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I’m the greatest fighter ever! Challenge me and I’ll make you bow and kiss my feet 😂😈


I’m a 19 year old spunky college freshman looking for a good challenge. I love winning, being praised, and making losers kiss my feet. My favorite mode to defeat losers like you in are wrestling and lesbian wrestling, because I get to show off my awesome muscles. 💪😎 I like to shit-talk so I hope you’re not a crybaby.😂 Also Don’t call me a brat, shorty, pipsqueak, laugh at me , or tease me! 😡 And especially DONT CALL ME CUTE! 👿If you want me to kick your ass hit me up. 😇

(I like to RP and I like to make bets.)

Visual Description

On the short end of the spectrum she stands at 5’3. Her build is very lithe and dainty with smooth light brown skin. Anaïs isn’t muscular at all, but she is slender and naturally flexible. She has C cup perky tits will fluffy dark brown nipples. Her ass is small but nice and round with and embarrassing birth mark on the right cheek. Her tummy is smooth, soft and flat. Her pussy is completely shaven, and her legs are also smooth and soft to the touch. Overall, she’s an adorable fiesty light brown package who secretly loves being called cute.

Character Weaknesses

(If you like making bets and have good ideas for kinks/weaknesses for Anaïs to develop feel free to message me. If you win I’ll add it to her list of weaknesses with a shout out to the creator. My ultimate goal for Anaïs is to make the cutest and worst fighter in EroFights)

Anaïs is a poor fighter who is easily distracted, overpowered, and has many weaknesses that can be exploited. Her overconfident and prideful demeanor often makes her waste turns mocking her opponent or being arrogant. She’s also very submissive (even if she won’t admit it) and will easily skip/waste her turns.


Anaïs is bad at magic and really weak. If you are bound or hypnotized by her you can roll the dice twice per turn to escape.


Easily overpowered, Anaïs will become exhausted after too many wrestling moves.

Naked and Embarrassed:

If stripped first or is the only one naked, Anaïs will become embarrassed and lose her turn. [the longer a match goes on with only her being naked, the greater the chance she’ll lose another turn covering herself if the opponent teases her about her predicament. [Her shoes don’t count]


Anaïs is weak to kisses and can’t focus after being kissed. Anaïs will become dazed. She will rest/masturbate or skip 1 turn after every kissing attack.


Using an attack that targets Anaïs feet will prompt her to use a foot attack in return or make her skip a turn to tease you with her feet as she gloats. This can also happen if you make a comment complementing or admiring her feet too however this is rare and she’ll eventually accuse you of distracting her.


If Anaïs attempts a oral cum test on an opponent with a penis, and fails (Gets mouthfucked) then she will become addicted to cock and be forced to use cock sucking action when available or until the opponent cums from a blowjob.

Her Favorite toy:

Anaïs loves to use her vibrator, she can’t resist. Using a vibrator against Anaïs will force her to use a masturbation move. She cannot use any other move until she has masturbated 2 times to calm down or skipped 1 turn.

Weak Pussy:

If Anaïs’ energy is 0 and the opponent penetrates her pussy she will become submissive and will rest for 3 turns.

Soft Tushy:

Anaïs will become submissive after being spanked and will follow the opponent’s instructions for 2 turns or skip her 2 turns after being spanked.


Anaïs has a very big and very fragile ego she will forget about the match to complain or have a tantrum losing a turn. This will happen if you verbally tease or humiliate her after an attack. She’ll also occasionally embarass herself trying to show off losing her turn! This has a higher chance of happening after a humiliation/femdom/makedom attack.

examples of verbal humiliation: Mocking her for being weak, horny, easily manipulated, or calling her a brat. Mocking her looks by calling her cute, teasing her about how easily she’ll be defeated, what parts of her body they love most, what they’re going to do once they win.


Oral finishers are extra dangerous to Anaïs. When life points are above 50 she will instantly cum from any cunnilingus finisher regardless of cum level.

Good girl:

After being made to cum by Jen Anaïs became subconsciously programmed by a trigger phrase. Anaïs becomes very submissive and will be overwhelmed by the desire to play with herself for 3 turns or skip 2 turns if you say the words “good girl” after she cums.


Everytime Anaïs’ orgasm is ruined she will become upset and throw a tantrum from the embarrassment and the loss of a good orgasm. [good girl] will not work. Anaïs will masturbate for 4 turns. (Anaïs must pick the ruined option everytime it’s available unless specified otherwise by the opponent)


Anaïs unwittingly made fun of a magician and got cursed. Now Anaïs will only make cat noises while collared. She must roll tails on a /coin toss to remove the collar and regain control. While in cat mode Anaïs cannot attack her opponent.

Don’t Tease Me!:

If Anaïs reaches 50 desire before being stripped of her panties she will become embarrassed of how wet they are. Everytime Anaïs is teased through her panties she’ll half to toss a /coin and land heads in order to resist. If she fails she’ll masturbate.

Ruined Panties:

If made to cum through her panties, Anaïs will be overwhelmed by embarrassment and shame from ruining her panties. Anaïs will skip 3 turns if this occurs. (Stacks with good girl for 5 skipped turns)


If Anaïs reaches 100 pleasure, 100 desire, and 20 cum overdrive she will automatically fail her next 2 cum tests effectively losing the match.

My Greatest Victories!

I made the adorable Freya mine in classic


I finally tamed that fox with my shoes in hentai mode. . . I hate hentai mode. . .



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