Phoebe Sunrise VS Haruka : History listed publicly (84 turns)

Best title match ever!

Haruka: I don't care if I lost the belt. As long as we both had our fun, I'm already happy! Phoebe: I somehow got the belt, but I had a ton of fun also! It was interesting playing a game with a penis as well!

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Hello! ^^
(So before we start, do you have any rules or request?)
(Want to run 4+ dice for hypno, max 3 turns, or just go by actions)
(Oh, regarding hypno or bondage, don't worry, I don't play with those)
(Oh ok! Then I think we're all good!)
(Umm, have you read my profile yet? You can take your time a little to read it!)
(Once you're done, Tell me which outfit do you prefer me to be in ^^)
(I read it when you first dm'd me, agree with everything, fun competitive match, and the two piece if you let me choose~)
(Alrighty then! So assume my top and pants and my glove and kneepads okay?)
(Also you can use toy moves on me, but try to replace it with some other description while rp-ing)
(Also I'll be really gentle and caring through the whole game, and I hope you would too ^^)
(Sure! Any specific outfit you can think of for me? I'd have to find it real quick but I can)
(And I like gentle and caring, but also trying to win)
(It is a title fight after all!)
(Sure, you can aim for the win but don't be too harsh on me okay ><)
(I wont! I don't like any insults or anything, and I like when everyone is enjoying it!)
(You'd suit wearing your bikini combined with mittens as the top and pants. How does that sound like?)
(I have a second bikini, and I'm not sure what you mean by mittens)
(I can change to the second one and see what you think of that!)
(Hurm, like cute and fluffy dog patterned gloves and slippers! I'm actually quite bad at thinking for the outfit)
(That looks great! I think I should be in my bikini too!)
(Sure, I can wear dog gloves and slippers! I don't have a picture for them but that sounds good for the match!)
(Oh, Alrighty then, we can start! Goodluck Phoebe ^^)
*Haruka approaches Phoebe slowly while rubbing herself slowly against her partner and kissing them in the neck and cheek* Mmmmh.. Nnnhh...
*She leans down, kissing Haruka on the top of the head as Haruka presses her body into Phoebe* Hello there~
Mmhh.. Hello sweetie! *Haruka continues nibbling the Inumimi's neck*
*Phoebe leans her neck back, looking into Haruka's eyes before moving forward and pressing her lips against her opponent's, tasting their mouth*
Mmh.. mmhh.. *Haruka wrestles her tongue with Phoebe's as they get hot and steamy with each other* Mmmhh.. Fuahh... Do you want a surprise?
*She grins as they separate, growing lustful for her opponent* Sure~
*Haruka giggles, then strips her two piece down until she's naked, for her partner's eyes to feast on*
*Phoebe watches as Haruka takes off her clothes, feeling herself grow hard in her bikini* That is a wonderful surprise~ *She wraps an arm around Haruka, pressing her large tits against her partners naked body* You're stunning~
*giggles* You too, sweetheart! I can't wait to taste your F-cup breast, and whatever is under your bikini *Haruka gives a bright smile towards her opponent
*While Phoebe's dog ears starts to twitch, Haruka tries to calm it down by licking it*
*She blushes as her sensitive ears are licked, not expecting it* N-No need for that~ *Phoebe hugs Haruka, her hands trailing down her body before reaching their ass, slowly groping and squeezing it*
Hyah! *Haruka squeals a little as her ass gets squeezed. She then lowers herself and lifts one of Phoebe's sole, and started licking it*
Mmhh.. your feet... They're delicious!
EEP! *Phoebe laughs as her sole is unexpectedly licked, tickling her a bit* W-Well in that case! *She drops to the floor with Haruka, grabbing and licking her sole with her long Inu tongue*
You don't taste bad yourself! *lick*
Hnn~ *Haruka's feet was also sensitive as the Inu kept licking her feet thoroughly. As they're on the ground together, Haruka can feel herself and Phoebe's body start to heat up* Hahh.. Ahh... Mmmmhh...
