Jack the Ripper (Level 5) mail warning

I am Jack the Ripper, be afraid, be very afraid~

Hello, I am Jack the Ripper, aiming to rip you down and dominate you that is~ I desire competitive...maybe being defeated and used, but only if you can~ If not, don't blame me if I start using you like a toy, I aim to install fear into everyone and let you all learn your place, but of course, I respect most of the stronger fighter here

Like I said to I like it to be competitive and fun, I am fine with most of the thing, if ya have a idea, let me know, the answer is probably yes most of the time, on the other hand, I am quite slow on reply so sorry if I reply very late, of course, during match, expect me to Also become a sub due to my bad luck~ But that doesn't mean I would become your toy to easy~

I am currently working in Cherry(s) & SEX as a Main Hall Hooker after Cherry defeated me~ But I am not without my own little toys:
I have Princess Luna as my puppy and Justin as my cum dispenser after I had dominated them, same thing can be said to Jaqueline after I had dominated her in our match and turned her into my little bunny fuck toy~

Challenge me if you wish, I'll just turn you into another toy if you're not careful~

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shopping_cart Toys: Gag, Anal plug, Dildo, Suction dildo, Dildo vibrator, Wand vibrator, Vibrator, Fleshlight, Collar, Leash, Shackles, Rope, Rubber band, Shoelace, Crop, Paddle, Full-length mirror


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