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A competitive novice!

Hello there!

Somewhat of a new player, so still figuring things out~

I'm an Asian girl in my 20s, and a switch who leans sub, but don't let that get your guard down... I'm still quite competitive and might surprise you! I'd prefer to play against those who consider themselves "dom" and try my best to beat them (but also don't mind losing if they manage, of course~).

I also sometimes enjoy RP, so if you have a situation you'd want to play out, let me know!

Bets & Rules

I've foolishly challenged darkice to a high stake bet match. He fucked my brains out and broke my mind, implementing 5 rules of his choice.

In the beginning of a match, my opponents can elect to activate any combination of these rules:

  1. I'm extra vulnerable to being fucked roughly. After being roughly fucked, I am unable to take any dominant action next turn, and must pick a submission action that I can perform while getting fucked. If there are no such submissive actions, I must skip.
  2. Making me cum makes a slut like me reel and unable to do anything. I must skip my turn after cumming.
  3. Whenever I fail to make an opponent cum, if the opponent wishes, I must apologize and skip my turn.
  4. I will always skip my turn right after a hypno/bondage move has been used on me.
  5. Whenever I pick an action, I must choose a clear submissive action over a dominant one. If none are present, I can choose any I wish. Cum tests moves are not affected.

For every 3 wins, I can remove 1 rule. (Current win count: 4)

In my game against Alex, I've experienced the most thorough defeat I've yet to have on EF. Despite my best efforts, he managed to resist every single one of my desperate attempts to make him cum... while he fucked me in the pussy and ass to make me orgasm twice on his cock - one from each hole. Only after he claimed his victory did he unload his cum deep in my ass, as if to mark his dominance. But unfortunately for me, he wasn't done. He kept fucking and pounding my pussy, using me for his own pleasure, as I came over and over on his cock. After multiple mind-numbing orgasms, he finally unloaded his second load deep in my pussy, directly filling up my womb. At the end, I was left cum-drunk, with both my pussy and ass molded to his cock's shape, as he ended up marking both of my defeated holes with his seed.

Required to leave this up until 9/20.

Justin approached me as a level 1 novice, telling me how he'd take me on. I'm no way a veteran, but I had no doubt that I'd be able to take on a level 1 novice. After a heated back-and-forth banter, we finally settled for a match. He exploited my weaknesses during the match, and he made me squirt all over his cock first. However, I didn't give up and forced him to cum from my mouth... but my body unfortunately gave out as he pounded my pussy from behind before I could get a second load out of him. After a close back-and-forth game, his cock defeated me, and he managed to fill up my womb with his seed.

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