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"Just some Eropets glow-up. I don't get turned on by being exposed like this, I swear!"

Lesbian / Switch

She goes by many names. The Woman Kissed By Fire. The Redheaded Menace. The Annoyance. The Gun-For-Good. And she has been around the block, travelling this universe and many others, snuffing out evil and such. Her and her crack-team of people, including Wicken the Half-Dragon, Jade the gargoyle, and Kathleen the Vengeful Angel.

But even heroes need rest and relaxation. Even a problem solver needs a break from problem solving. Even a woman connected to a lovely green gargoyle by marriage needs to go out and enjoy other things...only after getting consent, of course! So, Diana Adams, universe hopping vigilante, decided to try her hand at sexfighting.

Basic Info
My name is Diana, and I wish you the very best if you fight me, because you'll need it! I am a very happy, flirty, and fiery girl. However, I love being a little submissive toy, but can also be your domme if you ask (or beg) me enough! As for how I look...I have a lithe, but toned figure, looking more athletic than muscular. My hair is an orange foxy color, and I prefer to braid it into a ponytail that reaches slightly past my shoulders. My skin is light, but sun-kissed, and I have freckles that run across the bridge of my nose. But the most amazing thing about my appearance (even though I do have D-cups and a nice ass) is that I have heterochromia; so my right eye is a shimmering sky blue and the other is a light brown. Anyways...yeah. If you want to play a little game, just send me a message and I'll reply when able!

Fun Matches
Alex fought me a few times, and was one of my first EF matches! I managed to cum out on top in a very close "Best Two Out Of Three" match-up. She came back for more, and I dominated her yet again! However, the little lady managed to make me cum twice, and brought the total of our matches to 4-1...while also owning my orgasms for a bit!
Jay Thunder has been beaten by me twice. Both of those matches were for the GOTH title. However, by some miracle, he beat me during our last match! I'm already planning my lewd revenge!
On the other hand, Winston has stolen the belt from me twice! I was forced to submit as he pounded me senseless. I'm looking forward to our next encounter.
Valeria has also been a tough cookie. She's beaten me twice, and forced me to wear a collar that says I'm "Val's Hypno Slut". She knows I'm a pathetic little quickshot who can't hold her orgasms and had to beg her for release. Because of that, she now decides the outcome of games I have with her. I managed to beat her during our third match, but I was horny after it was over I asked if I could submit to her later on, and endure her "Special".

I have a few kinks that are pretty obvious: bondage and sexfighting, really. Though a do have a longer list below, which I am fine having played out during a game.
-Getting tickled/tickle torture (giving and receiving).
-Pet play (receiving).
-Maledom AND Femdom (giving and receiving).
-Tease and denial (giving and receiving).
-Orgasm control (edging, ruins, denial, forced orgasms) (giving and receiving).
-Pain play (receiving).
-Humiliation (giving and receiving).
-Mild exhibitionism (receiving).

Post Scripts
PS: I'm usually active around 4PM EST to 6PM EST and then from around 10PM to 1AM EST if you want to play a game. If I'm online outside of those times, I'm probably checking my messages or playing with a bot, so don't expect me to play a game then!

PS 2.0: I am not taking messages or requests for games at this time.

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