Max (10 级) mail warning

Mostly rp combined with a bit of irl if comfortable. Not so long games currently

异性恋 / Switch

Hello i am Max.

I came to this site for some fun and pleasure, mostly in form of a roleplay. That doesn't mean i decline irl action. I can either sub or dom depending on my current mood and my opponent but personally i prefer more a back and forth instead of a single sided game. Atleast at the beginning of a game. Don't think you can just roll over me so simply. I might act shy and innocent at the beginning to let you think you are in control but i will surely strike when you don't expect it. As for the Rp aspect, i dont mind if we write longer text or shorter ones. Both have their advantage and disadvantage. But i dislike completly silent games. Also not every action needs to fit in 100% of the time. You can be creative 😊 Also i will mostly play the Hentai mode cause i like the pictures and gifs there way more. Classic mode is fine aswell but i am not a huge fan of wrestling.

As for my favourite kinks the one i like by far the most is hypnosis. Be prepared to get hypnotized a lot if we fight. But i surely wont deny that i don't like to be hypnotized aswell 😂. Even if i won't admit it I might have a foot kink aswell. It still feels a bit humiliating to say that. Also i would like to try with blind mode so its always a guess if you have a cum test or not.

I am up for many bets from rules to some profile changes within limits. That can be discussed at the beginning although i mostly play to have fun.

Oh and english isn't my first language so expect me to make mistakes 😅😂

And my character will always stay 18+. Not matter how I act and I wont discuss about that. I hope that your character will be the same.


Bonus note:

Selma is a really great player to have a game with~ I enjoy very much playing with her ^^

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