Karina, Eggie's Kitten (Level 11) mail warning

Dianne❤️ Maid for Alex 💕 Gf for adorable Vanessa💖

Bi / Switch


Hello everyone!

About me:

I'm 24 yo Russian girl and I'm a switch :)
Height: 173cm
Weight: 56kg
I love bets, dirty talks and competitive games.
Not really into hard rp and long describing games.


Hypnosis/Bondage: if hypno/bondage action is used, roll a dice... 5+, free... anything else, skip. In hypno, your opponent chooses your action (or skip if they prefer)
Bondage and hypno can stack on each other, not on themselves. When they stack you roll hypno first and then, only if free from hypno, you can roll bondage the same turn.

Personal Rules:

The rule of the Whore-Kitty-Maid: as an obedient subby maid of Mr. Matt, I have to serve 5 customers and do what they ask (5/5)
After Mistress Chantal destroyed me again I must to roll a 6 to be free from bondage. Rule will be applied until i can beat 5 people (5/5)
As a result of our meeting with Mac, I received new rules as a reward: whenever i get double penetrated i must to skip my turn (fail cumtest) and.. once i get plugged i need to finish all of my messages with a “meow” for 8 wins (8/8)
After losing to Karan I have a new rule. Anal slut: Whenever I'm on anal cum test i need to roll a Dice 4 or higher to resist otherwise cum. Rule will be applied for next 10 games (7/10)
Аfter my mind was fucked by Mistress Chantal i have some weakness to hypno.. I need to roll 6 to be free for the next 5 games (5/5)
After losing to Demo he decided give me a rule that would help me become a good mannered girl.. I need to say "thank you" to my opponent after every blowjob actions (10/10)
HORNY SLUT RULE: anytime I get a cum-test: my opponent rolls dice /6. 4+ press cum otherwise test. Always need to skip next action after cumming/or not.
Also anytime i get fucked in the ass/pussy: my opponent rolls dice/6. 4+ makes a choice for me, anything else skip. (have to beat Stewart 3 times in a row)
I lost to Adrian in such a close game..Almost broke him.. Mhh.. And now to secure his ass he gave me a rule..I can't use any pegging actions for next 5 games (5/5)
After losing to Whore Whipper everytime when a domme whips or spanks my ass, i need to choose anal actions or skip for one turn this rule effective for five wins (5/5)

My current place: Independent and free girl Whore-Maid for Mr. Matt
Karina is enjoying life after she decided to take off her maid suit return to work, even more motivated than before after a short but intense interview session❤️


➜ (22/05/2023) (nickname) "Karina" -> "Kitten Karina" - Matt
➜ (01/03/2023) (freed) Finally. Not conquered anymore ^.^
➜ (05/02/2023) (nickname) "Karina" -> "Karina (Cora’s Kitten)" - Cora Jade
➜ (01/02/2023) (new pfp) Got a new pfp from Dante Danger
➜ (28/01/2023) (nickname) "Karina" -> "Dianne's Kitten, Karina" - Dianne
➜ (21/01/2023) (owned) Became a Dante's conquered pet.
➜ (18/01/2023) (nickname) "Kitty Slave Karina" -> "Chantal's Kitty Slave" - Mistress Chantal
➜ (16/01/2023) (nickname) "Karina" -> "Kitty Slave Karina" - Karan
➜ (03/01/2023) (new pfp) Got a new pfp from Dante Danger for a month
➜ (30/12/2022) (nickname) "Karina" -> "Karina (Chantal's Bitch)" - Mistress Chantal
➜ (30/12/2022) (new pfp) Got a new pfp.... from Mistress Chantal
➜ (29/12/2022) (freed) Term of punishment has ended
➜ (22/12/2022) (new pfp) Got a new pfp from Mistress Chantal
➜ (22/12/2022) (nickname) "Karina" -> "Chantal's Foot Pet Karina" - Mistress Chantal
➜ (22/12/2022) (owned) Was caught and collared by Mistress Chantal
➜ (16/12/2022) (freed) Became free ^^ - Was released by Stewart
➜ (12/12/2022) (status) Changed to -> "Fucked into submission" - Stewart
➜ (10/12/2022) (new pfp) Got a new pfp from Stewart
➜ (9/12/2022) (nickname) "Karina" -> "Karina (Anal Slut)" - Karan
➜ (06/12/2022) (owned) Became a Stewart's pet..

My lovely pets:

➜ active Ardem

Chapter Five: Subby Kitten Keep Falling Into Submission

Sweet cutie Dianne. After some lovely conversations between us, I decided to conquer her and find a way to put a collar on her soft neck. Make her my little kitten and obedient personal fucktoy for my pleasure. Mmm.. Or completely submit in her hands, both options completely suited me ^.^ When our fight finally started, the first thing I wanted to do was look at her sweet breasts.. so I ripped her top Ehehe but Dianne quickly grabbed me by the hair and took off my pants and panties >.< I decided to "play" with her hair too and do some pigtails to get revenge on this little slut for ruining my beautiful hairstyle. When we were completely undressed, she couldn't take her eyes off my gorgeous ass and my soft lips greedily kissing her.. while my little sneaky hands grabbed her wrists and tied them together to enjoy her helpless sexy body ^^ But.. Dianne freed herself, grabbed me by the collar and forced me to crawl for her. I immediately slapped her naughty ass, but she quickly tamed me with her sweet and soft kiss.. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmh.. My body pressed so close to her.. And I melted. When I pull myself together, I realized that Dianne had just distracted me to tie me up too!! I was able to resist and not let her. I was so wet so I couldn't handle it more and started rubbing myself.. I shoved my fingers covered with my juices into her slutty mouth to calm her down. She wrapped her arms around me and started teasing my dripping hole as she pushed my fingers out of her mouth... Ohh at that moment I was so needy and wet, from such pleasure my face became ahegao.. And my mind was getting so empty Ohhh all I was thinking about was her hot body rubbing against me, her soft and warm fingers on my addicted holes, I wanted to obey her. Mmm.. Dianne picked up my panties completely wet from my juices and gagged me..Gh.. I decided to play with her lil tight hole so I pinned her down and used my strappy! I kept pounding her ass until I got so horny.. and..then I climbed on Dianne's dick and started riding her. However, I lost control and instead of making her cum, I just enjoyed her dick inside me. Dianne used her vibrator on my clit while my ass bounced on her. Ohh, I just exploded and came hard all over her amazing cock. I tried to somehow make Dianne cum and I used my soft tits. Mmmm, and it worked! But then Dianne decided to finish me and my tight ass. She made me so addicted to her cock, she lifted me up and thrust hard into me so deep inside that each thrust made my body quiver. I screamed in pleasure while her thick beautiful cock kept fucking me again and again. Ohh.. I stared into her eyes while her warm cum filled my ass. It seems I completely submitted to her. Mmmmhh.. I leaned forward, touching our noses, kissed her and without a chance fell into her gentle embrace while my body was still purring with pleasure❤️

