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Updated profile - Looking for IRL or bets :) PMs open

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known as Hannah, Hunter, McMuffin or Prey... 🇩🇪

I lost a tough match with my new Mistress Pearl where i edged her a lot and made fun of her submitting.. After losing the first time i stupidly asked for a rematch... She took advantage of my rules and my desperation.. She already made me submit before the end of the game.. Now I'm her edge puppy for all of 2024. She gave me some fun rules to play with. From now on i have to stay in chastity irl for two weeks.. Im just allowed to take it off for ingame-edges...

If I lose a game my opponent is free to add a rule for 6 matches...

Permanent Rules
Non-Permanent Rules
Prefered Standard Rules

Feel free to ask to play with these rules, have some bets or play with some different rules.

  1. Bondage and Hypno can be escaped with 5+ on a 1d6
  2. Being in Bondage means skipping, while being in hypno means your opponent can choose your actions or make you skip
  3. Hitting a 5+ on the first escape roll, reverses the action on the attacker, both hypno and bondage
  4. Bondage and Hypno stacks on each other, after being free from hypno you can roll bondage the same turn, good pets don't struggle
  5. Hypno is cleared after cumming and it prevents the reverse on bondage, can't fight back if you are already hypnotized.
  6. Reversing Hypno while in Bondage get you free from Bondage

- Hypno-Level-Rules:
- You start the game with Level 0
- Every Hypno-Action adds 1 Level until you get free.
- Everytime you roll a 1 on a dice roll, you gain 1 Level. (for example: Level 2 --> Level 3)
- After hitting a 5 or 6 (depending on your Hypno Level) you completely break free! (back to Level 0)
Level 1: You have to hit a 5-6 to be free.
Level 2: The opponent chooses the actions for 2 turns.
Level 3: The opponent chooses a rule for just this game.
Level 4: If you roll a 2, your opponent can choose your action.
Level 5: The opponent can choose all your actions (max 1 redraw per turn) and you only can escape with a 6 now.
Level Max: Your opponent chooses what you have to do. (be full sub or dom.) At the end of the game you can add a special rule that dont count for the bet!)

About Me

I‘m Hunter, a 25 year old guy from Germany. Love to open up to others, have a lot of fun and I don’t care about winning or losing as long as we’re both having a good time.
Always open-minded for new ideas and kinks. Normally switching, but for now in the mood falling towards sub...
Im always up for some IRL Fun and some Bets or Rules! I'm not the biggest roleplayer, but Im always up for some dirty trash talk :P
Im speaking German and English! My PM's are always open!

My Toys

(Feel free to suggest more or ask to try an Idea together <3)
- Battle of the Subs (with Mister V)
- Keeping fit with EF - Both players contest in a 5/10km run. Whoever finishes their race fastest wins. Bets are encouraged. Screenshots from running app to decide who wins. Consequences fo the loser :P (Inspired by Sarah)

Special Mentions for some special Experiences

Im the proud pet of Mistress Pearl!
Miss Pearls Pet

Also now she keeps me like this in her appartement:

999 Edges Marathon with Frikka and Jeanne
I have been an obedient slave but I managed to get myself into trouble by having to beg for mercy during a session with Mistress Jeanne and Mistress Frikka. I promised to do 999 edges. Now i owe both 490 edges, which i have to perform and report until the 01.12.21.
Furthermore i am only allowed to cum every 50 edges every 70 edges (Thank you Gwen) to not make it too easy. Every time I cum unpermitted, i accept another 100 edges to the total count.
If I fail, I have to change my profile respective to their wishes and keep it like that until 01.03.22.
I am allowed to transmit some of those edges if i manage to defeat someone in a game. If and how many edges are at stake has to be clarified before game. Afterwards the opponent has to confirm the finished task to either Jeanne or Frikka via dm. (999/999 in total - 965/980 for next orgasm - last orgasm at 910)

Former slave of Compound 14
I had a pretty good time in different cells with a lot of edges and challenges. Once i had to have 2 ruins and 2 full orgasms for 7 following days. Another challenge forced me to play games and edge a lot more.

I lost to BiancaTS and I'm now her Cum Dump. :o

Shy-Girl thought 10 days with my normal name were enough.. So she challenged me in Matchmaking.. With a few edges for both of us and a lot dice rolls i couldnt resist her and she made me cum.. Im not longer an hunter.. Please call me PREY from now on until the 15th of September.

Had a few nice sessions with Mister V. We played truth or dare and enjoyed us together.. Next time we wanna try a battle of two subs.. We need another sub for that! Feel free to ask for that ;)

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