Soliana VS The Merchant : History listed publicly (1 turns)

Soliana's Folley

What a mistake I've made! That vile man, The Merchant as he likes to be called, lured me into his brothel! He tied me down to a table and just watchs as the beasts he calls "patrons" ravaged me from both ends! Only after he added his load to the pile did he drag me, dripping cum from all over, to my new cell to "work" in his depraved establishment.

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(Well hello there. I put it on private, for noncon stuff isnt that happily seen)
*i reach forward and grab the flask hesitantly, i make eye contact with you trying to get a read on your gaze before downing the bottle*
(sounds good, its a shame though)
(Well, once you are a little more broken down... and willing ;) )
(oh yes of course)
*My smile softens, grinning somewhat* "Good good. Itll just take a moment." *Over the next few minutes while we talk you will feel yourself more and more relax, at ease, aswell as a little horny, unless you are resistant to such effects/alchemica* "So - i do wonder, whats your story? Why do you need to run?"
*my elven constitution helps me to resist these effects more than most* "Well, my younger sister framed me for my mothers death and stole the throne. I am a wanted woman in my own homeland, I run for now, but someday i will have my revenge."
Ohhh, royality? *I sound genuinly interested* Pretty bad, as always. And you have paid Red to have me prepare you to give you a makeover then... we can do just that." *I chuckle something to myself, tacking some rope out of a shelf and throwing it over my shoulder* Alright, now where are those...
*I dig through the shelves*
Oh? a makeover? Red only told me you could help me find a way to make some money.
*The edges of my lips form an impish smile* Oh really? Did she now...
You dont look like much of a beauty expert, no offense. *you see by my bratty face i definitely intended some offense*
well yeah, obviously i dont have any money, as royalty i was given everything i needed by my loyal subjects.
Thats cause i am not. *If i have taken an offense, i atleast dont show it. Or something else keeps me smiling* But i know the right people...
And i figured you'd be broke, so well get you something easy to do to pay off your "debts".
Very easy... hehe.
*I begin to stuff a backpack with the things i have picked up - some rope, flasks, sheets...*
Good, hopefully nothing too dirty, the palace was always so clean. ive never had to work, i refuse to be like those filthy peasants covered in dirt.
*I seem to want to say something, but just smile* Of course. I got your stuff ready. Now for the papers...
Mhmmm? *i drone out, clearly half paying attention staring at one of the interesting trinkets at the shop*
Hey! ... you? Hows your name even?
Idiot princess?!
*I just throw at you, looking for a reaction*
*the papers hit me in the face startling me* ah what? sorry its Soliana
(I ment the insult, no paper)
(oops lol)
(The papers are at the acquintance, after all :))
Dont talk to me like that you lowlife! *i stomp in anger unintentionally causing my large tits to shake*
*My brow flickers for just a second, and i breath in sharply, before my usual calm smile returns* Yes yes, you were spacing out. We are done here... now just for those papers. *I basically spit the last word out*
*i furrow my eyebrows with pouty anger looking up at you*
Well? lead the way then
*I once again wave you with me - but keep the backpack to myself. Closing the door behind, i lead you further into the suburbs... the alleys getting smaller and smaller. There are several planes of cloth above darkening the road quite a bit, making it feel not as safe as before*
*i trail closely behind you looking around nervously* Where are we going? this district is different than where your shop is.
To my acquintance, of course? Fake papers do take a considerable amount of skill, after all. Why? *I turn my head for a moment* You can rest assured, im not gonna jump you, hehehe. *Albeit telling the truth, its not... entirely. You might get the idea that something is wrong*
*i look concerned, but after quickly assesing my lack of alternatives, having no money and no friends in a foreign land, i decide to continue* Fake papers? For what?
*I seem to ponder that answer* How do you think you will enter a city - any city withough proving who you are? *We turn around a corner, and the buildings make a half circle around a single, tall one. Loud laughing, music, and albeit nearly non hearable, moans do come from there... also there is a smell of alcohol in the air* Ahhhh, there!
*i look up with contempt at the tower of debauchery* This is where were going?
