Anton - Klara's Toy (Level 8) mail warning

Looking for TON and TWAT fights... and for brave girls taking my subby slut challenge

Hetero / Switch

About Anton

A casual german guy with an affection to sports and erotic role play. My playstyle focusses on competitive games with rp, where I more focus on playing actions that make sense within the context of the situation rather than only going for the mathematically best option. Speaking of rp, I mostly adapt to the style of my partner: short to medium-length (up to 2 hours) is usually my go-to, but I also enjoy some good dirty talk if that's what you prefer. I am a switch, enjoying every aspect of a dom-sub relation. Be it the thrilling back-and-forth with power exchanges and both partners trying to make the other one submit and leaving you lying down in a mess of your own juices excites me just as much as being topped by a strong confident woman, if she pushes the right buttons. I also found myself to be hugely into bets of any kind. The anticipation of suffering from a penalty in case of a defeat excites me even more.

Age: 30
Height: 185 cm (6'1")
Weight: 83 kg (183 lb)
Hair: brown
Eyes: hazel

Participating in the Tournament of Nations - TON for Team Germany and member of the TWAT.

Realistic PfP for Classic
Wrestling Attire
Animated PfP for Hentai

Currently living in the Demon's Toy Palace, obediently serving my wonderful Goddesses Mistress Klara and Mistress Nina 🥰 My pleasure is in their hands and I will only cum with explicit permission of my lovely owners.

Mistress KlaraMistress Nina


Standard bondage/hypno rules (diceroll of 5+ to break free and skipping otherwise). Max 3 turns or unlimited, depending on your preference. Bondage and hypno stack on each other but not on themselves. In case someone is tied and hypnotized at the same time, the victim will have to free itself from hypnosis before rolling for bondage.
Optional: bondage/hypno backfires, when the victim rolls a 5+ on the first roll, putting the attacker in bondage/hypno instead.

Holding/Pin rules for Wrestling: if a player is trapped in a hold/pin, both players roll a dice. If the victim does not roll a higher number than the attacker, this will result in skipping the turn. Reroll on equal numbers.

Temporary Rules/Lost Bets

Feminized and captured by Bente: after crushing my balls, she turned me into a girl. For 3 games. Extended to 6 games, after I lost to her again. On top, she put a collar around my neck and gave me a new pfp. (6/6)
Stacy's edge toy: beat me in my edging challenge and made me do 168 edges before my next orgasm. (168/168)
Submissive Slave for Foxxy: name changed to "Anton - Foxxy's subby Slave". For 6 games. (6/6)
Subby Slut for Roya: name changed to "Anton - Roya's subby Slut" as well as kinks changed to submissive. For 5 games. (5/5)
Pussy Addict (by Erika): I have to take the first opportunity to lick my partners pussy. For 6 games. (4/6) Redeemed.
Mesmerized in lust by Lana: I can only cum in front of a mirror while making an ahegao face and have to cum at least once a day. For 3 days. Extended to 8 days after another loss. (8/8)
Collared by Cithria: kept me as a trophy for 6 games. (3/6) Redeemed.
Drained by a Succubus: her succubus magic feminised my body, replacing my cock with a dripping slit. On top, she also casted a spell on my mind, that turned me into a submissive slut. For 3 games. (3/3)
Oral sensitivity (by Erika): whenever I get sucked for the first time in a game, I have to skip my turn and thank my opponent. For 5 games. (5/5)
Lunas buttslut: a cock or strap-on up my ass triggers my memories with her and I fall into hypnosis. For 5 games. (4/5) Redeemed.
Can't handle more than one (by Klara): I have to skip my turn and thank my partner every time another woman rides or dominates me. Also includes actions that I play. Until April 30th.
Klara's Toy: a new profile picture and name changed to "Anton - Klara's Toy". Until April 30th.
Klara's Gooner: I have to do 50 edges while watching my favourite porn video. I don't have permission to cum until I watched the video again with the same task on the next day.
Blowjob Trauma (by Kiyomi): each time my cock is sucked, I flip a coin. On tails, I skip, fearing that I'll have to relive my time with a succubus, only to sigh in relief when nothing happens. Keep flipping coin until failed once in a given game, then be safe for the rest of it. For 3 games. (1/3)
Matty's licking toy: I have to skip every time someone uses a face sitting or pussy/ass licking move on me. Adding to this I have to take every opportunity to lick my partner. For 6 games. (1/6)
Stacy's edge toy: beat me in my edging challenge (again 😣) and made me deliver 191 edges before my next orgasm. (19/191)

Kinky Section

Power Exchange
Dirty Talk (especially in german!)
Humiliation (give/receive)
Anal (receive)
Doggy (give)
Cunnilingus (give)
Worshipping (give/receive)
Orgasm Control (give/receive)
CBT (receive)
Spanking (give)

Full Subs (competitive play is mandatory, if not discussed otherwise before)
Illegal (Rape, Underaged)

Bets and wagers (profile change, new rule, irl punishment for the loser) are highly appreciated and add the little extra spice to each session. Just let me know if you want to bet on anything and as long as these are only temporary, there shouldn't be any concerns from my side.

Want to find out more? Check out my kinklist.

IRL Edging Game

Both players compete not only in-game, but also irl against each other. For every cumtest, the victim will roll a dice to determine the number of edges. Before the game, each player will select a weakness and a mind-melting weakness kink. If an action with a weakness is played, it requires to roll 5+ to resist. If everything below is rolled, the player has to perform x (=5-diceroll) edges and skip their next turn. Receiving a mind-melting weakness will result in x (=diceroll) edges and skipping the turn without resisting.

For example, you selected bondage as your weakness and anal as your mind-melting weakness. If I play an anal action, you will directly roll a dice (e.g. it lands on 3), perform 3 edges and skip your next turn. If I play a bondage action and you rolled a 2, you will have to do 3 (=5-2) edges and skip your turn. If you rolled a 5 or 6, you won't need to edge and keep on playing as usual. These effects only last for one turn.

The Submissive Slut Challenge

Are you thrilled by high stakes? Do you want to prove that I am not able to handle you? Then, I might have the perfect suggestion for you: the Submissive Slut Challenge.
We will compete in classic/hentai/wrestling (based on your choice). After the game, the winner will roll a dice6 to determine the duration of the losers submission (at least 3 days/games).

So, question is: do you have what it takes to bring out the obedient good boy inside of me...

or will you end up finding yourself in my collection of loyal subby sluts?

What happens if you lose the challenge?

1) You will be added to the list of submissive sluts. Your name will still be listed even after your submission (number of games/days determined by the dice) is over, only being removed if you redeem yourself by beating me. If you lose three times in a row, you will be listed as my permanent slut and your name can not be removed from the list any more.
2) For the duration of your submission, you will add "Subby Slut" to your name.
3) Pick a punishment for the duration of your submission.
- A) New profile picture of my choice for "x" games.
- B) A new in-game rule for "x" games.
- C) Status set to Sub, Female Domination switched off and the kinks Anal, Chastity, Pain, CBT, Pussy Torture, Humiliation, Mocking will be set to "Receive" only. For "x" games.

