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[RP ONLY] ...I'm a fox, not a cat 🎄

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"mm.. underneath the mistletoe~.."

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"hehe.. whatcha' doin' around here~?"

Hey! Welcome to the bio.

Ezume is a sly, mischievous kemonomimi who can be a total prankster at times. Loves to tease whenever he can.

Ezume is a kitsunemimi, meaning he has the traits of a fox with fluffy ears alongside a fluffy tail that perfectly fit with his sly character.

Ezume is a dom at heart, but being 5'3 and having skinny build can only last him so long. Making him a bit more of a switch than he'd like to admit.
(he's been called cute a lot recently which has definitely been embarrassing him quite a bit)

Even if he can seem cold and a bit cruel with his sly antics, he enjoys to show a bit of care with his actions. Secretly loving closeness and cuddles, but of course not always needed. His ears and tail are also highly sensitive but he'd rather not mention it.

Ezume travels and wanders wherever he wants, bringing his tricky antics along with him. He never knows where he really is going but his travels sure has given him quite some experience in bed.

Ezume also has some slight magic within him. This ranges from fire to charm, as well as a bit of illusion to go along with his trickery. all passed down his kitsune lineage.

Ezume's appearance consists of red hair with red eyes to match. A dark red top that is covered by his black jacket that has a white fur trim around the collar. Some black fingerless biker gloves. Then finally, some black jeans, a black belt with silver highlights, and black boots to finish his attire.

Ezume also owns a lounge that is usually open daily, but the times are inconsistent. He enjoys the fun time he has there but it's been making him take a few.. risks.. to upkeep. As well as a sudden new landlord that's been driving him a bit crazy.. (also he doesn't drink, so his alcohol tolerance might not be the best)

Ezume nicknames himself 'Zume' but many call him 'Ezu.' (or 'Eze' deemed by his landlord)

"Hehe, can't do much being pinned down huh~..."

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section is currently a w.i.p
(not all relations here are sexual or intimate)
(and will ask before adding, may accept to add if you ask and have had decent enough interaction)


Aleda - ║ ▮▮▮▮▯▯▯▯▯▯ ║
status: good friend

an unlikely friendship between two travellers, always going opposite directions yet continue to encounter each other often. these encounters has formed a friendship of sorts, with a chance of you meeting the other if you follow one long enough. - #1

after some more time knowing each other, their brotherhood only grows closer. still lots of back and forth teasing between them, but exploding forests with team combos, doing cool stuff together, and getting 'groupies' for the rockstars band were few things they had in common. - #2


"most of his vocabulary is crazy talk, but can't say I'm ever bored 'round him. at most, his references are pretty.. obscure.. but then again, what other type of person would have a vocabulary of crazy talk?" - #1

"alright, gotta admit crazy talk rockstar dude is cooler than I thought.. not that I didn't think he was cool! just that I thought he was crazy! seems like he's got some cool powers with his guitar, and we're a deadly duo once we combine our powers! gotta learn guitar again with 'em sometime." - #2


Maria / (Dragon) - ║ ▮▮▮▯▯▯▯▯▯▯ ║
status: landlord.. roommate? regular

the landlord of the foxes lounge after a misread deal made him have to pay rent to her. Due to Ezume's past with dragons, it took a bit for him to want to warm-up to Maria but her sneaky moves had been slowly softening the kitsunes heart for her. Still definitely shy around her, but not as reluctant to return the love as he was at first. Also shares his bedroom with her, but that's only for the lower rent!.. definitely.. - #1

due to her recent marriage, Maria has been in her original form more meaning that he probably wont have to pay rent as often!.. but he stays wary just incase the dragon comes back for rent.. - #2

after some reminiscing, the fox realises that.. maybe the lounge wasn't the same without his landlord. he's thankful for the stress that had been taken off him during the lounges early days from her and misses her window crashin', bedroom snatchin' antics. suspecting that it was probably their final goodbye, the fox was given a note with the instruction to read it at the right time. he's planning on making a gold statue for the lounge to make sure that nobody forgets the landlord of the lounge. He stays decent friends with Maria's regular form, as a chaotic maid who seems to regularly.. 'come' at the lounge. - #3

"yeah yeah, I get it.. the guy that hated dragons is now warming up to one by sleeping with one!.. i-it's not my fault she keeps takin' my bedroom! a-and if I have to cuddle to have a bed again then so be it!.. and maybe she is a little.. cute.. ah, I-I mean uhm.. what was I saying?" - #1

