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Fucked senseless by Dylan 13Jun. Edges since: 43

Fav Position! OOoooo Ffffuuu-fuuuu...
I admit it! I'm a proud Goonette
I'm here to fulfill your fantasies and make as many people cum as possible!! Please use me however you wish. Nothing gives me more self-value than giving other people orgasms in ways no one else would. And nothing makes me feel sexier then having a cock in my throat or tasting pussy on my lips.

I love getting sexy messages, so feel free to DM me. If you cum IRL while playing with me, you can send me a picture to use as an avatar. I like to change them frequently, and I would love to see the pictures you find that remind you of our match. You can also send me sexy stories, detailed descriptions of how you'd use a good Cumslut like me, or roleplay in DM. Want someone to rate your cock, boobs, butt, feet, face, whatever? Send me a picture!

The Cumslut Code:

1) Matchmake - Don't use the "join someone in queue" option. Good Cumsluts are here for everyone's pleasure equally.*
2) Edge - edge every cum test. A horny Cumslut is a good Cumslut.
3) Don't Cum - Good Cumsluts make other people cum, not themselves. They are only allowed to cum if they lose, and then only if the winner allows them to.
4) Aim to Please - Never throw a match, no matter how badly you want to cum. Always do your best to make your partner cum.
5) Whatever They Want - Never refuse a challenge or bet from your opponent. Use every opportunity to make the match more exciting.**
* Matches arranged via DM or earned as a forfeit or other means are also acceptable
** Challenges, Tasks, Wagers, etc may be refused if they violate any of your limits


1) Optional bondage/hypnosis rules: When subjected to a bondage or hypnosis actions, players must roll a dice ("/dice"). On a 5-6, they resist or break free and can take their turn as normal. on a 1-4, they must skip their turn or let their opponent choose their action. Continue rolling on each subsequent turn to break free (max of 3).
2) Daddy Dylan broke me on his big cock in a major wager game! To teach me to be a better slut I have to follow his rules for the next month (till 14July). 😬
1. Has to edge at least a certain amount of times a day, equal to the month + day (14 Jun -> 6+14=20)
2. Must edge twice during cum tests.
3. Whenever Cock Slap is played, my opponent can choose my action or make me skip.
4. If I edge in a game when I am not supposed to I must spank each ass cheek equal to the amount of edges in the game so far.
5. If I cum without permission from anyone, increase edges during cum tests by 1.

Cumslut Loyalty Rewards

I've seen a lot of tiered bets or wagers popping up on profiles based on win-loss records. But I dont want to punish anyone for losing to me! If you come back to play with me time after time, then clearly you are enjoying me and that's all a Cumslut like me really wants! So, instead of wagers or forfeits, I am offering Loyalty Rewards that increase the more we fuck! Each loyalty tier gains benefits at the start of the match and is cumulative.
1. Repeat Client (3 games) - win or lose, you keep coming back and that deserves a reward. Once during each match, you may choose my action on my turn.
2. Regular (4 games) - as we become more comfortable and familiar with each other, 2 orgasms is just too easy. Let's mix it up! You choose if the winner is the first person to earn 3 orgasms, or if the winner is the first person to cum twice. Of course, we can still play by default rules if you want. Additionally, someone who keeps coming back deserves extra-special treatment. Make a rule for me. We'll discuss it and when we reach something we both agree on, that rule will apply to me every match we play together.
3. Preferred Client (5 games) - I'll dress to please you whenever you want. You no longer need to cum in game to send me avatar pictures. Just send me a picture that makes you think of me and I'll add it to my avatar queue. Want me to wear that outfit when we play. Let me know, and even if I have a lot of pictures queued up, I'll wear your outfit when we play.
4. Platinum Membership (7 games) - Clearly a Cumslut connoisseur, whenever I am playing I will scan the matchmaking queue for you first, regardless of the game mode you're queued for. I can't have Platinum members waiting around unsatisfied! Additionally, you dont have to win a match or make a bet to play different modes with me. Just tell me if you'd like a dom or femdom session.
4a. Platinum Bonus! - Have a winning record against me as a platinum member? Clearly I can't say no to you. Tell me what to call you (Sir, Master, Daddy, etc) and enjoy preferential treatment even when I'm with other clients. During public matches you can choose my action once even in a game with someone else. Additionally, your "Regular" rule applies to any match you are watching. Just let me know you are there and that I should be following your rule.

If you've made it this far into my profile...