You can always redeem yourself by beating me in a rematch. All changes/punishments will be voided in that case. However, if you lose again, you will receive a new punishment and your submission will be prolonged by another diceroll.

What happens if you win the challenge?

1) You will be added to the list of untamable brats and I will add a report of your victory, showing everyone that I clearly was no match for you.
2) You can chose if you want to give me either a new rule, profile change or irl punishment for the duration of my submission.
3) If you beat me three times in a row without having lost once before, you will be listed as my permanent owner/mistress. In that case, you will get a special mention in my profile. On top, once a month, you can make a profile change, give me a new rule or an irl task, which can last for up to one week. You can also claim special settings or rules that will only apply if we play together.

Submissive Sluts

She was the first brave girl taking on my challenge. Maybe she thought I was an easy win because I have not played any games so far? Well, she had a good start, taking the lead by jerking me off to an orgasm. She didn't even stop, trying to make me cum directly again with her mouth. But I evened it up by making her bend over the armrest and pounded her from behind until she came. Being so worked up, she almost made me cum again by riding my cock, but I was able to resist and retaliated by inviting a friend. Having her pussy and ass fucked by two clocks, she couldn't resist and gave in for us, making her my first Submissive Slut!


Next, a cute girl named Caline approached me. Even though she was still a beginner, she didn't hold back at all, trying to milk me with her tight ass. But instead, it was her who came first from a blissfully anal orgasm. This didn't stop her though! She was still eager to top me and went for my cock again, sucking my cum out of my balls with her skilled mouth. But in the end, she was too horny to resist when I pinned her down and thrusted inside her until she was melting in my arms. I added a nice collar around her neck to keep her safe by my side.

Naive (Level 2)

A horny bimbo should be an easy win, right? Right? Wrong! After she broke free from my bondage, she used the same ties to secure me tightly to the bed. And just to paralyze me even more, she mesmerized my mind with her sweet sex, leaving me helpless and unable to fight back. She then invited a friend to tease me even more, but it seemed like her friend had other plans! Instead of draining me, she untied me and fixated Naive. After Naive broke free, I put her into the doggy position, railing her from behind. She saw her chance and pushed her vibrator against my raging dick, sending me over the edge with the combination of vibrations and her pussy squeezing around me. I switched to pounding her ass and that proved to be enough for her to shake under me and orgasm around my cock. Sky and me tied her up again, deciding that it was time to have some fun for ourselves while Naive could only squirm helplessly and begged us to stop teasing her. She got so worked out from getting cucked, that it didn't took long to orgasm from Sky's tongue and my cock inside her pussy. Leaving her completely exhausted and tied, I pushed Sky against the wall, fucking her from behind until we both came while Naive was left horny and betrayed. Click here, if you want to read the full story.



I met this girl in a short, but steamy sexfight in the ring. After relentlessly teasing each other, she slowly took control by having me pinned under her butt, almost suffocating me with her cheeks. I barely escaped and good thing that I already brought her close to cumming with my mouth! That way, it didn't took long with my cock inside her until she was melting in my arms and cumming into submission.


It was a thrilling back and forth in the with this girl. She made me struggle several times under her pretty feet, ordering me to worship them and even used them to bust my balls, leaving me squirming. But I soon noticed that she got a weakness for having her mouth being abused. So I took advantage of that and pushed my dick inside her mouth, fucking her face to stun her. I pounded two orgasms out of her in a row and was about to get her close to her third one. But getting too worked up myself, I was making myself an easy target for her. She planted her feet on my face again and stroked my cock over the edge. She didn't even stop at that point, feeling my energy slowly fading and kept pinning me down under her, bringing me closer and closer to my final orgasm while forcing me to continue worshipping her feet. I barely escaped her tormenting tease, realizing that it was now me and her, I folded her up and fucked her pussy to the decisive orgasm just moments before I was bursting myself, covering the soft skin of her pretty chest in my cum as a sign of her defeat.

Asuka (Level 2)

An Empress that tried to conquer me, but instead found herself tied in a bondage for a long time of our game. What a good opportunity to practice on my bondage skills. She got so horny, getting pounded helplessly in her binds that even after she drained me once with her tight pussy, could not resist but cum on my cock by the moment I flipped her around and fucked her doggystyle.

Nunia (Permanent)



All confident, she started teasing me with her enticing curves, making me worship her and told me that she was about to turn me into an obedient pet for her, always keeping me on the edge, but denied in the end. "Women are superior, you are my puppy!" But it seemed like this girl had a weakness for being taken from behind. She was edging herself so close while being fucked doggy style, that she just tipped over the edge and came. She was still resilient, not accepting my superiority, so I mad her edge, spank her butt, slap her pussy and ride her dildo until she was gooning herself into submission. After countless edges and two orgasms, she finally accepted that I was the exception from all the inferior blues.


A cute little puppy was still missing in my collection of subby sluts. So I was delighted to see her coming at me. She seemed to have other plans, though. "You'll be licking this asshole once you lose, so have a good look", was her response when I took her panties off. Unfortunately, her pussy was locked behind a chastity belt, so I had to make other things work.... by teasing and spanking her pretty butt, before finally sliding my hard dick inside it. I did not want to keep all the fun for myself and invited a friend over. Together, we sticked both of our clocks inside her ass, pounding her away into a moaning anal orgasm. I kept fucking her past her orgasm until she couldn't take it longer, pulling me out and stroking me over the edge, making my cock erupt all over her hands. But thankfully, my friend was still around and eager for more. So we took her again, placing her on our laps and fucked her to another assgasm, before marking her cute puppy face with our semen.
Deepika_1_Double Anal


Lucile, for sure, was one of the most confident and strongest girls I have met around here. She took one , saying that this would be a foreshadowing of what was going to await me. I was impressed by her strength and brought a pair of handcuffs, keeping her wrists together. But that didn't stop her at all. Her mouth was still free to use and so she wrapped her lips around my rod. Even at this compromising position she didn't lose control, easily breaking her restrains and jumping on my lap to grind herself over my crotch. This got both of us so excited that we ended up with her pushed against the wall, and me fucking and hugging her tightly from behind, making each other cum almost simultaneously. After many sweet moments of intensely teasing each other, we played on the bad, she spooning against me with her ass teasing my rod. So the only thing my mind was craving was fucking her again, holding her tightly and kiss her while I fucked her to another orgasm, just pulling out in time to cover her beautiful body in my spunk.


