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异性恋 / Switch

Switch who loves being on both sides of D/S and always open to new or fun ideas. Love the idea of the site, here to have fun, learn and meet like minded people. I love good RP, but the Interactive and Femdom modes are what most set this site apart to me!


So many, but creativity, willingness to experiment and try new things. I enjoy teasing, edging, orgasm control (less so long term denial, but really enjoy forced, ruined, post orgasm torture, cum eating and any other ways to control/screw with a climax), sane ballbusting, bondage. I do enjoy anal at times, but I will turn this kink on and off depending how my body is feeling.


The most usual extremes. Feminization, objectification and most things with dehumanizing or really degrading themes (e.g. being called useless, sexuality questioned etc.). Playful humiliation can be good fun though (including names like stroker, slut, even bitch).


I'm learning how much edging someone finds intense is a pretty personal thing. Thanks to Milovana and its forum games, I seem to be able to take quite a lot of edges (although I don't often edge hold for more than 1-2 minutes) before getting truly desperate for release. Any amount of edges can still be intense if I'm worked up of course, but if you catch me in Femdom mode just a few edges likely won't have me begging to cum right away.

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Time to put that plug in. I'll use all your holes today. Plug your ass  You want her to bend the knee before you. Her mouth at level with your cock. Bend the knee Down on all fours for three turns and remember your place. Get down on your hands and knees. Strip you slut Just the tip? Just the tip! He gets to stroke, but he only gets to touch the head of his cock. Medium Tip-Only Strokes A vice grip, clenched tight around his balls. Can he withstand 30 seconds of punishment, or will those balls end up crushed? Only one way to find out! Crush Your Balls Command her to stop touching herself for 30 seconds. She's gonna have to wait and think about what you will do to her once she is allowed to touch herself again. Hands off for 30 seconds You order her to rub her pussy exactly as in the gif for 60 seconds. Rub your pussy She should strip, now! Get naked You would love to play with her breasts. But sadly you can't right now. So she should do it herself. Play with your breasts

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