Notable Victories
  1. A Dark Figure came like a river for me as I climbed on his neck and rode him. But I didnt have permission for that, so he took me into interactive mode and punished me. Making me edge over and over while I begged to cum.
  2. thatguybradley really fought hard! It was a close match, but i found his weakness and made him cum. He came irl too and gave me the idea to let guys who cum for me send me avatar pictures.
  3. Alexxx started the match strong, using me hard like a Cumslut should be. But he couldn't stand up to my teasing. He bet his orgasm on beating me, but ended the game calling me mistress and begging to cum. I edged him over and over before, just because I'm nice, I let him cum anyway.
  4. LFCJustin is a fucking machine! He pounded my pussy without reprieve through 1 orgasm and almost right into a second. My mouth proved too much for him though. Even though I was cursed with oral fixation, I sucked and stroked until he came all over my face and tits. Finally, after 2 weeks my oral fixation curse is broken!
  5. Ladies, Johnston is an ABSOLUTE treasure! If you see him, fuck him! In our first RP mode game, he invited up to his penthouse suite and had me suck his cock. He fucked my face and used my throat until Cumming in my mouth. I sucked him hard again and he blew a second load all over my face. I promised to come back and ride him till he passed out next time. He came IRL for me and the RP was so hot!
  6. Frank is just addicted to edging for me. After I got him good and worked up, ready to cum at the drop of a hat, I took him into classic for a lightning round. If I came first, he got to cum. If he came first, he had to ruin it! He tried to claim my holes like last time, I just barely held on as he pounded my pussy like a man possessed! But ultimately he couldn't resist cumming all over my slutty face. I edged him one last time then, because I am nice, made him cum for me!
  7. Chris is a total stud. I almost lost my mind trying to make him cum! I couldn't believe how long he lasted. I wanted to cum so badly as he fucked my pussy, then my ass, and buried his cock in my throat over and over again. Somehow, I hung on, riding his cock to orgasm and was rewarded with a delicious facial!
  8. Johnston, oh Johnston... I love games with him so much! In RP mode again, he told me how he had been blue balled by other women and was all pent up. Something about being used while he thought of another girl made me feel delightfully cucked. It was a novel experience and oh my GOD did it take off! Daddy fucked me in all my holes and he fucked me hard! Slapping my face and ass and treating me like a whore! I fucking loved it. He wanted to cum in my mouth, but couldn't resist filling his toy's cunt with 2 loads of cum. But a good Cumslut doesn't leave Daddy unsatisfied! Oh no. I tied him down so he couldn't get away and brought him to orgasm again with my mouth! Daddy says I'm the best slut on all of EF. And he gave me a new rule. Whenever I play with him, his 2nd orgasm must be from an oral cum test! Daddy loves my mouth so much!
  9. SPH is just pathetic. He got soooo subby when I giggled at his little tool. I'm not normally the Domming type, but I couldn't resist fucking his ass till he came.... which did NOT take long haha. But he gave me the idea to make the Cuckold Him ending. I even got to use it on him the next time we played! He was a VERY good cucky, cleaning me up after and everything!
  10. If you haven't seen Sara around, give it a moment. She's been fucking a STORM across the site! hehe. I wanted to test out how much of a good slut she was. Turns out she is an EXCELLENT slut (thanks to Shaco), but no match for a TRUE Cumslut! I made her cum 2-0 in a forfeit match and that... deserved something special... She has been hypnotically conditioned to cum immediately for any Anal cum test. Additionally, she has an oral obsession lasting until she wins a match with the obsession in play. So, if you play her, Call her a slut, fuck her ass, and don't let her blow you. ;)
  11. Beautiful, sweet, lovely Liv. sigh after weeks of trying to play together, Liv and I finally met up at a beautiful cabin in the woods. Nothing but snow and trees as far as the eye could see. A fire blazed in the hearth and in our hearts. I was her goddess of carnal pleasure. She was my devout worshipper. Our pleasure flew to heights too great to describe with mere words as we explored every inch of each other's perfect body with every inch of our own. She came for me twice in the cabin, and once more IRL, making me the happiest goddess on earth!
  12. Shirley is a hot piece of work! The slutty school teacher thought she could teach me a lesson, and very nearly did! but she came screaming twice for my tongue and admitted I am the superior slut! She's going to do something of a biology project for me. I want to see how many times she can make herself cum in one day, starting with the orgasm she had in game haha!