She directly went for both of my challenges. What a horny girl! And not far into the game, she got even more horny, when I made use of her weakness for anal pleasure, edging herself while I was plugging and toying with her tight backdoor. But soon, she was the one exploiting my weaknesses as she first straddled my mouth with her sweet pussy, before bending me over and sliding a strap-on inside, giving me a series of quick edges. This got me so close that I didn't stand a chance when she was choking and riding me, squeezing out my cum with her warm pussy. But I was far from being satisfied, grabbing her from behind and sliding my cock up her ass, making her edge mindlessly before cumming over my meat. I wanted to melt her brain completely now, staying inside her, not stopping to pound her clenching ass and made her cum another time in my arms.


Likes to play frisky and risky, exactly the kind of girls I like to keep around myself! Both of us proved strong minds and skilled fingers, easily escaping each other's restraining and mesmerisation attempts. She tried to pin me down with her booty smothering my face, but that only gave me the chance to bring her closer and closer to orgasm with my tongue. It then didn't take much of pounding inside her backdoor to make her quiver, pulling out just at the moment she was tipping over the edge and ruining her orgasm. Still horny, she invited me into her wet slit and I just couldn't resist but pump my load inside her warm pussy. After a short moment of recovery, she tried to milk me again, but I lifted us up, pressing her against the wall with my body and pounded her to a decisive orgasm, pulling my cock out to mark her pretty body with my seed.


Emma was trying to become more dominant, but... well, let's say those plans changed rapidly after I mesmerised her and slowly started to crawl deeper into her mind. She almost escaped my spell, but soon found her mind foggy aain and obediently obeyed my orders. And when I turned her around to fuck her from behind, even the last remains of her resistance were shattered into pieces. And when I painted her face with my warm cum in the end, she gladly offered me her devotion.


Anna is a true brat, and a tough one to crack, too! "I'm ready to show you the face of your next Mistress", she smirked, loosing no time to tease me rock-hard instantly. I tried to get her aroused as well, pulling her panties aside and making my tongue circle around her pearl. But this strategy backfired terribly, when she took a bunch of my hair, pressing my mouth closer against her flower and clamped her legs around my head, almost making me pass out, barely hearing her teasing words: "How sweet of you. Already serving me." Next, our bodies were rubbing against each other, passionately kissing, ramping up the arousal and getting rid of our clothes. The arousal was tantalizing, I just couldn't stop myself from turning her around, hugging her tightly from behind and sliding my rod inside her dripping cunt. But she took control of the action, pulling me out and grinding her round booty against my cock, causing me to ooze out precum and smear it over her skin. She was taking things into her own hands... literally, as she grabbed my cock and jerked me off. I tried to regain control, pushing her down onto her knees and wiggling my meat in front of her face but she did not lose her composure, making my raging rection twitch and throb right in front of her face while she confidently smiled at me. Instead, she was wrapping her boobs tightly around my cock and rubbing them up and down my length. "Feel me squeeze you, and let those moans out. Nice and loud. Let me hear them." As she was bouncing her pillows faster and faster on my cock, milking more precum out of my balls and causing lustfull moans to escape from my mouth. She got back up again, grinding her ass again against my crotch to finally drain me but that was just the chance I was looking for! "Don't you think you are the one being in control here", I whispered into her ear and slided my cock inside her pussy at first, getting my shaft drenched in her juices before poking it against her backdoor and gliding inside her ass. I steadily ramped up the pace of my thrusts, mixed with hard spanks at her ass finally made her lose control and moan in arousal. Grinding my hips, exploring every spot inside her, she was begging me to spank harder and pound faster, making her cum twice in quick succession while she was screaming out my name. Rewarding her with my warm sperm inside her clenching butthole, I pulled myself out, causing a few drops to dribble onto the floor in a small puddle. Grabbing her by the hair and spanking her sore ass, I was guiding her mouth to the mess on the floor. "You know what to do, right?" And she started obediently licking off every drop of cum and kiss the ground. I kept her clothes and sent her home butt-naked, not able to tell which of her cheeks had a brighter red color: her asscheeks, sore-red from all the spanking or the ones from her face, blushing from arousal and humiliation as she was trying to hide her precious parts on her walk of shame.


A bratty buttslut, looking for another Daddy, who would punish and humiliate her. Good decision she came to me! After fucking two assgasms out of her, I made her pleasure herslef in front of the window for everyone to be seen what a naughty and eager slut she was.


This feisty latina did not waste any time to get me rid of my pants. "Hopefully it's a grower!" What a brat! She clearly deserved the spanks at her butt I gave her before tearing down her panties and noticing with amusement that her pussy has been locked away. Now that her pussy was unaccessible, I had to go for something else and which place could have been better for my cock than her loud bratty mouth? Of course followed by a brief visit inside her tight backdoor. But I clearly have been enjoying her insides too much, when she mesmerised my mind with her ass before giving me a taste of how it felt to be on the receiving end of her strap-on. But not enough of that! She even invited my other girls to join the fun and used them against me, telling them to suck me off before coaxing the cum out of my balls with a skilled handjob. But she was in for some suffering: first, I tortured her sensitive nipples with my clamps, before making her suck on my cock again and finally making her cum by pounding my lubed lance inside her ass. But feeling her clenching hole around my shaft did not stop me! I was eager to finally make her mine and pushed a vibrator against her belt as I was pounding her from behind and making her cum from the combined stimulation. I tied the vibrator to her belt, keeping up the stimulation as I forced her to watch me having fun with my girls she had brought before dragging her into her room and introducing her to her new home.



Those, who redeemed themselves
The Edge Collector

I was surprised seeing her coming back to me and clearly was caught off-guard by her sudden confidence. "Ready to finally exept your rightful place under me?" But her confident words quickly shift into lustful moans when I toyed with her boobs and tied her down to edge her. But the tables turned when we got into the shower and when she invited her friends to share my butthole with them giving me my first edges. I managed to tie her up again and edge her more but when she wrapped her lips around my raging boner, I realized I had no chance to resist her and sprayed my load into her mouth. But all the edges seemed to weaken her well enough when I slided my rod inside her from the back and pounded her into a blissful orgasm. I kept going fucking her from behind, aiming to make her cum right again but she resisted my attempt and took control over the action, tightly squeezing her pussy around my shaft and milking the decisive orgasm out of me. She then pulled out a chastity cage, locking my cock up before climbing on top of my face, showing me how to properly please her without the need of my weak dick.