Sir Eggo

During my traveling around EF city, I saw a cafe called "Eggos". So I decided to take a lil rest and think about how I can get out of my losing streak and become a mistress again. I went inside and met them! In the cafe I was warmly greeted by a very cute person who introduced themselves as Eggo, after some sweet talks they hugged me so close.. so close that I felt their touches underneath my panties which made me blush. Mmh.. so naughty! They offered to sit at the table and I agreed with a smile on my face. As we sat, having a nice conversation, Eggie invited me to stay and watch the evening show, which was expected in this cafe. Of course I agreed ^.^ I had a lot of fun and at first I didn't notice how I became so horny.. But when shivers began to flow through me from my pussy even harder i realized why Eggie fumbled in my panties.. Mhh.. They just smiled and looked at me!! I tried to hold myself, but the vibes were too strong and i took off my skirt to quickly remove this damn vibrator. Unexpectedly for me, Eggie leaned to kiss my clit through my panties. Gently caressing my face, Eggie told me that they were the owner of the "Eggos" cafe and that we have to give these people a show. As it turned out, the evening main event at the "Eggos" cafe was the total submission of the naive girl Karina with me and Eggo in the main roles!!! Mh.. they got up, pulling their cock out and began to slap and slide it along my face. I blushed even deeper and tried to push their cock away from my face, but they took my hand and started guide my fingers down to my panties, circling around my pussy a few times before pressing it to my lips Amhh..

I was confused and horny.. my eyes quickly looked around realizing that all the guests were all looking at us! In order to finish this and move to a more private place, I could say "I submit". My legs were spread wide as they rubbing my pussy, I was moaning and looking at them blushing more and more with every second, my eyes were begging Eggo but I couldn't say this phrase.. Their hand leaved my pussy for a moment when Eggo reached to kiss me as I felt that my hands pressed together and bound... Fuck.. instead of my lips they goes down to my pussy lips first.. Lust influenced my mind and I began to forget about guests. Eggo kissed my pussy for a few seconds, before they kissed me passionately.. Mmhhh.. my own juices started to flow down my chin while I greedily tasted myself from their lips. With every second of the show, I felt more obedient, my knees were shaking and I felt my weakness and lust in the depths of my soul. I tried to free my hands, my whole body just struggled in an attempts to loosen the ropes while their fingers shoved into my mouth, making my pussy even weaker. With some luck I did it. I bit their fingers lightly and managed to take off their pants!

Look like after my disobedience, they decided to let me know where my place is in today's show.. Eggo sat on the counter with a boner on their boxers and ordered me to crawl for them, or their patrons would make me crawl even faster. I looked around and..crawled up to them. Eggo ordered me to undress, but instead I took off their boxers! Their huge juicy cock jumped out near my face.. I lost focus and could only look at their cock.. I heard something about punishment and their question if I wanted to touch their abs, to which I agreed. When I realized it was too late 😳 Eggo just grabbed me by the hair to thrusting me into their abs until my nose is squished tightly against their body. It made me gag and want to spit them out, but Eggo's hands kept pushing me to their cock. Ruthlessly they pounded into my mouth again and again, the tip hitting the back of my throat. It was filled with precum that dripped to the corners of my mouth, and when they pulled back for a second, their precum leaked to my lips. Eggo barely let me breath before they slammed their cock back in my mouth, prying my mouth open while my brain slowly melted into submission without some oxygen. The only chance I had was obey and undress as fast as I could, at the same time as I was choking on their cock and while their patrons just rips my panties, exposing my butt plug and extremely soaked pussy. The torture continued until the moment when my will faded away and I could no longer even think about resisting. To somehow be released, breathing heavily, I promised Eggo to be a good girl..

