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The big stuff

I am a switch who is really into the contest.

I love that moment when I win - she was so confident, and now her body's shaking, screaming into the pillow, humping her toy, and just being the cumslut I always knew she was. Some girls have anger in their eyes when they lose, some humiliation, some worship - but they all break just the same.

I love the feeling of losing just as much: the moment when my body betrays me. I was so sure I'd have her begging to cum, and now I have to watch her eyes dance as she sucks the orgasm right out of me, or smirk as I lose my load in my pants to her light touch, or struggle and fail to get on top while she grabs the headboard and fucks me silly. And when a beautiful girl teases me with her pretty feet... well, well, one of my horniest fantasies is a girl in a cute dress and heels who I think I'm going to fuck hard, and somehow I end up naked and cumming helplessly under her soft soles.

Put me on my back and tease me about how strong I am while you drain me - I'm putty for you. But you have to beat me first, and believe me, if I can put you on all fours begging for cock, that's how this is going to end.

If you want to know more, take a look at the dozen or so public games. Better yet, send me a DM and let's see where it goes...

Other stuff:

I’m not really into male assplay, chastity or CEI, but if you'd like me to turn any of those kinks on, I will.. It doesn’t do much for me, but have fun with it if you’d like 😉 Not big on "daddy" either.

I usually don't play cross-gender characters and really never play trans characters - kinda here to play with irl cis women. If you have a trans/CG character and I'm sort of avoiding the topic, this is why.

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