Haylee (Level 11) mail warning

Christmas is coming 🥰

(Pfp chosen by Gale, my sweet little student 😊)

Hi 😁

I'm a submissive girl who also likes to play as a softdom from time to time. I can speak french and english although my english is ok at best^^

As a sub, i don't really have limits, you can be rough, call me names, humiliate me.. i kinda like being used 😊

I'm not as comfortable as a dom however, so don't hesitate to tell me if i'm too soft with you, i'll do my best^^

My only big no is irl stuff and questions. But as long as we keep it virtual i'm open to almsot anything, so don't be afraid to ask if we can play around an unusual kink 😉

I play mostly classic and hentai, can play wrestling if you want me to but i really don't like interractive, joi and caprice. I've also tried some full rp games (without using actions) and had a great time doing it

Lastly, sorry if I don't answer your message, i sometimes miss some and realize it a few days after^^
Hope to see you in game, bye 😘

I should have ran away when Miss Kira targeted me as her next prowl. How could I believe I had even the slightiest chance of winning against such a well known fighter ? I did all I could, giving all my energy in the fight but we all know how it ended. Anyways, none of that matters anymore, I'm now happy to be one her numerous pet and am proud of my newly dyed pink hair, showing to everybody that i'm owned by my beloved Miss Kira😊
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I want to tell you about my lovely Jess. First time i saw her, she was getting fucked hard into submission in front of the crowd. Seeing her drooling and craving for more made me understand what i really am inside, and before realizing it, I was on my knees with one spectator's cock in my mouth. Jess came to help me and teach me how to become a slut just like her. It was a wonderful moment and she's now my beloved girlfriend and mentor 🥰
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I met this cocky guy that came to me bragging without even telling me his name. I thought i'd be able to teach him a lesson but he had a trick up his sleeve.
I was really surprised by how confident he looked when i was sucking his cock, convinced that i would make him cum in no time... then a second guy came behind me, grabbed my hips and plunged in my pussy. I got spitroasted hard, then my oponnent finished the job alone. All I remember before passing out is his cock stretching me as he made me cum from anal.
Fortunately, my dear Jess came to my rescue and managed to get my bra back, but at what cost...
When i woke up, i was still dizzy, feeling some sticky fluid on my butt and dripping from my holes, and my bra was nowhere to be found.
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Ayden, my french partner. Anytime I need a good fuck i know he will be there for me, ready to rip my clothes and treat me like the needy bitch I might be 🙈. I love the way he takes me, grabbing me with his strong hands and pounding me like a piece of meat, plus being called a dirty slut in french just hits different ^^
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I couldn't tell how many times I got fucked by Hawk nor how we didn't get bored of each other. Every game with him seems so similar yet so unique. He just has that special way of talking to me, triggering my kinks, making me feel so sexy when he removes my clothes, when he gropes me, when he whispers in my hear, then so weak when he grabs my throat tightly, pulls my hair or, obviously, when he pounds any of my holes. Everything he does just drives me crazy and everytime we meet we both know how it will end up: with me shaking and screaming on his cock then him grunting, unloading his load wherever he wants because he knows that my entire body belongs to him 🥰
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(Oh and i really have a thing for rough oral 😝)
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