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Profile Music Selection (will change every now and then):
The Taste Of Ink -- The Used
Metalingus -- Alter Bridge
King For A Day -- Pierce The Veil
Heart Shaped Box -- Nirvana
Short Stories With Tragic Endings -- From Autumn To Ashes
Helter Skelter -- The Beatles
One Step Closer -- Linkin Park
Creep -- Radiohead

Excerpt from Aleda's interview with Zee-Duction... one of EF City's music oriented companies...

Reporter: Who are you, what do you do, what are your goals, and how long have you been here?

Aleda: I'm Aleda! One of EF City's favorite rockstars! Been here about half a year, and I've been melting plenty of faces, hearts, and... clothes in that time! I'm here to live the stereotypical rockstar life of sex, drugs, and rock and roll... and totally get groupies in the process!

Reporter: Ambitious! Hmm... we're having technical issues with the lights so I can't see you too well... can you please give me a brief physical description of yourself?

Aleda: No worries, love! I've had my share of working with piss poor lighting technicians myself! Well, I'm a human with black hair and red eyes. Usually wear dark tight fitting clothes over my athletic body. Typical rocker fashion. Emo. Punk. Metalhead. And shit. As for the rest... -takes out profile picture and autographs it before handing it to her- It will last longer!

Reporter: Aww~ For me? -blushes- You shouldn't have! Ahem! N-now... what did you do before becoming a rockstar?

Aleda: I actually used to be a full time martial artist believe it or not! But... I got tired of fighting and training full time, so I picked up my mighty axe...

Reporter: Mighty axe? That sounds dangerous!

Aleda: Mighty axe, as in my electric guitar! Figure of speech. Metaphor. All that shit~

Reporter: You seem to have a smart mouth on you!

Aleda: Damn right! I can talk trash and shit! But... make no mistake, love! -raises a finger- I do have a heart of gold underneath it all... EF City has been good to me, so I do what I can to give back to the community... even if my ways of showing affection are quite unorthodox!

Reporter: So sweet of you! And since this is EF City... do you have any preferences? Kinks? Stuff like that?

Aleda: Well, a cute face and nice boobs are always great and all, but that's what almost everyone else wants. I have a great appreciation for the LOWER HALF of a woman's body from her ass down to her feet. I'm in the middle of the dom and sub range, but I can start leaning towards one or the other depending on how the interactivity plays out! I also have HIDDEN turn ons. Some obvious AND some not so obvious. I'll share an obvious one with you right now... I GO WEAK FOR ROCKER AND GOTH CHICKS... that much should be obvious... comes with the territory of being a rockstar. As for the rest? You'll just have to FIND OUT and use your imagination!

Reporter: Juicy details~ Speaking of details... care to share more about your sexy electric guitar?

Aleda: Bloody Mary! A fitting name for her intense red color! I acquired her from some dude... don't remember too many details, but I may have been drunk? -shrugs- My guitar can shoot lightning and can do other things related to electricity. I can even use my guitar to enhance my allies in battle through music. I should also mention that she has a true form as well!

Reporter: Shocking! Besides concerts, do you have any side projects?

Aleda: I host a talk show called the Afterparty, and I also host a radio program on 53X FM.

Reporter: Thanks! By the way, what's the origin of your name?

Aleda: Apparently, it's the combination of several other people's names. -shrugs-

Reporter: And there you have it folks! Aleda, one of the rockstars of EF City~ H-hey, can I be a groupie too?~

Aleda: Always got room for more groupies, love! But first... let's get off the air~



-end video feed-

Equipped Items:

-Aleda's Notebook: Contains more information about Aleda that may not be found anywhere else!

-Bloody Mary: Aleda's signature red electric guitar! A durable and capable weapon in battle. She has a true form, which is Aleda's ultimate attack!

-Bro Pact: Not so much of an item as it is a verbal agreement of brotherhood between Aleda and Ezume. The two came to EF City around the same time and have become almost like brothers since then. As much as they tease each other and have disagreements... like most bros do... they will have each other's back at the end of the day. Expect shenanigans to break out half the time these two are in the same place at the same time...

-Kaylie's Contract: After being ambushed by Mean Girls bassist Kaylie a few times... Aleda signed a contract with her and acknowledged her as his goddess. She has been sidelined since then, but the benefits of the contract remain.

-Weaponized Sound Amplifier: Made in the factory of James Anderson himself! Easy to carry. Compact. Lightweight. Looks cool. Weaponizes the sound waves of Bloody Mary enough to be used as shockwaves that can destroy various objects. Can be used as a regular amplifier when weaponized mode is turned off. Nice~

-Various Scarves/Bandanas: Aleda owns many of these in various colors, and almost always has at least one or the other... maybe both... on him at any given time. Collars are too mainstream.

-Kara's Choker: A "gift" from Mean Girls leader Kara during an encounter with her and the other members of the Mean Girls... Lucie and Kaylie.

-Amathyst's Purple Scarf: Given to Aleda as a form of... sweet revenge... during a rather intimate encounter. It has Amathyst's name autographed on it. Scarves... because collars are too mainstream.

-Flintlock Pistol and Summoning Rune Stone: From Amathyst. Allows the Rockstar to summon the Necromancer. Is that all it does? Time will tell...

-Queen Nocticula's Scroll: This scroll has Queen Nocticula's seal and grants Aleda certain benefits according to the situation. Right now, it grants him and his bandit investigation team several thousands of gold pieces, magical items, and rations.

-Goldspire Teleportation Scroll: A scroll that allows Aleda and his bandit investigation team to instantly teleport to Goldspire.

-Lucie's Smoke Bombs: Aleda was given these as a gift some time after acknowledging the Mean Girls drummer Lucie as his queen. The smoke bombs will definitely help him escape difficult situations!

-Raptor's Firework: Raptor gave this firework to Aleda as a way to grab the attention of a... certain individual. It's been a while, but that may change soon enough. The firework can magically replicate itself after every use.

-Draco's Gender Potion: Given by Draco. Allows Aleda to transform into his female form... Aleda (Rule 63)!

-Rockstar Shades: Gifted by Draco after Aleda and Amathyst were rescued from a cave.

Unequipped Items:

-$500 Sunglasses: Expensive pair of sunglasses destroyed in the battle against the unnamed wizard. "THOSE WERE $500 SUNGLASSES ASSHOLE!!!"

-Autographed Red Scarf (for Amathyst): A blood red scarf that used to be worn by Aleda, but was given as a... gift... to Amathyst's during a rather intimate encounter. Autographed by Aleda! Collars are too mainstream and common anyway...

-Black Scarf (Afterparty 2 Edition): A black scarf thrown to the audience during episode 2 of Afterparty. Caught by Maria.

The Entourage:
Security 1 (Armary)
Security 2 (Poena)
Camera 1 (Cinnamon)
Camera 2 (Ari)
Camera 3 (Candi)
Camera 4 (Tail-Tale)
Shadow Camera (Hazma)
Librarian Witch (Libby)

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Messing around on my phone in the music studio...
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No idea what happened here... but I think it involves Kara...
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Before I was a rockstar... I was a martial artist...
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This is me in my female form... also known as Aleda (Rule 63)!
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