*Phoebe's ears twitch, continuing to lick Haruka's foot, making sure every part is wet with saliva as she feels her bikini grow tight, a large bulge clearly visible to her opponent*
Mmmhh.. My feet, they're so wet.. *As Haruka was licking her partner's feet, Haruka notice the bulge under her partner's bikini starts to get bigger, and she was a bit concerned* C-can I touch it? It looked sore... Does it hurt?
Mmhn... *Phoebe sets down their foot, moving closer on the ground so her and Haruka are close* I would love for you to touch it, can I touch you~? *Her bikini is now straining as her girl cock reaches its full mast*
*Haruka blushes, then nods slowly* C-can! You can do whatever you want to my body... *Haruka then proceeds to touch the Inu's dick, as it twitches*
*She lightly moans as Haruka rubs her bulge, reaching over with both hands and gently fondling her opponents breasts* Your body is lovely~
Ahnn~ *Haruka moans from the fondling she received, that she was too horny until she starts to imagine what's under her partner's bikini* Hahh.. Hahh..
H-Haruka...~ * Phoebe moves even closer, partially pressing her body against her partners as her hands return to Haruka's ass* You can return the favor dear~
Hnnh~ Ahhh *As Phoebe gets closer, she can feel her warm breath right on her bare skin. Eventually, Haruka starts to grind herself against Phoebe's bulge* P-phoebe~
O-Ooh Haru~ *She moans as Haruka rubs on her bulge, hugging Haruka tightly to her body as she continues groping her partners ass, their tits pressing together* S-So nice~
Hnnhh... Fuahhh... *Haruka lets herself rub against her partner. Because of how big Phoebe's tits are compared to hers, she started imagining what would happen if she gets smothered by them*
*Phoebe grips Haruka's ass tighter, moving her hands closer together and prodding at her opponents backdoor, fantasizing about how tight it would feel*
Mmh! *Haruka felt her hole being stretched, but she doesn't mind that. Phoebe's cute mittens actually caught her eye so she started taking them off* W-where did you get these?
*Phoebe's ears perk up as her opponent takes off her gloves* Family made them!
They're so cuteee~ *Haruka cherishes them and puts them next to her cheeks, feeling the fluffiness*
*She smiles, seeing her opponents cuteness, glancing down at their breasts making her cock throb against Haruka's sex* T-Thanks~
*Haruka then uses the mittens to rub herself, it felt way different than touching herself normally* Hhnn... H-How do I look?
*Phoebe blushes as her opponent rubs their sex with her mittens* A-Amazing..~ *Quickly growing even more lustful, she wraps her arms around Haruka again, this time grinding her bulge into her opponents sex herself, lightly moaning as their wetness seeps through the bikini* H-Haruka... can we get started~?
Hya! Ahh~ W-we can! *Haruka felt her nerves shocked as her crotch was rubbed on with her partner's bulge, that was already leaking precum and wet*
G-Good~ *Wanting to test her opponent, Phoebe's hand moves in between them, teasing against Haruka's lips as she feels their wetness*
S-So wet~ *She slowly pushes a finger inside Haruka, moving it gently inside her*
Ahn~ *Haruka moans as soon as Phoebe inserted her finger inside, She couldn't resist, but to breath heavily like she's in heat* Nnnh~ Ahh~ It's wet because you're too hot!
Then I'm so hard because you're so hot~ *She leans in, hungrily pressing her lips into Haruka's as she slips in a second finger, moving it a bit quicker as she wrestle's tongues with her opponent*
Mmmhh... Mmm.. T-then can I use these to relieve it? *Haruka says as she holds her chest together*
*She stares at her opponents breast, her pupils dilating as she gulps* Y-Yes please~
*Haruka then slips Phoebe's panties, revealing the heat that she has been packing. Haruka then uses her boobs to press against her dick together, suffocating it, while also moving them up and down.* D-do you feel better?
(15 min break, sorry!)
(All good! And are we playing with weaknesses, like you skipping from oral?)
(Yes! If I forget, please remind me okay?)
(I'm going to take a shower real quick '^^)
(Go ahead!)
(I'm back!)