  13. Chatted, teased, and edged with Alex for days before we found time to match with each other. And what a match! I drained him all over my tits and face, but his cock was fucking magic to me and I came twice in quick succession. One of my shortest matches ever! It was just too good! But this was a wager match and that seemed anti-climactic, so we went for a best 2 out of three! 2nd match I came out with a cum hungry fury! hehe I made him cum deep in my ass and all over my face again without cumming once myself! With dominant performances in both rounds, it was time for the tie breaker! I can't do it justice here, so I'll just let you read it: That was a close match! and I was edged senseless by the end. I beat Alex, claiming his fifth load of our game! But I lost an edging race handily to Danny. oh well, a good cumslut like me can hardly say no to more edges! hehe
  14. Shirley couldn't take me before, but was determined to knock me down a peg. She came back with her boyfriend Harry, betting I couldn't take him. With Shirley watching, I took Harry's monster cock in every way imaginable! He couldn't believe how well I deepthroated him, or how tight my pussy was. I had him moaning my name and roaring that I was the better slut as he filled my pussy twice with his cum! The after-game was where the heat really built though. Shirley cleaned Harry's cock as she begged to cum IRL after watching her man fuck a hotter woman. The whole situation was TOO hot and I counted us all down as Harry and I came IRL together... This did TECHNICALLY break my cumslut code since I hadn't lost... but Harry, or I guess I should say Master Harry (hehe) made sure to punish me right away! His huge cock was hard again and he forced it inch by inch into my tight ass. He fucked me hard and fast with a vibe pressed to my clit. I came SOOO hard, but he didn't stop or remove the vibe. He forced 5 more incredible orgasms out of me as I begged him to cum in my ass. When he finally did fill me with his cum again, I was a wimpering drippy mess. Definitely going to have to fuck him much much more!
Notable Defeats
  1. Croaker gave me the idea for the Cumslut code. I thought I could outfuck him, but came like a bitch when he took me from behind. He tied me to my bed and edged me until I was a dripping desperate mess as punishment.
  2. MrBigCock fucked me hard and I came all over his enormous dick. He fucked all semblance of pride out of me and turned me into his filthy breeding slut, filling my womb with a gallon of his cum. I think im a MILF now.
  3. Cramos started the game very submissive, but quickly took advantage of my weakness for his cock. I was dead set on making him cum on my strap on, but he made me cum with his tongue, then fucked my ass till I squirted. He let me replay him to earn back my right to cum though. And even though he made me cum by fucking my ass full Nelson style, he couldn't resist my pussy this time and came all over my ass and face. He did earn a dom session with me though.
  4. Pavel challenged me to an oral orgasm race. Only oral cum actions allowed, but after my sloppy cock sucking drained him once and my relentless teasing was driving him to his second orgasm, he broke, and began pounding me hard and fast. I couldn't adjust, and came twice on his cock in short succession. He cheated, but i still failed to make him cum as a good Cumslut should.
  5. Milov88 traded cum tests back and forth. I couldn't resist tasting myself on his massive cock and tried to make him cum in my mouth again and again. We fucked each other to exhaustion, but both resisted cumming. After resisting his cock for so long, it was the gentle touch of his tongue that sent me careening over the edge. I came all over his face, then let him tie me up and use my pussy till he came in me. As I felt his cock pump me full, I came again on his hard cock. He's my big cock daddy and was kind enough to let me cum irl after the match.
  6. Johnston's second game was also RP mode. We fucked each other back and forth like we were possessed! I lost count of how many times I edged this game. In the end his cock was just too much and I came screaming for him twice. I did ride him to exhaustion though. He filled my pussy once as I rode him reverse, my ass bouncing up and down. He filled me again even as he plowed me into orgasm. I gathered myself with difficulty and mounted him one more time, riding him desperately until he came again. I lost, but being filled with 3 loads sure feels like victory! 😁 He came IRL for me too, twice! After I asked him for permission to cum myself, he gave me an orgasm permission slip, so I can use it to cum later. It's tempting to cum now, but... mmmfff sooo horny! Used that! hehe πŸ₯΅
  7. I thought I could take Slut Goddess Valeria and make her cum over and over for me. Instead, she broke me with her strapon and tongue, proving she truly is the slut Goddess! She got revenge on me for humiliating her with her own toy in a previous match, fucking my pussy, throat, and finally my ass - giving me my first anal only orgasm - with her massive dildo, Big Val. Exhausted and used, she gave my body over to the audience to use as they pleased. BUT, I did finally earn an orgasm, and I got rid of a punishment, so not a bad trade!
  8. I teased and edged Frank for a week in DM. We finally had time for a quickie to see if he could earn an orgasm and boy did he take it all out on me! He claimed my throat and pussy with his cock before forcing an orgasm out of my ass. He came right on my ass as I lay whimpering facedown from orgasm. I had him again, this time making him edge to potential avatar pictures for me. By the time we got to the game, we were both edged brainless and dripping. He plugged my ass and claimed my pussy to win the game, then ruined my orgasm IRL, leaving me shuddering and horny (still plugged!) as he came hard, which I think wimper is just Mean! But, that was our third game, making him a Cumslut Regular! As a reward, I have to keep my buttplug in for him whenever we play.
