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Hello I am Max 👋
Just a little nerdish boy (well little with 1.80cm height :D) with glasses, a bit shyness and a great heart. Also i have a rather thin till normal body (~70kg) and a pair of green/blueish eyes.

Would love to have some rp action while we are playing to win (with some i mean really some. I am terrible thinking about completly new scenario. Mostly just describe the action it does + maybe some context how to get there. Not so experienced dont judge me 😅) and maybe some very few irl action. I am more of a sub than a dom but maybe it would change on some days. I like back and forths more than just a one sided game but it depends on the situation.

Up for Bets (But please nothing to harsh) and Hypno/Bondage/Pinning Rules (the classics with a 1-4 you skip and 5-6 you escape bondage/hypno. Mostly no turn limit with that but i am open to other rules aswell) and the most important: I want to have fun as much as my playmate have fun. :D
I like to tend to clear all mights and when for rules in the beginning of a match and sometimes overdue it so please stop me if i do.

I can write English but its not my main language so maybe i will take a bit to answer aswell.
I would mostly play Hentai. I dont even know how the other gamemodes work 😅.
Still a bit new to Erofights so dont judge me if i make mistakes 😅.

Rules i have to follow: (Only if it fits the situation)
If we play with Hypno Rules and i am being hypnotized if my opponents calls me "good boy" i can only break free with a 6 on that turn.
Every time i cum i need to thank my opponent that they made me cumming (5/5)
If i cum i cum so hard that my body needs one turn to regain some strenght -> skipping turn after cumming (5/5)
For every Tentacle card played (including mine) i will skip a turn as a reminder how much i loved it when i was playing against Mistress Vivi (5/5)

Though i dont like receiving anal, i active that tag cause many asked it and it felt kinda bad, that my opponents couldnt use it and i was allowed 😅. Maybe i will untag it from time to time.

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