*I let out a long moan as you press and rub your tits against my cock, slowly leaning back* F-Fuck that feels amazing~~ *I hold myself up with my arms as I let your tits pleasure me, enamored by the feeling*
(Assume I do not restrain you) *Haruka kept her hold while she adds a little bit of pleasure by licking her tip* Nnnh... Slrrp..
*She loudly moans as Haruka licks the tip, setting a hand on her head and lightly pushing Haruka's mouth lower onto her cock* O-Oh g-god~
*Haruka gets perked up once she heard Phoebe's shivers and moans, That she started picking up her pace* Nnhh... Hnn.. Do-does it feel great?
*Phoebe throws her head back, continuing to loudly moan as her cock twitches between her partner's tits* I-Its a-amazing~!
Hahh.. hahhh.... Thank you.. *As her tits gets fucked, she uses her hands to stroke Phoebe's balls, while also fingering her anus* Y-you're so... Lovely...
*Phoebe's eyes flutter, feeling overwhelmed with pleasure, her cock throbbing and twitching* F-Fuck Haru, you feel so good~~
*While Haruka fingers the Inu's hole, she would also pet her wagging uncontrollable tail, While also licking the precum leaking from her cock. She pleasures these 4 points altogether, trying to give the best and memorable pleasure Phoebe has ever had* Nnnhh.. *lick*
H-Haru..~~ *Phoebe grabs Haru's shoulders, lightly pushing her back to the ground as she holds her opponent below her, holding eye contact as she pants with lust* H-Haru~ *She moves her hopes forward, pressing her cock against Haru's sex before loudly moaning as she penetrates her partner, wasting no time as she starts thrusting*
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Hyahh! P-phoebe! Ahnn~ Ahh~ *Haruka couldn't stop moaning as the Inu's cock enters her slit, tearing her tight pussy apart. She moans along with Phoebe's thrust and completely submit to her. While they're in an intercourse together, Haruka fondles Phoebe's huge breasts, while also rubbing herself*
(Can I enable short game? I'm afraid if it would take too long for you since its 1am in ur place)
(I'm a night owl, I will be up for a while, but if you want to you can! I'm going to be awake for a few more hours though)
(Then It'd be fine I guess. Or do you want a short game with a long after match RP?)
(We could do a full match and continue rp'ing afterwards for however long)
*She thrusts into her opponent quickly, forgetting about the match in pursuit of their mutual pleasure* S-So tight~~ *Phoebe leans down and kisses Haruka as they fuck*
(Ignore the record part)
Nnnn~ Aaah~ Ahh~~ Ahhn~ *While she gets pounded, Haruka tries to compose herself and leans in for a kiss.* Mmmhh... Mmmhh.. * She then proceeds to lick Phoebe's neck, cheek and ear as they make love*
*Growing even more lustful as she loses herself in the act, she moves a hand back and lightly slaps Haruka's ass as she speeds up* F-Fuck you feel so good Haru~~
Hhnn!! *Haruka felt the pain from the slap, but it was already in the mixture of pleasure that she doesn't even feel it anymore. She kept lusting on her opponent's body, licking through the dog like she's giving her a bath, then strokes her wagging tail* Ahh~ Aah~ It's so~ fluffy~ You're so~ Lovely ~
Haru~! *She starts thrusting into her opponent quickly, their hips clapping together as she leans down and starts making out with Haruka, feeling intense passion from their love making*
Iyahh~ Aahh~ Yeahh~ Faster! I need you to shoot your load inside me! *Haruka commands as she fell into lust love making with her opponent, While still licking through Phoebe's body*
*She looks into her opponents eyes as she starts thrusting into her as quick as she can, loudly moaning from the feeling as their hips sound like applause* H-HARU~~!!
(Rp'ing as your pussy)
is resisting cumming (86% chance of cum) => Resisted!
Hhnn!! Iyahh~~ Aaahh~ Ahhnn~ Ahhh~~ Nnnn.. *Haruka tried to contain herself trying to burst and she succeeded. But she kept moaning as the Inu's thrusting is irresistible*
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*Haruka bucks and bounce her hips back in lust, trying to milk the poor Inu into shooting her load inside* Ahh~ Ahh~ Phoebe! Hold me tight!
is resisting cumming (84% chance of cum) => Came!