Catching me during a submissive phase, Kiyomi took her chance to toy with me. She started by dolling me up in a cute set of lingerie and a short skirt, barely covering my assets. "Perfect! Posed truly like a submissive slut you'll soon be", she giggled and smilingly took some photos to keep the memories saved. She then ordered me to take the clothes off, and revealed her girlcock as well, leaving me shiver by her intimidating size. My stunned state made it easy for her to take control, making me bend over for her and give her access to my backdoor. She reached for my cock, milking it while thrusting against my sensitive spot "I really do want to see you at your sluttiest", but couldn't hold back and cum herself into my clenching ass before milking my cum out. Still sensitive, she changed her strategy and swallowed my length down with her mouth, sucking the orgasm out of my balls. I was begging her to fuck me again, trying to drain her once more, but she did not fall again for this. I saw this wouldn't lead me anywhere so I flipped her on her back, pushing my cock inside her and made her cum all over herself just moments before I finished myself. Even though I outlasted her, it did not feel like she was the one getting out as a submissive slut from this.
Kiyomi_1_AnalKiyomi_1_Cum in Ass



The korean cutie came well-prepared and even resisted two hypno attempt right at the start! She was really eager to make me submit to her. "So, you can either call me mommy now or after I peg that cute ass 😏" But I showed her who had the upper hand by restraining her body and giving her cute ass a series of firm spanks. The teasing got more intense, pushing each other closer to the edge with our bodies and words. I was the first to surrender to the intense pleasure of her warm wet mouth and her skilled tongue dancing around my glans, shooting my juices to the back of her throat. But I was far from giving her my submission and went for her tight backdoor. "Ooohhh god!! Wrong hole!!" But i knew it was just the right spot I was hitting, when I felt her clenching around my pole and saw her body quivering. She tied me up and gave me a ride I won't be forgetting. Her petite body bouncing up and down on my hardon were a pure joy to watch and almost sent me over the edge. But just before my cum was bursting out of my balls, she exhausted herself too much and climbed off me. This was the opportunity I was hoping for. I grabbed her hands and made her bend over, pushing deep inside her, tickling every spot inside her drenched cunt with my tip and fucked another orgasm out of her. I attached a leash to her collar, making her crawl behind me while i was guiding her to her room and chained her limbs to the wall, leaving her body in a humiliated position for the whole night giving her enough time to overthink her decision of challenging me.
After spending countless hours tied and restrained in her new room, Matty was coming to get her revenge! And apparently, all the time in her shackles taught her something. She used my own ropes to tie me up. No matter how hard I was struggling and how much I was pulling, I just couldn't loosen her knots, while she was abusing my helpless state to tease and torment me for what I had done to her. "I love making you squirm….milking your helpless cock", she giggled. "That’s what you want me to do, right?" After I finally freed myself, it was time for some steamy fun inside the shower, where I introduced my white cock to her dripping asian pussy. But everything seemed to work according to her plan, considering how easily she milked the cum out of me with her hands right over her pussy. She escaped every of my bondage attempts with ease, so I just had to do what helped me the last time: pound her cute korean ass to make her cum. But then, she wrapped her tits around my shaft, squeezing and stroking, draining the last drops of cum over her magnificent boobs. My body was weak and my confidence crushed, when I saw her ass slowly coming closer to my face. "I wanna really make sure you understand who is in charge here. Lick my ass, now! I want you to remember the smell of me. Vividly." I worshipped her ass with sensual kisses and lustful moans, but that was not the end! "Lets switch things up. Mommy needs to cum, too." And my hazed mind did not resist any second, tracing my tongue and lips all over her pink lips and her puffy clit, I ate her out until she was cumming all over my face.

Untamed Brats
Bente (Level 2)

Confidently from my unbeaten run after my return, I picked this girl in matchmaking, remembering that playing her has always been spicy. Similar, she remembered of what she had done to me once before: transforming me into a cute fuckable girl. And she made clear that she was looking forward to do it again. Step one was to lock my cock inside a chastity cage right from the start, letting me get used to fucking without a dick. Step two was making me wish I had no balls anymore by mercilessly whipping and busting them until I was begging her to stop. Step three, and probably the most important one, was letting me experience how to cum like a girl. For that, she got her strap-on and pegged me until I couldn't hold back but cumming touch-less into my cage. "Don't worry, the cage will be gone soon... along with your cock and balls", she said while grinning devilishly and ended it by torturing my sore and purple balls until they were finally bursting. This should have been the last time that I experieced how it felt cumming like a man for a while, as she directly transformed me into Antonella, once again.
I couldn't believe that I lost and directly challenged her again to reverse the transformation. I was confident to redeem myself but she tricked me into the shower, making me tire out myself in working her up until I was too exhausted to resist her when she made me cum and having me admit my defeat. Afterwards, she gave me a collar as a a reminder that now she is only one step away of permanently owning me.


A girl who loves black cock, claiming they are superior to us white guys. That was where I wanted to prove her wrong! But clearly, I had to find out that I was not able to handle her smoking hot body, having me admit that only black cocks are able to make her cum. The moment she straddled me, squeezing herself tightly around my cock, I just couldn't hold myself back for longer. But she wasn't close to being satisfied by my performance. She kept riding my sensitive and exhausted dick, trying to get as much pleasure as possible from my inferior white cock.
Foxxy_1_Reverse Cowgirl


As this was going to be my first match in the TON, I was highly motivated, when this lovely Indian fighter agreed to meet me in the ring. Full of energy, I was able to resist most of her holds right from the start, even getting a good grab on her myself and drained her energy slowly out of her. Things were getting a little more naughty from there on, when she started teasing me with her feet and I rubbed my fingers right over that sweet spot through her panties. But this directly backfired at me... getting horny and viscous from my mean teasing and exposing her in front of our audience, she pinned me down, grinding her sex over my face and left me paralyzed by her sweet scent. At this time, my ambitious start was coming back at me. She easily took advantage of my exhaustion, bullying me in the ring and rubbing herself against my tongue. I saw my chance after feeling her hips getting tired and fixated her from behind in a Full Nelson, with my cock thrusting inside her from below and making her cum first. Was this the turning point? Yes, but not as I expected! She used her strong legs once more to pin me down, calling for her partner to join the ring and together they teased me mercilessly. They drained me of my whole energy, edging me closer and closer to orgasm until I was squirming below them. I couldn't handle all that teasing any longer, hammering my hand on the mat to surrender and finally shooting my cum all over Roya's beautiful boobs. She gave me a new name and set my kinks to submissive to make our next match up even more humiliating for me.

Lana (Level 2)

The day I met her, was the day I learned an important lesson: that mental submission is far more powerful than physical submission. She put myself into a deep trance right from the beginning. First, I only was physically restrained, but soon enough she was slowly crawling into my mind, pulling out every bit of resistance that was inside of it. My brain was melting when she started to guide me into edging myself for her, teasing me more and more with only her words until I was begging her for finally giving permission to cum and pledge her my obedience.
This shouldn't have been the end, as she directly tempted me to redeem myself. I thought my mind would have been more resistant now and I even got her close to cumming herself. But somehow... Something happened... I had the chance making her cum, but.... The voice in my head.... It just told me a single thing: "Obey!" And so I did, giving myself in again, letting her guide me deeper into a blissfull trance and found myself squirming and begging her for another orgasm.


