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20 year old virgin looking to experience some sex fighting. I’m a bit skinny and nerdy so the ladies haven’t had the chance to experience the pleasure I can give them yet. I hope to practice my moves on the ladies of EroFights. I can dominate weaker women with my big cock but I may become submissive to a strong woman who has owned me in combat.

List of women I have bred:

-My first ever breeding partner was Fucktoy Tiffany. She managed to get me to cum in her mouth via an eye-contact blowjob but I quickly turned the tables on her by making her stay down and pounding her in front of a mirror. She lost the match and as part of our arrangement I got to breed her defeated pussy. So she climbed on the bed and I slid in doggy style. I had Goddess Scarlett come up behind me and squeeze my balls to make sure I dumped all my load in her pussy, and trust me I did. Fucktoy Tiffany has been bred.

-I decided to turn black goddess into black milf slut by defeating her in a match. She was a very naughty girl. She acted very submissive like she was going to let me breed her. It was an act, I let her make me orgasm once with the expectation that she would surrender and cum a second time before allowing me to creampie her. She then attempted to make me cum via blowjob. Thankfully, Mistress Scarlett has blown me plenty of times so now only high-quality blowjobs can make me cream. I pinned her down and pumped her with my cock causing a second orgasm. Then it was time for me to breed her. However, she still had one last trick. When I orgasmed, she made me slip out of her pussy and I almost wasted all my cum on her stomach. Luckily I used my dominant side to order her pussy back into the correct position and was just able to get some cum inside. The breeding of the now black milf slut was successful.

-I had an incredibly difficult match with Little Miss Switch. It could have gone either way with her forcing me to cum once via an assjob. Luckily I was able to recover and make her orgasm twice. I took her back to my house where I creampied her in the doggystyle position. After this was done we had a special discord session to ensure that the impregnation was successful.

-I hypnotised Mollie with my big cock and made her service me. She gave me complete control and she came twice at my command. I made sure to pump her with my cum coated cock to impregnate her. I inserted a special code word in her mind, if she hears it, then she reverts instantly to being my slave again. Not that she needs to hear it, my cock is so good that she gladly submits to it whenever I ask.

-Sasha surrendered to my big cock after she orgasmed twice. She lay down on my bed and begged to be impregnated. I gladly filled her up with my seed, adding her as a member of my bred list. We had a nice kiss to celebrate the breeding as I left her pussy full of my cum.

-SuperWhore became my cock cleaner after I defeated her twice. Once in hentai and once in classic. For her ultimate breeding session, I made her cum twice, prone on my bed while I pounded her pussy from behind. Out of the kindness of my heart, I let her climb on top and straddle me for her breeding.

-Jane couldn’t handle my big cock and surrendered to two cum tests. I put her in a mating press and bred her. She admitted my dominance and realised her purpose was to serve my powerful dick.

-Goddess Aphrodite's profile picture was so sexy that I just had to try to get her on my bred list. We engaged in an epic battle where she was able to drain my cock once with her sexy feet and made me shoot a semen offering. Luckily I was able to make her cum twice, both times with my cock in her pussy. As she came, I felt her divine pussy nectar flow onto my cock, giving me the strength to break down her divine defence and enable me to shoot a load capable of breeding a Goddess. As she lay defeated, I creampied her while I sat on her throne. I had achieved greatness, I have bred a Goddess.

-I finally got my revenge on Kiara for defeating me on over three seperate occasions, each time resulting in me giving her control of my profile picture. After losing my third match with her resulting in her controlling my profile picture for a week, I challenged her to a special match. If I won then I would get to breed her, if I lost she would then get control of my profile picture for three whole weeks. She naturally accepted thinking it would be an easy win, she was wrong. I finger fucked her to orgasm twice. After that, I pounded her against the window, tits against the glass for the world to see and came deep deep in her pussy. When I was finished breeding her, I had her suck my cock clean and wipe any remaining drops of cum off with her feet. Then I mounted her again and we fell asleep together, my cock still in her pussy.

-I tied up JordanR for the majority of our match, leaving her sexy teen body defenceless as I pounded her repeatedly. She forced me to cum all over her bra once but I ensured that she quickly came twice after. Feeling sorry for her, I gave her a 1/5 chance to avoid being bred by my cock by guessing a number. She failed so she had to raise that pussy in the air and let me breed her. She’s such a little cutie.

