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~Sam’s BF~

Hetero / Switch

Profile Rework In Progress...Slowly

About Me:
Hi I’m Max, just your average looking guy who’s looking to have some fun and meet new people. I can be pretty shy at times so I may not always start a conversation but Im always up for just chatting about random things outside of matches so feel free to say hi if you see me online and feel like chatting :)

Kinks: (Will definitely be updated)
Name calling
Gentle doms (nothing against harder doms tho ;))
Making sure that my opponent/partner has a great time (this is a big one)

Toilet Stuff
Heavy Pain (mild pain is okay)
Sending IRL pics of myself or Giving any personal info

Notable Matches
After an amazing match Green Velcro gifted me with this Emerald Celtic Wolf necklace which is now permanently resting on my neck as a reminder of our match together
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Notable Losses
Rey: I challenged Rey once again and was overconfident against her before she beat me and reminded me I was hers and that she can milk me whenever she feels like I’m getting too confident

Chain Of Memories (WIP)

This section is where I’ll write about all my favourite moments since joining the site (Bonus Points for understanding the reference)

A section all about memories couldn’t be complete without mentioning Vanessa (She actually was the one who came up with this concept in the first place🤭). Vanessa was my first real friend since joining and the first person who made an impact on me. Over time we’ve played several matches together but one of them stands out as the most memorable to me. This match was heavily focused on RP as opposed to being a strictly competitive match. It took place in Vanessa’s seaside escape: a beautiful beach house. After a loving and tender night filled with lots of loving RP and feelings that stuck with me, the match ended with a dual orgasm between the two of us. As we cuddled and rested together, Vanessa told me something that sticks out as my fondest memory since joining the site: that I’d become one of her special lovers. Just hearing these words made me feel special and I still read the entry on her profile about me when I need a smile. In the months that followed, we continued to grow closer and I’m happy and proud to be called her sub, knowing she’ll always treat me well and more importantly her friend💚

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