  9. Ego S.Q.S. ended my longest ever edging streak! 3 weeks without cumming and well over 130 edges! I was starting to think I was unbeatable! I thought I had him for sure after I had him tied and drooling, staring at my tits... He came SO hard when I fingered his ass while his cock was buried in mine! hehe. But he rebounded with a VENGEANCE, alternating between fucking my pussy and my ass. I couldn't resist his hard cock dominating my holes and came hard twice, squirting all over his chest! I was SUCH a good little whore for him after though! I rode my dildo like it was his cock, edging like a desperate slut until we came together IRL! But he didn't let me stop then! He made me keep it up, keep acting like his little whore until I had cum 7 times on my dildo!!! (Avatar courtesy of this match!.
  10. The opposite of my first match with Alex. We tried to keep the game short this time, and test out the new "Blind Mode" while we were at it. It was a lot of fun! Would absolutely recommend it to anyone who really likes RNG, or like playing in RP mode. Something about Alex's cock just makes me cum as soon as he sticks it in, unless I'm REALLY ready for it. He fucked me hard from behind standing and I just couldn't take it! Squirting all over the audience! A cumslut like me really ought to do better, so he put me in the gloryhole and made me service the audience cocks until he was satisfied. Then he used my throat one last time and covered me in his load!
  11. Ben Bravo and I finally met up one on one after running into each other in public audiences all over EF. I didn't have a chance from the start as he knew all my weaknesses. I tried to tease him with my body, but he had me worshipping his cock in no time, degrading myself to be his perfect little pleasure pet. I came sooo hard twice as he fucked me from behind. He claimed my throat as his prize, burying his cock to the hilt until he shot his cum into my mouth and all across my face. I owe him a proper servicing the next time I meet him in a public game.
  12. Was interrupted during a wager match with Dylan, but he put off his own orgasm for 2 months in order to face me again! When we finally got together for the rematch, after weeks of teasing, we couldn't keep our hands off of each other, taking each other in every way imaginable! It was a slutty fever dream match that didn't end until we were both screaming out our orgasms IRL! Daddy's cock broke every hole I have that match, so now I'm his good little cumslut.
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Hmmph! Does he really think he can take you? Not a chance! You challenge him and all his friends. He'll need all the help he can get to handle a slut like you! Challenge to a Gang Bang Let's bring out what's really inside them... Brainwash them to be a Fucktoy You use her flexibility against her, pinning her hands and feet above her head as you fuck that pussy. Pin Her Down and Pound Reaching under her shirt, you go straight for her luscious tits. She gasps as you push past her shirt and bra. Grope Her Tits You slowly raise up your shirt before letting your breasts fall right out. Your opponent cannot help but stare. Titty Drop You slide your cock slowly in and out of her tight ass, relishing the feeling. Soft Anal Fuck You know how whores like this one like it. You tie her up without hope of escape and use her as you will. Fuck her like a sex slave No one can resist your sexy body. Pose Naked Provocatively You cover your body in oil and give your partner a provocative tease. Oil Up and Tease You grasp her wrists and pull her up as you pound her pussy from behind. There's no escape for her. Time to show her how high you can take her. Superman! A slut like this deserves pleasure in both her holes. She moans as you pound her pussy and fuck her ass. Fuck both her holes She may be on top, but that doesn't mean she's in control. You relentlessly pound her from below. Power Bottom Fuck Your hardcore fucking has broken her. She is your prize and you add her to your ever-growing harem of horny sluts. Add Her to Your Collection You push her onto the nearest counter-top to fuck her. A woman's true place in the kitchen is getting fucked. Counter-Top Fuck Wow. Did he really think he could satisfy you? Time to show him how a REAL man fucks. You call up your favorite bull and make the little loser watch. Cuckold him Time to show her who's boss! She isn’t so tough when she can't breathe! You choke her as you rail her ass. Fuck her ass and choke her Hope that plug warmed her up. Ready or not, something bigger is going in. Remove Plug, Insert Cock Does she like in her pussy or in her ass better? Answer: Both. Cum from double penetration! You go to high five your buddy, but he tenses up... moans loud, and... cums!? Already! Bah. You really do have to do everything yourself, don't you? Partner failed! Victory is yours! Now that you've shown her who's boss, It's time to start reprogramming her into your perfect fucktoy. Reprogram Her