After a series of formidable teasing words, I was eager to take on this petite but imposing redhead. Either of us wanted to see the other under their foot and so even our most advanced bondage attempts were not sufficient to stun the other. She then used another trick: making me taste her arousal by spreading her juices on her luscious lips before kissing me, making me crave her even more and going down to my knees to devour more of her sweet nectar. I added a series of harsh spanks to my teasing tongue work and noticed her eyes sparkling furiously in a mix of anger and pain. "Did I give you permission to do that, cheecky boy? I don't think so.......ouch......ggrrr than stop that immediately or I'll really start and then you wish you hadn't done that!" And she was holding up to her words, turning me around and forcefully but gently shoved her strap-on inside me. But this did not count for long as she soon found herself on the receiving end, with my cock buried inside her warm backdoor. Torturing my balls, trying to tie my hands.... all her attempts to make me stop pounding her ass failed as I was ramping up the intensity of my thrusts, guiding her closer to her orgasm. But soon, I felt my endurance fading and the intensity of my thrusts weakening, giving her the chance to overpower me and climb on my lap, riding me relentlessly until I filled her pussy with my warm spunk. She was taunting me on top of me, telling me to submit to her and confidently led me take over the control. "Show me if you know how to please a woman properly. After all, I want to know what I can expect from my toy and what I need to improve." And... somehow... I couldn't make her cum... I wasn't able to push her buttons as I desperately trusted my hips against her lap. So I had to roughen things up, clamping my hand around her throat and restricting her lungs of air, while not stopping to fuck her. And it worked! It seems that this tiny girl liked to be manhandled by a strong hand as she was cumming in my arms. I was barely able to handle the steamy redhead alone by herself. So when she invited her friend for the party, I slowly realised my demise. Teasing me with their tantalising words and edging me with their warm cunts, they easily overpowered me and giggled as they watched my cum shoot out my tip over their gorgeous bodies. "I will make a miracle toy out of you, after which no woman will be able to stand you again." I happily submitted myself to her, hoping she will be training me to be a better lover and pleasure women the way they deserve to. She then introduced me into my new home: The Demon's Toy Palace! Where she wouldn't stop to tease me, edge me and train me to be a better toy for her!

UnTamed Brats

Apparently, it didn't go unnoticed, that more and more girls than usual were walking around in a submissive state. This drew the attention of a thoughtful police officer and so she started her investigations, leading her on my track. She confronted me, when I was working out in the gym, stating that she wouldn't let me get away with this, no matter how long it might take. It seemed even when we wrestled each other, but as soon as her uniform was ripped from her body, I got the upper hand. I trapped her in a 69 hold, passionately licking and kissing her pussy. She tried to fight back by bobbing her head up and down on my cock, but couldn't endure my teasing and found herself cumming all over my face. But her duty prevented her from giving in to me at this point, no matter how eagerly I kissed her sensitive clit or how vigorously I fucked her pussy with my fingers. Even when my partner was helping me out, trapping her in front of me and letting me fuck her doggystyle, she was able to not tip over the edge. Instead, she pushed my partner away with ease, pinned me down and straddled my lap until I was moaning and panting under her, shooting my cum inside her warm pussy. All sensitive, I was squirming under her, unable to free myself as she kept riding me even past my orgasm, working me up quickly again and sucked me off to another orgasm only a few moments after my first one, making me whimper in agony and begging her to stop torturing my sensitive cock and balls. "Any left in here or ready to admit your defeat?", she grinned as she was slapping my balls and stroking me hard again. The sweet torture just made my desire to claim her as one of my submissive sluts grow even stronger. I furiously grabbed her neck, choking her while my hand fucked her pussy hard, making it impossible to resist cumming around my fingers. Her screaming and moaning drew the attention of a dutiful stranger. Brooke wasn't delighted, seeing an officer down, and so she tackled me away from her, mounting my face with her bare pussy, while Erika was wrapping her lips around my shaft once again. I tried everything to make Brooke cum and resist Erikas skillfull sucking, but every attempt to get them off me failed. "Give in to Brooke's pussy." "Yeah, give in, Anton, you know, you can't win," they whispered in a teasing tone and I had to realize that they were right. Feeling my cock throbbing and twitching in her mouth, Erika stopped her sucking and giggled: "You want the final cumshot? I already got a good taste." "Yeah, of course. I am a bit thirsty", Brooke replied and drained my cock with only a few skilled moves of her mouth. Together, they dragged me to the police department and put me in a cell next to the other criminals. Erika made clear, that even after I would be leaving my cell, she would have an open eye on me. "I will be hunting you down, I am always on the prowl", she threatened me and left the room, leaving me naked and intimidated in my cell, waiting for the day I would get out again.
After I got freed from my cell by a fraudulent deputy, I was taking a rest in my hideaway. But it did not take long for the Officer to find me again. But she underestimated that this time, she came to my ground, where I am in control! I introduced her to one of my several bondage devices, locking her inside and gave her a nice pounding from behind until she came around my cock. But somehow, the smut going on attracted other curious strangers. Erika took the chance and invited one of the to join the fun. She told her to ride me as she took her break to recover from her orgasm, while the other girl squeezed her pussy around me until I shot my load inside her. But all the threesome action got her more excited than me, as she was too aroused to resist when I bend her over again and pushed her over the edge with my length deep inside her. I quickly escaped as she was still trying to recover, but not without taking her uniform with me and having her going back to the police department with nothing more than her bare skin.
It seems that the cop slipped into a different outfit after I took her uniform, being wrapped in a cute maid uniform: "You're part the reason why I got turned into this! Now I get it back!" She got to her knees, staring into my eyes and teasingly clicked her lips while she pulled my boxers down. She directly wrapped her soft lips around my cock, pushing my length all the way into her up to my balls and made me moan intensely as I felt my tip pushing inside her throat. I tried to tie her to the bed, but she was already prepared for my move and swiftly tied me instead, working me up more and more with teasing licks and suckles on my tip. I got rid of the ropes and crawled over her, sliding my hard cock into her dripping pussy and made my hips work against her lap. I lifted her up, pushing her against the wall, leaving her no chance to escape while I was thrusting inside her and made her cum in my arms. I tried to calm down, letting her down again, but this was all that she needed. Even though she was still shaking in pleasure, she moved being me, hugging me closely and jerking my cock for release. She reached for a vibrator, teasing her and I grabbed the ropes to make use of her distraction. But her trap was sprung as she was still fully aware of the situation and tied my hands together. Helplessly, I only got to watch her as her teasing fingers and warm mouth brought me closer to orgasm. "This cock. Break me on it! Make me cum on your cock till I am just a stupid slut." Even though I was still restrained and she straddling my lap, I was in control, thrusting my hips against her lap. She admitted that she wanted to be my little slut, and I gladly came inside her. But my body froze as I saw a smile on her face and listened to her whispering words: "You like to cum nice and fast when you think you won, huh?" She giggled as she got of my lap "You boys just cum so fast when I begin bouncing on your cock like that" and walked out, leaving me frozen in shock and tied to the bed.


