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Floating on a cloud of pure bliss thinking about my love~

Lesbian / Switch

Ashlynn Princeillian Maderna Ashdragon V


I met Isa while enjoying my time around EF, the first encounter was a bit of a cow print fun fest. Her sweet demeanor took my notice immediately I had a few chance encounters afterward eventually leading me to meeting her in private, I made her a necklace as a bit of a gift after seeing her show interest in a more receiving experience. Sadly the poor thing had a headache, so I invited her into my home to lie down, trying my best to comfort her. we proceeded to spend the morning together. I enjoyed the time spent with her, I found myself instantly infatuated with her. We spent the morning chatting and having a few embarrassing moments. Her face of awe and fascination with my magic was adorable and added to the feeling in my heart. I decided to jump at a chance to try to start a relationship with the horned woman. It took a bit of a emotional discussion but we both wanted to give things a chance; our first date was magical, not in the way of the arcane but in a way that made my heart leap out of my chest. We walked through the town and then along the moonlit beach it was peaceful, and she made me feel, Indescribable.

Since then we have gone on a number of dates, most of which starting and ending in her office/home. Watching fireworks, movies. and just spending days together, though she was a rather sneaky girl one time. She lead me to a very lewd store under the guise of clothes shopping. I have to say it was very embarrassing, sadly I have to admit it was also quite the turn on. She teased me and got under my skin, even daring to suggest we put on the items in the store. The items in question were a collar; deep black with a silver plate, and a solid black cage; with a few magical features. The collars plate was engraved with the words "Isa's Love" while the collar was embroidered with all manner of lewd words in red, examples being; Slut, Bitch, Cum Whore, any number of names you can think of spanning the surface of the collar. I let her put the collar on in the shop but refused the cage in public, at least for the moment. With the collar around my neck I got a bit too turned on and pulled her into a side street were we had a rough bit of fun. I was left a exhausted mess and also caged after I had gone soft. My loved teased me a bit about it afterwards making me so flustered.

We decided to take the next major step together pumping my heart with more excitement and joy than I thought possible to experience in a lifetime.

Isa is the most loving, sweet, and beautiful woman I have had the pleasure to me. She has the patients and care to deal with my frankly awful personality flaws, and still show me all the love in the world. I am thankful for everyday I get to spend with her, she is simply incredible, fantastic, inspiring, unimaginably amazing in every way. I want to hold onto her till the end of all things. I could gush and yell from the mountain tops about how much I love, and respect this indescribable woman.

Isa I love you with all my heart.~

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