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Remember how you made me crazy~ Remember how I made you scream~

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Profile Music Selection (will change every now and then):
Boys Of Summer -- The Ataris
Blue Lips -- Her's
Hysteria -- Def Leppard
Silver -- Nirvana
Wicked Garden -- Stone Temple Pilots
It's My Life -- Bon Jovi
South Of Heaven -- Slayer
Helter Skelter -- The Beatles

Excerpt from Aleda's interview with Zee-Duction... one of EF City's music oriented companies...

Reporter: Who are you, what do you do, what are your goals, and how long have you been here?

Aleda: I'm Aleda! One of EF City's favorite rockstars! Been here over a year, and I've been melting plenty of faces, hearts, and... clothes in that time! I'm here to live the stereotypical rockstar life of sex, drugs, and rock and roll... and totally get groupies in the process!

Reporter: Ambitious! Hmm... we're having technical issues with the lights so I can't see you too well... can you please give me a brief physical description of yourself?

Aleda: No worries, love! I've had my share of working with piss poor lighting technicians myself! Well, I'm a human with black hair and red eyes. Usually wear dark tight fitting clothes over my athletic body. Typical rocker fashion. Emo. Punk. Metalhead. And shit. As for the rest... just look for pictures of me. They're not hard to find thanks to the media, and I'll even autograph one just for you! It will last longer~

Reporter: Aww~ For me? You shouldn't have! Ahem! N-now... what did you do before becoming a rockstar?

Aleda: I actually used to be a full time martial artist! But... I got tired of fighting and training full time, so I picked up my mighty axe...

Reporter: Mighty axe? That sounds dangerous!

Aleda: Mighty axe, as in my electric guitar! Figure of speech. Metaphor. All that shit~

Reporter: You seem to have a smart mouth on you!

Aleda: You're damn right! I can talk trash and shit! But... make no mistake, love! I do have a heart of gold underneath it all... EF City has been good to me, so I do what I can to give back to the community... even if my ways of showing affection are quite unorthodox.

Reporter: So sweet of you! And since this is EF City... do you have any preferences? Kinks? Stuff like that?

Aleda: Well, a cute face and nice boobs are always great and all, but that's what almost everyone else wants. I have a great appreciation for the LOWER HALF of a woman's body from her ass down to her feet. I'm in the middle of the dom and sub range, but I can start leaning towards one or the other depending on how the interactivity plays out! I also have HIDDEN turn ons. Some obvious AND some not so obvious. I'll share an obvious one with you right now... I GO WEAK FOR ROCKER AND GOTH CHICKS... that much should be obvious... comes with the territory of being a rockstar. As for the rest? You'll just have to FIND OUT and use your imagination!

Reporter: Juicy details~ Speaking of details... care to share more about your sexy electric guitar?

Aleda: Bloody Mary! A fitting name for her intense red color! I acquired her from some dude... don't remember too many details, but I may have been drunk? My guitar can shoot lightning and can do other things related to electricity. It can do other things too, but you'll find out in time...

Reporter: Shocking! Besides concerts, do you have any side projects?

Aleda: I host a talk show called the Afterparty, and I also host a radio program on 53X FM. I might have other things lined up. Time will tell~

Reporter: Thanks! By the way, what's the origin of your name?

Aleda: Apparently, it's the combination of several other people's names.

Reporter: And there you have it folks! Aleda, one of the rockstars of EF City~ H-hey, can I be a groupie too?~

Aleda: Always got room for more groupies, love! But first... let's get off the air~



-end video feed-

Notable Encounters:

I have encountered many individuals over time, and this list is just a small sample of them. Other names may be found here as well. I may randomly update this list at times, but you're free to let me know if you'd like to be on here as well!

-Ezume: Me and Ezume arrived in EF City around the same time and have since sworn a pact of brotherhood. We've been through a lot together--a list that's probably too long to put here. Hopefully, our adventure will resume one day...

-Kara: She's the leader of a rock band called the Mean Girls. When I first met her, we spent a literal awesome fucking night in her family's bakery, and on that same night, she left a permanent lipstick mark on my neck. One day, she "gifted" me a choker, and we spent a lot of time together until she had to leave on a personal quest. Just before she left though, we had a rough but fun encounter in a certain radio station--on that same night, I confessed my love for her and gifted her a pitch black scarf with my autograph on it in gold lettering. Months passed, and she returned. If you see me and her in the same place at the same time... there's a pretty good chance that shenanigans of some sort will break out. Me and her are set to have a bar date in the future...

-Miki: She's a punk rocker fire witch with a troubled past that caused her to frequently wear a face mask. As I helped her get familiar with EF City and its music scene over time, she eventually became courageous enough to move on from her troubled past and not wear her face mask as frequently. Over time, we became lovers. She gifted me a spare face mask, which I sometimes wear around my neck. During a date night, I gifted her an orange scarf with black and red alternating stripes complete with my autograph in gold lettering. Later, she gifted me a black collar with a red flamed tag that says, "Miki's Boot Babe" and then she autographed my right hip with a red marker. Some other fun things to note are that she once gifted me an electric guitar autographed by all the members of the metal band Sabaton, and I gifted her a hellfire tree--a magical tree that lights on fire without spreading the fire around. On our post 2024 Valentine's Day date, I "gifted" her a black collar.

