Herman the German ☕ (Level 17) mail warning

Looking for short games with IRL content.

Hetero / Switch

Be honest with yourself, then be honest with me, then we will have fun.

Dear Visitor - I put this Tag line first to express, that mutual fun will only happen, if you are aware of what you want and share it with me. If you do, I promise to do the same and we can both enjioy our time here.

Hot of the press!

I have recently been admitted as Game Maintainer for the Classic game mode (see below for more info)
Visit EroFight's first Submissive Training Academy for training slave positions and commands!
STA Teacher

About me

I am from Germany, love this place and am looking for social interactions rather than just competitive games. I am usually easy going, unless you trigger my Dom side.

I am an experimentalist and use EF to find out more about myself and the things I like and do not like. Hence I am changing my settings frequently. Whatever they might currently say: I am a hetero Switch, who enjoys playing female and trans woman. Same goes for toys - keeps changing to try things out ... ask if you want to know.

Note: I am playing Herman in games with dirty talk and IRL content. If you prefer a game with more RP related content, then feel free to DM Namreh the Druid.

If you are interested, I have a Kink List for my Subby side as well as a BDSM Test.

About Herman the German

The idea for the name stems from Arminius, who is famous for having beaten the Romans in 9ac. Lateron he was called Heermann (literally translated: army man), which was the inspiration for my name.

As you move in closer,you see a collar around my neck, which apparently, I am wearing very proudly. There is a name on that collar - it says: Madam Erika

I turn around and you see a tattoo on my back, just below the heart. It was given to me by Mercy with the words: "I will always protect you and will always be at your side".

Rules and Tasks
Active Tasks

° none

Active rules

° none

Rules I like to play but do not insist on

I played Shy-girl and what shall I say...she got me hooked on IRL actions.
° 1 edge for each cum overdrive increase action.
° 2 Edges for every cum tests.
° 1d6 edges in addition when failing to resist the cum test.
° Cumming IRL before the end of the match means ruining the orgasm.
° 1 edge for each bondage/hypno action. Bondage/Hypno action adds +1 to your layer stack. Remove a stack on 5/6 (unlimited turns)
°° 1st Layer: Skip your turns
°° 2nd Layer: 1st + start teasing yourself (irl)
°° 3rd Layer: 2nd+ Edge at your turns

° At the end of the match, the winner decides to let looser cum or ruin it. If looser is unable to ruin, winner gets to add a rule. Winner can also decide that looser played so bad that looser should be denied for the rest of the day instead of ruining.

Rules for Classic Bot Games

Bot/Herman winning Stats: 9/14

I got upset with the ever cheating Bots. Hence I joined Lillith in her Bot Reprogramming Initiative by collecting win/loose stats to document that bots are cheating. If someone is on the side of the bots they can choose to add a bot rule to the match until turn 30. If I loose, I will add the rule to my profile. If I win, I can remove a rule from my profile. Currently active rules:
° none right now, so I am playing my preferred rules

My Kinks

° ORGASM CONTROL. I love to be told if, how, when, where, conditional on a task … you name it, ideally by someone who would enjoy to deny/ruin my orgasms just because they are in the mood.
° CUCKOLD DENIAL: Watching you masturbating or fucking someone else while being denied pleasure drives me crazy.
° HUMILIATION: Name calling
° As Dom: Control someones need to orgasm by edging and making them beg to be allowed to ruin their orgasm.

My Limits

° Anything illegal
° Scat, vomit - but I love spit.
° IRL anal tasks
° Mummy, Daddy, Baby play (diapers, etc), including being called Daddy.
° Hard pain (slaps are ok)
° Changes to portfolio picture, name (with exceptions), gender or sexual orientation
° Attempts to push me into subspace. I enjoy being a switch and that means that some "typical" Sub assignments are not possible, e.g. orgasm control for longer than a week.
° Any real life contact, no pictures, no phone, no video.
° Chastity or long periods of denial. It is ok to cage me in game but I will remove after the game right-away.
° Permanent changes to my profile - all changes, rules, tasks must end eventually. I may grant exceptions for people who are special to me.
° I learnt that some areas of role play make me uncomfortable, e.g.Love, getting engaged/marrying, taking someones virginity. I am an Experimentalist, which means that I may find out by trying things whether or not I like them. Please be prepared that I will stop you, (ooc), if I start feeling uncomfortable.

