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I'm here, I'm bratty. Deal with it, or deal with me!

Administrator of The Wrestling Ring along with Houser
Friendly guy, at least until you get in the ring with me for a fight, then you find the competitive side. Nobody's perfect, but you need to EARN a win.
For the record, I'm in my 6' and pride myself on my fit form. No selfies or dick pics. If you want to send, fine, but I won't be reciprocating, so be forewarned.

I'm always interested in solid competition, at least at the start, so interactive and femdom just don't appeal to me. Classic or wrestling all the way (Maybe hentai, but it would need to be a good story).

Any RP concepts go to the head of the line, I've got no problem writing paragraphs when I'm inspired by the concepts and the interactions, and a good story can trump optimal move choices every time.

Folks often like titles and definitions, so I'm a Brat of a guy. Not hugely into the BDSM scene, but definitely have kinks that I enjoy on both sides of the road.

Dislikes: Hard pass on Chastity or bathroom stuff, no judgements, just not for me
Feel free to check out my F-list
Or peek at my deviantArt

While I'm a straight guy, I'm more than happy to play with some more gender fluid folks if we connect, send me a note or something, I don't bite.

I'm here to win, and if that means I end up with a few hot beauties crawling around after me begging for more, well, such is life, if you desire to have your experiences set down for all to read, let me know.

I can be your best friend outside of the ring, but your worst enemy in it. If you want to tame me you'd better bring your A-game.

Looking for RP and competitive fights, as well as just seeing what this site has to offer in general after years of RP fighting on other various chat/RP sites.

Ladies with strong legs to the front of the line, and I absolutely don't like hypnosis, no siree, nope, I really don't want your hypnotic mind games to get into my head and screw up my perfectly happy thoughts, that would be so wrong.. Smiling sweet and innocently

Defeated Lilith for the GOTH title unexpectedly in a hard fought match that barely had me escaping her demonic suckling abilities to pin her down and fuck her into defeat.
Laura tried to take it, but couldn't handle me, so I kept it another day.
then I met that nimble dancer SydneyH18 and there ended my short but sweet title term.

RP Tales:
As a blacksmith in a small village, I'm the arm, the strength of the people. A wicked influence came to my village in the guise of a magical woman offering to help deal with the magical predators in town. Myranna made all sorts of claims, and I believed none of them, and in a fit of anger at her refusal to leave my village I attacked her. It was perhaps, in hindsight, not my wisest maneuver. Her power was remarkable, and her command of magics beyond my ken, but it was her control of other things, more human things that was, in the end, my downfall. I failed my village, but I will summon my strength again, and, in time, finally drive this fiend from our lands.

The Dating Game Chaste went on the Dating Game and, as contestant #2 I managed to eek out a 'victory' and win a date with the undeniably date worthy Chaste and well for what happened on the date.. Subscribe, Hit that like button and check my patreon and Onlyfans

I met a goddess who had journeyed to earth to test herself and claim men as her own. Sweet Aphrodite I call her, she captivated me, enthralled my mind and body with such pleasure I couldn't get enough, I only wanted more and more. Oddly she didn't seem to have the stamina for all the 'more' I wanted and collapsed before I could offer her the gift I was so eager to provide her with. I worship, I serve.. but she came like a common whore :)

I found this brat kid and stole his phone.. I mean, it was nicer than mine so... Well I called up a number on it and it turned out it was the kid's Mom Serena Well she was pissed, but she talked a LOT of shit, so I had to pay her a visit and, well.. for all the talk she had, she couldn't handle a cock and flooded the place once I shoved it in her ass. I sent her off to works in the gloryholes so she could earn me enough for a new top end phone. Maybe I'll go easy on her if she earns enough.

Fantastic Fights:
Jessica found me in the matchmaker and while I was confident, she proved I still have much to learn as her nails clawed my back to mark me as victim. At least I lasted well beyond when she thought she'd won...but the end was inevitable. A week had passed and she sought me out again, I've learned, but not enough. She proved I still have more to learn, and just when I thought my back was healing, she ensured I didn't forget who's I was.

Selena found me in match making and snuck in a win, but then she got greedy, and while she tried to confound my mind, the lust she hypnotically instilled left her unable to keep up and she succumbed in her second attempt.

I ran into a lovely maid named Yvette She took my clothes to be cleaned when we were done.. I'm not sure she REALLY intended to bring them back. I might need to track her down again and get them back.

