Charly (Level 11) mail warning

Have some fun. U2?

Ready to go. Like to be man handled and explore new limits
Explore my sub side here. And like to role play.

Eropets update
Happy participant in the Eropets final :) and now I'm Master Romantic's pet.
As the pet I have to do the following punishments and debuff.

Impressive list of punishment for me, as my Stress Relief perk combined with my Dubious Loyalty allowed me to earn 50 spanks in the finale and a new punishment of 5 ruined orgasms. Let me know if you would help me with that.

Punishments score
Spanks (5/50)
Ruined orgasm (1/5)

For the next 10 games I have to play to lose (After each loss on EF, you'll edge 3 times for each cum success you had and end it with a ruin orgasm.) and be a Pain Slut (For each cum success you receive, you will add a little pain, I'll let you decide what to do (spanks, nipple clamp or twisting, CBT...)

Debuff score
Play to loose (1/5)
Pain slut (0/5)

Over the last games I also discovered the pleasure of switching roles.
So let see how our game will go...

New Collar is back, who will take the leash?

kink list pick one

Rules i will follow :

Old Rules:
For the next games until i win 10 times - thanks to Maverick - I will do edges for every cum test. Per test as many edges as my current cum overdrive stat announces. If I cum IRL I will ruin and hit cum and the game is lost for me. (credits for the idea to Dr. Clara and the EF Blog)
Only won games counts :(
After loosing against Maverick again he was so kind to reset my counter only to 5.
17 games = 10 won, 7 lost = I'm free again :)

Current Rules
rule to spank myself for each spanking action. Count = 3 times dice


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