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Solianas pillory time - spectators aswell as participants welcome!

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Well then~ good night!
How was your evening? I hope not too long... 😅
no it was good, i had just enough time to get all ready and relax for a bit
Well, i actually got some good sleep int
thats good
Though i kinda woke up early once more... luckily, as it seems
thats also good lol
Alright. To link this to last time - a little reminder. Soliana was just branded as one of mine and ravaged by the hunk of a gnoll.
We will be starting off right there- with you on the cell floor, resting in his spilled out cum. And albeit the room was not locked by the gnoll, you are still bound by the chain.
oh no
im here lol
yes that sounds like an excellent start
should im also prepared to do irl whatever happens in rp just so ya know lol
Hmm... i wonder if its not too late for that. If you are really fine then yes, we can do so. Though well have to hope for some active visitors, hehe.
why does it keep saying that??
okay i think my internets good
No idea. Perhaps youre in wlan?
wheres that?
Like your wireless lan beeing weak? I dunno
it should be good now
As long as you get my messages, and i get yours it should be fine ye
Setting the scene...
Exhausted from your previous ravaging, your painfully gaping pucker clenches in sync with your breathing, slowly coming down. The cell aswell as the bigger room has gone quiet once more, and you can hear some movement out of view, albeit soft - probably a woman. Still, this moment does weigh on you. If this is considered "Good shape" by the gnoll, you do want to know what there is more in store for you today. Do? Dont of course! Stupid head.
*aftering resting on the cell for in the spilled out puddle of cum for some time slowly trying to regain my composure. I roll over and sit up with my back against the wall of the cell. i listen closely for any clue of who may still be stiring in the brothel*
*Now sitting upwards, focussing on the small noises you pick up, you can boil those shufflings down... it sounds like someone is scrubbing something. Having no real experience in that regard, beeing the taken care for princess you were, you dont really know what. However, your mind instantly goes back to the girl from the morning. Cupcake, was it? Whatever she does takes quite long, working her way forward, sometimes getting louder, sometimes more silent. Ah! Was that some water splashing? Putting those informations together, she might be cleaning the cells... and taking her time with that, working her way towards the end of the room and your cell diligently.
*i look up at the chains connecting my wrists to the wall, tugging them lightly as i consider my options and wether or not i should ask cupcake again for help escaping, or if its some kind of test*
*They seem quite sturdy - infact, turning them about you find them to be of excellent quality, albeit not as good as the padded ones you saw in the smithy. That gives you an idea. A probably not very good one, but still an idea. Perhaps dousing the chains in cum will weaken them? As soon as that thought passes your mind you are already shaking your head. That sounds so stupid... Still, itll be some time before whoever who's cleaning is at your cell.*
(idk why it keeps saying that)
(its fine~ did you get my text?)
*i decide to try and forget about the chains and start crawling up onto the "bed" if you could even call it that. i lay uncomfortably facedown with my arms up over my head due to the chains. I close my eyes and try to recover more from the previous torment*
*And thus some time passes, the scrubbing closing in on you as your mind wanders, drawing you a grim picture of your future here... while the slowly drying cum stinks up the cell. You are about to drift off, when there's rustling at the celldoor - and a surprised looking cupcake attempting to unlock the already open door. She shoots you a puzzled glance, before meekly smiling, seemingly pondering if she should talk to you... until* "Hey. You good?"
*i respond brattily without lifting my head to look at her* "tell me what you think cupcake"
*She seems to be taken aback, before answering* "Errrr... well you are still able to give an answer! Thats good! Most girls dont take too well to Taz... hes such a beast, in both ways." *Unlike what you might have expected, her description of him has her voice not sound like a meek girl dreading the thought, instead having something more... needy, unbefitting of the vibe she gives off* "Either way. Ill be taking care of that mess." *She shakes both her bucket, filled with presumably water, and her mop, still wet and glistening* "You need something more to eat just tell me. From what ive gathered you'll be one of our stars this evening."
