Lin VS Caian : History listed publicly (79 turns)

Training Night - Caian vs Lin

They each have their reasons for being here tonight. Caian wants to learn. Lin wants payback against Casey, but first she'll have to deal with this guy. Neither of them are backing down.

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* running on a deep breath I enter their Arena looking at my new opponent this is actually my first time fighting a man* I see I got to fight a man to get to that Blondie
*Caian had started frequenting this place more often recently. He wanted to learn more about how things were done here. Tonight was different though. The people in charge offered him a chance to experience a fight first hand. He felt obligated to take it. When Lin entered the ring, he was already standing in his corner, studying her.*
* I do the same not saying a word wondering how well I can handle this fight* nmm...
*The bell rings, and Caian springs into action. He rushes in close and launches the girl in the air before grabbing her and pivoting to slam her into the mat.*
Aghh!* feeling my body slam down hard onto the floor and then a deep gasp but even though my wind has been knocked out of me I grab you by the leg knocking you back down and slowly getting up like you are but this time behind you grabbing both your arms I put you on Nelson* time to stretch you out..
*Grunting, Caian calms himself and does his best not to exert energy, looking for a way to escape*
*I sit in the crowd to watch.*
Nm.. found it!* confusing you when I said that I kick you back down and knocking you off the Nelson position and open your legs behind you and give you a good firm kick squeezing your balls and dick underneath all that clothing* Time to mix pleasure and pain!
"Gugh!" *He grunts before prying her hand off his dick. Shoving her away, Caian goes to bounce off the ropes before lifting his leg and delivering a devastating HUGE Boot to the face*
Aghh!!* buddy and a scream of pain feeling you kick me in the face but when you get up and try to charge at me I'm monkey flip and knock you down onto the ground with my legs* arrgg... need to get serious in this I need to fight that Blondie bitch!!
"You need to focus on me." *The first words he's said this entire time as he gets back up fast and embraces Lin, squeezing the life out of her before bringing her up and slamming her back down on the mat.*
Aghh!!!* feeling you bear hug me I let out of gasp of air and then feeling the slam knocking more but I reverse the position and start giving you a good beat down punching you in the chest when I'm on top of you sweating hard from this fight* that's the best you got guy!
*Caian takes a few hits before blocking the last few and restraining her hands.* "Hardly" *And he pulls her in for a headbutt before shoving her off of him*
Agh!* feeling the head butt making my body Spin and leaving me with a massive headache*
*Remembering clear as day the stipulations of these fights, Caian gets on top of her and gropes her tit while wrenching on her back with a dragon sleeper*
Agh...* feeling the sleeper hold and you squeezing and crushing my tit a lot of deep moan when you keep moving back and forth but head-butting you making you feel the same pain and then reversing the position using my legs to crush your head wheezing hard in front* nmmm... how do you like that like The View!
Making you wheeze a bit*
*Growling and grunting, Caian manages to pry open Lin's legs before getting up and forcing her into a painful backbreaker.*
Aghh...* feeling my legs tied up and then put back into a backbreaker I let out of the disgruntled grown of pain but I finally counter when you're about to drop me and grab onto your head forcing you deep into my breasts a little embarrassed I'm doing this but keeping latched on to you so you have a hard time breathing* gr...
*Still getting used to how things work here and now, Caian has a hidden blush from having his face buried in breasts. Still he struggles and breaks free, forcing her into a figure four leglock*
Wghh!!* feeling my leg locked making me scream out in pain but I grab your ponytail and force you in a backbreaker making us both feel some pain in this fight* you better let go I'm going to break the ponytail!!!
