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1x Hentai Champion (Via RPS)

Hey there! I'm CR. I'm just here for some fun! I am Pansexual, but don't like being in MM with guys, I'd rather they message me before hand. I'm looking for fun RP that makes everyone have a good time. I'm typically up for anything, but my preference lies in a more competitive setting with RP. I always enjoy any scenarios, and I find scenarios that stretch multiple sessions the most interesting!

A kink list for your viewing pleasure

(Quick little fun fact: One of my favorite games, Ultra Kill, has buttplug support.)

(Second fun fact: I AM A MASSIVE MUSICAL THEATRE NERD, I've been doing it for about 12 years at this point, please talk with me about it)

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Name: Cyrus 'CR' Roshan
Sex: Male
Age: 31
Height: 6'3
Hair: Green
Eyes: Black/Silver
Skin Color: Tan (Towards the darker side)
Weight: 201 lbs
Cock: Around 8in~
Build: On the more built side; bulky with muscles. Visible bags under his eyes
Notable Features: Glasses, One eye is scarred, Massive scar across his chest, 3 golden earrings meant to symbolize his swords.


CR is the result of what happens when Ahriman (Zorastian Devil/Fiend) and a Tennyo (Japanese Holy Spirit) have a child. Having been raised and trained by his father, the Ahriman, CR is on the more devilish side of morality. Upon learning how to control the unholy powers within him, CR decided to seek a normal life, barely managing to escape his father. Now after attending College in EF city, CR has decided to make the world a better place in which ever way he can. But upon realizing the cities nature, CR decided he would fit right in, trying his best to woo all the attractive men and women he could.

As of now, CR may be found in a few places: his apartment, where he is attempting to master his power, In the gym, maintaining his physique. His office is where he works as a therapist. Training his swordsmanship out in the woods behind town. Or simply meandering across the city, taking in everything around him.

- 7 Inch Dildo
- 5 Inch Dildo
- 4 Various Size Butt Plugs
- Fleshlight
- Lovense Max 2
- Lovense Hush 2 (1.75in)
- Lovense Edge 2

⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⋆。°⋆。Quotes Two: Electric Boogaloo。⋆°。⋆⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘
(Yes the quotes system is the same as before, just decided to clear it out as I redid my profile)
It's very simple: If you beat me, you get to put a quote here. It can be anything you want!

⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⋆。°⋆。Behind the Character。⋆°。⋆⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘⫘
The person behind the character: Yo! I am also CR (I do go by that IRL but the full name is not the same) I'm a genderfluid human being!
Personally my gender changes as I feel. :). Biologically I am male, but besides that mind your own fucking business :). I'm a huge one piece nerd; as can be seen by my characteliterally being inspired by Zoro. I also love a bunch of other things, like gaming, reading, boxing and music! As I'm writing this I'm listing to a wonderful song called The Silent Life, you can quite easily get my music taste from this :). This is my second yearish on the website and 3rd year doing rp and stuff of the like! Any other questions you do have feel free to message me here or on discord!

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You use a subtle gesture to project your intention onto your opponent. Subtle gesture They really couldn't handle it, they completely fell for your trance and came. Now it seems, they're convulsing from the pleasure you've given them. Maybe you should do something about it?  Succumbed to the Cum You use your knowledge in hypnosis to completely dominate your opponent, making them want to cum more than they ever have. They can't help but just let go. "Cum"