*i turn my head to the side watching her come into the cell and kneel down to start cleaning up the large cum puddle left by taz.* "starrs? stars of what? dont i ever get any rest in this place!" i whine out angrily before regaining my composure, knowing how sensitive and fickle cupcake can be.* "i suppose i could use something to eat, maybe something besides cum this time?" i ask hopefully*
*Her head turns upwards, giving you a nod* "I can do food. The latter not so much. Masters orders. Im surprised you noticed. Most girls have to explained to why they enjoy their food that much once the cravings start..." *her eyes drift off, mindlessly scrubbing the same place for a moment, before giving herself a shake* "Youll be fine~ soon you too will come to like it. Its like... magic!" *she doesnt answer your first question, rather drifting off into silence again, wringing out her mop into the bucket*
*my eyebrows furrow looking intensely at cupcake cleaning as she tries not to make eye contact with me* "You really expect that lowly merchants parlour tricks to work on me? How could i ever enjoy the way they choke and stretch me so severely?" i say to her slightly offended*
*Her work shifts a bit away from you, gaining distance, clearly taking up on that offence* "Well... youll either enjoy them or be ruined in the process. It has happened before - and so it will again. Just a matter of time." *She gets the last bit of semen off the ground, before bolting up again. "Anyway. Im done. Youll get your food." *She blabbers hastily*
*i lay there waiting patiently for her return as my stomach rumbles slightly, wondering if i had been too harsh on her again. i need to try and bring her on my side if she'll ever help me escape*
*More time passes - life is returning to the roam, as the occasional moan can be heard again, breaking the silence. Soon you hear steps aproaching your cell... but its not cupcake, instead beeing Taz again, opening the door. His face turns smug as he watches you resting on the bed, as if to count it as an achievment, undoing the chain on the wall once more - though this time tugging considerably less harsh, in small little burst as if to make you get up*
*i rise from the bed cautiously, not looking up at taz or protesting at all now that i know what hes capable of. Though i do want to yell at him in anger for letting me rest for such a short time
*Thus he guides you along once more - looking at the cells you pass you can make out several women and also some very feminine men mostly eating more of the "stew", not really giving you any attention. It goes back to the main room, where the 3 pillorys still stand menacingly - the one on the far right already occupied by one very voluptuous looking woman. Glancing over her naked body you come to realise she doesnt wear a mark at all! How strange... She turns her head as best as she can, waving with one restricted hand, looking super akward. But not for long, for Taz too points at the open pillory infront of you - his intentions clear*
(just gave the game a little name~)
*i stare at the pillory for a moment realizing what the beast wants. i gulp loudly, and start to move toward the device as taz opens it up for me. i hesitate for a moment but dare not resist or talk back to the creature after what he did earlier. I bend forward putting my round ass on full display as i put my head and wrists into the half circles on the bottom of the pillory. "what the hell am i doing? Goddess preserve me!" i think to myself as my heart rate rises*
*Unfitting to his stature Taz closes the pillory slowly and carefully, rings of cold iron closing around. Now that you feel that you realise that the other two pillorys are actually padded too! It seems like you have gotten the worst one of the bunch, with the one on the left beeing very nicely made, looking oh so much more comfortable than yours. A few clicks later and a quick spank on your ass (here too, right cheek) you are bound helplessly, as the gnoll walks towards the front door, leaving you two alone.* "Heyyyy~ Havent seen you before. Already bursting with anticipation as i am?" *Her voice is sweet and friendly, and looking at her body shes well fed, most certainly not from here.*
(ouch!) *i let out a quick yelp as the beasts large hand meets my ass harshly, sending ripples though me as i flinch in surprise. i breathe a sigh of relief thinking to myself "at least hes leaving for now. I cant believe that bastard merchant is still treating me so unfairly still, after everything hes put me through so far." as i test the strength of my iron bonds vainly. i turn my head as much as i can to look at the human woman to my left "anticipation? do you know what awaits you here stupid girl? who are you anyway?"
