Shy-girl (Stufe 14) mail warning

Looking for a short intense game ideally with IRL involvement and edges.

Bi / Switch


Just a regular girl with totally normal desires and wishes who loves games with IRL involvement and edges.
Talkative in Game, open for (stupid) bets and throw-ins.

Shy in the streets and hot in the sheets.
I like the games not going too fast and taking time for coments and thoughts in between actions. A good portion of RP never hurts... Still games going for multiple hours tend to wear me out. 1-2 is ideal.

Rather a switch than a clear dom or sub. Maybe more sub mostly than dom.
I like a good bit of domination and control but I am not into too much humiliation and hard pain.

I tried explaining my taste in a conversation with the wonderful Vidia and she told me it would be a nice way to explain my kinks so as a kitchen metaphor:
I tried vanilla in different variations and even though it’s a common taste I still like it.
I tried spicy in various ways from more stinging tastes (slaps and pinches) to more lasting flavors (bondage) and found I like it better if a taste is not too stingy but stays.
I tried homemade food and also outdoor kitchens and prefer them to be secluded…
I had exotic flavors and don’t need those often but at times they can add.
I tried cooking and getting cooked and can’t decide which is better.

I play in the European Timezone

I do not play „Femdom with Caprice“ on request so please don‘t message asking for such sessions.
Seeking nice not too long Games (±90 minutes), ideally with some nice edges for me

Happy to play with dice rules for bondage on demand, not so much a fan of the Hypno stuff so usually only accept a reverse dice on those (affected only by a role of 1-2).

Active Rules from memorable losses:

I stumbled into a Room with a Dark Pavel and found relaxation in letting his dark side take over full control.
Later I met Pavel again and still unable to resist him agreed to a special rule for my games until I win it back from him:

If you play against me I have to edge for every of my cum tests. If I lose the full game it is your decision in the end to let me cum or ruin it - If I am unable to ruin you get to add a rule of your own to my games. You can also decide I played so badly I should be denied for the rest of the day instead of ruining.
I won my freedom back from this rule by beating Pavel again - but as it‘s potentially a foundation of the other rules will keep it here voluntarily for the time being

After a long period of our plans never matching I met a second time with Bryce. I thought this would go easy and I just go in and completely dominate the game as in our first encounter … Girl was I wrong … He managed to find my buttons easily and within a few actions had me completely tied to my chair and edging my brains out more than 50 times - without even touching his cock a single time and fully focussing on playing with me!

As a result - whenever a bondage move is used against me - I have to edge and will do so with pleasure!

Met the sexy nice Rosentine in a game at night wanting to end her up in bondage and as seems to happen to me often, fate turned against me:
Whenever am defeated in a cumtest/game over screen in bondage I have to recreate the bondage as best i can and stay in it for a certain time (if possible e.g. length of the game). This remains until it happened 5 times (2/5, thanks Cyrus, thanks naDine)

Other Mentions:

Hypno Slut
- Frikka‘s trained hypno slut
I lost myself in the immeasurable bliss Frikka gave me. After over one hour and countless edges i blanked out and accepted my role as her sex slave. Now i have to complete the following training and I am not allowed to cum until i have finished the task.
If i orgasm at any point prematurely, I have to start over again.
I have to do 10 base edges that multiply by a dice I have to roll before before each clip.
Clip1/ 1D3
Clip2/ 1D4
Clip2/ 1D6
Status: Clip 4 complete with total of >120 edges

** Shy‘s style catalogue**

When in the mood to dance
shy Dance

If in the mood to tell you the directions…
Shy Dominatrix

If in the mood to cuddle…
Shy Cuddly

At home…
Shy home

When being subby and kinky…
shy tied
or maybe even…
shy bound

(Obviously none of these ladies is me but some of their common body features resemble me nicely and their taste surely does)

Outdated Rules - Inactive

naDine) also gave me a nice new rule:
Whenever my ass is slapped I will roll a dice 100 against my Desire Stat, if I roll lower than the stat that‘s 4 irl slaps on each cheek of my ass. UPDATE - After she lost completely in the ring against me - this rule becomes obsolete.

Thanks to Max, for the next 5 games whenever my nipples are sucked I am going to lean back and enjoy the sensation to the fullest (means skip my next move - unless there is an enjoy the moment action) (5/5)

This became obsolete with lasting effects: When I am collared in game, I am submissive and will not tie up or hypnotize my opponent. In addition (when possible) I will wear my collar IRL. The rule expires after three wins being collared (0/3).

Played with Julie during her (Rule)mber month and even though I had her down two 2 lifepoints in the ring with me having still 100 - lost. That makes me wear her rule 6 for the rest of November:
If i cum in game - I have to say thank you and skip my next turn

Reminder to myself - never play denied horny boys…
Milov being one of those and despite his urging full balls was making best use of my collar and won clear and straight. So now, I will edge whenever I read the word „cum“ - here on on other websites. Until I win 5 games (5/5)

Having lost in the ring against Cyrus Every time someone gives me head I owe them two edges for that action. 5 if it is a cum test. For the next 5 games (5/5).