*She holds tightly around her opponents body, her thrusts getting shaky before she crys out in pleasure, cumming deep inside Haruka* I-I'M C-CUMMING~~!!!
Hhnnn!! *Haruka receives her opponent's warm load inside her, flowing through her womb* Hahh.. hahh... It feels.. so... Hot... Inside...
*She moans into Haruka's ear as her hips shake, her cock pulsing inside of her, slowly coming down until it stops* H-H-Haru..~~
*Haruka pulls out and kneels down, cleaning the leaking cum on the Inu's cock thoroughly, but she loved it and worship it so much she started blowing Phoebe again* Mmmhh... Mmmhh
S-Still s-sensitive~! *She moans as Haru cleans and blows her cock, her eyes widening as she trys to hold back from quickly cumming again*
is resisting cumming (15% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*She holds firm, the feeling passing as she enjoys the blowjob* T-That's nice~
Mmmhh.. Fuahhh.. Your cock, and your cum, it's so delicious... *Haruka lick her lips, cleaning the remaining cum on it while also sticking her tongue out with an ahegao expression*
*She flashes a grin and giggle as Haruka makes the face* Oh, want to be fucked silly~? *Phoebe's tail wags, before she pounces forward on top of her opponent, quickly slamming her hips into their pussy as hard and quick as she can* C-Cum for me Haru~
Hiyahh!!? Ahhh~~ Aaah~~ Aah~ *Haruka was completely out of control as soon as Phoebe dominated her. She couldn't contain herself but to make face while panting heavily*
is resisting cumming (100% chance of cum) => Came!
Hnn.. Nnnh ... KYAHHH!! *Haruka squirts around Phoebe's cock, while her whole body twitches and shivers as her eyes rolls up and goes limp*
*Haruka tries to compose herself, trying to gain back her consciousness*
*Phoebe thrusts through her orgasm, before pulling out as she calms down, sitting back and catching her breath* A-Almost forgot this was a match~! *She giggles, her rock hard cock pointing in the air as you recover*
(Sorry someone called me)
(All good!)
*Haruka then offers a bottle of mineral water to Phoebe* Are you tired? We can rest for awhile..
*I take the water, uncapping it and quickly drinking it, wiping off my lips* Just a second, need a tiny bit for them~ *I gesture to my cock as I set the water bottle down*
Hahh... It's amazing.. your cock is still throbbing hard.. But it's already covered in cum... *Haruka strokes Phoebe a little, trying to get the drops of cum and taste them. Then she kisses Phoebe to share the cum with her*
Mmmmhh..... Mmmhh... Y-you made me sore all over... Can you give me a massage?
*She flashes a seductive grin as Haru cleans her cock, leaning forward and eagerly accepting her cum as they kiss, swallowing it down* Sure Haru~ *She smiles, running her hands along Haru's hips and tits, just as much feeling her up as massaging her*
Nnnhh.. Aahh.. That's the spot... *Haruka recovers herself back, after being worn out. But with Phoebe's fingers caressing her body, she couldn't resist to ask her while lifting her arm up* C-can you like my armpits?
*Her eyes widen from the request, before she shrugs and moves her head down* Why not~? *She deeply inhales Haru's sweat, her sharp dog nose amplifying it as she grows lustful again, slowly licking all of the sweat off her armpit*
Aahh... That's great.. *Haruka pats the Inu's wiggling ears while she licks her armpit*
*She slowly moves down Haru's body, before ending up between her thighs, kissing and lightly licking her opponents sex*
(Oral weakness if you forgot)
Nnh.. Aah.. *Haruka felt her pussy twitch as Phoebe plants a short kiss on her pussy. Even if its not cunnilingus, she still felt her nerves being unstable by the stimulation*
*She smiles as she hears Haru* Like my face down here~? *She giggles, sitting back and spreading her legs, her cock pointing at Haru* Why don't you give mine a kiss as well~
Aahh.. Yes I do... You're so cute.. *Haruka then stares at Phoebe moving back with her cock throbbing out. She blushes for awhile and nods a little. She then lowers herself and eagerly plant a kiss on her tip*
*She shudders from the tip, before placing both of her hands on the back of Haru's head, gently but firmly pushing her head lower* I think your kiss should be a bit deeper~ *She lightly moans from the stimulation*
*Haruka submits as her mouth gets fucked by the sweet Inu, while she cherishes the meat she's blowing on by passionately sucking on it* Mmmhh.. Mmmh
(You skipped?)