*my delicate sensibilites are on full display as i show my distance for the establishment
Yes yes, his hideout. But well be going through the backdoor... just this way. *I wave you with me, waiting for you to follow*
ugh, good. at least i wont be seen entering this temple of depravity! *i follow you briskly looking over my shoulder*
*Once at the back there is a single, uninteresting looking door - par 2 burly guys, keeping watch on... whatever. They do stop both of us* Ahh right... its me. The Merchant. I bring another "client". *i show them a coin, and they nod, pushing the door open giving you sight of whats behind - long dark corridor with several doors, ending in a loud, half open one at the back* Right this way.
*i look up sheepishly at the guards towering above me, as i follow you inside. Once the door closes behind use i comment* quite a lot of security for just a lowly tavern
*I grin, but dont answer, instead guiding you further towards the loud room*
*i follow slowly behind, wondering what all the ruckus is, and whats behind all these doors*
*As the door gets pushed by me, a new scene unravels - and debauchery it is. Dirty tables with both mugs of ale and sometimes naked women, men in all kinds of manners but well groomed laughing, groping, fucking... a little raised platform with what seems to be magical instruments, playing as if guided by magic, and, at the very end of the room, a long empty velvet couch, embedded with golden thread and two big pillows. I just walk in.*
*i walk in and my eyes go wide and my jaw lowers, ive never seen anything like this before and am repulsed* Yuck! you better not want me to work here! *i blurt out upset*
Oh no. I dont want you to work here... but you will. *I let myself down onto the couch - it seems to be made just for me. Quickly a scantily clad women, just wearing a see through night gown comes over offering me a cup, very different from the other mugs* Since Red has sent you to me. And i am kind of indebted to her... *I revel in your disgust, clearly enjoying this reveal very much* Not that you have any choice in that matter anyway.
*you see my disgust turn to fear and anger* what? what makes you think ill agree to work in a wretched place like this? Your business with red is your own ill take no part in it!
Well, of course you dont HAVE to... but alas, id have to turn you over to my friends... youve met them already. *I shoot you a dirty grin* And they'd take you straight to your family, earning me a quick buck either way. *I spread my arms, playing remorseful* Alas... but be my guest. Try your luck. That'll make it oh so much sweeter. *Some of the guests have listened in on our talk, and are starting to eye you lustfully*
*They are licking their lips, chuckling lowly... some place their mugs onto the table - and some have already moved to the door...*
Wait wait thats not fair! you know what will happen if im returned to my kingdom! *i start looking around nervously for an exit* you heartless beast! Let me go this instant!
*As you look around, you can see 2 doors - the one you came from, another one only a frame, "closed" by a simple cloth - a strong smell of sex and moans is coming from there. I swirl my cup, looking at the fluid inside* No, i dont think i will. See, itll go like this. You will either try your stupid luck and get burned, send back and probably executed... or you behave. Make my patrons happy. Work for once in your oh so happy live of luxury. And ill prepare the papers for you...
Well *my voice trembles* i suppose i could help out, serving food and drinks? *i look around nervously at all the large patrons eyeing my voluptuous femenine features**
Hmmm. *I seem to ponder for a moment, before flashing you my teeth.* Alright. Fair. Ill have you serve food and drinks... but you'll be wearing the same attire as everyone else.
W-what attire?
*I point at one of the maids, wearing their ... well, see through night gown.*
Do you think im some kind of low class whore!? *i say angrily, forgetting my current circumstance* I cant believe you had the nerve to bring me here. Me! The rightful ruler of the great elven kingdom!
Rightnow i just see a bratty bitch. With nothing to show for herself but her body. Which is not even willing to work - so infact, you are even less worth than a low class whore. Just - a - useless - piece - of - meat.
Replacable. Human. Trash.
*I do sound angry now, and my face is no longer smiling* I am offering you to do so out of your own choice - but let it be known... unlike you, I dont need to take care of you.
I just need to snap my fingers and they *I point over the masses* are right over you. Gladly.
(elven, of course)
*i look back at you scared as you lecture, you see my eyes widen as i realize what ive gotten myself into. i turn and go for the door trying to escape*
(of course? what is there some stereotype in unaware of lol, loving it so far btw)
(alright~ glad you do. noncon is not exactly my forte... :D)
*the men at the door seem surprised, but not unprepared - they will try to catch you should you force your way through them*
(sorry i can dial back the resistance if you want, i just like running out of physical options to avoid getting my ass or throat fucked, hence the bondage fetish)
(Oh no, resist all you want. Its more hard for me to be "evil" than that.)