She started confidently by directly adding a collar around my neck, but soon found herself on her knees and slurping on my rod. I tried to mesmerize her in that position, making her worship me even more but all attempts failed against her strong willpower, while she was just pushing me closer and closer to the edge with her mouth and her tight ass. We took a step into the shower, not stopping teasing and caressing each other. The moment we left the shower, she was straddling my lap, grinding her wet folds against my raging erection and I felt the pleasure overwhelming me, making me spurt out ropes of cum all over myself while staring into her smiling face.
Lady Dusk was not pleased seeing a different collar than hers wrapped around my neck. So after giving me a humiliating spanking session as a punishment for not resisting Cithria, I knew I had to redeem myself. And I did everything to make her submit this time, tying my best knots around her wrists and ankles and left her tied for 10 (!) successive turns, teasing her mercilessly in her binds. That way, it did not take many thrusts into her wet pussy until she came in my arms. But her fighting spirit was far from being crushed! She pushed me down on my back, straddling my lap and riding me to an eye-rolling orgasm. But even though she was still fighting, her body was slowly betraying her will. I still remembered how sensitive her tight backdoor was and stretched it with my cock, slamming my hips against her butt and fucked her to a blissfull assgasm.
A game filled with lots of german dirty talk. Did this girl maybe take some classes to tease me mindless? We'll, it did work out as expected, when I bent her over and gave her a nice doggystyle pounding. Her teasing words and her hips slamming against me easily drained the cum out of my balls inside her leaking cunt. But then, it was her time feel intense pleasure as I pinned her on her belly with all my weight, my length pushing all the way inside her, tickling her inner walls and pushed her over the edge. But some more dirty german words coming out of her mouth drove me more and more crazy. And once she wrapped her soft lips around my shaft, I was too aroused to resist spurting inside her warm mouth. But she wasn't done with me, crawling on top of my shaking body and squeezed my mouth open, making my cum drip out of her mouth into mine and giving me a taste of my sweet defeat.


Hearing about a woman giving heavenly blowjobs, I made my way and finally found what I was looking for. There was something weird about her appearance: horns and a glowing tattoo over her womb... a succubus! She grinned devilishly, when I approached her. "You look absolutely delicious!" Apparently she wasn't only skilled with her mouth but also with her words, when she mesmerised me with her 7.5" futa cock and made me drool for her juicy pillows. But when I revealed my rod to her, showing her the shiny drop of precum on my tip, she couldn't fight her cum-hungry succubus urges and wrapped her lips around it. She couldn't get enough of it and even casted a spell, making my cock expand by another inch to fill her hungry mouth even more. I was not aware of her mouth affecting such kind of magic and had to be safe that this would not go the other direction. So I added a gag into her mouth, hoping it would limit her magical capabilities. Had I only considered her succubus claws, which easily snapped the strap of the gag. And she did not lose any time to cast another spell with her mouth, this time shrinking my cock only by sucking on it. Nothing seemed to stop her feasting on my meat, getting so aroused by herself that she shoved her futa cock inside me, shrinking me more and more as I felt her expanding size stretch my backdoor even further, helplessly moaning under her. With only half my length leftover, I took care of the fucking, bending her over and sliding myself into her. But instead of lustful moans, I only heard her mocking voice, telling me to pound deeper inside her even though I had already pushed myself balls-deep in. With her inhuman strength, she pushed me away, holding me against the wall and jerked the cum out of my cock to make it shrink even more. She guided me on my back again, grinding her ass over my clitty as it was too small to even penetrate her. Seeing no other way out, I summoned a portal with several tentacles appearing from it. Holding her tight, they were slowly pushing into her holes and wrapping around her futa cock, draining the cum out of her. Her orgasm seemed to affect her spell and I felt my cock growing again almost back to its original size. But this did not persist for long. Quickly, she wrapped her lips around it, robbing me of more of my inches, making me unable to fuck her once again. That moment, I knew the only way out was to sacrifice my ass, as I was climbing on her enormous pole and riding her. But she wasn’t even close, slowly sucking away more and more of my length as I felt hers constantly growing inside, pushing me over the edge with the combined sensation of her skillful tongue and the rubbing against my sweet spot. The moment she milked my balls, I felt a strange feeling in my genitals, as if my balls would disappear and my cock pushed inside my body, turning into a moist slit. But not only did her magic deprive me of my most precious body part, it also turned my whole body more femine and my mind submissive. Standing over me, she stroked her cock and spurted her load right over my newly-gained tits, with the cum splashing on my neck materialising into a collar and having me admit that I was only a subby slut for this goddess.
This time, it was the Succubus ambushing me, taking a look at Lady Dusks collar around my neck and telling me it was time to replace it with hers. I could not allow her taking me from Lady Dusk, so I chained her against the wall and ripped the clothes off from her body, shivering by the view of her 12", flashing back about the memories of how she deprived me of my precious cock during our last meetup. "Just wait until you FEEL it", she malicously grinned as she was struggling against the chains. Her squeals were music in my ears when I clamped her sensitive nipples and gave them a cruel but sweet tortoure for what she did to me the last time. And what had to happen, happened... even though I managed to resist her spell for a certain time, I felt her draining me not only of my power, but also of some inches of my cock once again. But my cock was still big enough to make her moan under me as I lined it up with her ass and gave her a nice and firm pounding. But instead of submitting she pulled me out, pinning me down and climbing on top of me to give me an intense ride. The tingling sensations of her wet demon pussy were so intense, that the overwhelming sensations left me stunned under her, incapable to resist her when she pushed her huge futa dick inside my ass. Her skilled thrusts were causing the precum to ooze from my tip, making me beg her to not stop using me for her pleasure as she used tentacles to keep me in place and fill my mouth. "Soon you'll be a good 3 hole fucking whore for me, wont you!?" But the tentacles seemed to have something else in mind, wrapping around her instead, spreading her legs and restraining her as I called my friends over, stuffing her ass, her pussy as well as her hungry mouth with our cocks, making her our "3 hole fucking whore". I still can not tell how she resisted this abusal, but she managed to tire us out and divided into three copies of herself. "Let me show you how to work three on one!" Their soft lips and warm mouths sucking, licking and kissing on my cock were just unbearable and it didn't take long for them to drain me of my cum, covering their faces with my warm sperm and shrinking my cock to a tiny clitty. Just in time as she was preparing her enormous pole to poke it inside my ass, my friend stepped in, pushing her down and fucking her from behind as I milked her with my hands, filling the room with her lewd moans and the sheets with her demon seed. But this had only raised her hunger even more! She threw me down, grabbed my cock and stroked the cum out of it as she filled my backdoor with every of her inches, making my fingers dig into the sheets in ecstacy. Even though my cock was shrunken to a tiny knob, she was craving fro more and drained me of my last inches with her warm mouth and her devious magic, making my it push inside my body and repleaced it with a pink pussy, while hers was growing to an awing size of 19(!) inches. The only way out for me was to use my newly-gained traits, straddling her lap and pushing her demon cock inside my wet slit, riding her vigorously and taking as much of her length as I could. "Please cum Goddess... it is... sooo big...", I begged her with a moaning voice and she finally gave me what I wanted, filling my flower with her succubus cum and reversing her spell on me, making my cock jumping back to its place as hers was limping out of me.