*Growling, Caian does let go of the hold.*
*And as soon as Lin lets go of his hair, he gets up and grabs her by the hair, dragging her around the ring.*
Aghg!* feeling you grab my hair a little pain gasp on my medium length hair is being grabbed making angry I grab your hair again keeping a firm grip on you as well tangling Us in an endless grapple*
*The two struggle back and forth but in the end Caian comes out on top, forcing the girl to spread her legs beyond their comfort limit*
Ah!* forcing me to do a splits showing off my shorts and panties underneath my clothing I let a scream of pain biting my lower lip but not giving in I use my weight to make you surprise and knock you off of me and then you feel your dick accidentally get hit hard with my foot when I get out letting out a deep breath when you're wiggling on the floor holding your poor dick*
Nmm... you
"Gagh!" *He couldn't hold in the pain this time when she "accidentally" hit his dick. Still, he steeled himself and brought her back down to the mat underneath him. There, he would pull her in for a kiss while he explored her body. He was changing tactics*
Nmm!* letting out of gasp feeling the kiss Biting my lower lip feeling it But I grab you own push you down Knowing this fight is having slowly a climax A lot of deep breath Throughout this and take off My shirt And shorts Revealing my panties and bra I'm cracking my knuckles Nothing I might be overheated if I'm not careful* let's stop playing around
"I agree..." *And he one ups her by stripping down to nothing.*
* me too I take off every part of clothing and then slam you back down and put a mess in a 69° position using my legs to choke you I keep my mouth on your dick squeezing it hard* nnmm...ghh...
G.. after I'm done with him I'm after you next and I'm going to show that pussy and ass of yours what it means to be embarrassed that bad!
*Of course, Caian refuses to make it easy for her. He uses his hands to hinder Lin's advances, while turning his head to lick at her cunt.**
I promised you a match already! Focus on this one or he'll be done with you!
*Was Casey rooting for her?*
Agh.. fuck..* letting out a deep gas but feeling my pussy get rubbed and licked it makes my head spin a bit but I keep pressuring your balls and cock forcing you to cast hard feeling of both the grab of both my hands*
*Caian was starting to struggle. He did his best to pry her legs off, but to the audience it looked like he was flexing on her.*
* and then you feel my mouth press into your cock harder than before feeling like I'm deep-throating it butting and chewing on your dick when I'm sucking on it harder and harder and then slowly taking out of my mouth to lick the tip red in the face that I'm doing this in the process*
*Feeling her take it all in at once, Caian growls, refusing to stay behind as he licks her faster, faster than she would have expected too.*
[Wanted to go for guy winning]
Watching you struggle harder on my ass that's when I slept my pussy harder into your face make it harder for you to breathe pressing harder onto your dick with both my fingers squeezing the ball sack of yours with both my hands now like it's Play-Doh*
*Groaning, I make my attempts to escape, but I'm in a bad spot*
[Fuck it, going first person only now]
* watching you desperately struggle underneath me I keep pressing harder and harder into your cock using my lips to squeeze every inch of you wondering if you're going to come early in this match* even struggling in my ass for a long time aren't you going to give up yet!
( I personally hate this it just takes forever for someone to come or it just goes on and on so I rather you just tap out so we can continue the match!)
[Sorry for choosing it.]
( no it's all right it just happens it's the only option but the 69° position is kind of messed up it waits until someone gives up)
*Groaning, I fight to escape, no matter what, and I somehow succeed*
*Even at the cost of a small, pitiful orgasm*
* When it finally costs you your orgasm but I'm still on top of your face Rubbing my ass back and forth into you* you need a breather
She's doing alright for herself so far
Oh yeah
I don't think many people could last with *that* blowjob
*Growling, I still manage to shove you off from me, now that it's no longer a 69. But to abide my time and come up with something, I get in close for a makeout session, rubbing against your body.*
Wasn't a blowjob but I guess
They were in a 69 lol?
Aghh...* feeling you start kissing me making out with me I let a deep growl and pleasure but my Primal instincts kick in and then I head button you forcing you to let go and putting you in a headlock with my legs squeezing your throat that is when I give you a good firm rub of your cock and it needs of your balls again testing if you can keep on coming after that small orgasm* nmmm... I'm going to help you dry!
[Yes. A long one]
( yep and it's my most hated move in male and female combat here just takes forever to get someone to come or you have to outlast them and then you get boost of Health but the other guy just gets down to 10 and as normally doesn't happen in this mix fights
*Grunting from the headbutt, and groaning from the handjob, I refuse to stay down and take it. Forcing your legs apart, I toss you off from on top of me before getting behind you to inflict pain and pleasure*
Aggghh!* feeling the pain of you doing that it hurts like hell but biting my lower lip I use my hands to grab your head and lock you and a headlock as much as possible forcing you to maybe let go of me* grr... let me go!!