"How sassy! I am - " *She cuts herself off, before smiling sheepishly* "Just another guest using this establishment. And unlike you I actually do know whats in store for us." *She raises her head as far as she upwards, with her nose pointing into the air, as if to look down on you though beeing on the same height* "Furthermore I actually am able to decide how long i can stay. And how *harsh* my treatment gets." *She chuckles* "Oh girl, you are in for a bad time."
*my face of bewildered curiosity turns to anger "What? Why would you want to come here? What are you babbling about just tell me whats happening here this instant!" i spit the words out at her with spirited distain
*Another chuckle* "Or what? Youll come over and spank me? Spit on me? Hah! Jokes on you, im into that." *She turns her head forward, resting on her padding... which she realises too, looking back towards you rubbing her neck over it as if to tease you with what she has that you dont*
*i watch her taunt me, eyes filling with impotent anger "you depraved slut, how dare you mock me so! If i wasnt bound here id do much worse than spit on you!" i bark at her*
"Ohh, yes please!" *Her legs rub together, and she squirms in her bindings* "Go on~" *she sounds genuinly intrigued - and turned on by both your words and your anger*
*my face turns from anger to disgust as i realize shes actually getting off on my degrading condemnation. "hmph" i pout and look away from her, realizing the best way to spite her is to not give her the satisfaction of a response*
"Awww~ come on! Dont be a meanie!" *She throws you some more begs, until finally you can hear feet moving. A lot of feet. Looks like the doors are open once more... and soon the first grimy looking man enters the room. And another. And another. It doesnt seem to stop... now you also understand why the tables have been moved to the side, so to fit more into the room. There are also some faces you remember from yesterday, beaming up to you as they too seem to recognize you. Infact, many of them seem to be oogling your body quite thirstily. And interestingly enough the other woman does share their needy look, opening her mouth as if to kiss the air, followed by some naughty looking air tongueing. The crowd goes wild, cheering and laughing, quite many already rubbing themselves through their pants, still waiting for something...*
*Looking over the masses, you can make out mostly humans, with a fair share of orcs and dwarves - the occasional odd one out beeing some wild looking beastmen.*
*my eyes go wide and my lips go silent as my previous arguing with the slut to my left falls completely to the back of my mind as i stare out at the growing crowd, trying to count the large bodies pouring in the door. I look over at the other woman scornfully again as she attempts successfully to get the crown even more riled up. My cheeks start to redden as my heartrate skyrockets while i wonder if all these men, and even some beasts, are here just for the two of us.*
(idk what my internet is doing today)
*So it seems, for the last pillory does not get filled, and wont be for the evening. Something that does get filled though, you both, is getting prepared. Two as usual scantily clad women dart over to you, rubbing something cold, gel like feeling onto your ass and both her holes... and in goes one finger too! You squirm against the unmovable restraints, but they are just that - unmovable, and dont give in par a little shake. Your pussy gets some too - not gel but something akin to tape, making sure none of the patrons get any dumb ideas and breed the merchandise... that thought might have you grow red in shame. Once both of you are prepared Taz moves up to the front, holding a big empty jar in one and a huge hammer in the other, on which he props himself up. And the fun begins as the first person steps up, throwing in some coins...* (Lube up your pucker for us, make it nice and wet, and give it some fingering too while writing until told otherwise)
(yessir, im moving my laptop to the bed now i gotta attatch it to the headboard and get on all fours one sec)
(Take your time.)
(ok im ready sorry)
*Your first "customer" comes in the form of a hairy looking dude - dark skin, his curly hair all black. He doesnt give your face much attention, walking to your back straight away - fondling those cheeks, while resting his cock between them*
(I know about your big one, but do you have a smaller dildo too?)
(i just went straight to the big one to make it easier lol, its all set up behind me already)
(Alas, i want the big one for your throat. Hopefully also somewhat loaded~)
(i cant really attach the medium one to my headboard sadly, but i can still use it on my throat)
(Gah! I had such a nice description lined up for that... too bad. Well have you abuse your behind for us instead.)