Me as Classic Maintainer

As Pavel and Tim stepped back from their responsibilities, Frikka and I are now the only two game maintainer for the Classic game mode. Feel free to get in touch with any questions or other topics. Frikka and I try to be as open as we can with our replies.


Memorable Experiences (in historical order, most recent first)

My first Slave
I had been domming for a while, when I was DMed by Jakie. We played a game and found that we were a good match. Jakie is now my proud slave and I control her chastity cage on EMLALOCK. I collared her and in return, she gave me a leash as a gift. Jamie also helped me to make a Prime EF experience. Skies caged me in game and now controls my cage on EMLALOCK. I do not own a chastity device but play along as if I did. I never used EMLA before, so I was learning something very new. Eventually, this experiment failed and I cancelled it. I am a true switch. I am not into chastity or extended periods of denial. Thank you Jakie for allowing me to make this experience.
Jakie's Leash

Joint edging between Domme and Sub
I subbed to Switchsamantha on FwC, timeboxed to 30 minuutes. She played my kinks incredibly well, making me edge 46 times and in the end allowed me only a conditional orgasm after I will have stroked for 47 minutes after the game (1 minute per edge and 1 minute for her). The memorable experience was, that she edged along with me and - while my orgasms were at her mercy - allowed herself an orgasm while we played. This is exactly how it should be: The Domme has a powerful and satisfying orgasm (or many) and the Sub stays denied or is ruined or gets to cum after having earned the orgasm. I loved it!

Who is the teacher and who the student?
I had been asking Becky to dominate me for quite some time and eventually, I dommed her and asked her to domme me in return. Our session did not quite work out the way I expected it - instead, it was a Prime EF experience for me - an experience that I did not have before.
It all started much earlier with a public game, where people in the audience were allowed to roll a 1d20 to add to the number of edges I would have to do before I could hope for an orgasm.
During out private session later, she started with ordering me into a slave position, using my own command language that I teach at the Academy. I had to stay in position until she had done her preparations and instead of giving me direct edginng instructions, she then asked me to edge to material I prefer but tell her what I am using, so that she can learn more about my preferences. This was somehow intimidating, increasing my vulnerability but also arousing me no end.
The session ended with a dice roll to determine denied/full orgasm/ruined after I had done 108 edges. Earlier, Becky had granted me a chance to increase the probability of a full orgasm, if I agree to carry her name addition for a week: "Miss Becky's guard".
I was then lucky with the dice and had a great, full orgasm.

Almost my first pet
I had been playing Katha every once in a while and we also kept chatting on occasions when she asked me, if we want to participate in the EroPets tournament. So we got busy playing games with lots of people to get our quota for the qualification criteria and one day before we had to register, we hit the all important question between two Switches: Who is the pet? We decided that Katha would play the role of the pet, while I am her owner. Of course, I did not collar her, did not make her behave like a pet but as Team "German Temptations", we had a lot of fun during the tournament. Ever since, I have been nagging Katha to really become my pet for a while and finally, we defined some bets with very high stakes for the looser of a self designed game. After the game, Katha will be my student at the Academy with some - extended responsibilities - or I will loose a lot of fun (in the form of ruined orgasms) for quite some time. It will take some time to find a slot in our non-overlapping free areas of our calendars but it will happen....stay tuned.

Should men spank women?
I was raised in a way that men must not physically hurt women in any way. It is something that I absolutely despise and will not do IRL ever. I carried that belief forward to EF until I met Betty. She gifted me with one of those very rare and very valuable prime EF experiences. I played along in one of her bot sessions and she tempted me to give her a single spank, making me feel comfortable at the same time that it would be ok. Ever since, I added spanking to my game play and started to enjoy it, obviously making sure having consent before. I still maintain my strong belief for my real life but learnt, that virtual experiences can well be separate and different.

