Shakh "the Disavowed" VS Luna : History listed publicly (1 turns) (Roleplay mode is enabled...)

Norwich City, cont.

After a night of pleasantries, Shakh and Luna set out to the adventurer's guild in town. ![ag](

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I slowly began to wake from my position next to Luna on the bed, sluggishly blinking my eyes and beginning to shift around a bit. I smiled to myself as I still had my arm around Luna, which I unfortunately had to move. I propped myself up on the bed, taking a brief look around the room to remind myself exactly where we were. *Tavern... room.. Luna and I...* I ran through everything in my mind, before shaking the fog out of my head and sliding off the side of the bed to begin gathering up the clothes we had tossed aside the night before.
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*Luna was sleeping peacefully with her head on your chest, one hand still holding yours. When you began to shift around she slowly opened her eyes, rubbing them lazily before closing them again and turning to the other side, mumbling something like "what time is it". After a couple minutes she fully woke up and shifted sitting against the back of the bed, holding the bedsheets to cover her chest and giving a look at you, while the memories from the night before started flooding her mind making her blush visibly.* Uh... morning... *She mumbled timidly*
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I turned to look over my shoulder, smiling a bit as I caught your blush in my view. "Mornin', sweetheart." I chuckled a bit, sliding my shirt over my head and pushing my arms through the sleeves of my undercoat. "Y'want me to step outta the room'n' let you get dressed?"
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*The blush on her cheeks increased even more as you called her that way. She was somewhat worried that all the wine and food from last night had made you say things you wouldn't have, but apparently those feelings remained even when the fog of the alcohol faded off your mind. She was relieved, because it was the same for her.* Uhh... n-no need. *She smiled faintly, getting up of the bed and catching her pants, scattered on the floor last night.*
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I nodded, letting my view linger over your body for a moment before turning back to the rest of my clothes and throwing them on. I suddenly grew a bit frantic, missing only one thing in particular from my belongings. I looked around the room for a moment before slapping my palm against my forehead and groaning. "Goddamnit..."
*Luna took her sweet time to dress back up, before your groan caught her attention. She turned around and gave you a worried look* What's wrong my dear? *She asked, approaching you and staring at you while her worries increased even further.*
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"We was s'posed to go to the adventurer's guild, right?" I held my hands outs, drawing attention to the lack of anything within them. "Forgot to bring my fuckin' axe." I sighed, reaching down to a loop on my thick belt and drawing a sizeable knife from it. "S'pose my fists n' this'll hafta do. Damnit.."
I shoved the knife back into the loop on my belt, before adjusting my clothing and making sure it was properly on me. "Still gettin' used ta wearin' these clothes, heh."
Oh... *She took a deep relieved sigh, her gaze softening a little.* No worries, I don't think we would need the axe, also it would have gave you a threatening aura while roaming around the town, it's better that you didn't bring it. *She was still a bit worried about last night. Everything was fine, right? She didn't know. As a concerned look appeared on her face she took a step further towards you and wrapped her slim arms around you, in a gentle embrace, seeking reassurance.*
"I hope so. Just don't wanna be underprepared or anythin', s'all." I sighed a bit, still unsure whether or not the lack of an axe is for the better. I paused as you stepped forward to hug me, before gently wrapping my own arms around you to return the embrace. "What's wrong, sweetheart?" I stroked a hand over your head, a bit confused on what had her apparently worried. "You doin' alright?"
*She remained silent for a few seconds, before finally speaking her mind, her heart beating like an hammer into her chest.* Last night... did you... want it? Like... are you happy that it happened? Or was it just the wine? *She asked, afraid to look at you in the eyes and hiding her face into your chest as she waited for a response*
I chuckled, my chest pressing against you as I let out a strong laugh. "You kiddin' me? 'Course I wanted that, love." I pulled away from the hug to kneel down in front of you and lean in for a kiss. "I love ya, Luna. An' I think the wine just helped me confess that." I pulled you back into a tight hug, chuckling a bit more. "Yer silly. Wouldn't 'ave told ya I loved ya if I didn't." I kissed you again, nuzzling my nose against yours before slowly standing back up.
"An' as much as I'd love to stay 'ere and tell you that ova n' ova, we should probably get goin'."