After that, Sir Eggo ordered me to lie down on the counter. And.. and i obediently bent over the counter and spread my ass cheeks wide to show my wet dripping pussy. I felt their hand grabbing my hair as they step behind me, the tip of their cock rubbing against my clit as they slipped a hand into my bra and pinched my nipples. As Sir Eggo pressed their cock deep into me, stretching my little dripping hole my eyes rolled up Omhm.. They made me moan and whimper like a natural slut which completely lost herself in lust. Sir Eggo began to push even more weight into every thrust trying to fill my body with their cock. I screamed in pleasure at every thrust, feeling Eggo everywhere inside of me.. my poor mind melted with every inch of their cock. They pushed my body down into the counter and Ammmh... i came so fuckin hard all over their amazing cock.. Oh my god.. Their hips continued pound against my ass while my body still trembled after huge orgasm forcing me to beg them for mercy. Staying for a moment deep inside me Sir Eggo took my fingers and rubbed them around my pussy, collecting all my juices before shoving them deep into my mouth. They fucked me non-stop, hitting deeper and harder into my pussy, making me moan with pleasure, feeling how they pressed so deep into me, into my g-spot, using my sweet body over the counter for all to watch. When Sir Eggo pushed into me even faster.. Mhh.. my helpless gasps and moans mixed with the sound of wet slaps were so fucking loud. I felt my pussy tighten around them even more as they continued to fuck me roughly while their hands spanking my pink ass making moans escapes from my lips.. Ohhhh, I just lost my mind while my whole body craved to stay under complete control in their power. Amhh..They leaned my head back and kissed me and i melt in their lips. I begged them to stop because I couldn't handle it anymore.. my pussy couldn't handle it anymore.. but Sir Eggo kept fucking my poor dripping hole making me their brainless slut.. Ohhh..I felt like I was going to cum again and i completely gave up.. Oh God.. All I could do was scream and tremble like a slut from their divine cock, completely cumming my brains out as my pussy squirt and soak the floor beneath the counter

I fell down on the floor, kneeling in front of them, looking up and asking for forgiveness.. Eggo wrapped a white collar with a yellow circle around my neck, ordering me to bring them to orgasm. Mm.. I tried to serve my sir obediently until Eggo pounding themselves into my throat Inch by inch. They enjoyed my mouth, my lips and my throat before they burst into my mouth, painting the inside of my mouth as I tried to swallow every single drop.. Mmh.. I was completely addicted and blank while Eggo helping me stand up and taking me away from the customers into a corridor behind the cafe. When we got inside the secret room, hidden somewhere nearby. I saw something like a bondage room with trophy cases filled with sex toys and the railing that stretches from the ceiling to the floor. As soon as I reached out to kiss Eggo they kissed me back and took some ropes to start tying me to a kneeling position. I tried move my arm and legs, but I realized that it was pointless. They mount me onto a sybian to completely break my brains. As soon as the machine started working, Eggo left the room, wishing me a good pleasant night and leaving me to the array of toys for many hours.. Mhh.. i felt continuous waves of pleasure.. the warmth vibrations was spreading through my body. Somewhere after the first hour every cell in my brain was obsessed with lust, my whole body was begging to be used. Ammh.. Even my fingertips were buzzing from this vibrations while my juices flowing down on the sybian.. Mhh.. I was all lubed up from many orgasms on the sybian and i lost track of time.. I turned into a moaning mess when machine had fucked my brains out. My mind completely melted and I tried to call Eggo, begging them to release me to feel their huge, juicy, warm cock in my addicted weak holes again.

Chapter Four: Karina's New Life as a Kitty
Dante Danger

Naughty "conqueror" Dante Danger dreamed of making me his collared slut, submissive little toy, little kitty, conquered pet and etc.. After a lot of trash talks, I decided that I must turn Dante into my personal pet and give him a cute gag to save other girls from his naughty and dirty conversations! Well, I challenged Dante to a fight to finally humiliate him, in the beginning everything was fine, Dante was not so "Danger" and I completely undressed him, preparing for further punishment. When I got down on my knees to take off his pants..he started slapping my face with his cock!! Bad mannered pet..I slapped his dick back ! I was so angry at Dante that I didn't even notice how I was completely tied up and stripped with some strange pigtails on my head and then..i saw his cock on my face..Well.. Probably not a good start for me, because Dante started spanking my ass.. use my mouth..and spanks me.. and again.. To somehow humiliate him I freed my hand and put some clamps on his cock! Probably that's wasnt good idea, because Dante tied me up even TIGHTER and put a vibrator on my pussy.. flexed with his dick in front of my face..Oh my God..vibes at full power made me beg him to turn off the vibrator..to somehow focus on the ropes.. So i decided to trick him to be free.. My poor ass..but it worked! I took control and taking advantage of the fact that he was completely tired, climbed on his cock and tied him up! Hehe.. Dante "Conqueror" came from a simple kiss and my thighs. I wasn't happy for so long, because his fingers were already in my pussy.. damn..I resisted, but the second time was too much for me..my pussy gave up and squirted. We both were so close and I decided to use my special trick and lure him into a trap..it seems he still has stamina and instead.. he took my hands from behind..and started fucking my wet..needy pussy, making me cum my brains out... Well.. after that I found myself with some strange moustaches on my face, kitty ears.. and yeah.. a reward - black collar on my neck with "Fucktoy" written on it in pink


Look at this cutie Hayley. For some reason, she decided that calling me bad kitty and "training me" to get better was a good idea. But I know that secretly she wanted to be my kitty! So I wanted to give her that chance and then send her back to her boyfriend as a gift. At the beginning of our meeting, I immediately took the initiative to show Hayley her place.. I went up to her, kissed her and grabbed her wrists to tie them. Hayley managed to avoid this and rip my top!!! I couldn't forgive her for that.. So i tried to tie her up again! And this time successfully ^.^ I spanked Hayley's ass over and over again while she was helpless and bound in my ropes..Hihi poor girl completely tied up also under my hypno. I decided that Kitty accepted her fate, so I began to undress her and enjoy her humiliations. I took my phone and started record video for Hayley's boyfriend.. She diligently sucked every toes on my feet and seemed to get completely wet from her helplessness..Her boyfriend could see it on the video ;) By some miracle, Hayley was able to get out and even undress me. MMh..I put tail butt plug that she brought for me in her own ass. Ehehe.. Awww she looked so cute with this tail. Tailed kitty Hayley..This show got me wet, so I decided to use her tongue to satisfy myself. And then I used my tongue to satisfy her! I thought she was going to cum, but she was just enjoying it.. And she even calls her friends.. Damn. I quickly got out and spanked her for this tricks.. To finally break her, I decided to use my dildo.. But Hayley used her strappy against me! As soon as I managed to get out.. It's my turn to fuck her with a strap-on! And she came! Or more likely her pussy exploded with pleasure. But Hayley didn't obey and even started fucking me and called for help.. Oh my God. Outnumbered again.. I got tired of resisting and CAME so hard. We used our strappy on each other and when she was finally tired, I decided to finish her with my tongue.. But Hayley was just enjoying..AGAIN.. and again.. Mmhm.. She even almost brought me to orgasm with her fingers, but my strappy was better and her purring pussy finally gave up! I took off my kitty ears and put them on her head. I took a marker and drew a mustaches on her face to make her look more naturally and give her a new title. "Purring Slut Hayley". As I said in the end my kitty was completely tied up and sent to her boyfriend as a little present ^.^

