Linlin Mira VS Alvaz : History listed publicly (74 turns)

A nympho and a demon meet up together

And once they realize they're fine with going either way, of course it took longer than either expected, losing themselves in lust

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Hello there
(how's you?
(Good, looking at your profile right now. Is there something I should know before we start?)
(Don't want t o miss anything and there is a plenty of text)
(ignore most stuff, it's more for when people write me. Maybe just appearance section :P
(when I join others in MM, I'm flexible to what people have in mind
(Okay, I hope you don't mind light rp with trash talk)
(that's all fine ;) in fact, preferable right now
(Okay, is there anything we should discuss before the start eg. bondage/hypno rule?)
(We can use the rule from your profile)
(I'm impartial to those, so we can do or not, your pick. If we do, usually prefer 5+ to break, 3 turns
(action limit too?
(By action limit you mean?)
(Max 3 bondage/hypno actions?)
(yeah, as I wrote example in there
(you can do more, but they will automatically be broken, no need to roll
(just for bars
(Okay, I'm rdy)
(likewise ;)
Hello there cute, that was a long time since my last duel. I hope I'm not rusty *I chuckle while throwing away my shirt and pants flexing my body for you*
Oh don't worry~ We'll make sure I and my lovely girlcock dust all that rust off... and more~ *Lin giggles with him, her cock hard and tugged above skirt in full view*
*He looks down with a grin* Oh, you won't intimidate me that easily. *He grasps at the bulge at his pants and sway his hips* I wonder how long it will take to make you obsessed...
*She looks smug, slowly stripping off her clothes to show off, wiggling her boobs at him once she's nude* We'll see~ And don't worry - I'll give you your chances to get at me too~
*He looks a little disappointed seeing that she managed to shake off his hypnosis so quickly* Oh like I need your permission for that. *He enjoys the show, as she undress herself*
True~ *she licks up her lips as she sees Alvaz naked* We don't need permissions to explore each others bodies, tis a sexfight after all~ *she leans down, spreading herself to show off everything she has to offer*
*When she got into the position he quickly moves behind her and places his cock between her asscheeks* Oh~ Already bending for me~ I thought it would be a little harder *He teases her*
Know my motto?~ *she grinds against him a bit before spinning about, quickly grabbing his neck to force him down on her girlcock* Fuck or get fucked~ And we'll be topping each other quite a bit, no?~
Now get it wet so I dont have to enter you dry~
*Surprised by her move he falls to his knees. He opens his mouth trying to protest but that only allowed her to slip her dick between his lips* Hmm! *He moves his hands at her ass, squeezing it and trying to push her hips away*
Mmmgh~ Yes, squeeze me about~ *Lin squirms, getting a few thrusts in, just enough to drench her length in saliva, before spinning about Alvaz, pushing him up to stand while she kneels, giving a rimjob* And now to wet the other end~
*The moment she kneels behind him Alvaz uses this to grab her by the hair and pull her to his crotch* Okay, I have to admit that was nicely played, but I won't fall for that trick twice. Now is your turn~ *He pushes Lin head next to his cock* don't be shy give it a suck~
*And she eagerly does it, trying to match his thrusts, wanting to keep it mutual instead of forced, giving him a wink as her tongue rolls about his tip*
*He smiles at her and pats her head* Good girl~ *He reaches to his bag and pulls out a buttplug.* I have a gift for you, but first some preparations.
*she lets herself get fingered, purring on his cock, before pulling out, just her tongue continuing what it started, Lin jerking him to spread her drool* Oh please~ I prefer the real deal than some cheap toy~
*He reaches to her chin and gently grasps it with two fingers. Guiding her up, he kisses her lips and smile* I think I can fulfill that wish. *Grabbing Lin's hips Alvaz turns her around and presses his dick against her ass*
*Lin archs her back, looking about at him, smirk on her face as she grinds her cheeks against his length* You're really hesistant to start it off... Afraid of what I might be capable?~ Don't be, I'll make sure you feel well~
redrew a set of actions
*He continues to grind his length against her ass* Oh, do you really need it that badly inside you? *He gently gropes her tits and squeezes them playfully* Why rush things?