Tearing her pants right when I saw her, I did not want to lose any time and give this girl exactly what she wanted: a nice BWC. Seeing my meat bulging through my pants, she couldn't take her eyes off, drooling for it and asking me to put it inside her. And when I told her she would have to wait for it until she was really craving my BWC, she got her strap-on and threatened to fill my holes first. But when I revealed my erection, she instantly got mesmerised by it, unable to pull her gaze away. "Mhmm ooohh fuck it feels so big I need it..." She then stuck to her promise, tying me up and pushing her strap-on inside me. But this lasted only for short, as she willingly exposed her tight backdoor and let me slide my cock inside her tightness, moaning and shouting as I pounded her to orgasm: "Ooooohgh yesss I love your cock in my ass!" Taking a short break, she invited one of her friends who easily drained my raging cock with her warm slit. She was getting in front of me, spreading her folds and inviting me into her wet pussy, trying to make me cum again. I punished her attempt, pulling her head back by her hair, making her eyes staring into mine and told her to finally submit. I thought I had her, but then... "Cum daddy… breed me" she whispered with a teasing smile and I felt my body betraying me, bursting my seed inside her and giving her what she wanted. "Now it’s your turn to take my strapon again", she giggled and gave my ass a rough but pleasurable fucking. "Just submit to me, pathetic slut!" She rubbed my prostate so intense with her strap, that my sweet spot was milked just moments after my orgasm, making me waste my precious sperm on the floor and giving her my submission.
I was shivering, when I heard to the bell ringing and saw her name popping up. "Heya, toy. On your knees!" Still very aware of how our last encounter ended, I obeyed and pulled her clothes down, revealing her magnificent booty right in front of me. She was teasing me with her divine long legs and her perfectly shaped boobs, so that I wasn't able to decide where to put my eyes. I tied her down and let my friend enjoy the warmth of her mouth, while mine was taking care of her twitching clit. But instead of struggling against my friend, she seemed to enjoy it, moaning and giggling as she was mocking me: "Mhmm he’s so much bigger!" I loosened her knots and invited her to the shower, where she started by making my cock grow bigger and bigger with the teasing touches of her soapy hands and her damp slit. I felt my cock growing as big as never before, sliding it inside her and pressing her against the glass of the shower, while pounding her pussy from behind, encouraged by her lustful moans. But suddenly, her voice changed to a more demanding tone and she shoved her strap-on in my ass. "You’re still my analslut, baby." My whole body was paralyzed and my mind hazed by the flashbacks of our last meeting until she was getting tired of pleasuring my prostate and dragging me out of the shower to tie me to the bed. I was so eager for her that I begged her to make me eat her pussy while pulling against the ropes. But the only thing I got was her strappy again and she mercilessly pounded my sweet spot until I was blowing my load. She was finally untying me but my mind was still Mesmerized from the tingling sensations she sent through my prostate, making me obey her every command: "Now be a good boy and pleasure me!" I was hoping to finally feel her pussy again, but she had other plans, ordering me to get in front of her and push myself against her strappy. A hard spank to my ass was bringing me back to reality and I took this chance to tie her up again. I teased her with her own strap-on, making me crave my cock more until I finally gave it to her and fucked herpussy to a leg-shaking orgasm. I was not stopping working my hips against her lap, her moans pushing me even deeper inside her and made me pump faster and harder. I lifted us up, holding her leg to perfectly angle my cock and push her over edge with a series of fast and intense thrusts. My friends were eagerly watching us with their raging bones, so I invited them over to fill all her holes and made her serve us like a good slut.