*While you succeed in making me let go of the hold, I have a different trick up my sleeve as I get up, lifting you while you headlock me, before slamming you back down on the mat. If that fails, I do it again, slamming you against the corner and then the mat again.*
*And once you do, I sit on your face, pressing my cock and balls against that pretty face.*
FucNmmm!!* feeling your balls pressed into my face and your dick as well and forced to watch you rub against my face harder and harder making it harder to breathe but I don't feel pleasure I just look at you with anger and then out of nowhere I feel the floor and I noticed on the ground it is a dildo and I jam it up your asshole forcing you to scream out loud*
(Yeah, 69's are so hot for sexfighting but the way it's done in wrestling is awful)
*Letting out a primal rage with that scream, I manage to force you off from me. With anger written all over my face, I loom over you before grabbing you forcibly by the head and shoving my cock down your throat, making sure my grip is tight so you wont escape any time soon*
Agghg!!!* feeling me struggle and gas for air I feel the dick deeper into my mouth making my eyes go wide but I grab you by the hands on your balls making you scream out and surprise when I squeeze harder still giving you a BJ and then with a gasp of air I can finally breathe when your hand weekends and then I give you an HJ squeezing your dick and body scissoring you hard when I'm rubbing your cock* nmn.. not so strong now but I'm done with you I'm getting that Blondie girl and give her the time of her life!!
*Anything else you may want to say gets cut off as I punch you in the face and pry your legs off, freeing myself*
Owww!* when you punch me in the face I grab your your man tits and give them a twist forcing you to scream in pain and then a headbutt for that punch in the face again feeling my head still feel some shaking for constantly doing that* agg..ow..
*The ref then called a foul and forced the two of us apart. Before you even get to complain, you see him scolding me for the punch before going to check up on you. Clearly this gut has his priorities straight, even though the stuff you did clearly did more damage.*
Nmmm... I'm fine I can continue and can I get back to it* The referee finally nods And lets me through And that's when I tackle you to the ground and put my mouth onto your dick back to the 69 degree position except I'm putting more force onto your dick squeezing it sucking on it like it was a toy As much as I can to finish This match as fast as I can* nmmmm....hhhjjnm.....fu....
is resisting cumming (79% chance of cum) => Resisted!
*Groaning, I manage to somehow resist, flipping us over before thrusting harder and harder into your mouth each time.*
Aghhh!!!* feeling my lips get slammed hard with your cock going deeper into me a lot of gas with air being taken away and I'm in the bad position making me bounce back and forth with you grabbing my hair tight like a leash
*Eventually I do pull out, slapping you across the face. I then flip you over and pound your ass the same way*
NOO!!!!* Feeling my ass on penetrate hard I jump up My eyes go wide and bite the mat Trying to stay focused and trying to breathe as much as possible feeling the Outburst of energy coming from you feeling my asshole Shake harder and harder*
*Each slap of my body against your ass echoes across the venue as I show no signs of stopping.*
Agh!!* feeling my asshole get pounded harder and harder making me scream out and my mouth opening wide making me forced to see the Blondie girl smiling and watching the shell it barks me and my face goes completely red and seeing my pussy drip onto the floor and that is when my boobs fall down forced to be in the doggy position*
A shade of red is on my face*
*At one point I end up slipping out with how violently I've been fucking you from behind, so when I shove it back in, it ends up in your wet cunt instead. I force you to look at the crowd as I ravage that pussy like the bitch in heat you are.*
FUCK!!!!!* feeling my pussy lips finally open up feeling the dick pound deeper into my tight Lips My Lips shiver and a bite hard trying to think of ways to get out of this but running on another slutty Moan feeling the length of it
redrew a set of actions
*Eventually I do come down from the rage adrenaline, shoving you off my dick and onto the ropes*
*Panting, I use my leg to press your neck against the ropes, choking you while my hand goes to finger that pussy.*
Whgg!* choking on the ropes feeling you squeeze your fingers deep into my pussy scraping into my swollen pus you notice pussy lips look so swollen like I can burst into pleasure at any moment*
"What was that line?" *I asked as I relented and tossed you off the ropes and into the center of the ring before the ref called another foul* "Oh right... How quickly bravado goes out the window when you're flat on your ass... Sad." *I mocked you as I sat on top of you*
* but when you start mocking me that is when you feel a pinch on your balls and then you notice my mouth is on it pushing you off of me as much as I can* nnmm....* with determination in my eyes I try to reverse this as much as I can knowing you're a very bruised up individual but I still have some fight in me
Woohoo go Lin!
