Cherry Red (Level 4) mail warning

I TOOK A BREAK. I will come here from time to time and I'll maybe chat with someone but please consider ALL MY ONGOING ROLEPLAYS SUSPENDED. I got to the point I was recieving more messages than I could reply to so now I need to take a break. Thank you for understanding

My name's Cherry, 22 years old, rightful owner of the most famous house of lust in Erofight City, The Cherry(s) & Sex brothel.

Go take a look at it, here's a fast travel.

Now let's focus on the real attraction here. What can I say about me? Let's start with my ambitions, I want to build a place meant to give pleasure to both clients and workers. A place where people can meet, make new friends and enjoy some quality time with workers. I also enjoy comfort and luxury. As long as I'm in the right mood I can be, classy, bitchy, slutty... anything really...

I'm a switch. Due to my personality and my role, I end up being mostly a dom, but I can can submit if I'm in the right mood for it and I can even order one of my workers to dom me at times. So, considering this, please try to not insist about me into submitting, if you see that I'm not accepting, because that'll probably end up with me ignoring you...

Challengers are accepted, but people just asking for a game will be ignored the same way I'll ignore people simply asking to dominate them. The best way to pick my interest is by writing an interesting message, having a nice pfp and an acceptable bio.

My turn off's: Scat, piss play, puking, permanent injuries, foot fetish (ok if the the focus is on the humiliation rather then the kink itself), people being too much competitive, to the point they just ignore the roleplay.

Four years have passed from the day I decided to rebuild the brothel, my body changed a lot since then, I definitely look like an adult woman now, even if I barely am 22 years old...

I took some pictures as time passed, just to keep them as a memory:

🔸️Me catching my mom dying her hair the same color as mine, we finally reconciled. 18 yo
Me and Mom

🔸️Me, sipping a cocktail and enjoying some earned relax at the beach. 19 yo
Me at the beach

🔸️Me posing as a model for some glasses commercial. 19 yo
Me with glasses

🔸️Me walking escorted by my private guards, on my way to a luxurious ceremony. 21 yo
Me dresses fancy

🔸️Me waiting for an important collabotator to meet me to talk about businness. 22 yo
Me smoking

Lust, that lovely succubus, marked my crotch with a purple crest.

SWAY CREST: If a man within 10 meters from me fantasizes about molesting, groping or fucking me, I will feel his thoughts, and I will share in the urge for this to take place. (I will always use this rule. The only exception will be competitive matches)

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