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DM me for the details or signups about the upcoming tourney

Important Stuff


This account is used to manage signups and as a way to quickly contact an organizer in case any help related to the tourney is needed, questions included.
Please check the FAQ section b4 asking tho!

Signup Details

To be eligible, you:

Must have an account for at least 1 month.
Must have played at least 10 games in Classic and/or Hentai.
Must submit your profile and include your time zone.

There are no spots open for the gents and 5 spots for the ladies.

DM the necessary details to me in order to sign up. Important!!!: Discord signups have priority.


  1. Shaco (UTC -4:00)
  2. Milov (UTC +2)
  3. Ben Bravo (Pacific)
  4. Jayjay (EST)
  5. Caleb
  6. Dylan Boyle (UTC -5:00)
  7. Michael (EST)
  8. Croaker (CST)
  9. Leon (EST)
  10. Damn Silky (BST)
  11. Axel (GMT +2)
  12. Romantic (GMT +2)
  13. Luan (UTC - 3:00)
  14. Evilthorn (UTC +1:00)
  15. Darkice (GMT +5:30)
  16. Ld176 (GMT+3:00)


  1. Charly II (CEST)
  2. Mara T (Pacific timezone)
  3. Diana Adams (EST)
  4. Alissa (CEST)
  5. Alice (CEST)
  6. Amathyst (CEST)
  7. Shirley (EST)
  8. Clara (CEST)
  9. Deanna (Pacific)
  10. Sara (CEST)
  11. Isabelle (UTC -4)
  12. Svetlana (GMT-4)
  13. Imperatrix Winstonina (GMT)
  14. Chaste (EST)
  15. Weiss Schnee (GMT+8)
  16. Diane (Pacific)

Tourney Rules

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3



In the Pumpkin Division, we have...

Evilthorn & Weiss Schnee vs Darkice & Charly II

Ben Bravo & Alissa vs Damn Silky & Mara T

In the Vampire Division, the face-offs are...

Luan & Shirley vs Shaco & Imperatrix Winstonina

Jayjay & Isabelle vs Leon & Deanna

We have the wonderful Skeleton Division with...

Dylan Boyle & Alice vs Ld176 & Chaste

Michael & Sara vs Romantic & Svetlana

And lastly, we have the Witch Division with...

Croaker & Diana Adams vs Caleb & Diane

Axel & Clara vs Milov & Amathyst

Halloween Costume Contest

In addition to the tournament, we are also hosting a Costume Contest! This event is for both competitors and those not registered in the Halloween Tournament, you can create a custom profile to be judged by your peers and vote on for the best costume for the Halloween outfit.

Sign-ups last until the semi-finals are wrapped up, and voting will happen alongside the finals of the tournament. The prize for being the fan favourite will be 150 EF Coins and fame among us on EF.

If you'd like to join, please post your costumed EF profile on our Discord's #contests-or-submissions channel, so we can make sure you're added in the final listing for voting. Please only join once the profile is complete and avoid reverting to normal until voting is over.

Do your best to be creative and have a really fun time with it!


Q: Why no Lesbian matches in this tournament?

A: FvF in Hentai and Classic game modes isn't yet balanced and we want to keep the chances more or less equal.

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