*She watched you kneeling before her and felt her heart skipping a beat, smiling at your sweet words.* Thank you Shakh... I really needed to hear that from a sober you. *She returned the kiss gently, cupping your cheeks in her hands before kissing you again* I love you. I'm... new to this kind of feelings but... I am willing to live for them. *She nodded as you got up* Yes, we might have already missed the adventurers... they usually leave at dawn after taking the commissions, but we can still have a look around and grab something to eat on the way. *She smiled before stealing another hug from you and going to push the door open*
"Here's hopin'. I must admit, I'm a touch excited to see what they're all about." I stood aside to let you open the door, following through the opening behind you and heading down through the main floor of the tavern. "Could always stop back in fer a bite here, eh?" I teased, nudging you a bit as we made our way back out to the streets.
I'd rather being sober at daytime... *She chuckled as you walked among the streets. The high elf behind the counter waved his hand as you left, Luna smiled at him and waved back before leaving. The town was already lively, many people roaming along the streets. After a while of walking you spot again that huge building in the distance.* That's it, the adventurer's guild. *Passing through the roads you notice another large building with an open area outside, full of children playing. An half-dragon is taking care of them, watching them play and chuckling. Luna observes the children, stopping for a couple seconds* An orphanage... *She whispered.*
I looked on silently at the big building you pointed out, a bit surprised at the size of it. "Huh. I woulda thought they'd keep it small, like some hideout. S'pose not." I passed my view over to the children, smiling a bit from the children playing around in the open area. My smile faded just a touch when you said what the place was. "...Ah. Right." I was pleased that the kids seemed to be in good hands, though.
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*Luna took another couple seconds to watch at the kids playing, before turning back and resuming to walk towards the big building. Once you arrive there, two figures catch your attention: a human and a half elf. The first one is an old man, they're both in full armor. His long grey beard falls on his prominent belly, he is talking to the half elf in a worried tone. The hald elf seems more relaxed, her hair is long and of a very light shade of blue, almost white. She has a huge sword on her side, and seems a bit more chill than the man, giving him a reassuring pat on his shoulder.* Oh... the Gauntlet and the Lord's Alliance. *Luna said, a bit surprised, recognizing the symbols on their armors.* Better not mess with them, they're important people. *She whispered to you before approaching the main door.*
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I carefully observed the two important figures, nodding in response to your warning. "Got it." I whispered back while keeping your pace, moving up to the door alongside you. "We allowed to just walk in? Or do we gotta get some kinda permission, first?" I scanned over the door, then over the rest of the building that I could see from our spot. "S'pose it couldn't hurt to try.."
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*Being this close, you can eavesdrop the conversation between the two, or at least, a part of it.* "I told you Ontharr, there's nothing to worry about! We'll send someone to get rid of them." *Said the half elf, while Luna was looking around for someone for asking permission to enter the building.* "I already sent someone, they didn't come back." Replied the old man, sighing.*
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I slowly turned to look at the two, my interest piqued from their discussion. I nudged you again. "Psst, hey. Ya think we could help 'em out?" I pointed at the two as subtly as I could. "Maybe that's our way into gettin' established here."
*Luna gave a sneaky look to the both of them, before whispering back to you* We could try. It would be a big shot for us if we were able to help the Lords' Alliance and the Gauntlet. *She took a deep breath before approaching them alongside with you.* "So what? We'll send someone more competent to do the job. They'll bring the rest back." *The woman said, playing around with the pommel of her sword.* "Gladys this is serious matters. We gotta get to the bottom of this."
I cleared my throat, a bit unsure of what to do. I awkwardly performed a small bow before straightening myself back up. "'Scuse me, sir an' madame. Forgive my pryin', but it seems the two of ya 'ave got a naggin' problem." I cleared my throat, trying to do away with my orcish accent as much as possible to sound a little more well spoken. "We was... -were-, looking to see if we had any place to help you?"
*They both turned around and glanced at you: the concern on the man's face was visible. Luna bowed at them as you did.* We would like to accept a quest for the adventurer's guild. *She said. The woman raised a brow, before giving the both of you a stern look.* "And what would your competences be? I never saw you two around. Are you travellers?"
I nodded in response to the woman. "Yeah, travellers. We came into town for a few things, figured we should stop by to find out about the guild." I scratched at my chin, not really sure how to present myself to them. "Could we be of any assistance?"
