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Seeking Competitive Roleplay

Hello challengers, thanks for taking a peek into my profile!
I am the G.O.A.T Mixed Sex-Fighter!
The two modes I primarily play are Classic and Wrestling.
I match my partner's RP style, whether it be a detailed and descriptive roleplay or a quick back and forth.
I am a competitor, looking for a worthy challenger to face in the ring or the bed! I am a switch so it does not matter to me who wins or loses, but I look for a competitive bout! If you just want someone to Dom you, please message me beforehand. If we end up in matchmaking, I expect a good fight!

When I am in character, I live for intense trash talking and teasing! We're here to turn each other on and fight!
Note: If I am in character, please do not take offense!

I enjoy a good bet/wager, so if you want to make it interesting I'll be game! Sexual domination over the loser, writing on profiles, tasks for the loser, or tying up the loser post-match and doing whatever you want to them! (with respect to each other's limits/kinks of course) I am always looking to add another slut under my control but will act graciously in defeat.

Height: 5'11
Weight: 182lbs
Body Fat: 8.2%
Cock Size: 7 inches

Wrestling Attire:
Wrestling Attire:

Female Challengers Only!

Notable Wins:
Aphrodite thought that just because she was a Goddess, I would end up serving her. She ended up being badly beaten by me while worshipping my cock! I ended up sharing her with the audience. Excited for the next fight!

Unfortunate Losses:

Alexa and I had quite an interesting match. I foolishly agreed to play with her dice system, and luck was not on my side at all! We had quite the epic back and forth, but when she brainwashed and tied me up, I had limited options and had to succumb. I did manage to break free from her spell and restraints to make a comeback but ended up falling short at the end. She really abused me, but I had a lot of fun! Looking forward to setting the record straight in our next bout.

Valentine narrowly defeated me on my journey to take over Scarlet's brothel, but I lost to her and am now a part of her services.

See you in the ring!

access_time Last time active: 2 days ago, created about 1 year ago
access_time Local time: 10:24
send Classic: Has won 160 games and lost 121 games
send Hentai game (Beta): Has won 2 games and lost 6 games
send Femdom with Caprice: Has played 2 games
send Interactive: Has played 2 games
send The Wrestling Ring: Has won 20 games and lost 13 games
send Lesbian Wrestling Ring (LWR): Has won 0 games and lost 0 games
star Has 34 stars
autorenew Is a switch
wc Is hetero
public Public games
check Kinks: Female domination, Male domination, Anal (male), Anal (female), Pain, Cock and balls torture (CBT), Humiliation, Bondage, Lick Ass, Threesome/Audience participation, Cum play, Hypnosis, Cock Worship, Latex, Hardcore BDSM
shopping_cart Toys: Gag, Cockring, E-Stim, Rubber band, Shoelace


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You stick your whole fist inside of her, what a slut! Fist Her! You sneak up behind him and, surprise, your hand grasps that thick, hard cock for some nice, firm stroking. Reach Around Handjob You pull out your favorite strap-on and brag that you can fuck them better than they can fuck you. Strap-on Tease