(Yup, I'll skip if I can't connect the situation with the moves I got)
(Your redraw is -3 energy so yeah I guess!)
redrew a set of actions
*She groans and sighs in pleasure as Haruka blows her, her hands guiding her partner up and down her cock* Mouth... so good~
Mmmhh.. Mmhh *Haruka wants to say something but her head was pinned down that she had no choice but to submit and eagerly sucks her cock. She would also rub herself while she's at it*
*Haruka's muffled speech vibrates Phoebe's cock, encouraging her to keep holding her there, greatly enjoying the blowjob* Your mouth is amazing Haruka~~
redrew a set of actions
*As Haruka eagerly sucks her opponent's cock, she tried to go deeper into her opponent's shaft, until the tip reaches her throat. At first she was going to choke on it but she managed to maintain herself*
O-Oh f-fuck Haruka..~~ *Phoebe moans louder as Haru takes her cock deeper, feeling herself grow close to the edge* W-Wait, g-gonna c-cum~~!
is resisting cumming (74% chance of cum) => Came!
*She loudly moans as her cock throbs in Haru's mouth, before she cums, letting go of her opponents head as she cries out in pleasure* H-HaArrRuuUU~~!!!
MMHH!! *The ropes of cum lands on Haruka's face, smeared white like she's caked with it. The facial perked her even more, that she tried to lick her lips and also gather the cum from her cheek and swallow it. But to not let Phoebe alone, she offers a kiss to share those cum together*
(10 min break, sorry!)
(All good!)
*Coming down from her orgasm, she quickly hugs Haru and leans in, locking lips with her partner and moaning as she tastes her cum, breaking the kiss to slowly lick the rest of the cum off with her long tongue*
(I'm back! Sorry for taking too long)
(You're fine, I'm having a lot of fun!)
*Haruka blushes as she twist her tongue with Phoebe as she swallows the cum together slowly* Hahh.. hahh... I don't care if I lose the title anymore, I just need you to coat my slutty and naked body with your thick cum!
*Phoebe shudders as she hears that, quickly growing hard again* O-Oh fuck don't say things like that H-Haru~~ *She grabs onto her putting her partner in her lap and dropping Haru onto her cock, moaning as she lightly picks up and drops her onto it*
Hnyahh!! Aaah~ Aah~ Yes!! Keep shooting your load until it wouldn't fit my womb anymore! *Haruka bounces up and down as she rubs herself*
*Phoebe groans as Haru bounces on her dick, her words making her unbelievably lustful as she hugs Haru tightly, shoving her face in Haru's breasts as she leans back and starts thrusting up into her, muffled moans coming from inside her partners tits* MmHN~!
Haaahhh!! My body!! They're trembling! Hold me tight Phoebe! *Haruka would also hug Phoebe back while uncontrollably bouncing on her cock*
*She hugs Haru even tighter, thrusting up quicker into her tight pussy, loudly moaning into her tits* H-Haarruuu~~!!
Hhnn~ Phoebe~ release your seed inside me again!! *Haruka aggressively bounces up and down milking Phoebe with her tight slits*
is resisting cumming (47% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*She only speeds up even more, fucking Haru as fast as she can as she hangs on by a thread, her cock ready to burst at a moments notice*
redrew a set of actions
*Exhausted from the sex, she slowly lays down, letting Haru bounce on her dick, praying she cums first* C-Cum Haru..~~
(Really EF >.>)
redrew a set of actions
*Haruka decided that I'd be the best to milk her opponent dry with her dangerous weapon, which is her breast. She pulls out, kneels and starts wanking Phoebe's dick with her boobs* No, coat my chest with your thick cum first~ ❤️
*Phoebe's eyes widen as Haru pulls out, giving her just a moments reprieve before her back arches as she feels those tits wrap around her cock* H-HARU~~! *She bites her lip, trying to hold on*
is resisting cumming (62% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*She manages to pull away, crawling just a tiny bit back as her cock is freed from its prison, throbbing, a half second away from exploding inside her opponents breasts* N-Not... Yet~!!