*i squirm and try vainly to move forward, stopped instantly by the pillory around my neck, my ass tenses up as i feel his large rod between my cheeks* "wait, wait not there im still sore from earlier, just give it a break" i plea desperately*
*His groping intensifies, and you can feel him fully harden, lining up with your hole, which clenches in anticipation... his glans feeling quite hot on your skin* "Even better. Moan for me, whore!" *And with a spank he thrusts himself forward, into your folds aided by the slick gel*
*my eyes and mouth shoot open at the sudden large penetration as i cry out "AHH fuck, be gentle! please!" my unwilling ass clenches around the oversize head* (wow its a tight fit, its been a while)
(Guide it into you - dont go past the ring yet, but use it to bounce back and forth against it)
"I go as fast as i please whore! Dont you talk back to me!" *he smacks your ass, left right left right, pulling you onto him - and thus both your head and wrists against their metal rings*
*His cock is quite big for his size, now that you get more intimate with it - and with that i mean as he drills a new hyperlane into your ass, his warmth pulsing just as he throbbs*
(yessir the ring is pretty deep but ill take it all for you)
(Good! Give me some moans too! Make them good, as if you'd want to make me feel good too!)
(Also, dont forget about those spanks~ left right left right~ Feel how each spank makes you clench down on that rod, and thank me for having you do so)
(oh fuck, yes sir)
(No rubbing your pussy though. After all, you wont be using it in RP either, so better get used to cumming with your ass.)
*i cry out even louder as his pace quickens and my ass clenches down on the tight fitting cock as be abuses my ass*
(oh god youre so rough on me, yes sir)
*Your cries are cut short and muffled by a big hulky orc claiming your lips with his smelly grey brownish cock, forcing your head straing onto it - super pointless, for you couldnt move away anyway.*
(I hope you got your other dildo in reach~ This one is not kind either. However, dont force it in fully. Get your saliva going so that it runs smoothly.)
(oh my goddess, yes sir)
(4 spanks each asscheeck. Im not a goddess, just Sir to you.)
"wait, back away you-Mmph!" *i look up at the orc angrily as he pushes deeper past my lips, the sound of hard slaps turning my ass red ringing through the air as i cry out vainly into the cock in my mouth*
(ouch! yes sir )
*A cheer goes through the crowd, as you get facefucked against the wood, your eyes running aimlessly through the room - looks like the other woman too got her fair share of cock, her tears ruining her makeup, but you are very certain they are not sad tears...*
(Is your big one loaded?)
(no im suffering a lube shortage sadly)
(Yeah, i remember. I had hoped for leftovers... :D)
(i hace just enough to survive tonight hopefully)
*Soon you can hear some grunts from behind, feeling yourself flooded with frankly quite a small amount of cum for his size, and he smears some on your asscheeck before making way for the next guy walking up - a small dwarf, barely able to reach you. You wonder what hes up to...*
(Pull out your big one for a moment...)
(Count to 30. Slowly. And then ram it back in. Try to pass the ring.)
(oh god, and i was about to thank you. it is quite big though, maybe a bigger patron would make more sense for that part?)
*You dont wonder long - he inserts something what can only be his fist, stirring your guts like mashed potatoes, making loud lewd schlicking sounds*
(I think hell work out fine~)
(yikes! yes sir)
*His muscle packed arms stretch you so harshly... pressing against your walls and making you gasp on the orc, who seems to love it! So does the dwarf, for he too chuckles, before going off in a rant* "Yeah, fuck you big one! Always looking down on us, thinking yourself better! I fist you, i spit on you! Pathetic whore!"
(Spit into your hand and give your ass a spank with it.)
(Also, if you are salivating good now take the one in your mouth deeper.)