My Owner
Madam Erika made me her boytoy by teasing me until I was unable to control myself any longer. I came in her in a mind shattering orgasm. She later awarded me with a collar, that I am wearing proudly.

Dom or Sub?
I am really a switch by heart but it seems as if the powers of this world prefer me to be Sub. Why? Listen to my story:
One day, I was very lucky to be able to (RP) Dom two lovely girls in separate games. I was encouraged by these events and really started to like my newly discovered Dom side...and then Hannah joined me in one of my bot games (which I love to play with audience participation) and put me back in my place.
The following day, I started with Domming a Bot in Interactive and again, I started to like it and then I played Hannah, who IRL dommed me mercilessly. After the game, she instructed me to deliver 200 edges before she may consider allowing me to orgasm.

My first game with IRL content
Shy-girl kind of picked me up in MM, i.e. Switch playing Switch with lots of edges. For reasons that I do not understand, I won the game. I helped my opponent through the orgasm at the end of the game but then forgot (!!!) about my own orgasm. How could I forget?
Well - I had so much fun during the game, that I felt incredibly happy for her when she came eventually and wanted it to be a good experince for her. I started the game as a Switch and ended it as a Dom subbying her through her pleasure ... and I loved every second of it!

Other Stuff
Inactive rules

EdgeQueen made me her cuckold who had to edge in the corner as often as I could, while she was playing a bot as her bull. I had about 58 edges, when she hit her second cum test and said that she wants to see 75 edges before she cums. I failed with 69 edges, when the Bot Bull made her come. Punishment: No touching for 24 hours (ended 26-May at 8:00 CET)
Stupid me dared to enter Miss Tammy's puzzle, which I failed miserably. The price is "denied for 44 days unless a master/mistress here allows you to cum". Ends 20-Jun-2023. Overriden by Busty mommy Erika 13-05-2023.
Lost a participants' bet against Littleone. I now have to call him Bull for 4 weeks. (ends 30-Jun-2023).
Lost against Zoe Canvas in a very exciting match, where she showed me my place. Rules: Denied orgasm on the day of the game (3-July). Caged on EF for a week. Name addition (Cuckold) for a week
Ares: if I had a cum test while they fuck my ass, I must flip a coin. Head I test, Tail they hit my prostate and I cum (5/5 games)
2 edges for each item of clothing I am undressing and I have to strip as quickly as possible (Grace). (bot reprogramming)
1 edge for each anal action that I give or receive. (Asriel) (bot reprogramming)

Completed Tasks

° Task from Edge Queen, helping me with getting more training as a Sub:
I want you to go to each starred profile and edge as much as you can in two minutes.
Whoever you edge most to, you shall write to and beg them to be your domme, but telling them you're a disobedient sub that needs to up most training and punishment
I f you edge the most to multiple people, say you edge 8 times to 5 people, you should write all 5
These other dommes need to know you're an out of control edger who is desperate for punishing
Then you need to explain why that good friends profile makes you an edgeslut
The task should be completed in 48 hrs. All profiles done back to back in "level order", highest to lowest
° From Goddess Erika: If you find yourself looking at my pfp, or if you happen to be in a public chat and someones mentions me, do 5 edges.
° Julie has instructed me to change my name to Herman (Julie's Pet) for one week. Expires 21-July-2023
° Each time I see India in the participants chat, I have to start stroking IRL but am not allowed to cum before she has left the chat. If I cannot avoid to edge from the stroking, then I am denied for one day.
° Becky has made me her guard until an including 17-Sep-2023 and hence changed my name accordingly. I liked the new name and decided to keep it for the time being, even though the Task has expired.
° Switchsamantha tasked me to stroke and edge for 47 minutes after an FwC game. 1 minute for each edge plus 1 additional edge for her. To be completed without interruption and before my next orgasm.
° Lily: For the next five days, I must ruin all my IRL orgasms. (ends 12-Nov-2023)

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