Derackz the Buttslut (Level 18) mail warning

Shoutout to Shy-girl 😘

I lost to Tyger as her mouth proved too much. For the next 5 games, once per fight, I'll cum instantly if someone sucks my cock (3/5)

After a loss against Christina I'll now cum instantly from the first anal cum test. Not sure why she chose this 😖 (0/5)

Lost another bet, which earned me my new title. Thanks Jeanne


Love betting, with punishment for the loser. It makes the games more exciting.
Examples could be something simple, like changing profile picture or text, or something more daring like being forced to wear a plug for a certain amount of time.
Open for a lot of things, though long term denial is not a good fit for me, due to someone having dibs on me :P
I like to use special rules for bondage and hypnosis., though they seldom work in my favor.
Bondage rule is that the victim has to roll a 5 or 6 each turn or skip.
Hypnosis rule is that the victim has to roll a 5 or 6 each turn or the opponent can choose victims action.

I often play while working, so I might have to take a call or 2. Generally avoid to play if I know I'll have a lot of meetings. Working from home (COVID is a thing), so it's not risky.

Prefer to sub, but I won't go down without a fight. Throwing fights isn't fun. I do like keeping the RP going over competing.
I tend to be a little cocky with bratty doms, since it's fun to tease them, but if you're a nice gentle encouraging dom then I'll probably melt into a submissive happy puddle :D
Like all the games modes, so I'm up for all of them. I normally queue for classic, but if you feel like doing something else let me know.
I prefer to play private games, as I tend to find having an audience a bit too distracting...

Cool with Transgender (Dominant Transgender characters are my favorite to play with 😍), sissies, crossdressers, futas, and enbies(This means non-binary, right?).
Simply put, I'm attracted to feminine bodies, and all genitalia. I might ask questions in order to learn, since I'm not 100% on the different terms
If I'm using terms wrong, please let me know. It's ignorance, not spite. I'm not here to offend anyone, I'm just here to have fun, and I prefer that my partner is enjoying it too.


So it turns out that I might have a bit of a mommy dommy fetish, so if you feel like doing an RP scenario, then I'd be for that. Really any scenario with you having some sort of authority over me would work, like teacher/student, boss/employee etc. Like you're doing what you do to me in order to bring the best forward in me.


I have no affiliation with the bot on Discord with my name.

I'm open for most thing, but calling me Daddy, or similar, is a BIG TURN OFF, so please don't :)

Thanks for reading all this, as a reward I'll tell you this: Under hypnosis, I'll tell you my weaknesses, if you ask kindly.

Take care,


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You suck him while he sucks you, best situation ever! 69 You want them to serve you right, to serve your cock right. Cock Hypnosis You submit to her strap-on, sucking on it to give your other parts a rest. Submit to her strap-on You've brought backup, so you can put both his holes to good use. Spit roast him! You see an opportunity to sit on your new chair. So comfy! Facesitting humiliation You push yourself into him from behind, settling into a nice rhythm. His moans give him away, he loves this. Fuck him from behind It's time to make them realize that they should serve, and all good servants need a uniform. Hand them a maid uniform You could use a new latex gimp, and this one seems like the perfect candidate. Enforced latex slavery You take off her panties, getting easier access to her. Take off her panties You slowly take off your bra. Take off your bra

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