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Bi / Switch

I'm new to EroFights. I was just checking out the site and found the both the community and some of the roleplays on here to be quite enticing so I'm hoping to have some great interactions on here.

I'm a kinky individual whose a switch that leans towards a sub role but is also open to serving as a dom too. I'm open to doing wagers with others on here. My main favorite kinks are feet, BDSM, hypnosis, chastity belts, humiliation, and mocking.

I had my first EF encounter after begging the wonderful Solara Mal to take my EF virginity, which resulted in me gaining a surprising victory and a new hypno slut!


A young witch named Klaudia enlisted me to accompany her to an ancient dungeon to assist her in locating a long-lost tome. However, the spellcaster ended up accidentally activating a boulder trap that ultimately resulted in us being trapped in a mysterious room.......locking us up for good as a strange fog settled into the room and causes us to experience changes in our thoughts. One thing led to another as the mischievous Klaudi managed to strip me of my clothing and bound me up nice and good where the real fun began......

Her thought, chain me up and claim herself a new treasure to replace the difficult-to-find tome.......

Klaudia took advantage of my current state of helplessness and lack of clothing to perform kinky acts on me like tickle wrestling me to further edge me and showing off her body to tease me as well!~ Although, I eventually break free of my binds as I attempted to turn the situation around.....but ended up in a state of hypnosis where I was under her mercy. Even though I broke free, a cheeky bet (she bet I would break a free of the hypnosis and got it right :P) I made with her led me to submitting to her out of my own free will after breaking out of it....further arousing me to my potential limits~

Her words were quite hypnotic....making me go from a brave, adventure wolf girl to nothing more than a subby doggy whose only purpose was to lap up the mess she "made" of Klaudia's precious stockings.........seriously don't need to think.....just cum.....and follow my Mistress Klaudia's instructions and make her feel better whenever she desires~~~~~

I eventually managed to return the favor and take care of this witch girl by tying her up and......mmmmmmm....licking mistress's precious....wonderful....sumptuous feet....ohhhhhhhhhhhhh........~ please, Mistress....I am your good doggy!~ (Wait?!?!?! Is she somehow in my mind? ) Her tongue licking all of those naughty thoughts of mine......~

Eventually, Mistress claimed her "throne as she sat upon my wolfy girlcock and started teasing me with her wonderful movements......

Part 2

As I tried to assert myself by making her cum, she proved to be formidable as she used her strong willpower to resist before finishing it up with the most humiliating handjob that instantly made me came wildly~ and even made sure it would hit my face as a reminder of my first step to failure in this endeavor~

Eventually the room's spell weakened and she found the desired tome (a weird disappointment, at that) before teleporting us back to her home where she showered and I took advantage by giving her the roughest fuck I could muster, succeeding in making her cum (after two failed attempts).

It was a massive back and forth through magic and various forms of trickery......from magic dildos to summoning tentacles and even creating an imaginary hot springs......and there were even opportunities for a hypnosis back and forth....Although, Klaudi seemed to be more successful in that endeavor as she actually got reshape my new doggy foot slut thoughts....Ohhhhhhhh......awooo....mistress's wonderful....feet.....

Ultimately, it ended me cumming to Mistress Klaudia as she inducted me into her harem and as her precious doggy foot slave! Awoo....~

Condition :
Whenever an opponent uses a foot-based action against me, I have to skip a turn as I am just that much of a subby wolf for pretty, pretty feet (3 games of 3 games)

A chance encounter with BiancaTS at one of the local areas led me to developing an interest in her. Finding out she possessed quite the reputation to diminishing the mightiest of individuals into sniveling cum dumps whose only desire is to serve her and her cock (and to be humiliated for thinking their role in life was anything but), made me lust not only for her cock but to be made a loyal cum dump as well. Conversations with this enticing individual eventually led to a match to decide my fate as free fox girl or cum dump. The battle was quite an interesting engagement as I was able to put Bianca in a bit of bind with expert rope work and other means of bondage for a good portion of the battle. The hypnosis attempts were immense failures as she was able to shrug it off. If anything..this and being bound infuriated her and motivated her into putting me in my true place as her cum dump. Heat only ensued as I boldly caged up her cock in chastity gear as she glared at me. Eventually....Bianca broke loose and started returning the favor with expert bondage and hypnotic techniques that really put me in a bind....ultimately pushing me into the first powerful orgasm of the match. All my attempts were practically futile in making my superior mistress cum as she was able to put my own limp dick to shame by shrugging off every threat of orgasm until I just barely eked one out of her. Ultimately, it didn't matter as she took her superior shaft and pounded an important lesson to me as I violently came to give her the win......: that I am nothing more than a lowly sniveling cum dump for her much more superior cock!"

