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"Exit light~ Enter night~ Take my hand~ Off to Never Never Land~" *epic guitar solo*

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Excerpt from Aleda's interview with Zee-Duction one of EF City's music oriented companies...

Reporter: "Who are you, what do you do, what are your goals, and how long have you been here?"

Aleda: "I'm Aleda! The rising rock star of EF City! Been here almost three weeks (as of 12/1/22), and I've been melting plenty of faces, hearts, and... clothes in that time~ I want to go from rising rock star to... THE rock star of EF City! And..." -smiles- "Totally get groupies in the process!"

Reporter: "Ambitious! Hmm... we're having technical issues with the lights so I can't see you too well... can you please give me a brief physical description of yourself?"

Aleda: "No worries, love! I've had my share of working with piss poor lighting technicians myself! Well, I'm a human with dark hair and dark eyes. Usually wear dark form fitting clothes over my athletic body. Ya know, typical rocker fashion. Emo. Punk. Metalhead. And shit. As for the rest..." -takes out profile picture and autographs it before handing it to her- "It will last longer!"

Reporter: "Aww~ For me?" -blushes- "You shouldn't have! Ahem! N-now... what did you do previously?"

Aleda: "I actually used to be a full time martial artist believe it or not! But I'm tired of fighting and training full time, so I picked up my mighty axe--"

Reporter: "Mighty axe? That sounds dangerous!"

Aleda: "Mighty axe, as in my electric guitar! Figure of speech. Metaphor. All that shit~"

Reporter: "You seem to have a smart mouth on you!"

Aleda: "Yep, I can be a bit of a smart ass. Sometimes. Most of the time. All the time. Shit." -shrugs- "Depends."

Reporter: "I can see that! Hobbies? Interests? Besides playing guitar and singing, of course~"

Aleda: "I wanna make sure I mention all of them, so... -gets out piece of paper- "Sorry, fucking handwriting of mine sometimes!" -squints- "Uh... ass? Huh?" -blinks- "Well... that's not what I meant to say... but I guess it could count?" -squints at paper yet again- "What I was trying to say was... ANIME! Anime, video games, history... and some other stuff I'm too lazy to translate from my handwriting right now. I like making references to all those things and shit."

Reporter: -giggles- "You seemed to have jumped ahead there with mentioning ass. Speaking of which, do you have certain preferences and kinks... considering that this is EF City after all."

Aleda: -laughs- "Well, you're right! I gave one away mentioning ass it seems. Anyway... I'm hetero and nothing will change that! I don't mind interacting with futas, cross genders, trans, and so on under the right circumstances though! Also, yeah, a cute face and nice boobs are always great and all, but that's what almost everyone else wants. I have a great appreciation for the lower half of a woman's body from her ass down to her feet. Oh, and here's another thing I'll share with ya... so, write this down because you like writing things down... I'm in the middle of the dom and sub range, but I can start leaning towards one or the other depending on how decisions... interactivity... and shit... play out! Now, love, there also may be other things, but I'll leave the rest up to your imagination~ That... or I'm just too lazy to talk about it!"

Reporter: "Juicy details~ You wouldn't be too lazy to talk about your electric guitar though, right?"

Aleda: "Bloody Mary! Yes, I gave her that name because of her awesomely intense red color! I got it from some random mysterious merchant dude one day. His name was Crowley or something. Totally not a suspicious sounding name! But anyway... she can shoot lightning! I had trouble controlling it at first, but I've become better at it after some advice from... uh... the guy I call... Big Mysterious Yet Friendly Dude because... he's a big mysterious yet friendly dude! Bloody Mary's got a lot of secrets... most of which I've still yet to figure out~ One of them was revealed to... uh... well, I won't mention her name just yet. Let's just say she and possibly her sister are the only ones that have seen that one secret so far~"

Reporter: "Can you share said secret with me~ It's only one secret right~"

Aleda: "If I did, I would possibly have to erase all evidence of your existence." -serious tone- "These are the terms of Bloody Mary. Not mine. She'll share ONLY what she's willing to share."

Reporter: "D-don't kill me! I just started working here and I need the money! N-next question... do you do bets or anything like that?"