*Lin stands on her tip toes, squealing lightly as her tits get played with, that making her rosebud move up too, and slight right onto Alvaz's cock, gaping to swallow it before then tightening, showing off her kegels skills as she seats him and rides him squeezed* Because you're a cute demon boy who needs rust dusted off?~
Hmmm~ *He let out a muted moan the moment she mounts him* Oh, I didn't know that people here have become so aggressive, but I can't complain about that~ *Alvaz grasp Lin's hips, trying to control the rhythm.*
Don't fret, not everyone... I'm just a nympho with a rather... insatiable sex drive~ Perfect for a demon like you, no? *she giggles, letting him take whatever pace he wanted while she took a moment to rest*
*As she relaxes, he pushes her on her back.* Then we are a perfect match~ *Alvaz grasps her cock and starts to stroke it slowly, but steady.* It's almost like you are throwing a duel, but I can't blame you if you already want to submit~ *In this position he can thrust deeper, seeking Lin's weak point*
*There's no denying Lin's enjoying this greatly, her moans getting more frequent, but there's a smirk in her face, her legs stretching wide, threatening to capture him by wrapping about* Or maybe I'm alluring you to your doom?~
Oh~ You really think you can outfuck a demon~ *He leans to her and sealed his lips with hers in the kiss. Caressing her body, his thrusts speed up. Lin's dick is now pressed between their bellies and rubs against their soft skin*
*Lin returns her passion in the kiss, wriggling about, her tongue searching out for his to dance with, but the call for challenge allures her too much, and soon she scrambles her legs forward, pushing him away to stumble and fall on his back, quickly jumping after and pinning him down as he rolls about, her dick slowly sinking into his anal ring, testing how much of her he can take* I do~ You're not the first one~ Nor last~
*He falls for the same trick again. Feeling her hands on his back when she pinned him, Alvaz looks back at her and grins.* I bet it's only fair if I let you have your fun~ *He rises his ass, rubbing it against her crotch. The moment she pushes past his anal ring he let out a cute moan as his ass tightens around her cock.* Just be gentle, I'm not such big anal nymph like you~
Fair enough~ *she chuckles, lightening her thrusts, focusing on going deep than hard, while she reaches down for his cock, scooping a touch of precum that he has oozed out, fingering it in his mouth* You do seem to like it, though, leaking for me~
*At her fingers enters his mouth he licks his pre off them* Hmm~ why wouldn't I like some fun time with a cutie like you? *Alvaz presses his body against Lin's encouraging her to push a little harder*
*Lin gladly complies with what his body wants, flipping him about to fuck in missionary, getting close to hilting him fully, while also wanking him off* True~ And a cutie that likes it both ways is doubly good, no?~
*He lies there enjoying the moment. Alvaz arches his back feeling as Lin's cock hits his sensitive spot deep inside him.* Then maybe you want to swap? *He smiles at her while his legs wraps around her hips*
*She thinks for a moment, feeding him a bit more liquid arousal* Maybe~ *she pulls out to the tip, just her head inside him* Think you have enough will to want to swap, and not spear yourself on me?~
*The moment she almost pulls out he pounces at her, making her fall on all fours with him behind her* Oh~ I think I will~ *He lines up his dick with her ass.* Let's test your 'willpower' now~ *With one swift move he enters her. To to the previous penetration and the pre all over his penis, there was little to no problem. Holding tightly her hips, Alvaz thrust with growing rhythm. * Hmm~ I wonder how long you manage to last~
is resisting cumming (49% chance of cum) => Resisted!
OH FUCK YES!~ *Lin yells out, feeling him enter her, gladly taking her given position, head leaning down to watch her own girlcock bounce wild from his thrusts* Mmmmmgh~ Rougher, my cutie demon, rougher~ This buttslut needs more~ *she yells out, showing both how aroused she is, but also she needs more to be sated this way*
redrew a set of actions
*Out of breath he slows down, looking at you with disbelief* Ah~ are you sure that you are not a succubus?
Well.... I know I'm likely not human... but succubus? Doubt it~ Nympho fits me better~ *Soon though she rolls to side, staying deep in him, not daring to leave him, but instead pressing her feet on his face, while she half sits and wraps her hands to force him fuck her harder, her rearentrance once again tightening up, trying to coax an orgasm out of him* You're not some hair trigger though, boy, right?~
is resisting cumming (54% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*Surprised by that move he falls under her* Hmmm~ *He let out a submissive groan when she push her feet on his face. After kissing her sole, he pushes her off him and stands next to her with his cock right next to her eyes.* Nice try but you did underestimate me a little. Maybe you will kiss the tip of my cock as an apology~?
