Shakh "the Disavowed" (Level 1) mail warning

"I was kast out a long time ago. Didn't botha me."

Shakh is an orc. Despite being an orc, he is quite different to what you would think of one. He isn't a meathead, nor is he some brutish idiot. After being abandoned and disavowed by his tribe at a young age, he bested the odds and survived. Teaching himself to survive and even thrive as he grew up hardened him, and left him room to pursue things of more intellectual nature as well. This has turned him into a formidable presence, with enough brains to be well enough adjusted to not angrily lash out at anything that moves. Not your usual orc.


Height: 7'3"
Weight: 320 lbs.
Build: Muscular, Brawny
Eye Color: Grey
Defining Features: Eyepatch over left eye, Large tribal tattoo down right arm.

Penis Size (feast your eyes, kara.): 10.5"/26.67cm Length | 7.3"/18.54cm Girth

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