Aleda: "You think I have time in my busy schedule for stuff like that? I don't do bets, permanent changes, transformations, IRL, or anything like that. I don't even do dice rolls because I like seeing things play out naturally. I might reconsider any of those things though for someone I've interacted with several times... in which case we would negotiate terms with my agent. However, I'm always cool for continuity and lore so I look forward to building that stuff with others!

Reporter: "Clearly stated~ Now, besides concerts you also host a talk show on the side?"

Aleda: "The Afterparty! Yes, we've had one show so far, and it's done wonders for my first guest... my man... my dude.... my dawg--er... rather, fox. I'll tell you his name later but ever since then... he's been able to open up a lounge or something. Wonderful first show even if... the unaired stuff later may have been even better!"

Reporter: -giggles- "I'm sure that unaired material would've been hot to see! How does one become your guest on the Afterparty?"

Aleda: "One can just ask... and in some cases I'll ask instead. BUT! But... it can only be with people I've already had at least some interaction with. It's an especially great way for newcomers to get their stories out there! Also, it's a great way for the more established people out there to further share their lore with others as well!"

Reporter: "Impressive~ It's like... a not so obvious way of getting others to advertise their stories out there! Oh, and what's the origin of your name?"

Aleda: "Apparently, it's the combination of several other people's names." -shrugs-

Reporter: "And there you have it folks! Aleda the rising rock star of EF City and hopefully soon to be... THE... rock star of EF City~ H-hey, can I be a groupie too?"

Aleda: "Always got room for more groupies, love! But first... let's get off the air~"



-end video feed-

Equipped Items:

-Bloody Mary: Aleda's signature red electric guitar! Can shoot lightning. She has other secrets... some known only to Aleda alone.

-Various Scarves/Bandanas: Aleda owns many of these in various colors, and almost always has at least one or the other... maybe both... on him at any given time.

-Amathyst's Purple Scarf: Given to Aleda as a form of... sweet revenge... during a rather intimate encounter. It has Amathyst's name autographed on it. Scarves... because collars are too mainstream and common...

-Mysterious Gold: From Amathyst. Well, these will probably help with Aleda's expenses! Oh yeah, they're possibly cursed and need to be talked to every now and then. Aleda and Maria are co-signers of said gold.

-Expensive Bottle of Alcohol: Receives this regularly as tribute--er, no... rather as a form of gratitude from fox dude Ezume. High quality. May cause Aleda to become intoxicated rather quickly...

-Weaponized Amplifier: Made in the factory of James Anderson himself! Easy to carry. Compact. Lightweight. Looks cool. Weaponizes the sound waves of Bloody Mary enough to destroy certain materials. Can be used as a regular amplifier when weaponized mode is turned off. Nice~

Unequipped Items:

-Repaired Maria's Guitar: Maria's electric guitar that was originally broken by Aleda during a... rather... sweaty... encounter at a concert. Interpret that how you will. Repaired and upgraded by Big Mysterious Friendly Yet Friendly Dude himself! It can change colors according to Maria's emotions and is a lot more durable than ever before! Does it have other abilities as well?

-Autographed Red Scarf (for Amathyst): A blood red scarf that used to be worn by Aleda, but was given as a... gift... to Amathyst during a rather intimate encounter. Autographed by Aleda! Collars are too mainstream and common anyway...

-Hasty Battle Plans: A hastily put together notebook of battle plans full of stick figures, boobies, and battle plans. Given to Maria although it's debatable whether or not this item actually accomplishes anything...

-Paper Sound Amplifier: Given by James Anderson. Probably wasted a valuable item slot with this thing...



furious hammer noises

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Hey there! I suppose I should tell you a bit about myself as an ice breaker. I'm a young adult Asian male quite experienced in writing/RPing although I'm not as active as I used to be. Ero writing/RPing is something I've mostly spectated over the years, but rarely participated in... so it seemingly puts me in a... new and yet not so new... "position." No pun intended considering what site we're on.

I have an interesting seemingly random mix of interests and hobbies including video games, history, anime, martial arts, and other stuff. I listen to all types of music, but rock is my favorite.

Hopefully I've told you enough to convince you I'm not a bot!

If we work together, please be literate, or at the very least, semi-literate. When it comes down to it... I like to think we're all here for essentially word pr0n, but that's not an excuse for lack of even the most basic of literary skills!

My DMs are usually out of character and are used for questions/comments and suggestions. Look for me in the rooms if you actually want to RP.

Looking forward to working with you all!

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