Mistress Chantal

As expected, after defeats from the entire of EF community, my successful revenge and the final point from Alice. Chantal, who became a pet, by some miracle freed herself and became a mistress again, Of course she could not pass by and not challenged a new EF Kitty. Moreover, Chantal decided to steal my lovely pet Ardem! Thank God I found out about her attempts and stopped her by meeting her face to face! There was a thought in my head that I could return Chantal back to her mistress. But as soon as we met, there were no thoughts left in my head because Chantal immediately used her sneaky trick!! Her amazing eyes.. I think I fell into them. Chantal very quickly took advantage of this, she grabbed her dildo and began to prepare my poor tight ass hole.. To make sure I didn't resist, she tied me up. Oh, my God. To punish me, she completely ignored my soaked pussy and fucked my ass with her dildo over and over again. By some miracle, I was able to steal the keys that were on Chantal's ankle and even freed myself. I completely undressed her and tied her hands so that she wouldn't trick me again. I fingered her wet pussy and fucked her with my strappy to make her moan so loud. Chantal started squirming with pleasure in a Full Nelson pose.. Ehehe. After her anal hole was stretched enough and when I decided to make her cum..I found out that I was tied up again!! But Chantal decided to do more, she just flips me over, crushing me down with her foot on my head to make me eat myself out.. Ohh my God, she also put a vibrator on my pussy and I couldn't do anything but just lick myself until I cum.. Mm.. I managed to break free and even make her cum all over my strappy.. But in the end my last try failed..and all I had to do was just bend over to spread my ass cheeks wider and accept my fate.. When the Mistress played enough with me, she called her slave and made me looking into her eyes.. begging her slave to fill my purring pussy while Chantal laughed at me.


After a series of defeats, I decided that I needed to get out of my falling into the abyss of submission! Remembering how Mac moaning on my strappy I decided that he would be an easy prey for me ^.^ However, it seems after what I did to Mac, he was really confident and angry at me.. But even the cutest kitties can bite! So I pulled myself together and gave him a rematch. At the beginning of our meeting, I decided to put a bra on Mac again like I did before ehehe. Mm.. But instead.. Very soon i was tied up and undressed. Not the best start.. But I managed to seduce him with my prettiest ass and feet. Or maybe it seemed to me. Because pretending to be obedient, Mac tied me up.. Again!! And even spanked my poor tits.. He put his fingers in my mouth and forced me to choke on his fist, forcing me to moan from the vibrator on my pussy at the same time.. He managed to shove the tail buttplug into me. Moreover, he wanted to make me meowing for him.. Ohh what a shame.. I squirmed as best I could, but only after covering my whole body with oil.. and.. I finally got out to first undress him and secondly punish his ass with my 8-inch strappy and trap his cock between my thighs, forcing him to surrender to pleasure then! But it didn't work..Then i climbed on his hard pulsating cock, but again.. it wasn't enough. Mac grabbed me and started fucking my poor tight ass making me scream and moan, cumming on his cock. Ohh.. Taking advantage of the fact that Mac's was so horny, I climbed on him again! I started rubbing my pussy against his cock and he came! Mhh.. We were so close but in the end my strappy was weaker than his cock in my ass and his fingers in my pussy.. Fuck. I tried to hold my orgasm but unfortunately both my holes gave up.. Ohhh.. My whole body was trembling and begging him for mercy, confirming that Mac had his revenge.

Dante Danger

Every day while Dante kept taming me, my condition became more and more submissive, my mind became empty and my holes became more and more needy and addicted. I could no longer remain Dante's conquered pet! And before it was too late, I decided to challenge him to a rematch with high stakes and take my revenge for all humiliations! Like last time, I wanted to tame him and turn him into my cute gagged pet. As soon as we met, Dante immediately pulled out his cock and started slapping my lips.. Gh.. I turned my face away and he yanked off my panties. To take some control, i pressed him against the wall, but instead of.. Dante grabbed me by my collar and tied my hands together. Ohh... it instantly brought back memories of my humiliating defeat. My whole body was squirming in an attempt to get out and I spat on him! Oh..it looks like it was a mistake, because very soon my pussy was spanked and my mouth was gagged with his fist. Dante did my hair in pigtails like last time and seemed to be getting ready to grab me by them and..I don't know what was in his head, because I managed to get out and seduced him with my feet! Dante was distracted and i quickly tied him up to make him feel helpless! I spanked his ass as punishment and started teasing him with my tits, I gave him a blowjob and made his dick so hard.. but unfortunately Dante somehow got out and pinned me to the ground slapping my face again..Hhh.. Moreover, he threw me on the bed and started plowing my wet pussy.. while he was using my helpless hole, I decided to repeat my trick.. So i put his cock in a trap between my soft feet ! I took advantage of moment and forced Dante to worship my pussy, but it turned out that it was a trap too! I was so distracted with this worshiping that i didn’t notice the handcuffs on my wrists.. Mmh..God.. He tied me up and fucked me non-stop, fucked me with a leash, fucked me pinnig my head down stepping on me.. Dante destroyed my pussy and then.. He shoved me against the wall and pound me while my whole body was shaking with pleasure as he kept fucking my brains out.. Oh God.. I came so hard all over his cock and became his brainless fucktoy that begs him not to stop.. Ohh, when I fell without any energy still moaning and screams with pleasure, he grabbed me by the hair, put me on the bed and shoved his cock into my mouth until he exploded a lot of cum deep down my throat, letting me remember the taste of my defeat and my fate as his conquered pet.


