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in chastity and denied

Hey there!
I‘m Hunter, a 24 year old guy from Germany. Love to open up to others, have a lot of fun and I don’t care about winning or losing as long as we’re both having a good time.
Always open-minded for new ideas and kinks. Normally switching, but for now in the mood falling towards sub...

I was lucky and im now the pet of Mistress Eva! I have to serve her and she decides what is good for me. I love to be a good toy for her.

About Me

Languages: German, English
Turn on: Passion for the Session, Bondage, Teasing, Spanking, Fighting for dominance, Female dominance
Turn off: hard-pain, illegal stuff in general, non-consensual stuff
Special Toys: Lovense Gush, Lovense Hush (the controll link can be sent or connected before the game with EF) -charging issues.. hopefully i can solve that soon! until there its just a normal plug..-, Lovense Hush 2 (but for now I have to do some training to put it in.. to big for me now..)
- Bondage Gear (f.e. "under the Bed Restraints" Set, Cuffs, Spreader bar, Hogtie Set)
- Blindfold
- Ball Gag
- Inflatable gag
- Collar
- Chastity Cage
- Dildo
- Plugs (small, medium, big, inflatable)
- Flogger, Whip & Paddle
- Cock Rings
- Nipple Clamps
- Vibrator (just a little one)
- will be open minded to buy something new ;)

Active Challenges/Punishments

Jeanne was upset that I finished the Edging Marathon.. So she challenged me again, I lost and she changed my name for one week.. My dear friend Shy-Girl loved that name.. I lost a stupid bet against her and now everybody can call me Edgeslut McMuffin until the End of 2021. UPDATE: A group of a few Erofighters extended my date for the name... It's now my name until 01.07.2022.

Former slave of Compound 14

Logbook of Compound-Challenge

21.02.2022: Compound-Match vs. Frikka --> 1-2 loss = 3 month red cell
16.03.2022: Gush-Battle against Maverick --> 0-2 loss and came twice before Mav came the first time.. = blue cell and punishment
28.03.2022: Punishment about the Gush-Battle was announced and Poll was published --> feel free to take part here
03.04.2022: Poll-Results are in
Poll Results
04.04.2022: start of punishment
Some other Erofighters suggested to have my Public Orgasm while shopping in a supermarket. So I put on my Lovense Hush and my Lovense Gush. Ryan was so kind to take controll for my toys and play with my hush on the way to the supermarket.. Another task I got was to buy that food I cum in front of. When arriving at the supermarket I told Ryan. He started to play with my gush and I just had my orgasms so fast.. The Gush was hell and my brain did the rest and so i came directly into my pants in front of the pasta shelf.... It was really humiliating to leave the supermarket with pasta and a wet cum spot on my pants..
After getting home I decided to have every 2 hours another orgasm.. First the two Ruins and last but not least the second full orgasm today.. In the End my balls were drained and empty.. Hopefully I can recover tonight...
05.04.2022: Because of a 16 hours day at work my task "30 additional edges" will be done on the office toilet. So I started at 7am on the toilet with 20 of my edges and ruined my orgasm after that.. Needed to recover a bit and so I came back at 12am in my lunch break.. I did the other 10 edges and ruined my orgasm again.. so there were just two full orgasms left for the day.. My balls were already empty but at 3pm i came back and had a full orgasm.. Wasnt much cum anymore but who did expect different... Just before leaving the office at 9pm I had my last orgasm... Dont know how I should do this 5 other days...
06.04.2022: Woke up at 7 am. Decided to put in my medium plug for the day... My task is today that I cant take it out until I ruined two of my orgasms.. So I started to ruin my first orgasm right away in bed.. never had so less cum so early in the morning... after that i had some homeofice.. my lunchbreak was perfect to ruin my second orgasm.. after that i could take out my plug.. just two full orgasms left today...
07.04.2022: Today was the first day with a choice.. So I decided to go today for the 2 ruins within one hour and following 6 hours of no-touch.. I woke up at 6 am and started right away with the first ruin.. I really hate cumming already... After a little break I went showering, where i had my second ruin for the day.. It was 6:30 so it meant notouch until 12:30.. Gladly I had a tough day at work so the notouch wasnt the biggest problem.. at 2 pm i decided to have my next full orgasm, so there would be enough time to recover for the fourth one today.. back in bed in the evening I just started to jerk off again and blew my fourth load today... my balls are already empty and there are 12 loads waiting for me the next days....
08.04.2022: My daily task for today: Wear the Lovense Hush until you had 2 full orgasms.. I woke up and put in my Hush like instructed.. because i was late already i decided to have my orgasms on the worktoilet again.. because i got interrupted on my first try i really had to ruin my first orgasms... you know what it means... two more full orgasms until i could take the hush out... 2 hours later.. next try... this time i really enjoyed my orgasm.. just one to go with the hush and 2 for today... after this week i dont wanna cum again.. at lunchtime i took my next shot.. full orgasm no. 2 and time to take the hush out.. back at home i had to have my last ruin for today... my balls are aching...
09.04.2022: Just two more days.. eight more orgasms.. because i had home office today it was a good day to wear my collar and my gags during my orgasms.. started with my ruined ones today again.. first one while laying in bed. I decided to wear an inflatable gag this time.. maximum pumps minus two.. went fast for the first ruin.. check.. because i wanted to be a good slave today i left the collar the whole day.. was hard to communicate with office with the gag so i had to take it out.. second orgasm.. lunchtime.. wearing my new spider gag.. i decided to threw a coin right before cumming if ruined or full.. It was heads.. meant a full orgasm this time while i drooled a lot out of my mouth.. 3 hours later it was time for the next orgasm.. ball gag this time.. just a fast ruin to go back to work.. because I only have 3 different gags i decided to roll a dice which one i should wear for my 4th orgasm today.. (1/2 = ballgag 3/4 = spider gag 5/6 = inflatable gag) i rolled a 5, so i put in my inflatable gag again, pumped up to max this time.. my desire was on low already after the last days but i had no choice.. its a punishment... so i cum again and fulfilled this task too.. just one more day...
10.04.2022: Last day.. just 4 orgasms with no more cum left in my balls.. but okay... because I didnt know what the day will bring about work, I put on the nipple clamps already early in the day.. after 55 minutes i started to jerk off so i didnt have to wear them long after my orgasm.. full orgasm no.13 check.. just two ruins and one full orgasm left until im done... lunch time.. i dont wanna do it anymore but i had to.. so i ruined my orgasm right away... im so sensitive after all these days and dont know how i ended up in this situation.. 4 hours recovery.. then another ruin.. there is no cum left so it was just a nearly dry ruin.. i hate this feeling which i had a few times the last days.. I wanted to celebrate the last one on EF again, but work came between again like all the last days.. so i had Orgasm no. 28 in the last 7 days back in bed at 10pm.. i tried to enjoy but i dont wanna cum that much again in a short period...
Thank you for the little Challenge Frikka and everyone who participated in a special way.. Sorry that I wasnt so communicative.. It was beside this challenge my hardest work week since a long time.. but i made it and hopefully i can recover now the next days...

