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I refuse to do NNN :p


I’m a 19 year old spunky college sophomore looking for a good challenge. I love winning, being praised, and making losers kiss my feet. My favorite mode to defeat losers like you in are wrestling and lesbian wrestling, because I get to show off my awesome muscles. 💪😎 I like to trash talk so I hope you’re not a crybaby.😂 Also Don’t call me a brat, shorty, pipsqueak, laugh at me , or tease me! 😡 And especially DONT CALL ME CUTE! 👿If you want me to kick your ass hit me up. 😇


I was given a challenge by Miss xoMaddiexo aka “Muddy” to prove I’m the greatest fighter ever! I won’t orgasm until I become a champion and defend my title at least once!

Started: 9/26/21

Failed: 10/21/21

Update: 9/29/21 …I really wish I had cum one more time before I started…

Update: 10/12/21 I’ve been playing with my alt and edging myself lately… i wanna cum already 😭

Update: 10/17/21 Did you know if I edge too much I start to cry? Me niether! 🙃 IwannacumIwannacum I WANNA! 😭

Final Update: 10/21/21 I couldn’t take it anymore and I came hard after Ruckus ate me out… I admit defeat Maddie, but at least I feel a little better… 😖

The following is a guide developed by multiple foes of Anaïs for the purpose of enlightening her future opponents to press all her right buttons 😉

Visual Description

On the short end of the spectrum she stands at 5’1. Her build is very lithe and dainty with smooth light brown skin. Anaïs isn’t muscular at all, but she is slender and naturally flexible. She has C cup perky tits with fluffy dark brown nipples. Her ass is small but nice and round with an embarrassing birth mark on the right cheek. Her tummy is smooth, soft and flat. Her pussy is completely shaven, and her legs are also smooth and soft to the touch. Overall, she’s an adorable fiesty light brown package who secretly loves being called cute.

Character Weaknesses

(If you like making bets and have good ideas for kinks/weaknesses for Anaïs to develop feel free to message me. If you win I’ll add it to her list of weaknesses with a shout out to the creator. My ultimate goal for Anaïs is to make the cutest and worst fighter in EroFights)

Anaïs is a poor fighter who is easily distracted, overpowered, and has many weaknesses that can be exploited. Her overconfident and prideful demeanor often makes her waste turns mocking her opponent or being arrogant. She’s also very submissive (even if she won’t admit it).

Dice/Coin Rules


Anaïs is bad at magic and really weak. Even the most unprepared, and non-attentive opponent can escape her with ease.
[If you are bound or hypnotized by her you can roll the dice 2 times per turn to escape.]


Anaïs unwittingly made fun of a magician and got cursed. While collared the cute little girl will only moan and purr for you like a submissive kitten, and play with her wet little pussy. Until that collar comes off feel free to make her your pet! ❤️
[She must roll tails on a /coin toss to remove the collar and regain control. While in cat mode Anaïs cannot attack her opponent.]

Wet Panties:

Stripping Anaïs completely naked is fun. Making Anaïs ruin her panties with her own juices is a blast! The more soaked those panties are the more red in the face she’ll get! Bonus points if you make her squirt through those panties!
[At Desire 50+, teasing Anaïs through her panties will make*toss a /coin and land tails* in order to resist. If she fails she fails she’ll choose a masturbation action or skip.]

[NEW] On Edge:

Due to all the edging and denial Anaïs has been subjected to recently, she can’t really control her orgasms that well. In fact if you may even make the poor girl cum immediately!

[When the opponent uses a cum test against her she will roll a /dice, if she lands on 3-6 she will attempt to resist, but if she lands on 1-2 she will automatically cum. If Anaïs is bound/hypnotized she’ll have to roll 4-6 to survive]



Anaïs may think she’s a great fighter/wrestler because she watches a lot of T.V, but really she’s not to tough at all. She’s a wimp :p. You may even start to pity the tiny catastrophe…
[When Anaïs is the victim of a wrestling move she will have to toss a coin and land tails to recover. If she fails she loses her turn.]

[NEW] Seriously?:

Anaïs may also use some silly/mad up fighting technique that she saw from watching too much T.V. Try not to double over laughing too hard when she does.
[Anaïs will randomly attack you with a silly move losing 1 turn.]

Naked and Embarrassed:

If stripped first or is the only one naked, Anaïs will become embarrassed and lose her turn. Afterwards, For every 5 turns the opponent remains clothed while Anaïs isn’t she’ll forfeit her turn to cover herself in embarrassment.
[Clothing on her feet doesn’t count]

Kisses and Cunniligus

Anaïs’ biggest weakness is her love of kissing and kisses. Any time you lock lips with her, her brattiness fades away and she’ll swoon while you take her making her lose her focus. Kissing her pussy lips is also just as effective! So kiss away!
[Kissing/Cunnilingus actions will make Anaïs skip.]