Loyal Pet to Mistress

My Lady, my Queen. Lovely Lady Dusk bumped into me on the streets, feeling bewildered from unfortunate times she was going through. I couldn't leave her upset like that and offered her my assistance, hoping to see a smile on her face again. She invited me over to her apartment and teasingly whispered into my ear: "I want to... feel powerful again." I responded by telling her that I would give her anything she would ask me for and helped her slipping off her dress. Graciously, she was standing in front of me in a tantalising set of black silk lingerie, topped of with a pair of marvellous heels, rising my excitement and arousal as the beautiful tease she is. She teased me expertly, brushing her fingers softly over my skin, telling me to be patient, because she did plan to take her time and make this last.
She pulled my pants off to reveal my rock-hard erection, indulging in the power she had over me. "I'll bet you're just wanting me to touch you, right? Go on. Give it a stroke for me." Her sexy aura and her relentless teasing were mesmerising, causing me to leak precum before she had even touched me once. She wasn't hiding her excitement, taking her advantage of it and teased me more by rubbing her soaked panties right in front of me while I just got to watch and stroke in agonising desire. Even when she went down on her knees before me, devilishly grinning from below, it wasn't in question who was in charge. My cock instantly vanished inside her mouth, leaving me moaning in pleasure, feeling myself getting closer to the edge with every tickling movement of her tongue, but never tipping over, just leaving me on the brink of ecstacy with her skillfull and tender sucking. Just as I felt my orgasm building up inside me, she released my cock, leaving it throbbing and dripping in front of her smiling face in tortorous agony.
She then guided me onto the bed, cuffing my hands behind my back and my ankles to the headboard. Pulling out her dildo, she gently slided it inside my arse, bringing me right back to the edge. Seeing me shivering under her, desperately craving for the touch that would have pushed me over the edge, she put on the famous Dusk Destroyer. "You've been such a good boy. Time for a treat", she hummed and flipped me over to my knees, carefully pushing my 'treat' into my backdoor. Exactly knowing what she was doing, she was rubbing my sweet spot, making me tiptoeing on the edge, moaning in desperation and pleasure, begging her with my eyes for the final push. The combination of her skillfull thrusting and the soft touches of her hand on my dick made me squeal. I not wanted to cum anymore, I NEEDED to cum at this point. Flipping me over on my back, she stopped any stimulation on my cock, speeding up her pounding and my eyes were rolling to the back of my head, screaming out loud and moaning intensely as my cock was spurting all over myself hands-free, just from milking my prostate.
I was pleading her allowing me to return the favor. She agreed with a jubilant smile, slowly removed her panties to reveal her divine flower, before lowering herself on my mouth. I couldn't tell who got more aroused from her grinding over my face and my lips worshipping every spot of her pussy. "Lick me, Anton. Make me feel like a queen again!" "You are my queen, Lady Dusk. You have been from the very first moment we met", I replied. Not stopping to straddle my face, she asked me if I wanted to be hers, making me one of her pets and I gratefully agreed, feeling her orgasm gushing over my face at the same moment. I am happy to obediently serve her anytime from now on, whenever she needs me.
She invited me again over to her place and already had me wrapped around her finger before she even started to undress herself and pose in her sexy lingerie. Since she took care of me so well during our first meet up, it was time to focus on my queen's pleasure for today as a sign of my gratitude. I told her I wanted nothing more but serve her, worshipping her soft skin with my lips and teasing her wet flower through the fabric of her panties. She playfully took them of, letting me breathe in her mesmerising scent by covering my nose with the wet spot of her panties. As I was struggling not to pass out from her hypnotising scent, she quickly changed positions, her wet slit only inching away from my raging erection. "Aaaaand I bet you wish... that I would pop you inside me too", she purred and started grinding her wet folds against my shaft, but only to release herself and mount my face instead. "When you are my toy, you will be able to worship this pussy as often as you like, for however long you like. Does that sound agreeable?", she whispered as she was caressing my length with her hand. I willingly agreed without hesitating, moaning under her from her teasing touches against my tip and her her heavenly taste on my tongue. She loved my neediness, guiding her wet slit all over my face, fucking herself with my tongue.
"I can't wait any longer!" and before I realized what she couldn't wait for, my eyes widened in pleasure, as I felt her lowering herself on my throbbing cock, gliding it inside the wet warmth of her pussy. She was riding me expertly, keeping me on the edge constantly while bringing herself slowly closer and closer to orgasm until she was cumming all over my rock-hard meat. After her orgasm has faded, she immediately, pulled me out, wagging a finger at me and leaving my cock twitching and throbbing under her, begging for a release "Nuh uh uhhhh." But she was rewarding me for making her cum, telling her that she would let me chose on how she was finishing me off, but only for this time! I had to chose wisely, even though I couldn't comprehend my fortune. "Would you please keep riding me to orgasm, Lady Dusk?", I asked and she smilingly agreed, with the premise that I had to cry out my loyalty and admiration. She was starting to ride me again and I was feeling my orgasm building up quickly, shouting out that she was my mistress and pledged my loyalty to her. "Then seal your fate. Cum. And be mine forever!" was just the final push I needed to tip over the edge into a mindshattering orgasm, giving her not only my cum, but also my loyalty and admiration.
For my next visit, Lady Dusk had told me that she got a special surprise for me: "It's... black. It's... rubbery.... And it's not the Destroyer." She seemed to exactly know how to catch my attention. Full of anticipation, I went over to her apartment and knocked at the door. She opened the door and my jaw instantly dropped, seeing her magnificent curves enveloped by a tight black latex suit. She giggled when she noticed the excitement in my eyes and told me I was allowed to kiss her everywhere, even cum everywhere on the suit under one condition: the suit would be staying on for all the time! She turned all around, allowing me to caress and worship her tightly wrapped legs and ass through the latex. She was everything I desired at that moment, I just wanted nothing more than worship her divine body and stroke myself to her. "Is that what you want? I can help", she responded and reached for my rod, rubbing it against her body and milking my precum all over the rubber, while I pledged my admiration. "Is this enough to make you cum?", she giggled as she tortured me with the most agonising touch of only two of her fingers. But instead of bringing me closer to my orgasm, she decided that I would have to work for it. "My leg is right there... just begging to be humped." So I started rubbing my leaking cock all over her leg, staining her thighs in ropes of precum. "I can't wait to see your cum dripping down my suit. I can't think of anything sexier", she whispered as my cock started twitching heavily and oozing out my cum all over her shiny suit.
Not even going through bad times would hinder my queen from taking care of her pet. "Sorry to say Anton... I'm in chastity... So no naughty business today. You'll be the one cumming!" She was wonderful and I pledged my devotion for her as she was envelopping her soft boobs around my leaking erection, telling her how much I was craving the insides of her locked slit. She made up for it by wrapping her lips around my shaft, making me edge and ooze precum onto her dancing tongue. She kept me on the brink of orgasm, pulling my cock out just the moment it was about to release, throbbing in the air, desperate for the finale touch, and tickled my sensitive rod with her feet, making me paint her wonderful soles with my sperm.

... and a new toy for Brooke

Confidently, I challenged this young rookie, looking to climb up TWAT ranking. The ref rang the bell and she instantly straddled my lap, rubbing her soft feet around my crotch to get me rock hard directly from the start. After a firm spanking to her ass for all that teasing, she unwrapped my rod from my pants, working me up even more with a skilled blowjob. But neither did she expect how much that would backfire when my partner stepped into the ring, holding her wrists and ankles in a pendulum grab to push her even further down my length. But it seemed that this slimy girl had some hidden talents: she cloned herself and pinned me down with her mimic, mocking me and laughing at my misery. After paying the humiliation back by almost ripping her pants with some hard wedgies, she was teasing me again with her feet before slapping them all over my face. She slowly drained me off my energy, so that I was an easy target when her clone pulled my arms back and stepped onto my back to push my face right against her dripping cunt. The enticing taste of her juices was tantalizing, but the pain in my shoulders overwhelming, so I tapped out by hammering my foot onto the mat. The ref rang the bell for the next round and I instantly went for her bare ass, rubbing my rection against her to lube myself all up before pushing inside her dripping slit. But she was easily slipping out of my grip and show me another trick. The skin over her crotch manifested in what looked like a strap-on and certainly it also felt like one when she vigorously hammered it inside my unprepped arse. She pulled out but didn't stop toying with my backdoor by fingerling mercylessly, grabbing my cock and milking my precum out while her clone was smothering me with her beautiful pillows. She kept pinning me down with her clone, straddling my face and twisting her tongue around my sensitive tip, sucking out my spunk with ease and savoring every drop. I returned the favor by grabbing her hips firmly, pushing her drenched cunt right on my mouth and tongue-fucked her to orgasm. Having the score evened, I regained my confidence and bent her over the ropes, pushing my cock into her pussy from behind and making her shout how good it felt to have her wet hole stuffed with my meat. But I was already getting weaker with each moment and did not stand a chance when she straddled my face again, making me shout out that she was the best before climbing off me and scissoring me until I desperately tapped out. "And now you will be my toy!", she smirked and milked my defeat right out of my balls into her smiling mouth. She then spread her legs, inviting my tongue on her twitching pussy. I was licking my lips, my only desire at this moment was to pleasure her, when I planted my mouth on her clit, sucking and moaning in arousal as I finger-fucked her into a blissfull and glorious orgasm.

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