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Tell me the best way to pick up a Duck~

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To state the obvious, images are borrowed for the frame and styles that are potentially close enough to represent the player.

Guide List, Click Below:
- How to Impress A Woman
- When Love Arrives
- Beginning, Middle & End

Introduction (THE player):
Hum~ Hoooookay! Hello!
What do I say here, I suppose it is good to start with what I am looking for.
- Coppino Hand to duct-tape
- Friendly chaos
- Possible sexual pleasure
I can be rather reserved as a person with a hint of playfulness once the time is right. Teasing and pleasing are what I enjoy, and I happen to have a person in mind to shower this attention to. Close enough to be worshipping the ground she walks on, and I am sure some of you may end up witnessing such thing soon enough!

Not against the male population here, I just am exclusively into women.. unless of course, she wants you to join us. So, play nice or else! ;)

~Two main people who has my heart from around here~
inhales, exhales ~Alright, I have thought of many things I could and would say. She was the muse that sparked the awakening of my heart which was lost in the numbness of daily routine, lost in the quiet cloudless blue sky. Scrambled words poured out of me, some made sense, some did not.
Is she the nerd to my derp, who knows. I do not.
Either way, this video may speak it better for me, at least for the moment being Line by Line/JP

Frikka -- if you say freak'her fast, almost!
THE person whose bluntness I often appreciate, whose leg-drop I would endure for reasons I trust. No other way for me to make a clear cut on where it began, or to explain how things are ..but, first comes : Badgers --which, was basically how things started, and never ends.. and somewhere along the way--hopefully this can somehow sum it up a bit : Joga -and yes, per usual, she had to take a hammer into my head to tell me things. chuckles

IF we are playing competitive, as a winner, why not ask you /the loser/ to do a tiny task for me. I could use some people to do 'charades' for me, mainly.

Charade requirements : *Something witty, or something funny -- something naughty, or something silly.. *

"Losing to (winner name), I have been sent to brighten your stay here - however short or however long : (insert the message here)"

Another option would include a rule that would last 5 match, or completion of 5 matched based on the criteria that the winner chooses. (Will vary in combinations)

BUT! I am open for your suggestions as well, and let me know what you want to give out in bets.

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