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Laureline's Slut

I'm Alex!

I'm (kinda) new to EF and have been enjoying myself quite a bit so far! I'm 5'10'' and blonde, an athlete in my high school and college days, and have mostly kept my form. My cup size is between a C and D, but I like to wear a smaller size bra when wrestling so I 'accidentally' spill out a bit :)

The Lesbian Wrestling Ring is what really what brought me to the site, and I want to test my competitiveness! I'd say I lean sub, but my desire to win may bring out the dom in me!
I'm naturally confident, so let's see if my mouth gets me into situations that the sexfighter in me can't quite handle yet ;)

The ladies in here have had the upper hand so far, but I've started to turn the tide and even held the LWR title for a short time!

I tried to build my stamina in a sexfight with Laureline , but I ended up being absolutely dominated by her instead. I denied her of an orgasm, and she got her revenge; making me cum over and over again. She left me in bondage, to be sexually tortured after I lost. Now I am her slut, and I can't keep her name from my mouth whenever resisting an orgasm! (8/10 matches)

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