(there is a reason why i packed rope... :D)
*i turn around and go for the other door after seeing the two menacing guards at the one we came in through*
*While you do, several of the other patrons grab and jab after you, slowing you down... until they finally got you in their grip, ripping on your clothes* Not her pussy, alright? Cant have her knocked up... lowers the value. *Is all what i say to that, and thats all they needet to hear - fondling and tugging on your body, as you get undressed by them roughly. Their stinky alcoholic breath, aswell as their stubby beards weigh heavy on you*
(so since its fantasy im inclined to ask what races most of the patrons are since we didnt specify if this was like a mostly human town or more diverse or predominantly something else entirely. I do like my contrast lol)
(I didnt specify... but lets have it a good mix of human, dwarves and orcs. While there are gnomes and elves, they are atleast not in this part of town.)
(ooh spicy, cant say im into dwarves that much, the bigger the better as they say lol)
(Also, what about inhumane cocks? Spikes, knots, tentacle ones... perhaps some with tongues?)
*i cry out against the growing crowd grabbing at my clothes* Hey! stop it you cretins! these clothes are worth more than you are! *i struggle against them, tits and ass shaking in the struggle, not helping my current situation*
(cant say im too into tongues, or know what a spike is would that be like tapered? i like them to be long and thick the whole way through. knots can be kina fun, tentacles too cause you can get some multiple penetration action lol. minotaur dicks are good too, flared head and medial ring feel amazing)
*They seem to care little for your protest, cheering and groweling as they throw your stuff just carelessly around the room, their fingers now digging over your skin, fondling one of your breasts while a mouth sucks on the nipple of your other. Now you find yourself lifted up onto a table, your arms fastened and tied to the sides of it, your legs still free - for a reason, cause your butt gets lifted, and you can feel several tongues running over your ass, pussy, thighs... *
(You seem very experienced... does bad dragon ring a bell to you? :D And i was thinking like a cats one, with nubs.)
(But i mean surely we can equip the orcs accordingly, sprinkle in those minotaur ones)
(ahhh how did you know! i may have a chance with a cum tube)
(You slut! <3 Which one? Or... several?!)
(chance medium unflared (although it is still definitely flared just not too crazy) signature color, with a cumtube. i have no idea how its only a medium. thats the only bad dragon one i have. i have regular black dildo thats like 7.5in that pales in comparison)
(i actually got the 8 bottle of cum lube so i wouldnt have to order again for a long time and they sent me an extra one!)
(I can see that. They are fucking huge... even at medium size. I did the same mistake... :D)
(i can take almost all of it down my throat though, i got to 7.5 inches, got down to the balls in my ass though)
(Wtf! That sounds insane... they are big in girth, too no? Color me impressed. very impressed. That leaves a question though... have you ever pumped its "cum" straight down your throat?)
(i dont even want to put it close to my pussy though lol)
(of course! thats the best part! dont even have to swollow and i got it to come out my nose one time. i think the most i did befor choking and having to take it out was half a syringe but a lot of it didnt end up straight down my throat)
(Fuck... that sounds fucking amazing... so hot. )
(And you consider yourself dommish IRL? Sounds like a natural subby cocksucker to me.)
(yeah its almost two inches in girth, the part between the head and the medial ring is smaller though thats whats actually in my throat, so the ring hits the back of my mouth. The head is big and flared almost two inches though)
(and yes the body size measurements on my profile are actually my irl ones if that puts it into some scale for you)
(no i mean outside of sex lol, that is definitely a good description for me lol i love just rolling my eyes back and relaxing my throat to give maximum pleasure)
(it does... just wow. A small bundle of naughty. Very tasty~)
(Well... where were we? We got kind of sidetracked... and maybe a lot harder, hehe)
(thank you hehehe, thats good, i love making cocks hard and cumming for me)
(i was my turn oops
(Consider yourself sucessful, atleast for the former one)
(aw just give it a bit lol)
(just a question am i tied face down or up?)