The next one in queue to tame me was Ahiga. After a long trash talking with some threats to each other, we decided to meet. Yes, it turned out that such a cute boy like Ahiga could think about making me his pretty prey. Mm.. But I had my own plan to make him mine! As we finally met Ahiga immediately leaned to my neck, putting a hickey on it.. Ammh... We pressed ourselves against the wall, undressing each other.. Somehow he managed to shove a butt plug into my ass making me blush.. Mac's curse worked on my mind and i started m-meowing.. Oh, my God.. What a naughty boy - I quickly decided to show which of us would be in charge and forced him to kneel and worship my pussy ^^ but Ahiga was able to resist my hypno and even take control by putting me on my knees and using my mouth. However, his throbbing cock made me realize that this was his weakness! Poor boy was moaning with pleasure and.. to somehow pull himself together, he tried to break me by fucking my ass. OOhhhhh my god.. for some reason it felt so good.. my face looked like ahegao at that moment, but I was able to take control, pull his cock out of my ass and straddle his face and then his cock! Sweet boy Ahiga was so close to cumming and I decided to finish him with a frenulum massage, feeling my small soft hands, he gave himself up to pleasure and came hard. Taking advantage of the fact that he was still distracted, I found my 8-inch strappy and shoved it inside, at the same time giving him a good handjob ^^ Since he was still sensitive, I gave him what he wanted so much.. Ehehe. My wet warm mouth and sloppy blowjob made him moan so fucking loud. The last chance for Ahiga to turn the tables was my little ass hole.. Mhh.. But i resisted with all my might while my brain was melting so fuckin hard.. I had almost no energy left, but i still managed! I jumped on this cutie and as soon as he was feeling my pussy around his cock again he couldn't resist anymore. Ahiga suddenly came hard inside of me..completely submitting to this kitty and accepting himself as my cute fucktoy <3

Chapter Three: The Confrontation of Two Mistresses
Mistress Chantal

Well, everything was great, my winstreak was amazing. I have punished and humiliated many people with bad manners for their dirty mouth. Mistress Chantal is the next slut who dared to send me such a dirty message: "hello slut, time to make you an anal slave again"... How rude and disrespectful.. She doesn't know who she's messing with! I immediately sent my lovely pet Ardem to her to teach her a lesson. A few hours later I received a video from Ardem. He fucking destroyed her, "Mistress" Chantal crawling around my pet and apologized for her behavior, she was completely broken! Hahaha, it seems she has recognized which of us is the real mistress and goddess ^.^ After my pet had done a great job and prepared her, I came to Chantal to finally humiliate her and turn her into my personal servant. Chantal was broken, but it seems she recovered from her humiliation, she started undressing me. Hmm.. It looks like the slut decided to please me at start, I began to pose for her to worship me. But instead of she took off my panties.. hmm.. If she wants it that way.. I pushed her on the bed and ride her face, she obeyed me and began to lick my pussy, she can be a very good girl when she wants haha. I think I got too carried away with the idea that she obeyed me.. Sneaky whore Chantal! She tied my ankles and wrists when i enjoyed her face!!!! Oh my god. She caught me.. And instead of serving me, she began to laugh, tease and fingering me!!! She completely undressed me and even inserted her strap-on into my mouth.. I couldn't let her humiliate me like that and I freed! Now it's my turn to punish her and fuck her mouth with my strap-on.. Her puppy eyes and obedience. I looked into her eyes.. I stared into her beautiful hypnotizing eyes for a long time.. and I completely lost control..Mistress Chantal.. All I wanted was to serve and obey her.. She spanked my pussy with her riding crop, gave my holes so much pleasure with her toys, licked me and made me thank her and moan.. When I was able to remember that I needed to beat her, I was in a latex suit completely tied up with a vibrator on my pussy, screaming with pleasure.. Without any way to get out... I tried to insult her.. But her toes was already in my mouth.. I resisted, but eventually began to worship and lick her feet, begging her to let me go. Oh, how humiliating it was. Mistress Chantal, fully dressed, laughed and humiliated me as she wanted while I squirmed in a latex suit.. When Mistress had played enough with me, she finished me with her skillful tongue.. Chantal's tongue left me no chance and forced me to cum my brains out and submit..It seems that I not only lost the respect of my pet, but also my freedom for a week... I have to revenge for the most humiliating fight of all time