*The woman kept analyzing you with her strict stare, going up and down along yours and Luna's figures.* "Well... seems like we got volunteers." *The man immediately interferred, positioning himself between the half elf and you two* "I disapporve. We don't know the entity of the problem, we should at least send a group with them!" *Luna got concerned at his words, wondering what was such problem that required more than a big orc to solve.* "Alright, I'll see if I can arrange a little group. Welcome to the adventurer's guild, anyway, travellers." *Said the woman, before gesturing you two to follow her and pushing the doors of the building open. The man remained outside shaking his head, looking totally contrary at the woman's impulsive decisions. You and Luna followed the woman inside, she brought you next to a big wooden board, full of piece of papers pinned to it.* "So, we've had troubles with caravans disappearing mysteriously lately. I'm here on vacation so I don't want to waste too much time on this. If you want to help, what we ask is that you join the next caravan at its departure and escort it safely to the next city. If something happens, if you get attacked, we want you to investigate further. And possibly not disappear or die. All clear? Questions? Ah, right, the payment is two golden coins per day." *She spoke fast, pulling away a piece of paper from the board and showing it to you, it was a about what she just told you in case you did miss something of her speech.*
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I stood by silently, waiting as they filled us in. After they had finished up and showed us the paper, I scanned over it for a moment to reaffirm everything I had been told. "How guarded are these caravans, usually? The drivers 'ave any weapons? Any guards with 'em?"
"Usually it's up on them to pay people to escort them, but since they're starting to disappear one after the other, it's the adventurer's guild's job to make sure they get to the next city safely." *She explained, Luna raising her hand.* Um... what should we expect..? *The woman sighed* "I don't really know, if you ask me it's a bunch of very skilled bandits. Nothing to worry about with your friend by your side. We got weapons for you to use for the mission as long as you return them once done." *She said, before gesturing again to follow her and bringing you to an armory.* "Suit yourselves, we have weapons for all tastes." *The room was full of weapons and armors, Luna quickly went towards the light weapons and grabbed a rapier* Can I get this one? *She asked to the woman, that nodded* "Not my favourite weapon but sure, go ahead. It's all yours." *Then her eyes switched towards you* "I bet your choice won't disappoint me." *She commented, letting you scan the selection of weapons they had*
I stomped over to the weapon selection, silently scanning over what they had. Nothing there interested me for the most part, before seeing one weapon in particular. I wrapped my hand around the shaft of a rather large axe. It looked meant for a two-handed grip, but I was able to lift it up with one with ease. "...This'll do." I laid it on my shoulder, keeping a hand towards the bottom of the shaft to keep it from tumbling over my shoulder. "D'you know if any of these caravans have actually paid for or had some kinda protection with 'em?"
"The ones that went missin', I mean. Might help to size up what kinda threat we're facin'."
*The woman nodded, approving you choice.* "Look at you, you look like an amateur warrior. Reminds me of the old times, and an old friend as well." *She smiled at the thought, before guiding you outside the armory. Luna followed behind silently, not really used to this kind of stuff.* "It's common use for them to pay to be escorted, but can't say for sure. What I can say is that Ontharr did send someone already and that they didn't return. Obviously the caravan was gone as well. What concerns us more is that some of said caravans weren't carrying anything vaulable. But there's no trace of them as well."
I nodded after she informed me further, following along with the two. "Well, no more questions from me. Luna?" I turned to you, waiting to see if there was anything you needed to ask of them before they pointed us where we needed to go next.
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*Luna shook her head, the woman was very clear with all the informations. She brought the both of you outside, nudging the man that was still waiting there with a concerned look* "Ontharr, I recrutied these two to escort the next caravan. I leave them in your hands, Roghar and the kids are waiting for me." *She said before waving her hand and leaving you with the man, who sighed deeply.* "That girl..." *He then raised his eyes up at you and Luna.* "Sorry, you don't have to do this. She has the tendency to get dragged a little too much for this kind of stuff... But we might use your help if you're really willing to offer your services to the city." *Luna smiled at the man.* We're more than willing to help, my friend here is a skilled fighter. The caravan will be safe. *She said, before the man nodded giving you another scanning look*
"We gotcha covered, no problems." I nodded to the man looking me over. "Just push us off inna direction an' we'll do what's been asked of us." I leaned over to Luna for a moment, whispering to her. "Skilled fighter? How sweet of ya to say so." I smirked, giving off a little snicker. "It'll be fun to see ya in action too, dear."