"After admiring the great Goddess of Anal, Capricorn, from afar as she faced two opponents in matches and conquered with such flawless appeal and skill, I gotten the foolish idea in my head that I would be the first one to conquer her. In fact, there was a moment before the matchup that I considered the foolish idea of invoking her divine wrath by resorting names like "bitch" or "slut" for the sake of a challenge. Even though, I ultimately decided against such a notion.....fate wouldn't be kind to me as divine retribution struck back as I found myself at the mercy of the Anal Queen as her hypnosis kept me under for pretty much the whole game. Hypnosis that left quite a mark as it made me Capricorn's throne for her almighty butt by match's end. It was a hypnosis that impacted almost all of my main senses from my obvious sense of hearing, sight, mind....but also taste and touch as well where I could experience nothing but her butt....and nothing else! ......Ohhhhhhhh....her wonderful butt...... In the end, a necklace of the Sea Goat goddess is adorned across my neck as I'm reminded of this nearly 10 hour long match. Hopefully, I matchup with her again....(and her wonderful rear!😳)


As a result of losing in the hypno mind games of the gentle Capricorn, I fall under the hypnotic powers of anal where anal actions from either me or my opponent hypnotized me and I need to roll a 5 or 6 to break free (but do I need to?). This can last up to 10 turns. (2 out of 10 matches)"


One day, I had a chance encounter with an individual named Tiffany through the Matchmaking system. As soon as we gotten ourselves prepared, our match started with us stripping each other of our clothing until we were at our more natural states. Throughout this encounter, Tiffany was quite insistent that my ass would be all her's! She even started altering my hair, insistent that this would be instrumental to my downfall when she would use this design to easily hold me in place and fuck my ass silly~ I followed this up with a little "present" to her by collaring up her beautiful neck, teasing her as I did so~ I even used a leash to make her crawl after me~ Eventually, she was the first to make a power play in making me the first to cum~ Yet, I was able to resist and continue on before giving her the ultimate cunnilingus with my mouth to her wonderful anus, making her cum right away!~ Ultimately, she too was able to make me reach and orgasm by fucking my ass with that incredible dildo of her but revealed her hand a bit too early by thinking up nicknames for me as per our bet such as Amelia - The Buttslut~ Eventually, the time came to end the match as I rode her to victory by shoving my thick girlcock into her buttslut of an asshole and made her cum despite her best attempts to resist. I marked my victory by cumming inside this incredibly amazing buttslut and dubbed her Tiffany, Amelia's Buttslut as a reminder of her original intentions for our bet~ ^^


As I searched far and wide for an opponent to defend my Hentai Champion title, it led me to a cute little foxy named Evilthorn. In the beginning, he teased me a bit at how I should hold off on a match with him as he was quite confident he would be able to put a rookie like me in my place and ultimately claim the belt for himself~ Eventually, we agreed to face each other in this title defense match...where things proved most dire for him as I tossed every foot-based tactic his way whenever I gotten a chance to utilize one. It proved to be the boastful kitsune's flaw as he started being fixated on my feet throughout the whole match while trying his best to maintain focus so he can overcome and attempt to follow through on his boastful claims. While he attempted to put a back-and-forth with each action he attempted and claimed he still had a chance after making me cum first, that started eroding quickly as I pressed my wonderful breasts into his mouth while stroking him, effectively nursing him into cumming while cooing what a good boy he was. Evil quickly succumbed and came within my hands! It was such a wonderfully humiliating position he was in~! And as fate would have it, the prideful kitsune was more susceptible to the incredible teasing that followed. The promise of having feet to his easy access ultimately led him to buckling under as he ultimately surrendered himself willingly to my incredible wolfy feet!~ What a rush and victory for me!~ Granted, he had to be reminded of the bet he made where both the loser and winner would have to chronicle this match of our's! Ultimately, I tamed a wonderful foxy in the process of this match~! ^^

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