Warden Ruck aka Hentai Champion. We met twice and in the end we were tied.. But when Ruck was teasing me about my state as Chantal's pet..Ghh.. i decided to teach him a good behavior because our last meet was mine ^.^ Taking advantage that Ruck had lost his championship title and was lightly broken, i've made a new appointment to finally humiliate him and show him his place (near my feet). When we finally met, I was completely confident in myself.. at the beginning sneaky warden immediately tried to put handcuffs on my hands! But unfortunately for him he forgot the keys 😳 Warden ? Forgot the keys? Well.. I "managed" to get free and then I decided to use my feet to take control of him. I sat on the bed and seduce him to lick my toes..Ehehe..it seemed to work! but instead of full submission Ruck decided to offer me a "fair trade" and started undressing me..I didn't agree because my favor to my pet is already a fair deal. I managed to put him on his knees to worship my pussy and saw a crystal pendant.. He tried to hypnotize me but after my expirience with my Mistress i was prepared for this tricks. I used my spiral lenses to hypnotize HIM! I laughed after such a pathetic try and started tying him up, teasing him and teasing his cock with my mouth.. Without stopping ^.^ after a huge number of blowjobs Ruck had only one chance to defend himself.. And he covered my mouth with a tape!!! And tied me up.. Mhm.. Ruck completely stripping me and shoving my panties in my mouth before..I was really scared coz he started fucking me so fast and hard.. that he.. Came! He came? Oh my God.. poor puppy was so horny that he couldn't control his COCK. While he was moaning with pleasure, I freed myself and climbed on top of him. I rode his cock and laughed at his helplessness for so long.. Thinking about my superiority, I made a mistake because very soon he flips me..choke me.. and fucked my hole so hard that I came without a chance. MMmhh.. To somehow took control, I decided to use my last chance and call my Mistress for help! Silly puppy did not expect something like this and after all he finally came, completely submitting..apparently, it was not the luckiest day in the Warden's life, except for the opportunity to become a servant for my feet :>

Mistress Chantal

As soon as my pride was recovered.. Mistress Blank Bimbo Chantal decided to challenge me, again. Hmm.. A broken bimbo can't be a difficult prey for my revenge. Of course I agreed, what could go wrong? She took off my top.. And I took off her top. Silly slut Chantal decided to try hypnotize me with her bimbo breasts. Ehe, such a cute try, I decided to kiss her and tame then. However.. I underestimated her again.. Because very soon I was tied up and my ass was spanked. Oh my God. Just like the last time we met, she started teasing me.. Putting a dildo in my mouth and using her lenses. I couldn't lose to bimbo!!! I resisted so much and eventually became free. I prepared for our meeting and used her tricks against her! It seems that bimbo Chantal was very weak to hypnosis, I managed to undress her and even tie her up ^^ obedient girl crawled for me, I couldn't resist and I decided to check out some toys from Demo's store. Hehe. But.. it looked like dildo woke her up..Chantal immediately started trying to tie me, but I resisted and tried to tie her up! We are both started tangling the ropes on each other's wrists and ankles and..i managed to tie this naughty bimbo and spanked her ass. But she instantly managed to free herself and tie me up! Mmh.. As a result, when we were tired together and no one could tie the other.. I decided to use my tongue to make her bimbo pussy purr.. But instead she just took me by the head and enjoyed it.. Mmhm..moreover. She caught my head with her thighs and tied me up! After 5 seconds, I was already in a latex suit, squirming and screaming with pleasure, cumming like last time..AGAIN... I couldn't resist her beautiful goddess eyes for long.. Chantal called her pets to please my tits.. Pinching my nipples over and over again.. Fucking my ass with a dildo.. Oh my God when i found myself after hypnosis.. I felt Chantal's long strap-on.. my anal hole.. I was so close to giving up, but I broke free and crawled away, trying to prepare my ass for further penetration. Mmmh..Bimbo Chantal fucked my ass and made me get on all fours, licking her. In the end, Mistress inserted a vibrator into my pussy and spanked me until I came.. Made me tie MYSELF up.. And left me like an anal ornament..

Day of Revenge


Chapter Two: Karina Becomes a Mistress



My good old pet Ardem. When I lost my freedom, he became overconfident and disobedient.. Moreover, he decided to make a revolution! Ardem challenged me with very high stakes.. If he defeats me, I will become HIS pet.. Hmm, can't a pet in chastity who has alot rules beat ME, his mistress? Haha, of course not! From the beginning I took control, I managed to undress and hypnotize him ^^ hehehe, how he moaned when I started fingering his ass, using my strap-on to show my pet his place. When I enjoyed his humiliation enough.. I didn't forget to use his face to please myself. Oh, I even made him dress my underwear, hahaha. Ardem blushed so funny.. But seems it was my mistake, because after that he tried to get out so hard and he succeeded.. I was even scared when Ardem ran to me and tried to tie me up.. He started slapping my tits and putting nipple clamps on them, my poor nipples.. It seems Ardem was very angry because he didn't stop spanking my ass, covering my mouth and using my nipples..taking advantage of the fact that I was tied up, he took off my panties and began to fuck me hard..Oh god, he made my pussy so wet and needy that I couldn't resist more..Ardem's tongue and fingers made me cum.. To somehow regain control, I obediently let him fuck my pussy, and he fell into my trap! I was able to make him cum.. Oh, I had to somehow punish my naughty pet for his desire to win and I decided to "play" with his balls.. probably it was too rude.. In the end we both were so close and I decided to repeat my previous trick! Silly pet thought he would finish me. But instead he got caught again!! Hahaha, he couldn't hold it and came a second time.. Oh, such a hard fight.. my pet Ardem was not so weak.. But After the end of the fight i gave him new name, pfp and some trainings. Ardem became such a good puppy for me ^^ Just look at his collar, he's so beautiful


After Mac got free, he became too naughty. Just look at his message: "The only thing that will happen is you getting restrained and endlessly cumming into submission". Grr.. He promised me that I would become his pet.. Alice's pegging pet threatens me that he will turn me into his obedient anal slut? Ghh.. I couldn't just leave it like that and decided to challenge him to a fight to teach him a lesson.. From the beginning, he took off my pants and panties.. Maybe he wanted to dress them on? So I gave him this opportunity, Mac looked so cute in my underwear.. Haha ^.^ I put Mac on his knees and ordered him to lick my pussy, putting my hands on his head.. But instead of.. he tied my hands and threw me on the bed. Sneaky pet! He started giving me hickeys and trying to gag me with his fingers.. When he got ready to "destroy my needy holes" and took off his boxers.. I've already freed myself and managed to tie him up!! Hehe.. I started preparing his ass for future punishment and fucking his tight hole ^^ I tied him up and fucked him in the ass so often that he even finished with pleasure!! But from time to time Mac managed to escape and even fuck my holes.. I tried to resist, but when I got too wet, he called for help!!Oh fuck..Mac with his friends managed to make me cum.. Mmh.. After that we were so close, I tried to finish him in 69 pose.. but he still resisted and even tried to finish me... Mac started licking my feet and fucking me at the same time.. Fuck.. I was so close.. But seems he lost focus, and taking advantage of the moment, I tied him up just like at the begin of our meet! Hehe.. he got caught, and it seems that vibrator didn't leave him any chance. I turned on the vibrator at full power. Poor pet Mac moaned and came with pleasure..After that, I decided to remind Mac his place.. When he licked my feet enough, I began to pegging him again and again. Hehehe. I hope this lesson will teach Mac how to be a well mannered boy ^.^