"The next caravan is departing next morning. I'll inform them that you'll be escorting them to the next city... meanwhile you're free to go. I suggest to go look for better equipment before you go. This might be dangerous, I'm afraid it's not just bandits, this time. I wouldn't want to lose more souls for this cause." *He said, looking more at Luna than at you. She nodded and as you left the adventurer's guild she gave you a little smile.* I wasn't lying before when I said you're a skilled fighter, after all you're battleborn. I am more concerned about my own skills, I had rare occasions to practice my sword skills.
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I paused for a moment, pointing out towards the walls of the city. "Ya wanna step into the outskirts, maybe get some practice in now?" I glanced around the city streets now that we had left, trying to see if there were training yards or empty lots. "Maybe there's some kinda trainin' yard in the city, too..."
Hmm... Well it's not a bad idea. Let's head to the outskirts, we'll train there. Even if I'm not sure that one hour training will be enough to face the bandits. *As you walk towards the outskirts you pass again in front of the orphanage and notice the half elf from before in the yard, a lot of children around her.* Oh? Isn't she the woman from before? *Luna tugged your sleeve to catch your attention, staring at her playing with the children*
I stopped as you tugged at my sleeve, turning to view the half elf in the middle of the children. "Yeah, seems like it... maybe a side job? Workin' with the kids, I mean." There didn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary, just a well-meant lady playing with the children. "What about it?"
Maybe we could ask her to give us a fast training. *Luna said, and before waiting for your response she entered the yard and waved towards the woman. The kids suddenly turned their eyes to you and Luna, one little girl in particular ran towards you charging with a wooden sword* "Nathalie stop!" *The half elf yelled at her, as she hit your leg with the wooden sword and jumped back, pointing the blade towards you.* "Big bad orc, I challenge you to a duel!!"
I stared at the child for a moment, before letting out a bellowing laugh. "Izzat right?" I leaned into my orcish accent heavily, trying to play along with the kid. "Ya really fink ya can beat me?" I grinned, only slightly raising my axe in a playful manner. "Well, go right on ahead if ya think ya can take me."
*Luna turned around to see you being attacked by the kid. The little girl swung her sword at your leg without hesitation, giving you a proud stare puffing her chest out* "Take this!!" *The half elf rushed towards her and lift her up by the collar of her shirt, sighing deeply* "What did we say about getting in a fight with strangers?" *She bowed to you with an embarrassed expression.* "Sorry... oh? You're the two from before, right?" *Luna in the meantime was already being assaulted by children calling her mom and asking to play with her.
I chuckled a bit more, looking at the 'fierce warrior' that had attacked me now being hefted up by the collar of her shirt before then turning to the half elf. "Yeah, that's us. No need to apologize." I pointed at the child. "You oughta stoke that flame in 'er, she might shape up to be a brave fighter one day. She's certainly got the heart for it." I turned to look at Luna afterwards, only chuckling more as she was swarmed by the other children. "Rowdy bunch ya got here."
"I am a brave fighter!! I beated Roghar yesterday!" *The little girl protested starting to squirm a little as the half elf tickled her sides with her free hand* "Yes yes, now go, let big sis handle the 'big bad orc'." *She said letting go of the child who immediately ran off going to challenge another kid. The woman smiled at you and looked at the children. "Yes, they're full of life, some more than others." *She chuckled* "Sorry again for the sudden attack, Nathalie always goes for big preys. Please come on in, be my guests. The kids seem to like your lady already. *She pointed at Luna that was trying to divide her attention equeally among all the kids, showing them little magic tricks*
I giggled as the girl ran off to do battle with another child. I returned the lady's smile, again looking at you while you entertained the crowd. "Come in? Sure, if you'll have us." I called over to you, trying to grab your attention for a moment. "The kind lady's invited us in, dear. You wanna spend a little time with 'er? The trainin' can always wait."