*she blushes seeing his cock so up close, and pecks it a light kiss, not doing anything else* Sorry~
That's a good girl~ *He pokes her face with his cock* Now tell me, do you want to feel good? I can make you cum but you have to ask very nicely for that~
*she shivers from his cock prodding her, hesitating to answer, softly asking him with puppy eyed look at him* Would you make me a good girl?~
redrew a set of actions
Oh, sure~ Now bend over if you want to be a good girl *Guiding her on all fours again, he places his dick on her ass. Leaning down he cups her tits kissing her neck* Ready~? *With that question, he shifts his hips and pushed his dick inside her again.*
*she nods, kneeling down on all fours, ass pushed up, helping him guide it in* Always~ *she says eagerly, softly moaning out as she lets herself getting taken, head rolled back in bliss, craving more*
(that was three turns, next is normal)
*He pushes at her back, making her lay on her belly. Pinning her with his weight in a prone position he thrust deep aiming at her prostate.*
(I have to say these action draws were unlucky)
(yeah, I feel ya, had my own mess with RNG yesterday. Least you're about to cum on empty tank, no drain :P
*Lin's eyes shoot wide, gasping out and panting heavily to endure him, feeling her cock burn like crazy between herself and gloor, but at the same time, her ass starts undulating and both gripping and loosening around Alvaz's length, coaxing him to creampie her* YES!~ YES!~ FILL ME UP!~ FEED THIS BUTTSLUT!~
is resisting cumming (95% chance of cum) => Came!
Hmmm~ fuck... *He feels her as squeezes around his cock. Knowing that he won't be able to outlast her he pulls out with a loud moan* Ahhh~ *The moment his cock rest at her butt she can feel the ropes of cum erupts at her ass and back* Ahhh~ *Out of breath he slowly caresses her body while resting*
*she rolls about, leaning in to kiss his cock and lick off a bit of cum that's left on his tip* Mmmmgh~ Refreshing~ *she giggles, teasing his thoughts about Lin possibly being a succubus*
*Panting heavily he looks at her, still not wanting to believe what just happened*
*she sits up more, leaning him down to suckle at her tits, her other hand reaching to give him a gentle handjob, deciding to be more caring and pampering* My, that's a lot of rust we need to dust off from ya~
*Laying his head on her lap he closes his eyes, relaxing.* Hah, I didn't want to use that, but it seems I did underestimate you. *His hand starts to glow and with the snap of his fingers, he summons a tentacle that wraps around Lin's legs* Hmm~ Now time to feed my pet~ *The tentacle wraps around her dick and starts to milk her wildly*
is resisting cumming (100% chance of cum) => Came!
*Lin tenses up, but doesn't resist it, knowing it was long overdue, needing a release by now if she wanted to continue her fighting* That's one hungry pet you have~ *she manages to remark before her moans become too uncontrollable, screaming out incoherently and letting out a large, pent up load that long awaited freedom, feeding his pet as much as she can give it*
*Her hand barely stays on his cock, stroking him much slower as she gets drained*
*As her body is weakened for a moment he pushes her on the side and leans down to her ass* Your next orgasm will be while I would fuck your ass~ *He pushes he's face between her asscheeks and starts rimming her.*
Oh?~ *she shivers, craving his tongue more, seating him and letting him continue working on her, while Lin meanwhile reached out for his cock, making sure he was ready for her*
*He makes that moment last. He slides two fingers inside her while she sucks him* Hmm~ I think you are ready now~ *He playfully slaps her butt*
*she giggles, looking down to wag her finger at him* I don't think you're on top, boy~ *She quickly rotates herself about to be in front of him, lifting his ass up a bit almost like a mating press, her cock angled perfectly for prostate pounding, driving in and out of him the moment she slowly hilts him, making sure she fits before making him stir crazed for lust*
is resisting cumming (67% chance of cum) => Came!
*When she enters his ass all the strength left his body. He bit his lip trying to endure, but the moment her dick starts to pound his prostate, his body shakes in another orgasm* Ahhh~ *He leans toward her for the kiss.*\
*she accepts his kiss, before leaning down lower, pulling out to reach his cum, drinking it up* Oh dear~ Am I making you desire me?~
*He doesn't respond just smiles and leans for another kiss. This time while locking their lips together he pushes his tongue into her mouth drinking some of his own cum*
*she smirks, scooping up more cum for him to drink, using that distraction to lean down and kiss his cock, wanting to drink some from the 'source'* Say.... do you have any secret desires you would like fulfilled?~ I promise, I won't judge~ *she asks him in a soft, enthralling voice, her eyes hazing over, deep pink flashes coming out of them to him*
Hmmm~ *He sways his head while looking into her eyes* I... The moment you made me cum with my ass... that was amazing...