(Face down, but you are kneeling on the table, legs free, as they lick your behind all over)
(oooh okay)
*i cry out in surprise and panic as my face is pressed into the table and my arms grabbed and tied down. my ass shakes and quivers as its lifted in the air, bent over for all to see the large pillowy ass on display*
wait wait, what are you-*im cut off with a loud moan as i feel the licks bites scrapes and squeezes on my tender ass and thighs*
"Ehehee! What a sow! Look at that fat ass! And shes enjoying herself too!" Shouts one of your assailants, before he walks infront of you - his pants half lowered, and his smelly cock gets pushed into your face, demanding... something. He doesnt say anything though, first probing your reaction. Another guy is already lowering his pants aswell...*
*i struggle against my bonds trying to pull my head back from the large cock* Just what do you think youre doing with that! Dont try it!
*he shakes his head receiving your dismissal, and pulls you up by the hair with one hand, as the other pinches your nose shut... you either open your mouth and breath, or you dont breathe at all.*
*i look up at him with surprise and panic, unsure what to do as the air runs out and the already rock hard cock lingers before my lips*
*finally after turning red i open my mouth briefly gasping for air*
*He is now grinning, watching your struggle, and pushes forward... so close to entering, just needing a bit of leeway.*
*And in he goes! He also lets go of your nose, now inside, but still keeps the grip on your hair, janking you back and forth on his cock roughly. The second guy is stroking himself next to your head too... and from behind you can hear the sound of belts dropping onto the floor too, as the licking stops.
*Soon you feel legs rest against your ass, as another one places himself behind, rubbing is cock over your pussy, getting himself wet. He sets in to thrust... THUMB!* Aaaargh! Fuck! - IDIOT! *There is a loud shuffling, and from the edge of your eyes you can see someone getting carried out, bleeding above his eyes.* He said no pussy, fucker! *But another one has already taken his place...*
please nooo...mmffph... *i cry out as the huge cock rams into my mouth hitting the top of my throat, he starts pumping his head and first few inches into my unwilling mouth as his iron grip on my soft blonde hair holds me in place*
*i try to move my ass away from the chaos behind me but it only serves to arch my back making my big round ass even more enticing, jiggling from the movement*
*And entice it does, for the new guy doesnt make the same mistake as the one before, spitting onto your pucker before ramming himself in, not caring for your pussy at all - his only goal is to paint your innards white, no matter how he gets there. And so does the one infront, his cock buried up to the base inside your throat, forcing your nose into his pubes, tickling a bit, if it werent so disgusting. He throws his head back in pleasure. Unbeknownst to you, i watch you interested from my couch, having another maid service me dutifully*
*I tense up with the sudden and fast penetration clearly taking me off guard. The thick shaft spears into my tight ring mercilessly and immediately begins thrusting hard without giving me time to get used to the oversize girth, my cries for mercy come out only as gurgles around the thick hard orc dick in my throat as he pounds it deeper.*
(Do you have sound?)
*As the thick long shaft shapes your ass to his image he flares up, chaffing along your walls... it must feel so good for him. But not good enough as it seems* Clench up, whore! *And his hand whips down onto your ass, leaving a nice print as it shakes you to the core, a sharp pain radiating throughout your body*
/sound smack
Ahhh, thats it! Keep going! *He spanks some more, left right left*
/sound smack
/sound smack
/sound smack
(everything alright?)
(what is it saying i d/ced?)
(ye. several times now, in quick succession. Suddenly)
(i think i turned off sounds on accident the first one worked, now its not cause i clicked on the little not right here)
(try again)
(ugh it said playing sound and then a smack which was nice but now it just says /sound smack
(gah! Did you hear it then?)
(Lets see...)
/sound smack
/sound smack
(ooh that works, ouch sounds like it hurt!)
(Ye! Leaves a tingling in ones hand, too~)
mmffph...AGHLRKGLRK *i try to call out but the massive cock fucking my throat hard keeps me relatively quiet as the several hard slaps make my ass shake and clench hard around the already tight fit in my ass. several red handprints appear on the big white canvas*
*i struggle and pull frantically against my bonds to the table in vain, helpless to resist the brutal fucking*
*i look up at the orc skull fucking me as my air starts to run out, tears and makeup streaming down my cheeks as spit and precum starts leaking down my chin from my soft thick lips*
*You get hit a last time, as he bottoms out, pushing himself inside you to the brim, making you feel like throwing up a little, his balls resting against your pussy as he dumps his spunk deep inside, jet after jet of warmth deviling your innards.* Ohhhh~ Thats it... take it all bitch...