*Luna stood back up from her kneeling position, giving one last headpat to one of the kids and walking towards you* Oh? Sure! I'd be delighted to spend more time with the children. *The half-dragon from before came out and called the kids inside, the yard soon getting empty and way more silent than before.* "How rude of me, I didn't even made the proper presentations. I am Gladys. The half dragon right there is Roghar, my husband." *She said, bowing again to you and Luna. She returned the bow and smiled gently to Gladys.* I am Luna, thank you for the hospitality.
I raised a hand to wave to Roghar, before turning back to Gladys. "Shakh. Like Luna said, thank ya fer bein' so kind." I bowed as well, before following Gladys along to head on inside. I laid a hand over Luna's should while we walked, still warm from the happy atmosphere the kids had brought with them. "Y'sure we ain't intrudin' or takin' up space or anythin'?"
*Gladys brought you inside. The place was simple, but very tidy. Luna took a look around, walking by your side.* "Oh no, absolutely. The kids love when we have guests. But I'm warning you: be ready to be showered in questions about yourself, or be challenged again by Nathalie." *She chuckled, taking you to a cozy living room. It was a big room with a couple of black leather couches, a fireplace and various libraries.* We'll be glad to sate their curiosity. *Luna said, as Gladys gestured to take a seat.* "So, you going with the caravan tomorrow I assume? I'm sure Ontharr wasn't able to dissuade you from doing so, or at least that's my hope."
"I'm always up fer a challenge, though I think she might show me up with that fierce sword of her's." I chuckled a bit, taking a seat at Gladys's gesture. I took a look around the interior of the place, impressed with how tidy it was despite the number of kids taking residence in the very same building. I turned back to Gladys as she asked about the caravan job, nodding after she finished. "Yeah, we got signed on with anotha few folks. Ontharr made it very clear that we didn't hafta go through with it, but we're happy to help out. Everythin' will work out just fine, I'm sure." I shifted into the couch cushions a bit, getting comfortable in the seat.
*Gladys listened to your words and nodded her head* "I hope everything goes well, I'll be glad to invite you here again once you're done with the job," *Luna in the meantime took your hand while sitting next to you.* Umm... Gladys, he seemed to be concerned that it might not be just a bunch of bandits. *She said, as Gladys sighed* "Even if it wasn't some bandits behind all this, we have to send someone. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not sacrificing you to the cause, but people and adventurers seem to be too scared about the recent disappearances to accept the quest. I understand their fear, but this is something that someone has to do... I'd come myself but I'm here for a short period only before returning to Waterdeep city." *She explained* "I'm sure that I can put my trust in you two, I bet you have a few tricks up your sleeves."
I squeezed your hand when you took it, gently interlocking my fingers with yours. "It's hardly a sacrifice. If no one else would take up goin' along to find out what the issue is, then we might as well. And if not us, then who?" I leaned forward a bit, voicing myself a bit more. "Like you said, someone's gotta do it. Might as well make myself useful in the opportunity, eh?" I cleared my throat a bit as I spoke, not used to being so vocal. "Luna's trustworthy, no doubt. And I'd like to prove I am too, given I ain't ever been through here before." I paused for a moment, something clicking in my mind. "..What direction have these caravans been sent out in?"
*Gladys' eyes met yours as she realized you had something on your mind. She leaned in, both concerned and curious to hear your thoughts.* "South. Why?" *Luna gave you the same concerned look, as if realizing what you were hinting for.* Aren't you thinking that it was them...? It couldn't be... right?
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I gave a sigh, the direction confirming the awful theory I had in my mind. "Miss, those caravans have been headed right through orc territory."
I straightened myself up, beginning to offer some explanation. "You heard of the Shaoth Tribe?"
Gladys concern only grew wider on her face upon hearing your words. She furrowed her brows, shaking her head.* "Please tell me more..." *Luna squeezed your hand in hers as you spoke, already scared and concerned about the fate of the people in the caravans.*
"I'll be upfront about it. No pussyfootin' considerin' you'll find out sooner or later." I leaned in a bit further, keeping my tone hushed should any children stray out too close. "Those caravans, an' the people on 'em..."
"They probably ain't comin' back."
I grunted, hanging my head a bit. "'Course, it's possible they've kept 'em alive... but it's damn unlikely."
"This tribe is purely battle-oriented." I scratched at my chin. "From birth, they're meant to be fighters."