When I visited a small store in EF city, looking for some toys for my pet, I saw a familiar face, it was a Demo. It turned out that he is owner of the store. After a short conversation, Demo invited me to look at his products in a special private room with interesting toys, as he said. As soon as we went inside, I felt his hands on my hips.. Moreover, he took off my dress and kissed my neck from behind grabbing my collar.. Probably Demo thought that if he had a winstreak of three games against me, he could do whatever he wanted! I pressed him against the wall and started taking off his pants to teach his ass a good lesson, but there were a lot of crystal pendants among his toys..and he used one!! I got distracted and lost control, very quickly he put me on my knees and started..rubbing his dick on my face.. again and again.. Make me crawl for him and beg him to fuck me in my mouth and touch myself at the same time. When I back, my face was completely covered with his precum..Ghh..that's was too much for me!! To somehow take my revenge for this humiliation, I took a huge 8-inch strap-on, thank God that there were really a lot of toys in Demo's store ^.^ I managed to play with his ass, and more than once, and even take the chance and make him to orgasm with my mouth. But then..Demo managed to take control and even tied me up.. Well..I must to say that my ass had bad experience all night.. I couldn't think of anything when my tight hole was filled with his thick cock..again and again. Ohh my God..When I came second time and was completely tired, Demo took me to the basement of his store for the whole night... Oh my God, it seems my ass won't forget that night soon..I have to visit Demo in his shop and use all his toys against him!


Little overconfident boy Ritzy dreamed ab making my mouth work, making me an obedient little fuck toy and displaying me as his next trophy. After some trash talk between us, we decided to finally find out which one of us would become a servant for the other. As soon as I arrived, Ritzy had already prepared a trap for me!! He managed to tie me up and put a gag in my mouth, Ritzy began to undress me and slap my pretty face with his dirty cock. Thank God I managed to get free. To somehow shut up his naughty mouth, I took off my panties and put them into his mouth! Hahaha.. Little cocky pet.. as soon as he spat them out.. I put my leash on his collar and pulled him to my pussy. He was already under my control.. Ritzy couldn't resist my goddess ass. Taking advantage of his state, I started to undressing him and seducing him with my deepthroat skill so that he would obey me completely. But I think I got the opposite effect.. he was too overexcited by this show.. because hypnosis has stopped working!! He grabbed me and tied me up. Fuck.. he started using, spanking my ass.. using his vibrator on my pussy and fingering my tight hole. When I was able to get out, I was already so close.. I decided to make him cum with my ass! Damn, it looks like it was a huge mistake..I felt his cock so deep inside my ass..i came so hard! Ritzy lost focus, already enjoying his victory, so I decided to approach him from behind and started jerking off his cock! Hahaha, poor Ritzy came without a chance. Taking advantage of the fact that he had no energy left, I tied him up and started riding his cock. I have to admit, Ritzy had stamina.. To somehow finish him, I decided to use my mouth.. i gave him alots of blowjobs! Even deepthroat.. He was so close but every time he didn't cum. When I got tired, Ritzy got out and started fucking me.. Oh, how close I was to giving up.. But at the last moment I crawled away from him, turned around, and used my feet to make him cum!! Ritzy had no chance to resist... I was so happy that I didn't pay attention to the fact that Ritzy had stained my socks and feet with his sperm.. Thank God that he did not refuse to take off my socks and lick my feet to shine ^^ Good obedient boy Ritzy.. He's been licking me for so long..I don't remember how long I sat on his face..but I remember his soaked face. I was afraid he would drown. Hahaha. He even swallowed all my juices when I came sitting on his face. It seems he will remember the taste of my victory for a long time ^.^

Lord Vince

Lord Vince, another bad mannered boy who loves a good challenge and risk. Well, in that case, I suggested to him that I would turn him into a sissy slut if he lost. And he was silly enough to agree ^^ As soon as we met, I saw a cute attempt to tie me up, but my future sissy didn't know what he was getting into. Of course I didn't let him do it and instead managed to seduce him with my ass, put my underwear and pink skirt on him and even do his hair Ehehe ^^ Caged Cutie Venezzia was embarrassed when I tied him up under hypnosis and took out my strappy. Impressions were so strong that he even woke up! And found himself so humiliated heheh. Well..Vince was able to get out! Surely he was too excited and my mouth would have finished him. So I decided to do it! Instead of cum Vince took out his phone.. HEY.. And started record me? During a blowjob? Ghh..I pushed him against the wall but he started spanking my ass!!! Then I took out my dildo and inserted it into Vince's naughty ass. Damn Sissy didn't want to give up. And even managed to fuck my mouth..Mh..I took the opportunity and began to prepare his hole.. It looks like Vince was very mad because he tied me up and started spanking my poor tits.. And fuck me in this stupid spreader bar.. I couldn't lose to SISSY. I called some girls for help and promised them a fun gangbang party if they helped me ^^ Vince's weakness for oral sex was fully exploited and he came! However, he was still able to fight.. because very soon My ass was fucked into ahegao.. Damn. Apparently I was too excited about poor Sissy's humiliations. Vince noticed it and made me cum with his tongue.. But thank God girls who were standing nearby and waiting for gangbang party with Vince did not agree with this scenario and decided to teach this future sissy a lesson Ehehe..He couldn't take that much and came moaning like a little sissy slut. In the end EF found a new cutie - Meet Sissy Slut Venezzia

Chapter One: Naive Girl Karina Gets in Trouble

The last few months i had ups and downs, but things were going really well and through the fights i started being more confidence in my abilites, so i saw Stewart's winning streak 11-1 and decided to break it. Critical mistake. I thought i could break him and make him my pet! But the reality was cruel..Ohh.. I only got a full Nelson and..my destiny was to be fucked so hard. All i remember afterwards is my stretched ass in pain and my beautiful face covered with his cum.

