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take a look at my profile and dm me for rp if youre into it

Hetero / Sub

So I thought I should post some things about myself too...
Height: 5'5
Weight: 128
Age: 21
Occupation: Elven Size Queen
📈 (Current Redits wallet: R115)
Clothes: Stockings with garter belt, skirt, and top like pfp (what are you staring for? its proper elven attire)
Currently imprisoned in The Merchants brothel, at least im getting paid, even if i cant leave. (current redits wallet: 100)
I'm a very sexual person or I guess I wouldn't be here, lols. I'm strictly submissive, though more Dominant outside of sex than most (such is most often the case irl). I adore being tied up and used. If I ever tell you to stop in a game it usually means to keep going. Really into rp so I'll be skipping a lot of actions that dont make sense for the rp situation. Down for fantasy rp as well, give me those oversize cocks.

Soliana is going to be a corruption character that starts out rather prudish and bratty and slowly becomes more slutty and eventually mindbroken as time goes on. Im going to be updating the diary section regularly so check back later when shes a little less fiesty if thats your forte. Soliana was an elven highborn until her sister betrayed her, now shes wanted by her former kingdom and must survive on her own in the strange outerlands.

I'm Very much into CNC (but I do mean Play!!! It's one of The Most Despicable things anyone could ever do in reality). Anyway, since I get off on men pleasuring themselves by using me and it's best when men ignore my pleasure and just use me to make their dicks cum, I enjoy being forced to take their dicks all the way down my throat til I gag and spit, then be fucked anally while I cry and beg them to stop <--that's what makes me orgasm over and over.

That being the case, I really prefer my pussy gets completely ignored, except to look pretty. I really don't enjoy being pleasured and my pussy is best only used as an anal-lube dispenser once inna great while! Actually it's most exciting for me if my tiny panties are left on and just tugged aside so men can easily take my ass and use it.. force me down, pound me into submission and fuck my quivering ass good and hard! ^-^ And if you haven't noticed all the plurals everywhere, then I guess I need to say "gangbangs are all Win!" <3

Let me make this clear because some people don't seem to understand: it's all about fantasy and my personal kink for sex-play is being throat-fucked and ass-fucked and my pussy ignored. If this coincides with other peoples fantasies, that's awesome and to me Very sexy...

But If it doesn't and they feel the need to force their fantasy on another, that's not play anymore. Playing is doing something you enjoy with someone else who enjoys that also and if it's not play anymore, then what is it really?

What a strange place this is, Humans, Dwarves, Orcs, Minotaurs, all living in the same large town. Things are very different here than back home in the pure Elven Kingdoms, I'll stick out for sure and not in a good way. This strange Red Mystery Girl seemed to pick up on my predicament quickly and handed me a letter, offering me employment in these strange lands. Without much in the way of alternatives, with no money as a wanted woman in a foreign land, I agreed to meet here associate.
What a mistake I've made! That vile man, The Merchant as he likes to be called, lured me into his brothel! He tied me down to a table and just watchs as the beasts he calls "patrons" ravaged me from both ends! Only after he added his load to the pile did he drag me, dripping cum from all over, to my new cell to "work" in his depraved establishment. I hope I can find a way out soon, I dont know if I can take that many oversize cocks at once again.

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