*my eyes widen fully and roll back in my head as the huge cock behind me finally pushes in to the base, stretching my tight ass to its limit as his big heavy balls slap against me emptying their oversize load. As he pulls halfway out only to thrust all the way back in a couple more times as he finishes unloading in me, the torrent of cum starts to spill out the sides and run down my quivering thighs*
*He seems to care little - his face in bliss, as the Ork infront joins in with a grunt... you can feel his cockvein throb against your lower lips before he too seedes your throat, making it impossible to breath, and its so much it becomes hard to swallow, shooting out through your mouth nose, everywhere. A mess! And the rancid smell... good thing it cant make you choke, for you already are. He pulls back a little, wiping himself on your tongue, giving your tastebuds something to enjoy too, ere moving away, making place for the second Ork, already shoving himself in into that well fucked mouth, giving you no time to rest.*
(mmm my bratiness earlier must have paid off youre really taking out on me hehee)
(Oh i would never... after all its the goons doing all the dirty work, hehe)
(But yes. I love putting brats into their place. I do have a bratty sub too, so thats something hitting close to home, hehe)
(normally im not too bratty, just when i have to be to get in big trouble when im not getting it hard enough, which is always lol)
(Ehehe. Despite our kinkyness, we do tend to be nice people around here. ;) And in general too.)
*i look up in terror running out of breath as even more tears running black with makeup fall down my cheeks before the mighty pounding my face is recieving, i nearly run out of air as the massive load fills my throat and stomach then bubbles up, shooting violently out my nose and mouth, running down my chin and neck onto a puddle that may soon be much bigger. as he pulls out i gasp an cough harshly, no time to plea for mercy before the next orc grabs my hair tightly and shoves his head between my lips*
(yes ive actually noticed how nice everyone seems to be, worst ive had is just people leaving abruptly in the middle a couple times)
( the worst! No respect, no sorry... i had that happen in an IRL one too - just left. Not even an excuse seveal days later now. Ohhh, that gets me super mad! Id be fine if something came in between, or if we just dont click, but gah! ANGER! VENT!)
(ugh i know, i totally get it if something comes up but how can you just not say anything when you leave after weve been playing for like an hour??)
*And while he facefucks the colour out of your face, the one in the back seems to be finally done dumping his gonads bounty inside of you - and as he pulls back his flare gets stuck on your pucker. He pulls once... twice... a third time with extra force, popping free with a wet sloshing sound as a torrent of his alabaster milk unleashes onto the table - and he falls onto his ass, laughing loudly, and some other patrons join in. A heartfelt, warm laugh despite the roughness. That seeds a tiny idea in your mind... Maybe this couldve went differently... if you hadnt resisted as much...*
(ye! Also my mischivous side wants to leave so badly now... stupid side! Out!)
(oooh was the one behind me a minotaur?)
(Nope, just a big burly guy. But his cock was.)
(ooohh ive never seen a human with a cock like that lol)
(Of course not! But its high fantasy, so yeah.)
(wanna feel that flared tip go in again, nothings better than when you havent been stretched at all yet and it pops inside)
(hurts quite a bit though)
(I have to admit, i cant really relate. :D More of a knot type of person.)