I couldn't just accept my defeat, i needed revenge... so i decided to destroy him! and dreamed of him apologizing down to his knees for everything. With so much anger i had for this guy, i went to challenge him again. Mmmggh... i was forced to the ground where he fingered me until he found my G-Spot exhausted from all the actions, he managed to claim my ass once again. All i ever needed after the fight was to rush into the bathroom without noticing him following me, so he forced fuck me into more submission to all four from behind. Ohhh my God!! after i opened my eyes, i found my mouth gagged and tied up in his bed... fuck!!! I lost my freedom and became Stewart's toy


When Stewart found out that I treated Adrian like a pet.. I was sent to Adrian as a gift all tied up.. Damn, this is so humiliating. He got me so helpless.. As expected Adrian was very happy...from the beginning he told me that he will fuck me to submission. Since I was tied up, he started undressing me, touching my thighs and treating me like a pet.. I freed myself from the ropes to show him his place! I immediately took off my shoes, taking advantage of his weakness for my legs. And it worked! Seems he couldn't resist.. Adrian just stood there and looked at my feet. Hehe. I ordered him to come closer and lick my feet - and he obeyed ^^ Taking advantage of the moment, I managed to hypnotize him! The fight was under my control.. I decided to teach Adrian a lesson and started pegging him! During this, I didn't even notice how he got out of my control.. but very soon I saw that Adrian took off my panties..and even managed to tie me up.. He started teasing my pussy, fucking my ass and offering me to taste his cock after!! Damn, he even put a tail buttplug in my ass to make me look like a PET!! Fuck.. He fucked my pussy so hard..that my brain melted. I was able to get out of bondage and even managed to make him cum.. But it didn't help me.. I was so close to orgasm and he finished me with his tongue.. And then he made me get on my knees to thank him for bringing me to orgasm..

Training Session



We met many times and each time no one was able to completely force the other to obey. During my slavery, my lose streak was terrible and Karan gladly took advantage of my state to try to break me.. Ghh.. Every time he called me a slut.. He even gave me a humiliaton title - "Anal slut". I had to take revenge and remove my title!! I was confident in my abilities despite Stewart's training sessions. When we met, Karan didn't waste time, he made me lose focus by calling me a slut again and tried to tie me up! Damn, he did it. Less than a minute after start of our fight, he started fingering my pussy while I was tied up. Cocky bitch! I resisted so much and I was able to get out of bondage. With anger in my eyes, I went up to him and started undressing him to punish his ass! When I inserted my finger into in order to prepare him, Karan lifted me up and began to choke me. Wow... This I could not expect, I slapped his cock with my hand so that he would let me go.. But instead he threw me on bed and took off my panties. Naughty pet!! Despite all my threats, he just started fucking my pussy as he wanted... I needed take control in my hands.. So I started jerking off his cock ^^ Hehe.. he thought I submitted to him, but I took advantage of the moment and tried to tie him up.. My bondage skill is not so strong and I managed to tie MYSELF up.😳 Karan just laughed at me, took a vibrator and put it on my pussy.. When he enjoyed the view, he began to destroy my holes.. My pussy and ass couldn't handle such a thick cock.. Karan tried to make me cum, but I was able to resist and even hypnotize him with my feet.. But it didn't save me.. Because he decided to tie me again.. I was so wet, so close..MH..his stupid machine was so fast.. I gave up and came. Damn, I got out and to somehow humiliate him, I inserted a butt plug into his ass..B-but Karan just grinned.. He took me by the hair and began to pound me roughly in my poor ass...Oh god.. I came the second time almost immediately after the first time...Fuck!


During my slavery, I was looking for a chance to get out. I received a letter from Alice asking me to release her from Mark. Great opportunity! We agreed to help each other. In order for Alice to try to free me, I had to defeat Mark and steal the keys to her collar. Despite the fact that my master forbade me to challenge him, I secretly challenged Mark to a fight. All our past meetings, he was stunned by my legs.. But now.. From the beginning, Mark was confident in his abilities.. He started undressing me and insulting me.. He took off my panties and pushed them in my mouth! He made me angry..and as soon as I spat them out to tell him about his bad behavior.. his cock was in my mouth! "Beg me to get it out, whore" - grrrrr... thats was too much for me! I decided to remind him who he is to me! My little foot slave! When he heard this, his confidence was gone. Mark still have a weakness for my feet, and I hypnotized him ^.^ How I enjoyed it..I cant't remember how long I ride on his face, humiliate him, force him to serve my feet, lick them and suck every toes. However, he managed to escape from hypnosis..and he seems to have become very angry. He used my holes and he had a lot of fun. By some miracle, I managed to avoid all his attempts to bind and hypnotize me. And instead I tied him up! Using my feet i turned him into a footjob fountain, making him cum twice in a row! After the fight i made him clean both his cumshots on my feet. Then he obediently gave me the key of Alice's collar. Welcome back good old feet pet Mark! ^^

Punishment Day


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