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On today! I'll be in MM or just send me a message! Any format, fun, sexy, competitive

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Hetero / Switch

The big stuff

I am a switch who is really into the contest.

As a dom: I love that moment when I win - she was so confident, and now her body's shaking, screaming into the pillow, humping her toy, and just being the cumslut I always knew she was. Some girls have anger in their eyes when they lose, some humiliation, some worship - but they all break just the same. I'm a teaser by nature - it's just so cute when a brat or a wannabe dom can't take whispers and fingers - but when you need it rougher, I'm there to deliver.

As a sub: I love the feeling of losing just as much: the moment when my body betrays me. I was so sure I'd have her begging to cum, and now I have to watch her eyes dance as she sucks the orgasm right out of me, or smirk as I can't even survive her soft, teasing feet, or struggle and fail to get on top while she grabs the headboard and fucks me silly.

Put me on my back and tease me about how strong I am while you drain me - I'm putty for you. But you have to beat me first, and believe me, if I can put you on all fours begging for cock, that's how this is going to end.

Cheat Sheet

Having trouble with Ruck on regular difficulty? Keep cumming like the desperate slut you are? A cheat sheet for my subbier side:

😳: Milking. Being jerked off into a toy, or trapped and teased until I shoot for you...

😳😳: Smothering. This is kind of new and a bad development for sexfighting. I want to tease your clit until you squirm, making you regret giving me access.. but what I REALLY want to do is lick your dominant pussy like a good boy.

😳😳: Flipping my switch. Also newer - but the right piece of RP, when I'm in charge and you suddenly take it away, might send me off a cliff. Be a little careful with this - don't just ignore the scene and decide you're winning - but do it right and I might break completely. (Lean into the other kinks and you can even get away with it after losing the game!)

😳😳😳: Feet. A little standard here, I know, but when a beautiful girl teases me with her pretty feet... well, well, one of my horniest fantasies is a girl in a cute dress and heels who I think I'm going to fuck hard, and somehow I end up naked and cumming helplessly under her soft soles. The power dynamic of winning a sexfight with just your feet is... leaks

If you want to know more, take a look at the dozen or so public games. Better yet, send me a DM and let's see where it goes...

Other stuff:

I’m not really into male assplay, chastity or CEI, but if you'd like me to turn any of those kinks on, I will.. It doesn’t do much for me, but have fun with it if you’d like 😉 Not big on "daddy" either.

I usually don't play cross-gender characters and really never play trans characters - kinda here to play with irl cis women. If you have a trans/CG character and I'm sort of avoiding the topic, this is why.

A Final OOC Note

I usually have another messaging window open when I play. If anything I'm doing is making you uncomfortable, or if for any reason you want to change what we're doing, please send me a message and I will immediately fix it.

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You keep pumping, to her friend's cheers, but you can't quite push her over the edge! Instead she pushes YOU over, taking charge while her friends take their seats and quiet down. Ruck can't finish the job! You pick up her leg and start pumping harder than before. Her friends are cheering, screaming at her to cum - and no wonder, you promised if they got her here, you'd give them a turn after! Ruck fucks you in front of your friends! You pound her until she screams, cumming in front of all of her friends! That poor girl - when you're done with her, she's got four other people to please. Ruck fucks you to orgasm in front of your friends!