Hahh.. hahh.. *Haruka was in a complete delusion that she couldn't control her lust, as she holds and rubs herself, waiting for Phoebe to make a move against her*
*Phoebe slowly crawls over to Haruka, panting in lust as her cock throbs, flipping her opponent over and yelling in pleasure as she quickly thrusts into their pussy* C-CUM HARU~~!!!
is resisting cumming (100% chance of cum) => Came!
Hnghh!! Iyahh!! Hahh~ Ahh~ Aah~ *Haruka couldn't resist at all as Phoebe ravaged her pussy down that her juices start to leak out*
Nnnhh.. IYAHHHH!!!! *Haru trembles as her hips twitch uncontrollably, cumming and squirting hard on Phoebe's cock* Hhnnh.. Ahhh...
*Haruka then falls down onto the mat, lifeless as she couldn't move anymore..
*As soon as she feels Haru cum, she slams her cock down, exploding inside her pussy as she cries out in extreme pleasure* AaaAAA~!!!!
*Haruka tries to reach out her hand, trying to signal for a hug and cuddle*
*She slowly comes down from her intense orgasm, laying on top of Haru, nuzzling into neck and hugging her* Y-You're... amazing..~~
*Haru the hugs Phoebe while she nuzzles under her neck, stroking her ear slowly..* You too... you made me so worn out...
*Haru then plants a few kiss on top of Phoebes hair and ear*
*She plants a few kisses on her partners neck, catching her breath from the intense match* I think... that's the hardest I've came...~~
Hahh.. hahh.. me too.. You made me feel so hot and excited, I came harder than usual... *Haruka then lifts Phoebe's face up and kisses her lips*
Mmh... S-so.. how does it feel to beat a champion?
*She smiles, looking into her partners eyes as her tail wags* Weird, but I'd rather think about you right now~ *She plants another kiss on Haru's lips with a gentle smile*
*Haruka giggles and smiles at that statement* Hehe, then I'm glad to be your priority than the title. I think the same about you too..
*She giggles with Haru, smiling widely* That makes me happy~
Hehe.. Also since you've won, do you want to take a shower, or do you want me to lick your body clean?
*She blushes* Umm... can you lick me~?
Un! *Haruka starts cleaning Phoebe's lips, licking her lips and licking her throughout her mouth*
*She lightly kisses Haru as her mouth is licked, resisting making out so her partner can fully clean her*
*Then she starts moving through her dog ears, licking them until the fur is smooth and clean*
*Her ears twitch as they are licked, holding a light moan back from the sensitivity of her dog ears*
*She then moves forward to her neck, licking through the circumference, and slowly goes to her collarbone, then her right shoulder*
H-Haru..~ *She blushes even more as her neck and collarbone is licked* O-One moment~ *She lightly moans as she pulls out of Haru, laying on her back next to her partner* T-There we go, now you can lick me easier...~
Oh, hehe.. thanks! *Haru then proceeds to lift and straighten her partner's right arm, and licks through it, including her hand and fingers. No spot was left uncleaned. Then she lifts up her partner's right arm even higher and starts tickling her armpit with the tip of her tongue. Then, she licks through Phoebe's armpit, cleaning all the salty saliva caused by the intense match. She would do the same for the left arm*
*She giggles as her armpit is licked, watching her partner lick her body stirring inside her, surprising herself as she feels herself starting to grow hard again* T-Thanks~
*Haruka smiles brightly as a sign of 'welcome' to Phoebe. She proceeds to lick through Phoebe's whole back, and slowly turns to the front, and licks her abs, navel and eventually, her breast. She passionately licked the nipples thoroughly one by one, that she starts to feel her nipples being hard*
Do you like it so far? I hope I did a great job ^^ *Haruka smiles once again*
*She lightly moans as Haru licks her nipples and breasts, her cum covered cock growing to full erection* I-It was amazing... t-too amazing...~ *She blushes deeply as her cock twitches*
Hehe, I'm glad to know it! *Haru then proceeds to Phoebe's cum covered cock, licking through the tip, the girth and the shaft, while sucking out all the cum, cleaning everything. Then she moved to the Inu's balls, licking each of them one by one, teasing them. Then she moves to her ass and licks her whole ass cheeks.*
Finally, she licks the dog's thigh, shin and feet, one by one. No spot was left uncleaned, including her toes and around it*
*She moans as her cock is licked, eyes fluttering from her balls and ass, watching as her legs and feet are cleaned, her entire body wet with saliva* T-That... was amazing... Haru~~
Have I cleaned everything? *Haru asks while smiling innocently*
Oh your tail! *Haru takes Phoebe's tail into her hand slowly, and licks all the fur until its smooth and clean*
*She giggles* I think you have, but I recall you saying something... I think it was "I just need you to coat my slutty and naked body with your thick cum!" *She gaze's into Haru's eyes, her cock twitching*
Hehe, I did say that. Do you want to shower me with it now?