Oh?~ *she giggles, teasing him up by lifting up and hovering just a tiny bit above his cock, no gap visible* Want to feed me more internally?~
*He looks at her in delight and quickly nods* Ahh~ Please let me~
Well, we must make sure you're as hard and brimming as ever, first~ *she giggles, her hands wrapping about both their cocks, lowering herself down to frot and jerk them together*
*The senses suddenly come back to him* Huh? *He pushes his body against hers, climbing on top of her* Oh~ What did you want? Something inside you, right~? *He pushes his dick inside her while still storing her dick.* Hmm~ Now it's your turn to cum~ *Following her techiqe, he lifts her hips and pushes deep, rubbing against her prostate.*
is resisting cumming (66% chance of cum) => Came!
Nyyyyyyeehhhhhh~ FUUUUCK~ *Lin yelps, reacting too late to his senses returning, his aim true, making her cum with little warning, spraying all over herself and his hand*
*yet the orgasm makes her body shake and squirm and writhe in such a way, that she's scrunching up right up to him, some of her cum coating her arm, Lin still having a touch of wit about her, reaching out to give him some wet fingering, encouraging Alvaz to continue fucking her, trying her damnedest to go deep enough and reach his prostate, milking him this way instead*
is resisting cumming (50% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*Knowing how dangerous her fingers can be he back off pulling out. Licking her cum off his hand he smiles at her and sits with his legs spread.* I was wondering how your breast feels, why don't you give me a little presentation~ *He almost whispers to her with low voice, trying to charm her*
*she follows his request without much consideration, grabbing them and wrapping around his cock, giving couple soft squeezes before looking up, letting him decide the pace*
Good girl~ *He grasps her by hips and pulls on his lap. While kissing her Alvaz presses his cock against her anal ring.* Hmm~ Try your best to endure it~ *Pushing her hips down, he makes his dick enter deep inside her. Controlling the rhythm, he makes her hips sway in his lap. When he finally enters her fully each sway of her hips makes his tip to rub against her prostate.*
is resisting cumming (23% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*She manages to regain her senses the moment he enters her, managing to stave off her edge at very last second, grabbing her own girlcock and slowly tugging it, clamping up her release* Phwoaaaah... You're quite tricksy for a demon too~
(that was last action, btw. three spent on your end, two on mine)
*He thrust his hips, hitting her prostate* Oh~ That's cheating, don't you think? *He grab her girlcock and starts to store it fast* I know you are close~ Just stop resisting~
is resisting cumming (42% chance of cum) => Resisted!
AGHHHHHH~ *Lin yelps out, a dejavu of their first orgasm together returning, Lin being close to cumming, and as last ditch effort, starting to squeeze and loosening about his cock, writhing from inside, squirming while lost in her lust and arousal*
is resisting cumming (68% chance of cum) => Came!
Hmm~ *He thrust hard inside her, almost sure that she will cum first, but that was his mistake. Feeling as her ass tightens around his cock Alvaz feels that he crosses the edge.* Ahhh~ *With a loud moan he erupts inside her, filling her with his cum*
Yeeeeeeeesssss!~ *Lin groans out, her ass continuing to coax out more and more cum out of him, wanting to be filled up, Lin only allowing herself to cum as he finished his cumming, spraying all over her own face, grinning at him with her new face mask* Well, I may not be a succubus, but I do be a lovely lady, don't you think so?~
*Out of breath he looks at her with a blush. Letting out a soft chuckle, he leans towards her, licks some of her cum off her face, and kisses her* Oh, you are a lovely troublemaker for sure~
I hope that rust has been cleared off, and whoever else you'll meet next time will see a much more alluring demon~ To be honest.... I almost fell for you myself~ Bit more and you could have had me~
*He chuckles* Ah~ Next time you won't be a match for me. Now when I know what buttons to push~ But... I have to admit I don't mind losing to a such lovely lady.
*she blushes, standing up to lead him to showers* Oh please~ Just your local cutie buttslut nympho, giving and taking in equal doses~ Nothing wrong with that, I hope?~
*He follows her lead* Absolutely not! I have to say that's the best part~
(Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did ;)
(Ah, that was longer than I thought, but I had a blast.)
(was bit worried bout time, but you didnt ask to go faster, so yep
(just carried on with fun
(say, mind if we make this public log? or if not comfortable with that, at least secret?)
(Sure, we can make it public)
(Okay, but right now I'm really out of time xD)
(See you around!)
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