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Looking for an LWR tag team partner!

I'm Alex!

I'm (kinda) new to EF and have been enjoying myself quite a bit so far! I'm 5'10'' and blonde, an athlete in my high school and college days. My PFP looks very similar to me, I wear a 34C bra but admittedly, I'm a bit big for it (what can I say? I think spilling out a little is pretty hot).

The Lesbian Wrestling Ring is what really what brought me to the site, I love to test my competitiveness! I'd say I lean sub, but there's nothing better than putting a dominant woman in her place!
I'm naturally confident, so sometimes my mouth gets me into some sticky situations...

I may not have been too successful to start, but I have to admit, I've gotten pretty good at this!

Notable matches:
Tanya - Tanya and I had been excited to test eachother for quite a while. I was certain I’d have her laying beneath me at the end, sweaty and moaning. I just about accomplished that, forcing her to cum early and resisting her initial attempt to do the same to me. It was a sure win! But…she and her tongue had a different plan in store for me. She spent the next hour fingering, vibing, and licking my pussy. She didn’t even need to exploit my weakness, and after she was done forcing me to cum on her tongue, she left me tied and vibed in the center of the ring…

Gosh, I just LOVE to play against my subby little plaything. She always has such a tough time breaking out of my ropes…or my hypnotic spells! How she yearns to beat me, but we both know she just NEVER will :)

Permanent Rule:
I have a specific turn-on, position or body part (I won't tell). If you find it, I will roll. 4 or less, I skip my turn.

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