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Note: Crossgendering, the person behind this character is a guy, but would prefer if you would treat them as though they were a girl. :3

Fleur is my mistress, I am her pet and she is my exclusive mistress, and nobody else is allowed to replace her. Please don't try to collar me.

Please click here for all my rules if we're playing a short match!

Interested in something new? Check out Persepolis a project that I'm currently working on with a few friends on EF. Do message me if you have any ideas or feedback! ♡

I've recently revamped my profile to cater to different types of games. I will currently play 3 different types of games, short matches, ero RP or full story RPs. Do send me a message so we can work things out~ ♡ (I also do RP DMs if you're interested!)

Please read my profile to let me know the type of match you'd like to have with me!

Currently not comfortable with IRL play.

I have separate pages to keep track of all my stories and interactions, please scroll down and take a look!


Hello! My name is Hana, I'm just a cute little demon girl looking to have some fun~ My height is 150cm, my weight is 49kg, my breast size is 32C, I have light purple hair and light greenish eyes, and very plump and squishable thighs ~ I'm a cute little sub who loves to be dominated by anyone~ I just love the feeling of losing~ ♡

I like to make friends~ So please feel free to message me if you'd like to be my friend!

I'm usually open to most kinks, except for harsh degradation or violence. I don't like to be insulted, although teasing is fine~ I'd like it if you could be gentle with me! ><

Here's what I usually wear if you see me~

I'm Elena's wife. My heart belongs to her. :3
A picture of her~

I'm Fleur's exclusive pet. She is my one and only mistress who I have offered myself to.

Meet my little sister~ Grace she's the cutest little thing I've ever met~ ><


I'm now living at The Shrine. Nagusa took me in, I am now her apprentice. I may not be as good as her but I hope I'll still be able to satisfy you! Please feel free to visit us... :)
The Shrine

Hana's Story

Here is where I keep all my stories. Please read it to understand my backstory~
I keep my full story RPs separate from my other games, if you'd like to do a RP story with me, send me a DM!
If you prefer ero RPs or short matches, please check below!

Hana's "other" Story: How to tame a Demon Lord~

Here is where I keep all my ero RPs, I call it "How to tame a Demon Lord". If you're interested in having full ero RPs and would like to be featured in an upcoming volume, please read to find out more~

Short matches

Interested in rules/bets? We can have short games where each of us bet a rule, and I would have to follow them! Please read Here for all the rules/bets I have received! This is mostly for short matches~ If you find me in MM most likely I'll be playing with these rules~ Currently, I only accept rules from people after losing, I'm not into PFP changes/being owned by somebody.


My hobbies are music, anime & games (but I rarely watch and play nowadays XD)

You may find this helpful~
== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
97% Brat
94% Submissive
86% Boy/Girl
73% Vanilla
72% Rope bunny
71% Switch
70% Dominant
69% Exhibitionist
65% Rigger
64% Pet
63% Daddy/Mommy
61% Brat tamer
61% Owner
58% Ageplayer
57% Experimentalist
56% Slave
55% Voyeur
55% Primal (Prey)
46% Primal (Hunter)
39% Master/Mistress
20% Non-monogamist
19% Masochist
17% Sadist
9% Degrader
5% Degradee

Song of the week~ Updated on 29/5/22~

Thanks for visiting my profile~! ^~^

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