(of fuck sir its all the way in)
*The dwarf moves over, satisfied, shaking his arm - and gets replaced by a hung white human, thrusting inside without further notice*
*i moan and cry out loudly into the orc cock now penetrating my throat as my ass shakes and jiggles with every flinch and thrust from the massive cock violating my ass roughly*
*The orc in the front finally groans, and you find yourself flooded with his spunk, claiming your tastebuds for himself, making you gag and choke unable to do anything about it*
*He waits for a moment until beeing a little bit soft, your lungs screaming for air... which they get, finally. For but a moment, since a big chest free man with hoofes and a bovinge head steps up - his tool a punisher in size, even half errect. And hes fully intend on have you get it to full size, impaling you on himself* (Slow down your thrusting on your ass - instead grind on it. Feel how it shapes your pucker, and imagine how good you'd make him feel)
(also, if you have a third dildo take it into your hand - and stroke it. Stallion is waiting)
(yes sir, fuck its so deep inside me, my eyes are actually tearing up from the throatfucking too)
*my eyes roll back as the beastman thrusts into my ass and holds it there while the orc drowns me in cum pouring down my throat, i absent mindedly grab onto the cock in my hand, griping for dear life*
(Oh, you got that wrong, a pale hung human is doing your behind and the beastman is claiming your mouth from the orc.)
(Hard to focus, eh?)
(shouldnt the beastman be behind me since its a beast of a dildo back there sir?)
(Not quite - i do have something in mind...)
(The reason for why i wanted you to take it in the front too...)
*As he grows both in firmness and size, you make a sudden realisation: His girth is bigger than the hole for your neck... and its painfully scraping along it, forcing your throat into his meat, his texture printed inside of you, his veins, his glans, the place where his foreskin is connected... you can make out everthing. Whats worse is that it makes it impossible to breath. Not even a tiny bit. Even worse worse you are getting lightheaded, for the blood flow gets restrained too, leaving you dull minded and broken just to suckle on him, hoping for air*
(I want you to hold your breath around the dildo in your mouth. Force it in deep, until you are shaking... and pull it out quickly, getting your air in. Breath 10 seconds and do so again.
(oh fuck, yes sir. the tears are pouring now, and my ass is so stretched!)
(Ehehehe~ how hot! I bet it slides nicely~ can you put it in to the hilt? Also, did you wear makeup? Eyeliner even?)
(of course what do you think i spent those two hours getting ready doing, im in my garter and stockings too)
(my face is already starting to get messy)
(Awww~ such a hot mess)
(fuck yes thats me sir, youre tearing me up)
*And he keeps drilling inside - just as the man in your back does, his huge member clearly not of human nature, pulsing and throbbing as he pushes himself over - pulsing and pulsing again, filling you with... nothing? Whatever it is, it doesnt leave a trace or feeling, and he continues to do so.*
(Bitch you love it!)
(fuck ive never been ravaged like this for so long its like im being ripped apart and im starting to sweat)
(Do you need a break?)
(no no keep going)
(And so do you.)
(sorry i f i cant keep up on the rp super well)
(Yeah... you are excused this time. :D)
(go back to grinding with your ass, up as far at is goes. Make yourself go numb in your guts)
(fuck ive never taken it this deep for so long sir)
(Dont forget about holding your breath too!)
(Also nice~)
(if you only had something to fill your innards with~)
(Something goey cummy... alas)
(if only)
"Hah! Look at that whore go! Shes a natural!" *Does someone shout from the crowd - and some more join in* "Hah! Pathetic! Such a slut! Whore! Cocksock!" *those words get underlined by a few quick slaps on your ass... and the Taur spits onto your face albeit not saying something*
(spit on your hand again and rub it over your cheek. Make it messy, my slut.)
(fuck, yes sir its so messy already)
(Love it!)
(Do you have a mirror? If so take a good look)
(youre making me such a whore for you
(No silly. You are a whore to begin with. Im just making you MY whore.)
(im so wet everywhere)
*Another groan from behind - another orgasm... but nothing. Throbbing, pulsing, no cum. And he groans so desperatly... whatever his deal is, its not working. Still he does keep pounding away at your ass, each thrust making you feel a little sicker)
*The taur in front fell into a steady rythm between gouging your throat and having you breath just barely keeping you awake, shaking the entire pillory with each one of his massive powerful thrusts*
*i offer only muffled moans and groans into the fat cock in my mouth as a retort to the brutal gangbang*
*Some of the waiting guys have started to stroke already - some even a little overeager, plastering your legs in their cum*
(fuck sir i cant take much more i think im gonna cum soon!)
