Jakie - Herman's proud gurl (Transgender) (Level 7) mail warning

Playing the way Herman wants me to play

Bi / Switch

Today's Herman's order

Play a game during which you thank your partner whenever they play an action against you involving your ass and beg for using you more often this way.


I am a boy and I love woman with experience and real men of any age.

I am not very big, 1m64 (5'5"), 60kg (130 pounds)

I am proud of my femboy look, a bubble ass, small boobs, small feet, pretty legs and most of all of my tiny 4 inch penis.

I have dark brown curly hair and very dark brown eyes.

Chastity Status

I am collared by Herman, Becky's German guard who became my master.

I am locked in chastity on Emlalock by my master, Herman, Becky's German guard since October 15th,
my chastity status changes according to my games on erofights. One day less for a win one day more for a lost game.

After applying the changes of the day, the next day at 7 am my release day will be November 10th

Ground Rules

The only rule I follow is to play every scene of the game in real life.

Consequently, as a gurl, I may sometime ask for 5 minutes before starting a game.
I do not demand any reciprocity.

Sex & kinks

A gifted man can make me come from fucking my ass, it gives me real orgasm even my penis stays limp during intercourse and I do not have any ejaculation, even ruined.
However my little dick is fully functional and I am happy to cum any other boy.

I love anal (clearly), men's hairy butt holes, orgasm control and woman's feet.

Even I like to submit to woman or to older men, I have a strong will to win the games and love to fuck with other trans or femboys.

Social media

You can find me on
- emlalock : my profile
- discord as Jakie
- bdsmlr my account there


My life here took a turn as my Master, Herman, tattoed me with the Kajira mark.

and offered me a wonderful collar

Now that I am his proud gurl, he controls my chastity on Emlalock
and I am devoted to him, he uses me as his pleasure slave.

Life as a pleasure slave whore

My Master gives me task every day I have to accomplish to decrease my initial chastity time of 4 days.
These are fights on Erofights with special conditions like being a dom or a sub, using my mouth or my ass only.
Every winning decrease my chastity with one day every lost increase it with one days.

Day 1 starting with 4 days in chastity and playing as a DOM (-2)
Alben, I played as DOM and won (-1)
Italian Stalion, I played as DOM and won (-1)

Day 2 starting with 1 day in chastity and playing as a DOM (+27)
Adam, I played as DOM and won (-1)
lilou, I played as DOM and lost 1 days and 29 days have been added as a punishment by the crowd for having skipping a skip in a hypno, (+29)
Underrated, I played as DOM and won (-1)

Day 3, starting with 26 days in chastity and playing with my mouth (-1)
Herman, I played as SWITCH using my mouth only and won (-1)

Day 4, starting with 24 days in chastity and playing with my ass (+2)
Got punished by Master Herman for not having updated my profile in time with 2 days chastity (+2)
Sandra TS , I played as switch using my ass and won. She left me horny with a sore ass so I put her in chastity. (-1)
Cato I played as switch using my ass and won (-1)
Connor I played as switch using my ass and lost (+1)
JamesI played as switch using my ass and lost (+1)

Day 5, starting with 22 days in chastity, this day I must cum first, before my opponent (+1)
Back to the Wonderland, the wonderful Alice was much too exciting, I lost (+1)

Day 6, starting with 22 days in chastity, this day I will use my mouth as much as I can (+1)
Karlo, he took me in the early morning as my cage hurt so much and had no real difficulty to make me come twice. I lost (+1)
Herman, Herman, my Master, loves my mouth, so I knew he couldn't resist to play today. I invited him, I served the best I could, sucking and licking, as a reward he fucked me and made me cum so hard I was happy to lose and get one more day in chastity (+1)
Sarah, the tender Sarah could not resist when I fucked her with a dildo. (-1)
Sean The first game I won and put him in chastity. (-1)
Sean The second game I was too confident and released him from chastity too soon. I lost. (+1)

Day 7 starting with 22 days in chastity and playing as a DOM (-3)
Andrew, I had a real dom feeling made him cum on my feet and gave him a post orgasm torture. (-1)
Victor, he abandoned me my face full of his cum like a dirty whore. (-1)
Good boy the poor boy was denied and edging for 4 days - he asked for femdom - he go it, I left him denied (0)
Caspian Nelson he wanted a bet now he is in chastity until he wins 5 games. (-1)

Day 8 starting with 18 days in chastity and I must always come first which is very frustrating (-1)
Herman, This game was totally out of control and pure pleasure. My Master gave me one day reward (-1)

Day 9 starting with 16 days in chastity and playing as a DOM (-1)
Michael, it was nice to ride his big cock, he came twice on my face (-1)

Master punished me with 2 days for not having update my status in time. (+2)

Day 10 [When you are in bondage and your Energy is below 4, you are too exhausted to resist and will skip your turn.] (-2)
Lil Lil was a very nice opponent even too much obsessed by torturing my tits I put him back on the milking machine (-1)
Jasmine Saph's slut She lost and I put her in chastity now she will be my slave on emlalock (-1)

Day 11, [this day I must cum first, before my opponent] (+0)
Bob He wanted it fast and silent, he came twice in 15mn my fastest win (-1)

Day 12, 13, 14 skipped for being in the cellar

Day 15 playing as a DOM (-1)
Silenced Starting too slow, I lost (+1)

Day 16 playing with my mouth (+1)
Troy the tamer good game but I lost (+1)

Day 17 playing with my mouth (+1)
Did not find anyone to play

Day 18 playing as a DOM (-1)
Chris lost the first game but won the next two and transformed Chris to Christina

Day 19 I did not logon that day

Day 20 I did not logon that day

Day 21 Thanking for using my ass

Next punishment/reward on my chastity time in Emlalock last two days to apply tomorrow morning: -1 day


After I lost my first game, forgot who was my opponent, I had to show this picture on my profile
I must say that I really do love to suck cocks.

1- Bad Daddy
He used to fuck me so selfish took my ass without caring I felt terribly girly with his big daddy's cock in my ass.
I will always be there if he needs a quick fuck.
I love when he use me as his toy

We had several strong fights and she defeated me one more than I defeated her.
A good friend

His profile picture says all, a confident alpha male taking what he deserves.
My ass is here for his monster cock anytime.

4-k boy
He could not make me cum in the two games we had but I loved his way to play and I was so near to come IRL!

I worked at the gloryholes for him after he made me cum so strong by fucking my ass. He made me work on a gloryhole.

Working for Connor

6-Tommy Throat Smasher
He made me choke on his big cock, (doing it on my dildo was a challenge for me), until he came in my throat twice.
I definitively need more practicing.

7- Herman
He humiliated me, I insulted him, he humiliated me more, made me edge and edge before he
made me ruin my orgasm, slap my face, spreading my own cum on it, made me ruin it again
and finally he made me cum while I got fucked in the ass.
Never had so much fun before. Now he is my master and I am his little bratty slut.
He collared me, I wish he put a cage on my dicklet to feel owned by him every moment.

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