"-Violent- fighters."
*Gladys' didn't look too surprised, as if she expected that you would've said something like that, nonetheless she was as sad as Luna when you confirmed their fears.* "I understand. We cannot send you there, then. I'll send an order to delay the departure of all caravans headed south until we decide what to do." *Gladys said, picking her nose bridge in two fingers* "Damn... we can't engage war against a tribe without proper permissions. How big is this tribe? Maybe if it's not too big we could send some guards to... take care, of the problem." *Luna's eyes widened at her words, as she harshly interrupted her speech.* That's enough bloodshed! We can just find another way for the caravans to pass, another road or... I don't know, but... it's not their fault. They've been raised like that! It's all they know. We can't kill them because of that!
I raised a hand to try and halt the conversation for a moment. "Easy, easy."
I cleared my throat again. "There's a few things we could do here."
"On one hand..." I held out one of my hands as I said that. "Send me."
"I ain't affiliated with this city, s'far as anyone's concerned it's just tribal warfare."
I lifted my other hand. "Other hand..."
"You organize some folks to come with me. We'll smoke 'em outta the area."
"Either way, you can't leave them alone. How many caravans have ya sent out already?"
*The half elf closed her eyes, realizing the massacre and bloodshed there had already been.* "Five... at least twenty people died." *She gritted her teeth and clenched her fists. Luna tugged you sleeve* But... you and 'some folks' against a battleborn tribe? It's suicide!
"Y'can ignore 'em if ya want. Weasel around them with new routes, fine. But with the amount of shit that's been sent out right to 'em by now, they'll start wonderin' where the shipments went."
"Then they'll wonder: 'Hey, didn't they come from up north?"."
"Then they'll pass word back to the main village."
I shook my head. "Then you'll have hundreds of 'em. Knockin' right at yer door."
"Least we do is find the offshot village that's been raidin' yer caravans."
An' kill 'em."
*Gladys nodded her head following your reasoning.* "Sounds like a plan. We can send a fake caravan full of guards, they'll follow the usual route. If there happened to be a chase you'd be the one to guide them, since you know more than anybody about this tribe." *Luna kept shaking her head, her expression showing her pity towards those poor souls who had known nothing but blood and massacre.* But... it's not... their fault...
"I wish that were true." I turned to Luna. "These ain't idiot brutes that can see nothin' but bloodshed."
"They're evil. Evil people. And they're only capable of bein' evil because they have a modicum of intelligence."
"If they weren't capable of that, would I even be here speakin' fully formed sentences to ya right now?"
"And Luna..."
"You saw the ones that came to the cabin." I turned to you, holding your hand tighter.
"You heard the one speak."
"He didn't even wanna kill ya, initially."
I grit my teeth a bit behind my lips, an extremely grim look crossing my face.
"He wanted ya back at the village fer 'some fun'."
"Tell me, does a people who can't think beyond killin' folk even -consider- anything else?"
"Would they stop to rub in all the horrible things they've got planned?"
I looked down again, extremely tensed up at this point. "No- no, they don't kill or maim because it's all they know how to do. They do it 'cause they -like it-."
"And they're really damn good at it, Luna."
"Which is why it don't make sense for 'em to do anythin' else, if they aren't capable of anythin' else."
"And yet, they do."
*Luna remained silent at your words, biting her lip in frustration. She didn't really want there to be more bloodshed, there must've been another way...* I... you are right Shakh... what you say makes sense, but... I still feel bad for them. *She murmured, Gladys leaned in and picked her chin in two fingers, lifting her face up.* "Listen Luna. There are some people in this world that don't deserve your mercy. You should think carefully who you give your mercy to. Because they won't have mercy on you, and I'm not talking about the tribe. This is what I've learnt during my many battles. We have to kill when it is necessary. For the good of who we love." *She briefly looks at the other room, where the children are playing.* "If we don't protect them, then who will?"
I nodded in agreement, before adding in again. "I was born from these people Luna, and they're bad enough to where I don't even consider that a factor anymore."
"You oughta set that feelin' of grief aside, because they don't feel that way for you. For anyone. Hell, they barely feel it for their own." I pointed to myself. "They threw me out when I was a -boy-. You know this."