Thanks to TylerJ for the next 5 games I will do an extra edge per every third oral action played on me (licking pussy or ass) (5/5)

Frikka's sweet challenge for shy:
I have to complete the following on 3 consecutive days: I need to serve 10 edges and 1 full orgasm within a game versus a human opponent each day. If on any point in time i fail, the challenge starts from 0 again and each time it is restarted, 3 edges are added. Completed day 3, 1st attempt

Finally Frikka‘s and my paths crossed and I was able to „steal“ on of her rules from her:
Frikka's insidious dice rule
At the beginning of every match I have to roll a dice.
1+2: I have to strip as fast as possible.
3+4: I need to thank my opponent for every cum test she/he gives me in the most submissive way.
5+6: I have to edge 1d6 times at every own cum test. (If not possible, see 3+4)
This rule is valid for 5 games. 5/5

Ryan again thought the edging was nice but not enough so until the next 5 won games (5/5) whenever I am not able to break free from Hypno or bondage I have to edge.

Gave Joshua the chance to have his revenge on me and what shall I say, he took it. So until I am able to win 5 games (5/5) whenever I get fucked I will roll a dice and only after a 5/6 take a turn, otherwise I am so overwhelmed that all I can do is thank my opponent for fucking me.

After many games Alex get‘s the chance to make his rule and what a rule… Whenever I am actively in Hypno I am unable to withstand tests and will cum regardless of chances. This remains active till 5 wins (5/5)

Met Timothy a second time and even if I won the first and got all the controls over his nice toys - it didn‘t help me from cumming hard, during the game - and again during the short rematch! So…
If I am collared in game, I have to roll a dice before I want to take any dominant action. If I roll a 1 or 2, I skip my turn instead. That's not just for bondage or hypnosis, but anything that could be described as dominant.

The honorable Jack Straw has played me nicely and made me cum in the end so I can‘t be mad against him even if he made my bondage rules much more difficult. So in the next games with bondage dice rules the following dice rules will apply for me:
Tied in rope 5/6 on d6, in leather 7/8 on d8 and in steel 9/10 on d10…
unless it‘s cheap pushed cuffs with security release…
This rule is active until I win 5 games (5/5)

I challenged Kevin and found I am not trained enough for him. So for the next five games, I am only allowed to make my opponent cum with my thighs. If I lose, I will edge to thigh jobs for that night. Valid for 3 games (3/3)

Thanks to Ryan who was finally able to steal my 100th defeat from me and has nicely identified I do love to struggle in ties - I will only break from bondage after a dice roll of 6. (10/10)

Played a game against Zip who only afterwards told me he had put some local anaesthetic on his cock so he could survive a very high chance… Anyhow, for the next 5 games I will start spellbound/tied and only a dice roll of 6 or a penetration of any kind will remove it and have me getting active. (5/5)

Thanks to Christina I will start the next 5 games (5/5) already collared. IRL and in game so the above rule is active by default.

Ryan thought the edging was nice but not enough so for the next 5 games (5/5) I have to actually cum on every cum success in game. This obviously goes against the rule for the winner to decide if I can or can‘t so as a compensation the winner can decide on some details how…

Finally mine and Wefa’s path‘s crossed and during a nice game where he made good use of my new rule from Tyler J he was able to add a new rule to my stack. Until I win 8 matches again (8/8) I will have to do 30 strokes in 30 seconds with my dildo in my pussy for every nipple that appears in a picture. If I edge I have to hold it till the 30 seconds end…
(Same as above - I‘ll say upfront if unable to comply)

Croaker made good use of my special rule and I was unable to resist him. So from now on I have to hold the edge of every test against me for 20 seconds. Obviously without cuming during the game or it is lost and you get to add another rule.
Croaker and I met again and I was honored to be his 100th defeated opponent. It was a memorable session which left me as a shivering mess deeply satisfied and I feel proud to have earned another rule by it:
Whenever a stat bar hits 100% (or 20 for the cum) I will do an edge on my every turn until the bar goes down again.

I played a nice game with Dan who is not that experienced and thought I am safe - how wrong one can be. I couldn‘t hold the last edge and he got to add another rule.
So now whenever the test is an anal - I have to hold that for 30 seconds.

I have to say Tyler J is truly a special case. We keep meeting and every time I get the feeling that I am better able to fight him back and keep the upper hand and in the end the result keeps being always the same - constant as day following night - I am pushed into a deep orgasm by his heavenly cock and keep losing the game. Even though I was stupid enough to do a bet…
So for the next 8 games (8/8) whenever there is a bondage action against me I have to do an IRL self tie at the opponents request. (This rule only applies when I am able to fulfill it - I will warn partners if not)

What do you do when a rule is about to expire? You make a new bet…
Chris won the bet in question and for the next 5 games (5/5) I‘ll have to start the game already wearing my collar.

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