(Have yourself stuck to your partner, as he dumps his load inside of you, helplessly*
*i groan hard into the new green cock invading my throat as his balls reach my chin for the first time before hammering back again and again. The shock of the flared head exiting my tight ass distracting me momentarily from the oral assault at my front as almost a pint of cum pours from my ass down my thighs onto the table*
(yeah i used to have the bad dragon dildo thats like a cross between a chance and one with a knot, it felt good knotting but i like ones that are more uniform in girth so i can take the whole thing in quick thrusts like im really getting fucked)
My turn, my turn! *beckons an overeager voice from behind, as a small, sturdy looking dwarf climbs onto the table which creaks considerably, and goes for your ass aswell. However, despite him beeing big in size, its no match for the flare from earlier, having paved a little freway into your behind - he groans disatisfied and presses your asscheecks together, sandwishing his cock that way, fucking your bubbly but*
(THAT i totally get, hehe)
*You can also feel something warm get poured onto your side... it seems some of the other patrons have started stroking a bit too overzealous*
*i moan in surprise into the fat green cock in my throat, i recoil slightly moving my side away from load being sprayed onto the side of my upper back before it starts running down onto the side of my large breast im using as a cushion against the table in this position. Im relieved to not have anything in my ass anymore, eventhough his cock rubbing between my bubbly asscheeks is reminding me how sore and stinging my abuse ass is*
You there! Move to the side. *A familiar, my voice echoes from the side. Your green intruder retreats, giving you some time to breath - and i stand in front of you, beaming from ear to ear.* Ehehe. Thats a wayyyy better look for you. Enjoying yourself "princess"? *I do actually make airquotes, and rest my cock between your eyes, my balls dangling infront of your nose, giving off a strong male musk aswell as a hint of sweat*
*Which is actually hard to make out, for your nose is still filled with leftover cum and its rancid smell*
*i cough and gasp after the abuse and lack of oxygen my throats had, choking on whats left of the large load the pervious orc forcefully pumped into me. i look up at you with my blue eyes through teary eyes, face covered in cum, spit, and black streaks from running eyeliner, eyes filled with anger, i spit some out softly before speaking* Enjoying myself! I-I couldve drowned! How can you just trust those brutish orcs not to choke me out on those.. things they have!
(so whats your cock and character look like)
*after being forced to stop so abruptly the orc comes around behind me, pushing the dwarf out of the way and busting another rediculously large load all overthe right side of my ass and thigh running down part of my back*
(The profile pic works well for the face) *The merchant is 180, wide shoulders, somewhat strong but just above average. His legs do look like any other. Where he really shines is his cock - it does have a little bulb at its base, and there is red-brownish pre running down my glans. Definitly not human looking. And it smells enticingly sweet, turning ones mind... albeit your elven ancestry is trying its best to resist* Youll do fine~ you took it like a natural, hehe. *I move my cock down, rubbing the bead of pre straight below your nostrils, invading your mind with promises of pleasure and bliss - something im clearly aware of, watching your every reaction*
(idk why but cum or pre being anything other than the normal color is kinda gross to me ngl)
(gah! Alright. Alabaster cum it is!)
(yes pls, how big is it?)
(On the merchant? Around 7 inches. Moderatly thick... that is for as long as the bulb isnt inflated)
(so is it normal shape and color besides the bulb?
(oh it inflates interesting i like that)
*i look up at you, wondering how or why a human has such a strange and scary cock, the strange smell takes me off guard and distracts me momentarily before i return to my senses* hey, stop that now, i need a break *my cries of resistence are quiter now after the exhaustive pounding*
Youll get your break once we are done. *i grin* Which, depending on how well you are doing might be quite fast or quite long... or anything inbetween. Take too long... and the next ones will be ready again. So you better hurry up. *I still just dangle it infront of your face, and you can see the veins pulse in rythm to my heartbeat, making the entire thing bob - but i dont give any order, nor do i force you to take it. I just... wait, letting my words run their course*
(also, ill need a moment to pee. And some time to actually be able to. :D)
(hahaha no worries, so hawt how hard im making you)
(re. I hope that is the same with you~)
*i look up pouting before looking down at the cock resting at my lips, considering my options. i think to myself "am i really thinking about pleasuring this, this vile lowlife! at least i might be able to keep him out of my throat so i can breathe. i cant stop him, he'll have me either way. no, i cant give him the satisfaction! he is a lowborn brute! im a noblewoman!"*