*Growling underneath you, I try to reverse the situation and flip us over, going to lick at your cunt*
Nnmm... is that the best you got for tongue licking!!!* watching onto your head harder squeezing the air out of you with anger thanks to the mocking you activated my pent-up frustration with this match and then I start stroking hard on your cock squeezing and moving it up and down like a bouncy ball* I don't care if I squirt now or later I'm going to make this thing red as a balloon!!
is resisting cumming (80% chance of cum) => Came!
*Grunting and groaning, it isnt long before I cum for you.*
Caian, are you really not able to make her cum at least once? LOL
*Catching my breath, I just stare into your eyes with some respect.*
Feeling the come come all over my body I taste it on my tits and spit it out* bitter
*wanders in quietly, snuggling the slimy girl from behind*
* but not done when you're trying to catch your breath I latch onto your head pressing my pussy lips deeper inside humping you uncontrollably feeling my pussy so horny and so needy* give it to me!!!
*gets snuggled* Hey, India~
Hi! 🥰
Thank....* letting it horny deep breath when I say it
*Annoyed, I grab you by the hair and pull you down, slamming your head against the mat before stuffing your face with my cock*
Agh!!* forced to taste your cock I try to keep a firm look at you trying to catch my breath and never giving in when you keep attacking me
Well, it is obvious that Lin will win
Mmm cains spaghetti noodle isnt doing it today 😊
*I stop thrusting for a moment, asking for a bottle of water while my dick is still lodged in your throat and pouring it over the both of us.*
* when you pour that all over me that immediately wakes me up grabbing your arm and twisting it and then with a pop I'm back on top of you squeezing the air out of your lungs and folding your ass up and giving you a good firm spank* I'm not done yet and looking at you your almost on your Cliff's Edge!!!
My pussy Twitches hearing I might win but I shake my head staying focused*
Caian really need to focus on gain energy, or poor Lin will not cum even once
*I manage to free my arm and slam my fist down on you before escaping, turning things around as I pound you from behind again*
[I could have gone for a cumtest before but chose not to, that was my mistake]
Aghhhh!!!!!* feeling you pound me back down harder and harder my poor pussy is taking a beating but every time it's leaking juices it's not squirting at all making me angry* you call that man's cock I call this a stick!!!!
*I ignore you and keep going*
Lin, it seems, when this is over, you will need to rub yourself to an orgasm
* noticing you're ignoring me I get angry still and push you back down slowly I start humping you making you surprised fast and slow for you fast for myself but slow for you like it's been 2 minutes but for me it's like a millisecond when I'm pounding into you trying to desperately make myself come* grrr.... pencil dick
*Pops her head in before she plans on heading off for the night*
Hi shani!
Grrr... if he doesn't get me an orgasm I'm going to hump him dry!!!* I'm not joking When he's notice my reaction I keep pounding at him harder and harder But he is having a problem not coming himself*
Hey India!
*Fighting the urge to cum again, I let you do all the work*
Hey Shani!
Uh oh…
Hi john 😊
Grrr!!!* angry and frustrated I spank your balls when I'm humping you making you surprised and making you feel stinging pain when I'm humping you harder bouncing on your dick like it's a bouncy balloon*
Hi India 😅
If you fucking tap out I'm going to destroy every inch of you!!!!!
*pops in too*
hi champ
Kindly let me sit down john 😊
*I dont tap out, instead I take the lead of this and start pounding from underneath*
Hey there Casey~ Gods you look amazing....
