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Heyyyyy all! Enjoying spending time here to relieve stress....:) I like to be a lil bratty and enjoy trash talking and bets.

IRL I'm 23 f currently in grad school studying to be a Physician Assistant. Stumbled along this site while digging into some of my kinkier side online. I do have a bf, but sometimes need that escape to my fantasies.

Feel free to message me, I'm a friendly girl!

I took on Tiffanyand thought I could show her a few things in the ropes. Unfortunately, her lips and tongue were just too much for my pussy. Once she got between my legs, I was completely powerless to stop her until I came all over her pretty face.

I thought I'd be able to handle Ritzy, until I saw how big his cock was and felt it inside of me. I knew I had to pull out every trick in the book to beat him, even resorting to the use of my feet, but it was hopeless. He tossed me around, fucked all of my holes, and finished it by pounding me against the window for the neighbors and my bf to see. Now they will forever know what I look like while quivering and cumming from a huge dick inside of me. I'll think twice before challenging him again

I challenged Slash to a match wanting to humiliate her and show her my strappy is better than her cock. While there was some back and forth, i even sucked an orgasm out of her taking a facial, she ultimately made me succumb to 2 orgasms, once with her vibrator and once after she tied me to the sybian. She left me in a mess of my own cum and I'm now her pet and I'll be a good lil girl for her.

Bianca turned me into a quivering mess and I couldn't stop her from making me cum even though I tried to fight it. I'm now proudly one of her cum dumps that she can use as she sees fit.

I took on Freya and while I talked a big game she out finger fucked me and forced me to cum all over myself. She now makes me wear a collar with her name on it.

Currently happily collared and kneeling beside my Miss Kira. I took her on in a match and her skills proved to be too much, folding my body up and causing me to give myself a facial....twice!

After losing to Karina, Whenever my opponent spanks my ass, I will meow like a good kitten and skip my turn 😽 for (10/10) games

HORNY SLUT RULE: anytime you get a cum-test: your opponent rolls dice /6. 4+ press cum otherwise test. Always need to skip next action after cumming/or not.

I will skip my next two turns when you gagged me with panties or socks thanks to Juli

After losing to Ariana for the next 5 games anytime someone manages to get a collar on me, it triggers my pet programing and I have to instantly concede the game and then continue allowing my opponent to use me and finish with me any way they desire (5/5)

The C-collar: I will wear this collar until my superior Ruckus takes it off. I am now a slave of Compound 14 I was set free by Haylee!!!!

I took on Sexy Swift but those long sexy legs, fingers, and tongue was just too much for me as me made me squirt all over the mat. Now I have to skip my turn anytime someone licks my pussy. (5/5)

Thanks to Bianca I can't handle getting fucked, so i have to skip my turn whenever I get fucked in a match whether it's pussy/ ass, strapon/ cock. (10/10)

Belle made me orgasm on her fingers and forced me to change my pfp to a pic showing how I lost to her and had to clean her fingers of my cum until 3/17....I'm just glad i taste good.

Currently denied until 3/17 or I complete a task with my bf thanks to Gina

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