Soft Tushy:

Because everyone realizes just how big of a brat Anaïs is they all usually end up spanking her at some point or another! Anaïs knows her sensitive derrière is an obvious target. Even just mentioning spanking is enough to make her flinch.
[Anaïs will skip if spanked]


Anaïs has a very big and very fragile ego she will forget about the match to complain or have a tantrum losing a turn. This will happen if you verbally tease or humiliate her after an attack. She’ll also occasionally embarass herself trying to show off losing her turn! This has a higher chance of happening after a humiliation/femdom/maledom attack.

[examples of verbal humiliation: Mocking her for being weak, horny, easily manipulated, or calling her a brat. Mocking her looks by calling her cute, teasing her about how easily she’ll be defeated, what parts of her body they love most, what they’re going to do once they win.]


Good girl:

After being made to cum by Jen Anaïs became subconsciously programmed by a trigger phrase. Anaïs enter a short hypnotic submissive trance based on the power of her orgasm. In this trance she will only be concerned with playing with herself or cuming again losing focus of the match entirely!
[Orgasm power based on cum overdrive, for every 4 points out of 20 Anaïs will masturbate for 1 move for a maximum of 5 turns!]


Using a turn to use, admire, or worship Anaïs’ feet will make her obnoxiously arrogant and cocky. Seeking to gloat and tease her opponent for the next 3 turns if any feet related attacks are available she’ll prioritize them to mock and demean her opponent. Rarely she may even skip her turn to gloat…


[Teasing Anaïs with a big cock, revealing it, or making her suck cock over 3 turns by the opponent will make her cockdrunk. For 5 turns Anaïs can only use oral actions, and cum tests]

Her Favorite toy:

*Anaïs loves to use her vibrator, she can’t resist. Using a vibrator against Anaïs will cause her to get uncontrollably horny.
[For 3 turns Anaïs must masturbate if the option is available.]


Be sure to pound Anaïs tirelessly until she’s gasping! Once the rambunctious brat finalky runs out of energy you can get a good look at her submissive side. Then you can turn her into your little fuck toy.
[If Anaïs’ energy reaches 0 she will become submissive and doubt her ability to win. Until her energy returns to 10 she will not use actions that do not increase energy.]


Everytime Anaïs’ orgasm is ruined she will become upset and throw a tantrum from the embarrassment and the loss of a good orgasm. After being Ruined Anaïs will only attempt a cum test on her opponent when their overdrive is >15.

Hall of Fame/Infamy

Pink Team

Freya (1-0)

Mouthy little cutie that I made mine in a private Classic match. I don’t understand why everyone always calls me a cute brat when Freya exists. She’s absolutely tiny and gorgeous and super cute!

Jen (0-1)

I Melted for her ONE ☝️ time and now she thinks I’m her submissive little ball of putty! Well I’m not! I’m a warrior! 😖

MythicalMagicalKay (0-5)

Unbeatable Mermaid Magician! 😖 She’s somehow gotten the upperhand everytime we play, but one day I’ll learn her weakness and prove I’m the best!

P.S I don’t remember exactly how many times she’s beaten me, but every time it’s all magic! I’m still the best fighter!

Blue Team

Ben Bravo (0-1)

If you ever catch this guy posting and giving away flyers, stop him! He’s a big liar! All those images of me on the flyers cumming hard are fake fake faaaake!!!😖😖

Cervantes (2-1)

Beat Cervantes to become the champ! It was awesome! I squirted all over his face and made him kiss my feet as I walked away with his precious championship!… h-he beat me in a rematch a little later… BUT I’m still way better than him!!!

Evilthorn (1-3)

Bratty fox that constantly seems to forget his place! I dyed him pink once and made him cum all over my shoes as he bucked like a helpless little pup! He’s still a huge brat though…. 😑

P.S None of his wins actually count because Hentai Mode is DUMB!!!

Grey (0-0)

Walking Talking bad luck charm! All around annoying, and every time he shows up things start going wrong! I refuse to fight him… but i-it’s definitely not because I’m worried I-I’ll lose!…😖

Jacob (0-1)

Rookie that got SUPER lucky and beat me once in a wrestling match. He has no respect for me as a former champion, but I’ll teach him some respect one day!

LFCJustin (0-2)

I got dominated by this guy a while ago… but It was long ago and I’ve gotten even stronger since then, and became a champion!
Basically I’m actually way better than him now. I’m out of his league! 💪😎

LightNH20 (0-1)

Big Dummy Meanie that stole my championship! 😖🤬 I’ll get him back one day! I promise!

Ruckus the betrayer (0-1)

After I lost my championship Ruckus and I came up with a plan to get my mojo back, and rally my fans with a fake match. Before the match I told Ruckus all my weaknesses to make it as entertaining as possible… but at that last second he totally tricked me and humiliated me in front of a crowd! 😖 It’s nearly impossible to trick me! Somehow a Ruckus pulled it off, but I’ll get him back too!

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