*I cant read your thoughts, so i just wait... and wait... and finally a sigh* Fine. Have it your way. *I kneel down beside you head, a faint smile on my lips, in stark contrast to the actions im about to do - my hands go for your throat, pushing tightly, as i calmy speak* You see. I hate beeing rough with women. *I sound genuinly so, despite me literally choking you right now* But alas, sometimes they need a harsh hand to guide them to the right path. *I look you straight into the eyes, as your lungs begin to cry for fresh air, and your sight becomes hazed* Once i stand up you have 5 seconds to suck my cock. Use them.* With a final glare i let go of your throat*
*i nearly pass out before you release me and my head jerks up, i look into your eyes desperately, knowing what i must do. you stand up and put your cock to my lips as i open up and stick out my tongue slowly, hesitantly starting to swirl my tongue around the tip and take the first couple inches into my mouth
*i start to work my head up and down the first few inches in a desperate attempt to please you, forgetting whatever was going through my head when i refused a moment prior*
*I humm satisfied, as i finally get what i want - not your lips on my cock, rather you acting according to my wishes... but that slow sucking doesnt satisfy me nearly enough, and thus doesnt last long - for i too go for my own pleasure, thrusting myself into your trap without abandon, putting one leg on your back as i go in sideways, and soon a whatever that is in my pre makes your lips aswell as your tongue feel so sensitive, and somehow making my cock taste good - something is clearly wrong. And as your pucker slowly recovered from the earlier ordeal, so does the dwarf switch to it, having lasted till now.*
*i moan out in angry surprise as you push past my tongue and penetrate the back of my mouth into my throat making me gag immediately in surprise. I scowl up at you for punishing me even more after doing what you wanted, until my eyes go wide when my ass is penetrated yet again, and still feels incredibly tight*
Hah! If only you behaved at the start~ oohhhh.... alas! *I gloat, looking down at your scowl - which earns you a spit into your face* Smile when im dealing with you, whore! *I demand*
glrk glrk glrkh *as the throatfucking continues after your degrading spit hits my face my scowl turns to shock and a sad pout to garner sympathy*
*the spit mixes seemlessly with the tears, make up, and cum already plastering my face*
A fitting look befitting to your status, he! *i chuckle, ere renewing my assault. Soon a new problem arises - for you, not for me - as you can feel that base inflate behind your teeth, keeping me locked in your throat like a bitch, as it stretches your jaw painfully, and it gets really hard to breathe* Ohhh~ mighty tighty! Youll get your rewards soon~
*I choke hard on your huge knotted dick as it penetrates my throat with force. My eyes go big as saucers and I look up at you with surprise and fear as you grab me roughly by my long blonde hair and begin fucking my neck, cutting off all oxygen.*
*Gripping your head by the sides, i face fuck into you, pounding that orb against your throat, an impossible task, which doesnt bother me in the slightest. Its all about me, after all. And as your vision fades again, you dont even realize me groaning loudly, throwing my head back... giving you a direkt shot of my drug laced cum... and the world turns to black, for now. While your body rings for oxygen of any kind, i pull back once im done, stuck at your teeth but having you able to breath - the dwarf still humping away, beeing quite resilant. It isnt long until he too deposits his load into this cumdumpster... all things you dont even realise*
(would you be fine with me picking up the pace towards the end?)
(ooh if this isnt the climax i cant wait to see what you have in store)
(it is the climax. But i want it to dwindle out)
(oh oki sure)
(i thought you meant a different kind of pace)
(Oh fuck, i dont think i could bring myself to wreck you even harder... :D)
*my body goes limp as you unleash a torrent of cum down my throat, pumping almost all of it directly in my stomach. i feel the bulb hit the back of my teeth and try to open wide but to no avail. i am barely able to suck air in around the sides after having to sawllow a lot more cum and start to regain consciousness, still knotted in my mouth like a bitch)
(hehee i can always handle more)
(i figured after your comment.)
(yes i may have done some dp stuff)
*Once you come to you realise that you are stuck to my ground, as i draw deep breaths, just oozing cum into your throat. Just like that i point at your wrists, and they are quickle freed - except in your weakened state you can barely hold yourself up, so running is out of the question. However, something extremely humiliating happens now - i am actually slowly pulling your head with me, through the room, having you crawl on the floor as your jaw pulls you forward, towards the open frame door...*
(irl too?)
*the patrons cheer and whistle, slapping your ass as it wiggles onwards*
(Gah! What a minx. Wish i knew someone like that around here. :D)
(you certainly do ;)
(Nope. i certainly dont. Super virgin. Also i do have only male friends.)
(not forever hehee)
(thats the plan!)
(Just need to get my ass on tinder. One of these days...=
(aw no it should be someone special for your first time)
(Ehhh... im a guy! A horny guy! I could nut to the picture of an open purse if i so desire. Dont think it that necessary.)
(true lol)
(guys arent the only ones horny all the time though!)