-Kaylie: She's the bassist of the Mean Girls. No matter how hard I tried to hide from her, she would always find a way to ambush me. Eh, typical guitarist versus bassist rivalry, right? After several ambushes, I acknowledged her as "Goddess." I even signed a contract with her that gives a permanent boost to my guitar's combat abilities. She ran into some trouble later on--me and several others tried to help her, but it was much more difficult than expected and she ended up getting sidelined. However, that contract I signed with her? I still reap its benefits. It's a good thing there's several photos of us hanging out. Those were some fun times~

-Lucie: She's a rogue, and she's also the drummer of the Mean Girls. Our early encounters happened during a rather chaotic time, but we've been through a lot together since then. One day, some roughhousing between us resulted in me acknowledging her as "Queen." She has marked me... multiple times all over my body. Hey, it's totally cool because I autographed her ass! She gifted me some of her smoke bombs to use whenever I deem it necessary. Even though we tease each other a lot, we do enjoy each other's company and talking about music.

-Yoimi: The "fireworks lady" as I sometimes call her. One day, I was looking for fireworks to use for my next concert, and came across a newly opened fireworks store in the city. That's when I met Yoimi! There were many fireworks I was interested in, but I forgot my wallet. Luckily, we arranged a "business deal," and let's just say... it was quite an explosive night~ Since then, I've introduced her to others around the city and I would say... she's done very well for herself! After a while, I took her on a dinner date while in my female form!

-Gavi: This neko was an active rockstar some time ago. She took a break, and then made a comeback. We heard of each other and went through a lot of shit with some jackasses... er... I mean, our record labels... in order for us to do a collab. After some persistence, we finally got the chance to work together... and rock out together, if you know what I mean~ Looking forward to our next collab!

-Draco: He is the ruler of Dragonia, and I have known this dude almost as long as Ezume! As such, we have been through a lot together, and I was even one of his best men during his wedding with Kiki! He has gifted me several things over time including a house on Dragonia, but the gender swapping potion is my personal favorite. That potion allows me to transform into my female form--Aleda (Rule 63)!

-Kiki: A very nice and artistic individual! I sometimes call her the "Queen of Dragonia" since she's married to my good friend Draco. I helped her ease into the city when she was still new, and she has made many friends since then! From personal experience, I will say she lives up to her nickname of "The Breedable." I'm sure many others will agree to this as well~

-Isa: The earliest memory I have of her is extraordinary to say the least. Don't ask me why, but I found myself on a boat that was falling from the sky, and she caught said boat with her bare fucking hands! We've become quite friendly with each other since then even though I tend to prank her from time to time. This has resulted in her stepping on me several times, and she even wrote "Footslut Twink" on the upper part of my crotch...

-Amelia: Ame! She's a wolf that I became friends with over time, and I even autographed her tail! Miki autographed her tail as well! In Christmas 2023, I gifted her a photo of the female forms of myself, Gaiba, and Driz posing alongside her in a selfie. I have a large poster of her hanging in my music studio, which she autographed one night.

-Aska: This witch has a shop full of real nice shit! In fact, her shop is where I got gifts for Kara and Miki. At first, the price was a bit on the high side, but we settled on a deal--a rather lewd deal that worked out well for both of us~ She put a tattoo on my ass that currently says "Witch Sucker," but she can use magic to change what it says whenever she wants. I gifted her an autographed dark green scarf with evenly spaced out emeralds on the sides. She was bored the week of 2024 Valentine's Day, so I paid her a visit... which resulted in her putting a tattoo on my chest that says, "Doesn't Use Condoms." I'll be sure to visit her shop again if I need "something" from her~

-Haruka: Me and Haruka decided to become training partners after discovering our shared background in martial arts. Our training escalated rather quickly in so many ways...

-Maria: She's one of the first people I met when I first arrived in EF City, and how did she welcome me? Well, she made it rain dildos on my head. From time to time, I reference that moment by calling her "Cat Witch" as a bit of an inside joke between us. Yeah, she's a bit chaotic, but I'm glad to have fought alongside her and several others (Ezume, Draco, Nocti, and Jamie just to name a few...) during a war that broke out quite some time ago. In commemoration of this, I gifted her a plaque with the name "Team MOM" on it. Misfits of Misfortune. In one of my earliest episodes of my Afterparty talk show, I threw a black scarf into the crowd... which she caught. Oh yeah, I should also mention I accidentally broke her guitar once back in the day, but I don't think she holds a grudge about that anymore--maybe.

-Driz: This cat is a good friend of mine, and I let him try out one of Draco's gender swapping potions!

-Rathia: Rathia passed by my music studio one night, and after some teasing, I autographed her ass!

-James Anderson: This dude is in the business of technology. He supplied me with a weaponized sound amplifier. It's easy to carry, compact, lightweight, and looks cool! It weaponizes the sound waves of Bloody Mary into shockwaves that can cause notable damage. As a bonus, it can be used as a regular amplifier when weaponized mode is turned off. Nice~

-Krul: She's a vampire that I became friends with, and we tend to tease each other a lot~ One day, she asked for my assistance in writing her memoirs and I was very happy to help! She wrote "Slutty Chan" on my forehead while I was in my female form...

-Meru: A fun succubus! She gifted me a guitar to add to my guitar collection.

-Joy: She's a rare sight these days, but she definitely left her literal marks on me! At one point, she wrote on my chest... "Your m♡n gave into the pleasure~" She definitely wasn't trying to make other girls jealous with that one...

-Eva: My favorite red haired demon! It took several months before we got lewd with each other, but damn... was the wait worth it! When we have fun with each other, it's usually in my music studio or her penthouse. She certainly knows how to tease me~

-Samantha: This cutie randomly approached me for an autograph. I gave her one, and as a bonus... I took her out to a tease filled lunch. Eventually, we ended up in my music studio where some... stuff... happened. Don't let her cute looks fool ya! She ain't afraid to play rough!

-Belle: A while ago, she visited my music studio and uh... you could say, she made a mess out of me~ Once she was done, she left me a note with her phone number and took a picture of me in my messy state. Sometimes, she'll call herself "Mommy" around me...

Asian American and proud of it!

You may DM me. Creative scenarios are my favorite!

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My other form... Aleda (Rule 63)!
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