I bet you're really exhausted. Are you sure you can cum a few more times?
You saying that made me want it to happen~ *She feels her groin heat up, growing more lustful* I think I can at least a couple times, if you can~~
Alright then! *Haru then starts servicing, Phoebe, helping her by blowing her cock until she feels like cumming*
*She bucks her hips into Haru's mouth, moaning loudly, glad to be able to cum without worrying about the match* H-Haru... C-Close~~!
Mmmh~~ Mmh~ *Haru closes her eyes waiting for Phoebe to shoot her load inside her mouth*
H-HaruuuUU~~!! *She thrusts her hips up, before loudly crying out, cumming without a care into her partners mouth* AA-aAA~!
MMHH!! *Haru stops for awhile as Phoebe's dick twitches from cumming, but right after, she didn't stop her pace*
*As Haruka stops, she start slowly coming down from her orgasm, but yells in pleasure as Haru starts sucking again, shaking her hips as her sensitive cock is overwhelmed with pleasure* H-Haru~~!!!
Mmhh~ Mmhh~~ *Haru wants to say something but she was too focused on sucking with her mouth full of cum, that she signals it by moving her head back and forth faste*
*Phoebe starts thrusting quicker into Haru's mouth, feeling insane pleasure as her cock throbs before cumming again, her back arching high as she unloads another load into her mouth* Y-YESSS~~!!!!!!
*Before Phoebe starts cumming again, Haru pulls her cock out of her mouth, then aims it at her face, while closing her eyes* FUAHHH!!
Hahh.. hahhh.. *Haru was amazed by the quantity of cum Phoebe produced.* What kind of magician is that Alchemist... *Haru then looks concerned at Phoebe, who came twice and looks like she worn out* A-are you okay?
*Phoebe moans as she watches cum shoot onto Haru's face, taking a mental picture of the sight, falling back down panting, her cock growing soft before eventually disappearing, her pussy back in its place* F-Fuck... a-amazing... H-Haru...~
*With her face coated with cum once again, she mounts Phoebe and kisses her slowly, while letting her lick all the cum on her face*
A-are you okay? It seems that the potion's effect had disappeared...
*She slowly licks off the cum, swallowing it with a smile as she kisses Haru in return, hugging her* I'm fine... just exhausted...~
*Haru hugs back tightly* Really? I hope you're fine.. I think if we fight again next time, I won't be asking you to drink the potion anymore.. because I love you the way you are. *Haruka hugs tightly while petting her ear*
That sounds nice Haru~ *She rubs Haru's back and head, smiling as she looks in her eyes* I'm so glad you challenged me, this was great~
Yup, it was great for me too.. *Haru steals a kiss on Phoebe's forehead and lies down on the mat. She then fell asleep since she was too exhausted*
*Phoebe moves over and nuzzles into Haru's neck, falling asleep as she cuddles with her*
(Thanks for the match, it was amazing!)
(Yep, thanks for accepting my offer! I know I can't defend the title so atleast the title now belongs to a really cute girl!)
(Goodluck on defending it!)
(Thank you! I'd love to play again some time!)

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