Old Challenges

999 Edges Marathon with Mistress Frikka and Mistress Jeanne
I have been an obedient slave but I managed to get myself into trouble by having to beg for mercy during a session with Mistress Jeanne and Mistress Frikka. I promised to do 999 edges. Now i owe both 490 edges, which i have to perform and report until the 01.12.21.
Furthermore i am only allowed to cum every 50 edges every 70 edges (Thank you Gwen) to not make it too easy. Every time I cum unpermitted, i accept another 100 edges to the total count.
If I fail, I have to change my profile respective to their wishes and keep it like that until 01.03.22.
I am allowed to transmit some of those edges if i manage to defeat someone in a game. If and how many edges are at stake has to be clarified before game. Afterwards the opponent has to confirm the finished task to either Jeanne or Frikka via dm. (999/999 in total - 965/980 for next orgasm - last orgasm at 910)
Everytime I lose a game I have to add 30 Extra-Edges. Thanks Gwen! (30/30 Extra-Edges)
Finished on 18th November.

Compound Challenge: Best of 3 against human players, all matches have to be done. No cumming until they are done. Edge at every own cum test, if get defeated, opponent rolls a d20 for additional edges. If I win, I may cum after the 3rd match. If I lose the challenge, i have to do 5 ruins +1 full orgasm. All blogged in this bio to keep track.
(3/3 games played, 2 wins, 32 edges done, start on 23rd February)
1st game vs. Frikka: 1-2 loss, 2 cumtests and a dice 19 = 21 edges (28th February)
2nd game vs. Gisele: 2-1 win, 3cumtests = 3 edges (1st March)
3rd game vs. Charly: 2-1 win, 5 cumtests = 8 edges (7th March)

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shopping_cart Toys: Gag, Anal plug, Dildo, Suction dildo, Vibrator, Nipple clamps, Cockring, Prostate Massager, Collar, Leash, Rope, Chastity belt/cage, Rubber band, Shoelace, Crop, Paddle, Full-length mirror


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