience me when she was pink ^^ She lost, of course, and now has to stay as pink for even longer. I think she might be throwing on purpose. I don't mind though, it's fun :D

It was bound to happen... I keep taunting Jessie and she gets soo pissed! This time, she went all in, not pulling any punches! I mean, we didn't actually punch each other... It's an expression! Anyway, the bet was simple. If I won, she'd stay as Jessie for 10 more games. But if she won, I'd get turned into a sissy for 5.
Things were going well, but then she started pulling ahead. Getting more aggressive, more dominant... Threatening me with collars, plugs and cages. And not those cosy cages, for pets. Cock cages... And that's how she got me... Locked me up, forced me to cum, with it in a small cage... I begged, I pleaded, but there was no mercy! Then, I submitted, my fate as a sissy sealed... Derackz was no more, and Deira came to be.

My time as Deira was fun, and I ended up staying as her for much longer than the initial 5 games set. I might end up liking it too much :P
Thank you all for the lovely games! I had fun ^^
Special thanks to Linlin, for my first time in the LWR! What an experience. And what an ending, me getting my comeuppance, for being a cheating little slut :P
But, now it was time to be Derackz again! Yaaaaay! :D

While I was Diera, I had noticed another cutie. Blu turned Pink :P Blue or pink, I knew I wanted a piece of them. Too hot to pass up on! They were so enticing, I almost forgot we were fighting... So hot, so sweet, yet also firm... Just the correct mix to make my desire to please overshadow my desire to fight. Dangerous... Luckily, my pleasing skills are quite good ;)
Pink took charge, slowly, but steadily using her biiiiig tool on my tight hole. I barely held on, the feeling if her gentle yet firm demeanour, making it so tempting to give in. My submissive nature kicking in, I couldn't help myself. I had to please them! So, like a good little sub, I went down, and pressed my face between their cheeks, using my tongue. This turned out to be to much for Pink, getting me back in the game! We kept going, back on forth, both of us using our mouths to please the other, keeping our weakspots at a safe distance. The, Pink brought out the cage... But! I was in luck! They took pity on me, since I was being a good boy, and I got to not get locked up yay! :D In return, I drained them with my mouth.
Then I realised... My cock hadn't even tried Pinks cute butt! :O Next time...

Ooooooooooh Cherri, you just can't resist, can you? She comes out so strong, only to fall flat on her cute face ^^ I have her collar. Again :P

I do have such a soft spot for sissies that seem like the want to compete and Sissy Michelle seemed like a perfect candidate. She was, though in the end, she couldn't resist being a good girl for me ^^ Though, the thought of losing to a sissy... No comment!


Shy-girl - Good talks, fun matches, had a 10 or so winning streak against me. I swear I'm not throwing!
Jeanne - Bully, meanie and also really nice, for a non-Devil Islander ^^
Andie/Mariska - Fellow explorer, introduced me to the joys of erotic hypnosis. Stay safe!
Scarlet - Back and forth! Never know who's on top next. Miss you.
Ashlynn - My "Let's see who can out sub the other" friend ^^
Emily - Fun games, good chat, and very much a fellow explorer! When am I gonna get that collar?
Blankie - My precious little boy (sometimes girl :P). So cute, always causing trouble that backfires ^^
Linlin Mira - Not many can make me play games that last over 3 hours. Linlin Mira can.

Hmmm, I feel like someone is missing...


My alts:
Desiree - The female part of me. Went from scared sissy, to somewhat sophisticated lady. Is a handful to play as, so is dormant.
Malleable - Made for crazy bets, to see where EF will take me.

Are there others? Probably. But if they are not on the list, it is because I want them private. Sometimes it's nice to play without a history. Don't ask, I won't tell you.

So, you might be wondering "What's with that pink and blue aesthetic looking wavy picture?". Well, I've had many different pictures, but none really fit well. I'd usual go for guy in a suit, since that's a classic. At some point I just felt like I wanted some calm pink and blue waves, so I found this. And now I just don't think anything could replace it. And yes, blue and pink are my favorite colors :D And I daresay, with it, I am the proprietor of the most calming PFP on all of EF!

Lastly, my name can seem like a mouthful, so feel free to call me Dera ^^

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Having drained him, you easily lock up your little loser. He's your slave now, ready to serve. Locked up servant You can't resist touching yourself, grabbing and jerking your massive hard-on. Masturbate Now that he's drained, he'll make a nice foot slave. It doesn't seem like he minds it. Foot slave It's time for him to be quiet and listen. Gag him You submit to her strap-on, sucking on it to give your other parts a rest. Submit to her strap-on You show off how comfortable you are, strutting around in your chastity device. With a little luck, they might unlock you. Pose in chastity Just because she is locked up, doesn't mean you can't tease her. Tease her in chastity Just because you're locked up doesn't mean you can't have fun. You kiss him, while playing with his hard cock, unable to get any playtime yourself Fool around in chastity Being locked in chastity gives you a good opportunity to suck his cock, without him teasing you pussy. And who knows? Maybe if you do good, he'll cum and then unlock you. Lock and suck! Her lack of self-control is obvious. Luckily, you have the cure... locking her in tight chastity! Lock up time!

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