Hey Ruck
Well this is what happens when Lin it's been hanging on to an orgasm that's not been happening since this entire match and this guy had two)
Yes 😘
I’m not just gonna let you!
so greedy, hogging all the orgasms
Well, lets be realistic, IRL no guy ever made me cum with a cock.
My body keeps bouncing on you harder and harder dragging my nails on your body trying hard enough to get a single orgasm* FUCK!!!!!!
licking me, yes. fucking me... no.
Get her Caian!
You did last time *pouts*
This cheap bastard only had two orgasms I had zero And look at him!!!!* yelling in the top of my lungs horny and tears with pleasure when I say it
Hi Ruck! ❤️
*And I then manage to flip you over and off of me. Getting up, I get behind you and fuck you harder than I've done this entire match.*
is resisting cumming (100% chance of cum) => Came!
Tbh I don’t even remember that much. I came home from the bar horny and drunk and think I fell asleep irl during it
I’m sure it was fun though ;)
*hugs the india*
You had to leave so we just all made out without you
Well she asked to cum
Here it cums
Wooo! Go on Caian, make her cum!
*snuggles into the ruck*
Oh... finally, she can have some pleasure
Yeah I was falling asleep from that knockout booty 😅
I came here to learn tonight.
You can lick it properly next time
Win or lose, that doesn't matter to me right now
FUCK!!!!!!!!* feeling my pussy finally release a lot of juices on the floor and feeling my back ache when I'm in this position I squirt like a hose and my tongue sticking out into the sky and falling down finally getting my first huge orgasm in this entire match* aghhh....* my hips twitching Non-Stop when you watch the juices fall down on the floor with your dick still inside me*
"Happy now?" *I ask as you cum all over my dick, taking a moment to rest.*
Whooooo cummies! 🥰
Well, learning is good
Better now this!!!!* making you surprised even though I got my orgasm finally I latch onto your deck with my thighs making you maybe be surprised and angry and realizing all that bent up pleasure finally released and got me back my faculties using my thighs to mash your dick rubbing it non-stop next to my pussy lips like it's teasing you*
is resisting cumming (88% chance of cum) => Came!
I mean, theres winning, and then 'winning'
Theyre both fun ❤️
But you can't open them*
I see it as a win, hen I cum. Winning the match is fun too
*It did take me by surprise, mainly considering the fact that I never expected to ever cum from thighs alone. But now, here I am, your divine thighs sending me off the edge. I don't even fight it in the end, and let it happen.*
Way to go Lin!
* when you're so focused on my thighs that is when wanting another orgasm and knowing I have one I keep pushing in my pussy and hump you wildly my boobs bouncing hard and fast and shaking every time I slowly get an orgasm a victory and I can finally fight that Blondie bitch when every time my hip Shake I can feel your cock squirt inside me* YES!!!
Lin seems to have the intention to fight you, Casey
*I struggle and groan, it feels like torture but I endure it, given that I lost.*
* when I finally have another orgasm three or four times I finally get off his cock wobbling with shaking legs and land on the Rope trying to get out and towards you Csaey*
Yeah... She wants revenge for our little street fight
*I go to meet you half way*
* with one final thrust I get off of your cock I'm leaving you completely drained squirting out slowly with cum coming down my legs*
Good job there Lin
Great job, Lin~
* super horny I press my naked body on to her and letting out a deep moan*
Hm... you want to fight here, in audience, or you want to have a proper fight in the ring?
Nmm.. proper.... fight...* Tired and exhausted This is my first time fighting a man*
*I catch her in my arms.* "Still got some fight in you I see." *I chuckle.*
*Eventually I get up, having learned from this, and knowing that next time I will be taking this seriously*
Nmm...* feeling you grab me you feel my naked body rub against you feeling my tits press yours and my pussy drip next to you your outfit* you're
Yeah yeah, sure thing cutie. And I promise not to leave you tossed in some alleyway like some public use slut. Actually speaking of, did they pay you?
LOL, seriously, you made her a public use slut? LOL
Yep! Felt bad about it afterwards though
Just wrote on her in sharpie and put a few prices before tossing her in the alley
Well.... sounds like an experience
Yeah. [gtg now gg]
* my body still twitching from the orgasms I look at you when you mention that
** Game ended and players inactive, destroying game! **

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