I... I'm sorry. *Luna suddenly stood up.* Thank you for your hospitality. *She said to Gladys before bowing and rushing out of the orphanage.*
"Shit.." I mumbled, seeing you run out of the orphanage in a hurry.
"Is that on me?" I thought out loud, turning to face Gladys for any kind of input.
"Religious people..." *Sighed Gladys, shaking her head.* "Don't worry, give her time. She'll realize. We can just hope that it comes the easy way and not the hard way..." *She stood up as well* "Go, I think she needs you more than ever now."
I nodded, fumbling out a quick thanks for her hospitality before rushing out onto the streets after you.
I looked around the streets before spotting you and running up to you in a hurry.
*Luna kept running among the people that gave her concerned looks, until you eventually reached her.*
I stopped your pace with a hand on your shoulder, pulling you aside from the main crowds of the street and turning you to face me.
*Her face was twisted in a sad expression, tears shining in her eyes, yet not falling down her cheeks.* ... Shakh...
I pulled you into a hug, kneeling down to get to your head level. "Easy, Luna. Easy..."
*She wrapped her arms around you, hiding her face in your neck and sobbing* She discarded me but I have forgiven her... why can't you do the same? Why you must hate your people? They can change... they will change... *She murmured, holding on to the illusion that it was the truth, that things would've changed even if nothing was being done for that change to happen*
I squeezed you against me as tight as I could without hurting you, letting you cry it out for a moment. "Luna... I've tried. I've tried to find some way to drive them off, some way to let them live without sinking their teeth into anythin' that gets too close."
"There ain't a day go by I don't wish things were different."
"You think I like not havin' a family of my own?" I gave a sorrowful laugh as I said that, pulling your head from my shoulder so that we were looking right at eachother. "Luna, it's an awful situation made by even worse people."
"You, me, anyone else can't do anythin' about it. It's how they are, Luna." I moved a hand to your face, swiping some tears away from under your eyes. "You gotta play the game by their rules, or you'll just be another corpse they're luggin' off to stick a pole through and display right out front of their villages."
"And I don't want that. No one does. It's bitter."
"I... am sorry."
*Luna stared at you in sorrow, her heart aching as you spoke. She just couldn't bear it.* I... you... ugh... *She gulped down some saliva, her stare falling glued to the ground. She knew that you were right, but why was it so hard to accept it?* Maybe they just... need to know something else... we can go there and... and show them... they might know that something different exist, yes, but have they ever experienced something different in the end? *She raised her eyes back at you, cupping your cheeks in her hands* We'll go there. And... and you... you'll show them. That there's much more they're missing. We're not killing them all. They don't wanna die... and me neither. So we'll fight for what's right. But nothing more than that. No slaughter, no unnecessary bloodshed. If they don't change on their own we'll make them.
I sighed, shaking my head. "They know there's other ways to live. They know that, Luna. They aren't total idiots." A desperate look crossed my face as I tried to make you see what I considered to be the only sensible option in this case. "They -want- to do what they do. There is nothin' that brings them greater pleasure than hurtin'. Hurtin', an' killin', an' everythin' like it. There can't be any change if they don't want it."
"I cannot stress this enough, love. They will stop for absolutely no-one."
Please Shakh... let's at least try. Maybe we can save someone. Maybe it's not everyone that is made like that... they need someone to lead them... towards something better. They cannot continue to live like this. And exterminating them isn't the only possible solution. Promise me you will try.
I sighed, looking down at the ground while still holding you at your shoulders.
"For you, I will."
I looked back up, immediately following up what I said.
"But if we get there, and anything -at all- starts goin' wrong? If you get put in some kinda danger, or they give the slightest hint that they're gonna do anythin'?"
"I am not gonna hesitate to cut them down."
*She looked down, starting to feel like she was putting herself between your tribe and the salvation.* I... nothing will happen... to me. I promise. But please don't show me that merciless orc I saw some days ago ever again.
I winced at the thought, remembering the look on your face as you laid there crying in the grass. "...Okay."
*She wrapped her arms around you, pulling you in a tight embrace. Eveything around you kept flowing like normal, but you two were frozen in time, in that moment, full of hopes and fears, where your love for each other was everything that would've survived in the end.*
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** Luna left the game (definitively). **

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