(oh god i just got deeper the balls are actually slapping my pussy riht now fuckkkk)
(Very good! Probably drawing strings of lube with them hehe! How lewd! Are you able to cum this way? You better, for your pussy is off limits.)
(Also, make the next breath holding extra close. I want you needing that air.)
(Infact, give me more spanks too! Left right left right - each one 10 spanks. Make them sting!)
(If your ass isnt red by then, youll do over.)
(... And a lifesign would be good.)
(fuck yes im sorry, you just gave me the most mind shattering orgasm of my life may i please have a moment sir)
(You may take breaths. But dont rest on your ass)
(He doesnt stop - neither do you=
(If his bitch cums she better clench that ass around his cock.)
(But take it easy on your mouth.)
(Alright. Stop.)
(take a breather=
(But sit down on it while you do. No more pounding though)
(fuck im sorry im still shaking that was insane, i really just had my ass and throat fucked hard for the last 2 and a half hours)
(im such a mess)
(Hmm~ a very hot thought. A shame i cant see the mess you are. So your mirror will do. Look at and describe yourself to me.)
(i didnt think id last half this long but i wanted to cum so bad and it actually happened fuck oh my god)
(Have you ever cum without your pussy before? Also, still waiting for your description slut.)
(only one time and that was with my medium one that has a vibrator)
*The fuckening continues, and soon you find yourself leaking too - these brutes are actually getting you off! And so is the other woman, moaning and screaming around whoever fills her at the time. You try to resist, to keep it down... but your body functions just fine, driving you closer and closer to - ah! There you go! It starts as a shudder and ends in spasming inside the pillory as you cum, wetting the tape on your pussy and clenching hard, milking the one in the back - which cums again, this time also unleashing his load, finally moaning in bliss.*
(my hair is completely fucked up lol, i was grabbing it with my right hand while resting my elbow on the bed to hold my head up while i moved my body back and forth between the fat cocks fucking both ends. my eyeliner has run everywhere with the many tears i see 3 going down my left side, one almost down to my mouth, and 2 on the other side that got a little messed up from the spit slap, theres spit thats starting to dry going all down my chin and my throat is sore. my garter held up the stockings though they are a little ripped and worn in the knees now, and my panties are pulled a third of the way down my thighs just over the top of the stocking, cum lube and spit has been pouring down my thighs and my panties are soaked from sitting under the brutal fucking spewing cum lube and spit everywhere. im laying face down with my ass over the pillow i was using to rest my elbows on and my head is draped over the side of the bed so i dont ruin my blanket lol)
(Ohhh~ now thats a picture i can work with, hehe. And im sure its one you do quite enjoy yourself, seeing that fucked up state. Well done~ calm down. Rest. Slowly get that bitchbreaker out of your pucker. If your pussy has leaked aswell give yourself a taste too while you regain some stamina to finish this rp)
(yes thank you sir)
(Also i would like to know how you are doing. Getting better, stuff like that. Calm down. If you got something to drink nearby take a sip.)
*As the man turns away, he gets replaced by a new one - and so is the Taur. This continues for quite some while, and so do your orgasms, quite to your shock, getting there over and over and over again against your will... until finally one of the patrons gets too rough, choking your exhausted self for too long, and you finally drift off, still getting used like a fleshlight*
(absolutely exhausted ive never been fucked that hard or that deep or that long or had such a mindbreaking orgasm my mind is seriously empty i cant think lol. i havent had anything to drink this whole time and ive lost a LOT of spit, my ass and pussy is still quivering though im still getting goosebumps coming and going)
(Alright. As soon as you are no longer wobbly i demand you to drink up. Good. Replenish yourself. You have done me proud. Feel yourself pat on the back)
(well end our rp here - youll be waking up in your cell next time, cleaned up with sore ... well everything but pussy.)
(We can still chat however.)
(Or, if you do need rest rest as in sleep you can do so too. I wont hold it against you after all this.)
(yes that is the perfect end you are so amazing such respect for the character. ill get some water in a sec i promise im still just laying here with my sore ass in the air)

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