(Impossible. Girls are all super chaste. And they dont need to fart and go for long toilets break. Thats a fact.)
*i crawl on the floor following you mindlessly, cum dripping from all over me as i go through the cloth covered doorway behind you still trying vaguely to get unstuck but mostly trying just to breathe*
(tru irl i suppose, im pretty tame unless i really trust a guy)
*What unfolds is quite a big room with several makeshift cells, some filled fully naked women - and dickgirls, who are either resting or taking care of a patron, their celldoor only telling of moans and grunts. Through this room i guide you to the end, where a free, empty one is where we end at - and i make sure to cuff your ankles to a chain connected to the wall, before resting myself sideways on the small bed, waiting for me to deflate, watching your quite frankly pathetic display*
(I can imagine. Makes you probably feel very unsave otherwise.)
*i rest on my knees next to the bed in a crumpled mess, still covered in cum thats starting to dry on me. my eyes are only half open and i barely move, exhausted and oxygen deprived from the harsh ordeal*
Well, that wasnt too bad. Ill give you a few weeks, and youll fit right in with the others, hehe. *I wriggly my hips a bit, seeing if i can slip out, which i cant, so i stay* Of course, under our watchful eye, hehe. Rest assured, we will be taking good "care" of you, hehe. *Another tug, and this time i actually slide a bit - making me pull out forcefully, stretching your jaw painfully, ere rubbing my bulge* Get some rest. We'll talk about your future tomorrow. *With that i stand up, slowly walking towards the celldoor, watching back for your reaction*
*finally able to get some real breaths in i immediately choke on some cum left over from before. after it subsides i look up scornfully but partially defeated, i hold my tongue unable to show resistance for fear of more punishment.*
*i slump forward into a heap of cum and spit on the ground with my ass still up behind me, passing out almost immediately from the exhausting harsh throat and ass fucking i just recieved and still showed signs of*
*Not getting any sassy reply i smile, one of the few times its not a fake one, and close the cell with a creak and a rattle as the lock falls into place. Spinning the keys with my hand and whistling i return to the main room, where the usual commotion has returned...*
(End Scene)
(Oh boy, what a ride, hehe. I do hope you enjoyed yourself, we went quite heavy on the RP side after all.)
wow yes definitely
that was incredible honestly
Im glad. I never know if its too much or too little... so i just go with the flow. I do hope thats a good start for your descent.
its an amazing start for sure
you probably dont have to worry about too much
Alright. Eases my worries, hehe.
thanks for respecting the character and not just trying to do a full mind break right away lol
i can always take more
im really looking forward to our next encounter
Hm hm. Alright. More on the pain side? The mental abuse? drugs?
hm yeah a little more pain sure, but mostly just like more and bigger cocks
im definitely into the whorey side that you were going for earlier
like using me for gold or whatever
Hm hm... alright. I am a greedy moneyscrouger after all, hehe. How is the disgust level? About fitting, too much, too little?
like smelly cocks? lol
about fitting so far yeah
Unwashed, sweat, booze... alright
What about you?
Are there somethings you'd like more of - things you'd like to ask me?
hmm nothing else really aside from what i said
thanks for asking!
speaking of am i making any of that currency you guys have?
I too am quite interested to see how the story evolves, and how the elven size queen will develop...
Well... i could pay you. Though im not the one who distributes it. I usually get some stacks of coins for missions.
However, you should get 100 from red for rping, if im not mistaken.
hehe me too, i really appreciate and admire the respect for the character. cant wait to see where it goes!
Hmm... we could set up some sessions with "patrons" - to have you develop on the side, while making those Redits.
Ill shot Red a question if you can generate them that way.
that sounds good
more the merrier
Ye. Also, i dont have you claimed at all. Feel free to rp as you wish.
(Unless you want me to, of course)
hmmm idk
Neither do i. :D
it might be fun to have a little something on my profile from this
That i would totally appreciate, and mirror on my own.
I do have a section for those encounters, after all...
yeah lets do it
im a little tired now though so next time
Yes please.
Its 3:40 am for me...
hahaha oh nooo
Ill just hop off to bed~
ive stayed up later on here though haha
yes go to sleep please
Eyyy it was fun!
Staying up is fine for that
you deserve it i think that was my best game ever
You are making me blush

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