Another Maid, this time head Maid Belfast She played some tricks on me and despite nearly getting overwhelmed, when it came down to it, she milked me for two back to back orgasms and made me her toy for the night.

I met a lovely girl named Sam they were troublesome, and very naughty so after finishing them off, I left them with a little trigger, a gift for them, and others, a little word to help them know their place when they hear it. They do love to... lick.

Royalty came visiting me in the form of Princess Anastasia She was cocky and full of herself, as I would expect of royalty. Yet for all my taunting, teasing and toying she wouldn't give in, her resistance was staggering. Putting forth all the effort I could as I realised what was happening, I still only barely managed to make her cum once while she milked me, drained me. My only act of resistance was that when I came each time, it was deep within her. In the end, she clasped a sweet slender white collar upon my throat. If I learn and try harder, I will be able to get a different collar. I want to do better for her.

I ran into Red Bimbo today.. I.. I don't know what to say. Nothing I, or my friends could do would make her cum... It was remarkable, at least as much as I recall of it until her breasts smothered me out as I came within her in defeat.

I was sought out in Matchmaking by BDSM Stacy and the arrogant woman nearly fell before me, but, she does her research, she'd learned more about me than I expected, and she was not shy about using such knowledge. Still she didn't win flawlessly, I think she can beaten.. in time.

With the post fire server reboot, I've been having a good run, while I hit a speed bump along the way with nezzz, I was especially happy to teach a spicy little Latino her place in Soraya She worked hard, so it was delicious to hear her call me Papi when it was done.

A sweet MILF named Annalisa found me in matchmaking, but, aside from her massive ego and matching chest, it turned out that her husband had been letting her down, filling her head with ideas about sex that were laughable. Two quick orgasms had her understanding how far from in control she was, and after a quick call to her husband as I used her, she understood that he was of little use, and eagerly drained her brain while gagging on my cock. Her first step to sexual freedom and bimbohood. I offered her a rematch in a weeks time where she could, if she practiced, earn some of her brain back if she did well.

I had an interesting woman approach me named Hore, She was very eager to show me how strong she was, and I admit she'd done her research about me, but she relied on knowledge, without the skill to back it up. She took control of me and demanded I pleasure her, but when I did she collapsed, cumming twice, back to back, without sating my needs even once. I never fail to be amused by those who think knowledge alone is enough to be victorious.

I was challenged by a cocky woman named Sarah who found me in matchmaking, a newer character full of bluster. Or so I thought. while I managed to show her some pleasure, she milked me surely and left me kneeling before her, defeated, but not yet broken. She was skilled and delicious, but I hope it's not the end, while I was humiliated this time, I still plan to rise up and show her I am capable, luckily the chance arouse only hours later. Her attraction and skill is undeniable, but she appears to love a nice cock in her too much, not to mention appearing a bit weak to anal affections. I do adore her, but that doesn't mean I'll bend over without having it earned.

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With your arm around their throat, will they be able to break free AND stop your teasing? Caught and teased Dancing has paid off and you twerk on that cock like you own it. Twerk Job You swing your glistening shaft before their eyes and enthrall their senses, captivating them with your meaty prowess. The Hypnotic Power of Cock You have them right where you want them, what are they going to do, Look away? Who could resist this? Why would they try? Who's in Charge now? Fire up the special hardware, this cutie's getting brought to task. Tool time! Your hips move with a captivating rhythm, displaying your potent sexuality, entrancing your opponent, watch them fall under your power. The Addiction Builds Mmm So close.. but not yet.. they need to beg more You want it? Not yet With your lips wrapped around their cock, your drive that toy deep into them. Sucking cock while you plug the ass Your finger technique proves too powerful for her to overcome and she erupts in a spray of delight. Squirting orgasm from fingering Even though their pants you can't stop groping and making their cock dance for you. Handjob through pants You ruthlessly wrench back her head by her hair as her arms lay trapped over your silky thighs. Camel Clutch by the hair Let's get this party started Round one, START! Too exhausted to continue Off and running, panties down, lips locked, this is going to be a knock down drag out fight! And GO! With her legs controlled you bend over and slam those knuckles against her mound, listen to her cry out! Crotch jab You lock up and start rubbing hard, but so do they! Mutual Masturbation