"heh.. no dragon, no rent? livin' in the lounge for free absolutely gets tons of stress off my shoulders! soon enough I'll be able to live a nice, happy, normal life!.. maybe.." - #2

"..maybe i shouldn't have taken those times for granted.. really will miss her, and I wish I was a better tenant for her. I hope that the lounge will always remember her as the one who helped in the earliest days, but for now.. just gotta keep movin' forward. regular ol' Maria is a crazy headache though!.." - #3


Saikou - ║ ▮▮▮▮▮▯▯▯▯▯ ║
status: soft and loving needy neko mate~

a cat and a fox that had quite a steamy loving session, full of teasing, loving, and post-sex cuddles that left the both of them exhausted and pleasured. during the cuddle session, the neko asked the kitsune if he could leave a little claim on him as a note to any other nekos. the kitsune accepted and now has a tiny little bite mark hidden on his neck. - #1

after a bit of time, the fox and the cat would meet again for a second round. the catt getting the first pounce once again, but the fox got cocky and teased him instead of immediately turning the tables. as it seemed like hope was lost for the cat, a lucky distraction proved futile for the fox and left him to be ravaged and bred by the cat. with the fox at the cats mercy, the neko took his chance to release his fluid into the fox a second time before deepening the tiny mark he had left last time. - #2

another encounter between the two happened the day after breeding of the fox, making the cat more confident and teasing as usual while the fox was the shy one that day. thankfully with the help of Glacy, the fox would get his revenge with a charm twice as strong and a loving session that made the neko come twice as long. ending with the fox staking a claim of his own, and the two becoming loving breeding mates~ - #3


"the little guy is just too cute! the noises he makes is something that makes it way too hard to not tease him! felt very at peace having a steamy, lovin' time with him, and guessing it wont be our only time! especially after he took his small claim~!" - #1

"h-he got lucky that there was a distraction and someone to help hold me down! I-I am definitely getting back at him for this, b-but it w-was surprising how.. natural.. the tables flipped.." - #2

"haha, made it even with him by giving him a taste of his own medicine! but it was such a nice and loving time, couldn't help myself from being so loving to a cutie~! made him wanna be my manwife right after~! ..but I sadly couldn't accept knowing myself, but we will always stick with bein' loving breedin' mates~" - #3


Glacy - ║ ▮▮▮▮▯▯▯▯▯▯ ║
status: cat demon friend! cow cat

while travelling and meeting up with Aleda, the two had found a demon cat being milked by a milking machine. thus leading to the nickname: "cow cat!" although he wouldn't be able to make it to the talk show, the demon cat would become a regular at the foxes lounge. usually you'd find the two casually chatting, sometimes teasin' and both of them are unintentionally finding each others weakest spots in the war of teases! just like the rockstar, find either and most likely you find the other if you follow long enough.


"mm.. he's a pretty cool dude, usually don't see demon cats often and he's a pretty fun regular to hangout with!.. 'til he starts petting me, then he just wont stop! thankfully I have my own teases up my sleeve to defend myself from it, and I definitely wont hesitate to retell the story everywhere I go if he doesn't heed my warnings!"


note: ezume is not one to trust super easily with his secrets, all relation levels past five will significantly be slower to progress and will take more interaction

"...family..? I hardly knew 'em!"

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This section is for information not relating to Ezume himself, but more just my rules and preferences.

I don't have a specific username to use for this site yet, so you can just refer to me as Ezume.

This is an RP only character with my main mode being Hentai, no IRL. (can be PM roleplay or ingame)

I prefer roleplaying with other people with anime pfps and characters but I wont shut down any requests that don't use an anime pfp. I'd also prefer an introduction as well before we get into things so I could know just a bit about you, and we'll talk about roleplay details afterwards. (also im bi with female leaning but still open to males. I just listed hetero since I am a bit shy with males-

and i love cute things but hot things get me steamy)

I don't mind domming or being dominated, involving a little bondage with handcuffs or maybe a leash, or maybe a bit of pegging (or futa, I don't discriminate), just nothing extreme. (generally i can be flexible with less extreme kinks, just nothing like ageplay, watersports, excessive gore, etc)

I can flex my roleplay length and style depending on how my partner does. from things like short first person sentences to longer, more detailed third person sentences

That's everything I could think of for now, if I have any more information I'll add it on to this. Feel free to send a message if you wanna roleplay or even chat!

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"...I'm not putting on the maid costume.."


"Take a rose, tell 'em you got it from 'Zume himself!"

"..and merry christmas!"


"the only thing I care about underneath the tree is you and I~.."

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