-Jessica Barton eluded impregnation in all of our encounters. At one point even making me her pet breeder... But once she surrendered to her new mistress she was an easy target. She made a big show and tried to break me with her ass. I pretended to give in to her... only to heighten her eventual humiliation. I faked an orgasm and forced her to cum like a filthy butt slut on my cock. As I positioned myself to impregnate her I gave her a chance to speak. She stubbornly refused at first but as I got close to transforming her into a MILF she begged for mercy. Her begging were her final words before her baby factory was open for business.

-Natal tried to distract me from her pussy with her talented blowjob skills but it wasn’t enough. I fucked her pussy hard, making her cum twice before breeding time. As she lay defeated, she begged for my semen shot before I impregnated her.

-Domina Zoe tried to defeat me and get me to rename myself to Mr Small Cock. Unfortunately for her, my big cock was too much for her to handle. She couldn't stand the pressure and she ended up begging me for mercy. She was telling me how horny she was and she started humping her pillow IRL halfway through the match. I finally gave her the mercy she deserved, by filling her pussy with my seed, turning her into a breeding pet.

-The queen Ariana was the next to be bred. I completely fucked her superstar pussy into submission. I broke her so badly that she agreed to let me record her singing one of her popular songs Bang Bang as she bounced on my cock and was bred. That song is my favourite Ariana song for a reason now.

-Marie fought well but she ended up admitting that my cock was just too good. She was completely reprogrammed before she obediently begged for my cum and was bred. She admitted that her breeding was amazing. Another obedient bred pet...

-I fucked the beautiful asian Goddess Ashley. I fucked her beautiful cheerleader body into submission, forcing her to admit that my superior white cock owned her pussy. Safe to say, her cheerleading career was very over.. looks like her new career will be as a stay-home mom to take care of the baby I filled her with..

-Val tried to outfuck me and prevent her breeding, unfortunately, her ass couldn't handle the size of my alpha cock and she was made to cum from an anal orgasm... it only took one anal orgasm for me to defeat Val and add her to the bred list... maybe next time she'll use her pussy some more since her ass obviously couldn't handle my cock...

-Rachel brought a friend to try and defeat my big alpha cock, but unfortunately for her, said friend betrayed her mid-match and chose to side with me and my massive cock, aiding me in causing Rachel to cum uncontrollably. After that, it was so easy to breed both of them, as their minds were completely broken by the power of my dick.

Special Breeding

My greatest rival, Goddess Shirley, completely tamed my cock, forcing me to lose three straight matches in a row. I’d do anything to breed that sexy Latina now. I’ve cum deep in her pussy, splattered my load all over her tits, had my cock milked over her thighs and finally had my semen shot sucked straight out of my cock. She’s finished my cock in so many ways and yet I’ve failed to make her cum two times in a row. One day, I will breed that sexy Latina but for now she’s the sexy teacher and I’m the student. Problem is, it seems class is always in session.

But finally, in an epic DM roleplay session, I was finally able to breed my greatest rival, Goddess Shirley.

I used all my power to pump her pussy, going faster than ever before to make sure she climaxed all over my cock. She used her strong cunt muscles to squeeze my cock to try to force my orgasm. It was the most pleasurable experience I’ve ever felt but I was able to hold on. At long last, I finally had the strength to finish her off. As I pulled her hair while I fucked her doggystyle, I felt her body quiver as she finally came for my cock. Even after making her squirt, her powerful pussy still fought to prevent her breeding. After a long time of draining her strength with my thrusts, I finally pinned her down missionary style and bred her.

Looks like the slutty teacher will be taking some maternity leave!

List of breeding targets (women I want to breed):

Diane was the first sexy lady to avoid being bred in a match. She used her strong thighs to drain my cock. She then tried to make me cum with her thighs again, then tried again with her tits and finally she successfully sucked the last of my cum out with a blowjob. She left me begging to be her slave and humiliated me.

Hailey teamed up with a friend to make me cum via a team footjob before stealing my second orgasm by riding me cowgirl. Luckily for her, she made me pull-out with a second to spare, forcing me to cum just outside her pussy. As punishment for losing, I had to lick the outside of her pussy clean.

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